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For some reason,I can't open the zip file. If you know why pls tell me.

I managed to get it to work but now it shows an error screen.


Try re-downloading it!

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Weird thing happened when I was captured by the slavers. I was wearing the veil outfit trying to get money and when I got caught the veil outfit was still on and the sleeves were still there even though my characters arms were behind their back. Also found out it is with nearly all the outfit but I don't know if it is just the veiled or all clothing. Just thought I should bring this here.


Thanks, should be fixed!

Is the "Megaboobs" Implemented, and if so, how do I access it?

Kind of.

Save this is a Bad End.

Get caught by the Mistress of Flesh.

Or Mstyra, then simply wait... And don't try to escape.

Actually megaboobs doesn't happen when being captured by her. You have to give Linda a meat tendril or get them to take away your parasites. It's a lengthy process but go back the next day and help them rescue the scientists. I don't want to spoil bc idk if you actually did this already.

But it happens when searching for 'something' in the underground base after the quests connected to the science lab tower and you have to let yourself be defeated by enemies

Actually it is in the mstrya captured ending

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It does not. I tested this multiple times and it does not trigger this way, or in the version i tried it in (r52).

How do you do that?? I got captured but I could only had the normal teasing scenes

The wiki was a great help btw

[I use a translator so I can't be responsible for the complete correctness of the text]

I read a few comments and didn't quite understand the p53 came out at least somewhere Or I didn't understand something?

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If you meant to say that r53 is a bit late then the answer to that is the Developer caught COVID unfortunately, so they had to take a break for their health, and wellbeing, as of now the latest update from the Developer is that they will release r53 somewhere near the 20th.

A Patreon release I mean.

According to Indivi's discord server, r53 has already been released to patreon.


r53 will be a much smaller release, due to me having been sick with covid.


Well I had vaccine(roughly) 2 years ago, since the first dose I feel no fear and bearly felt that needle(because it's finely thin), on the next day the side effects of the vaccine gave me minor body aches, that me felt like wearing really heavy armor made of bricks rough and restricting(it's really sore like very bad😢). Get well soon indivi.


I have gained ptsd from this game in the fear of being tickled, I haven't been tickled since forever. To get ptsd from this game while not experiencing it irl, If that isn't good writing I don't know what is.

PS: Keep your fingers, feathers and  any other tickling devices away from me, I will literally cry. 


get scared


The Right tool

don't look 😆

Haha, happy to hear XD. Yeah, getting tickled can be pretty unbearable for sure!

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When will we be able to fish in the science lab? I just really want to and I am stopped by it not being made yet. Take your time on it though.

The Focus character and region changes to equally update.

As equally one can.

I haven't forgotten about it! It'll come with time!


I just wanna know...will we see Gin again ? Since in and wiki it says that he will leave to figure out himself more and that would be the last time we see him for now...but I can't say goodbye to him yet, I got too attached ;-;


he will be on the island now, go there and check if he really is, because I finished all the missions and he is there and he will participate in the competitions.


Glad to hear you liked him so much! We'll definitely see him again one day!

im doing a new game+  and im at the point where you drop down the elevator, but thats not happening. found the guy with the code. something else preventing me from falling down?

Did you use a mod to noclip?

You need to both ask Mistyra for help and have Linda following you (both things normally required to go past floor 2 anyway), or that boss fight will break.

I dont have any mods at all.

Hmm, shouldn't be anything else needed. What does your logbook say?

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Currently it says: "Handle Science lab Tower's meat parasite infestation."   just to make sure i didnt muck anything up, I did go back to the Deserted base to see if I missed a flag but I think I should have all the requirements to advance. Even went to buy a Flashlight thinkin that would help lol.   "The elevator outer doors are missing. It's pitch black in side the elevator shaft."  and Linda is in my party, so its not like I'm here from an out of bound area.

There's a path to keep going up XD

I'm an idiot, never noticed it .  I'm  sorry ^^;

The floor you want to be in is clean of Parasites, or the very top.

That or it's a bug.

I thought I left this comment here but I seem to have forgotten to press post.

A bit late now.


is there a guide


There are Wiki's.

Here's a link



How do i get the crypt key

Do you mean how to get to a certain place in the manor?

Uhhh where's the maid outfit?  I remember seeing it somewhere in the shops but now I can't find it for Gin


Transylvania Manor, from the entrance to the right of you and head north, or up towards the next room and you will find the outfit vendor.


It's been a year since I played mostly because my laptop quit working and I forgot the game was also for Android, I remember like bits and peices but can't remember how to get the guy at the tattoo shop to make a more believable UNA pass.


You need to have a counterfeit pass on you and get a massage from lin lin.


Ugh I knew lin lin was involved I just wasn't sure if it involved the fight ring or getting a massage



Where is the Slave house quest? The only thing I can find is subduing the guard. I kind of think it's disappointing that more time isn't taken to add more desired content than little things

(2 edits) (+2)

What got added was the slaver hideout content, which is hidden somewhere in the desert. It's not the slave house in the city. Also, I only really had like a week to work on r53 since I was sick with covid (and I did state that it would be a smaller release as a result.) Regardless I'm sorry you don't see the content you want added, but there's no way I can just work on stuff one person wants and ignore the rest.

I'm not going to ask for unrealistic things I'm just waiting for the LIs stories to be finished 


I got some suggestions for this game.

1. I would like to have more things to do in the college in UNA, like going to class with Fawn or having more Cless quests. You could meet Fawn's friends when you go to class with her.  

2. Wearing blindfolds and mouth gags should hinder you during combat. For example wearing a mouth gag will prevent you from doing certain Ero attacks (kiss, nibble, etc...) and the Drain kiss skill.  

Wearing a blindfold will make fighting enemies more difficult as you will now no longer be able to see their next move. For example: fighting a wildcat, you will know he will lunge at you when he rears back but with the blindfold on you won't be able to tell. The text would be replaced with "You can't tell what (enemy) is doing." or something like that. Wearing a blindfold and triggering a random encounter will cause the enemy to attack first (as you can't see them).


Hmm, I'll see about more stuff to do in the college, as well as potentially having the blindfold/mouth gag inhibit you during combat. I don't know if I'll do customized events for each encounter, as that would be a lot of work for something fairly niche.


Seems fair, too much work for something that one wont see too much, but it would be a help to have gag and blindfoll giving you a 12% more xp in battles where you punch or something like that, like you gain 3 or 5 xp in sight for winning with the blindfold

did r52.0 update anything? i can't do anything new. not even fight the caravan again

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Go to the lucky night, get the job as belly dancer, go to work and tempt the man with the head wrap, get the slaver's flame tattoo, and go talk to the man at the slave house

i did that in build r51, i just don't have anything more to do in the game

You're not playing the right version

U can't get captured twice in r51

That's the thing, In the r52 changelog it says that I can be captured by the caravan even if I have beaten it before. Which don't seem to be able to happen to me, the caravan turns around and goes away.

I just explained how to do it in earlier comment

You can check my journals for the changelog to see what's been changed in r52!

I just got an idea. Add potions to the Transylvania shop and include a “white potion”, so that lust doll can get pregnant from that tentacle.

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Indivi games fans will know what I’m talking about.

Certainly interesting, but im more in the mood for the cumflation event, it wpuld be more fun i think to make it a lots of cum potion than a pregnancy potion, more difficult to concebe yes, but it will be more content in all aspects like the beach game content and it will be more fun when you concebe in a rape orgy with cum raining

Well don't judge me but honestly I just wish to see more birth scenes and probably more details in them such as the progress, the water breaking, the contractions or so. 

Like, making the baby come out while lust doll is walking in public or something seems intriguing to me. But I know it's impossible to make it that way, like Indivi said, he doesn't want to deal with player carrying the baby around.

Yep, it seems like something but not something that will be soon, wait for 2 or 3 years and in the end game it will be possible to have a family and maybe just MAYBE somethign like that will happen

at the base of the desert?  it would be interesting

Haha, would be a pretty funny idea XD

Too bad I can't use my card to sub to your patreon so I could get the extra scenes

No worries, I'll get it on steam eventually!

I'm using mobile XD

Oh, pfft. Yeah guess that wouldn't work

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Tiny Bug: You are engulfed in meat if you get the slave-worker ending. I think thats not supposed to happen.

Edit: Also, I found the secret entrance after in that ending its said its at the north east. I think it kinda breaks the game because they just act like you are one of them. And then if you leave and enter through the cellar you suddenly have to act against a guard and can't go up the stairs anymore.

Did you have the slaver's tattoo while doing this?

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Do you think you could send me your save file to investigate this? I'll investigate the slave hideout as well.

Sure, where do you want me to send it 2 you?

Hey, on discord is fine, or any filesharing website? Maybe since I don't think you have to register for it?

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You do... Anyway: my discord: ****. I will delete this after you read it

Okay, friend request sent!


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I've heard you're getting better and recovering from illness, did you have a chance to look at my last comments about ancient spring location in the desert, it would be in Samuel's palace or sunken pyramid some info from the original lust doll game, let's not forget the slavers (story part) someone has to stop them and shutting them down permanently. OK what do you think of my emotional support for bell, it's like this act(seeing bell cursed like this getting me more than angry and I mean bull angry like this>🐃😡😤). Anyway we've all happy your back on your feet and keep on bust'in indivi.

Aqua milky (that's my lust doll name) bust'in out.

Aqua milky is a really cute name, i like it

thanks a bunch of milky love to the name of my lust doll, what's the name of your lust doll, aqua milky is a cowgirl like Bell and Sammy, she has large breasts that always lactates(after pregnancy) with spotted cow ears and tail(she's also a futa with a horse cock to make babies with other girls as well herself with fertility pills and cock growth spell) she loves being a breeder.


man, let him rest, wait 3 or 7 days and let him have his work with recovering, i didnt have covid but i did experience something similar to wath happened to his troath and its REALLY painfull

OK ok just chill alright, 1 thing is really painful is experiencing side effects of the covid vaccine that gave me minor body aches, it feels like wearing heavy armor made of bricks.

Not bad ideas, but there's actually already a location planned for the spring! And we'll help Bell out before long!

Tiny Bug: You can still meet Fawn in Roxies Diner after she runs off into the upper levels.

Man its good that you found a bug but tell where and how, hes not a magician to know that

Thanks, I'll look into it

I create account just to say: please add animations, i will wait even years but i want to in this game was been animations.


Mate look at the game. You are literally a rectangle. This game is meant to be simple so more content can be produced. If you add animations suddenly you don't draw one sprite but 10 or even more depending on the quality. And so updates will take 10 times longer. I still recommend this game 2 you but if you want animations you won't find many good games in the NSFW-market. Especially free ones.

If I'm not mistaken "The Headmaster" has a good chunk of animated scenes.
Otherwise try "SpunkStock Full Demo". They move based on the beat.


Ok those are good games but ima not read the whole messege, just here to say, yeah sometimes thats how it works, and, welp it will be something else in the gb"s to have 348 videos or gifs of a ultra hd penis with 456 differents items in it that you can equip in 200 diferent colors.

do you see were im going?

But still, its good to dream

Unfortunately, it's not planned for this game to have animations. It would have to change into an entirely different game if it did


I apologize if I sound overly negative in any way but is there a chance we can get an "ugly bastard" filter we can turn off plus some alternative images for Don? it's rather bothersome to see someone so pretty like the cop lady whose name I shamefully forgot enjoy the company of someone so... ew.

I totally get what you mean, I was shocked when I first saw his image!

Tbh i see your point but thats the point, it makes him repulsive so youd hate him the second you saw him lol

Just making his dialogue more scummy in nature would be enough, most people will hate him right there and then without having to make him so absurdly unpleasant to look at.

Man, its abou the role

if you see someone sayin "i hate nigg-",you would call him scum but not get into a figth, now if he punches and kickes someone hes pretty much gonna get rapped, 


that's the most out of pocket thing I've read this year.

Thanks, kinda wanted to practice that one with the monkeys

It's pretty unlikely, sorry. The good news is that there probably won't be too many other "ugly bastards" in the game

understandable :(

ngl that info got me heartbroken. guess I gotta stomach it until someone else mods this in possibly.


Man, guy, boy, kid, child, let me tell ya this

Cover your eyes and spam click, dont read dat shit

I understand you feeling but this is too pure to ask you to endure it

What to do with Cassie

refer to the lust doll wiki for an explanation on Cassies quests

So sad I managed to bring the plant to 0 hp, by wearing a gasmask and spamming electro shock slowly lowering its defense but then it hits 0 it just doesnt die. Took me a while to get there........

It's impossible to kill it. You need to go to the fairies hideout, give them a gift, and ask about giant plant. The queen will only accept cheese. After you give them cheese, one of the fairies shows you how to pass it.

Yeah.... But it would have been really cool... I mean did you ever get the thing to 0 hp?

You can but it's not really meant to do that.

yeah but only cause I boosted my stats with cheats lol

I just kind of punch him really hard till i getted to there, didnt work but it wass fun

Same, even before you could actually do anything about them I tried killing it and it never died so I figured it was a under construction thing

Love that there's a one handed mode! Now I can eat pizza while I play!

why? 🙃😆


Sorry babe, the pizza stays with me during sex :chad face:


fair, I don't judge your "fetish", or "peculiar taste" 🤔 no joke 👌

Sorry to ask but, are ypu a bot or a main character?

i kinda want to see where do you get all the images

a bot could find a picture of two specific characters 🤔, I'm a real person, and the characters are Texas and Lappland from the anime-turned-game "arknights"

Haha exactly! Eating pizza, and nothing else XD

Cassie won't leave the safehouse.

I repeatedly go to sleep for the chance of triggering her exploring events, but even after doing this 20+ times in a row she remains at the house??


Leave the zone, sleep, then go back, its like Bell's encounters, its random chance while you are away from them

ok thx!

i can't find bell in that event

If you cant find bell try the park, transylvania, or new ark police department, and if you want to stop these events go to naughty kitty and buy a cowbell from the cowgirl section as the bell will prevent her from wandering off


Can somebody help me

how do i reclaim the science lab floors

It's not in the game yet

You can pay for the first level of cleanup, but all it actually does is unlock some item crafting options in the basement.

Little Bug: When you have body-part removal active + tickle active the maid who takes revenge on you will "tickle your feet" even tho you have non.

I think at that part she actually has your leg with her, which is how she's doing that XD


Indivi how are you holding up on your health, I've noticed everyone comment about you caught covid. Get better for all of us, can you think of something about ending the slavers once and for all on Sunshine town in lust doll+. One more thing is can you do something about feathers dropped by harpies, get plenty of hydration and rest easy (aqua milky) bust'in out.

I am doing a lot better now, just a persistent cough remaining. Thanks for asking! The feathers will be used for something!

Last version I played was 20.4r. I think that was like 5 years ago. Gonna check it out again! It was one of my first nsfw-games ever

Welcome back! Much has been added, as you can probably tell XD

(1 edit)

How the hell am I supposed to get cheese? I have heard that it is have to process any kind of milk in the left room of the farm, but how should I do it if all that is here is 2 cows, 2 refrigerators and a table with the note "Tinker with your items"?! I need MEGA detailed instructions on how to get cheese. PLEASE.

You have to buy a cheese maker.

Refinery from Upper New Ark mall.

(2 edits) (+1)

Simple, old guy needs food, feed him till he spits out who sells counterfeit passes to upper new ark, get a pass yourself, get a massage from lin lin, pay 500 creds to get quality pass, go to upper new ark, go to mall, buy refinery, go to milk farm, make cheese

I hope you feel better soon but even after the update the slave trappers wont capture me they still go the other direction when i try to face them idk what to do

From what I've seen you can only get captured on the first encounter with the slavers

Thought it said that was changed in the update notes?


Get an identical tattoo on your face and go to the slave house to trigger a conversatio

OHHHH thank you so much

Thanks. In the latest version there will be ways to get captured even if you've beaten them

I haven't played in a long while (version 30~ish) and my save file won't load due to a missing asset. Is there a way where I can get them or do I have to restart? 

Hope you recover fast Indivi.


hmm, nice name, about the save file, if you haven't updated since the r30 version and just updated now, most likely the file got corrupted, and unfortunately you'll have to restart...

Rats, figured as much. Oh well, new thing to see and do. 

Thanks, and yeah, the save file is incompatible with the latest unfortunately

Who's the person in the r52 screenshot?

Also get well soon Indivi!

A new character! And thanks, doing much better now! Just a persistent cough left

glad to hear it, what's they're name?also If there in the game already I can't find em :p


hope you feel better. some curious questions. (1) how do we get the ability to cuminflate i assume cock milkers would give a pill that stimulates it but thats a no. (2) where do we get the ability to swallow things i saw in sanctum one of the things was about big belly and the closes ive see was with the fairies where we threaten to eat them but don't, oh and the worm, and rinny tail job. (3) will there be bigger bust sizes as id like to make mine at least 2x bigger than my head. (4) will we also be able to adjust the number of tails we can have as my character has 10 but sadly i can only do 1. (5) will there also be a feline cock (a barbed cock where we get stuck in the person we have sex with until we cum) minus that stupid skin/fur spikes at the base as the canine annoys me with that i assumed a shaver kit would get rid of that but it did not. (6) will npcs naturally get the ability to be impregnated as i want to get revenge for rinny making me cum quickly by cuminflating her till she get pregnant. (7) I would love to see a couple of survival aspects in the game like being able to clear out some land and start building our own home and running around the world collecting resources like junk, wood, and other items. (8) can junk be used to craft things like 2 junks = 1 glass bottle, 4 junks = a weak weapon, 10 junks = strong weapon or some random item of equivalent value. these are just some ideas or suggestions along with questions

On regards for your 8th question, junk can be used to craft robotic toys at the science tower and a self customization option for hair. I believe more will be added soon.



1 right now it can be found on meat parasite route

2 there isn't really anything like that

3 there will be megaboobs eventually

4 I might have multiple tails, but that'll most likely be a plot thing

5 I don't think I'll make customized events for cocks like that, as that would require a huge amount of work to account for it

6 you can impregnate most NPCs once their route is cleared

7 probably won't be too much of that, but there is some renovations and just generally home improvements

8 there is tinkering, but junk has more niche uses

ah nice to know I'll have to work on the parasite route, and the clearing the npcs routes since I thought only pills could get them pregnant as for the cocks I wasn't meaning customs events I just meant more types of cocks since you have canine but no feline and i was wondering how to get rid of that fuzz at the base of the cock since shaver kit didn't work and dang my character has multiple tails would have been nice to get a bit closer to my character design with heterochromia eyes, 10 fluffy tails, and white insides. any way thank you for the information I know this is extremely late but still

(1 edit) (+2)

Don't worry, I think what we all want is for you to recover from the virus first.  That's why I think you don't have to worry about this game for the time being and first of all you'll get well again. I think I speak for everyone by saying that.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Always 😀

whats new for this update? (r52.0)

(2 edits)

New Headgear, Bunny Slippers, a way to get caught by the Slavers after you beat their ass and Bug Fixes.

Can you get megaboobs and megacock permanently or is it only possible in bad end

It's planned.

Ok everybody listen up (including you indivi) i have great news while in sunshine town, I've figured out the location of the ancient spring, it's in samuels castle somewhere inside. A kitsune said about the ancient spring belong to the desert king and samuel is the desert king, isn't that great everyone, finally found the cure for Bell but there's 1 problem no way inside and don't know where to start once inside. Give me a heads up if I was wrong okie dokie. Aqua milky (that's my lust doll name) bust'in out.

The dev needs to add it in so milking bell quest is incomplete

It's not added yet, but it will be with time!

I have a issue at the gallery where I can't interact with any of the art after scaring the secretary


behind this location after scaring the secretary

Awesome thank you

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