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Are there any plans to include reverse trap content and/or additional non-trap femboy content?

Also, though you've probably heard a lot of this, how much sense would it make to split the Trap toggle into something like "Femboys" and "Trap/Entrapment"? Since the two are not the same, and it feels weird to rename the latter into the former, even with the disclaimer.


Potentially! Might not be for a little while, so I'll handle it when it happens

anyone esle struggling with Fawn's tied up-escape session? I think its 2,1,3,2 to get free but i could be wrong


Struggle hard twice. Normal struggle once. Rest once.

The only order that matters is resting inbetween the two hard.

How do you get the dungeon

How far are you with Cassie?

Then after all...... that you can buy it at New Ark for a hefty sum.

I didn't know Cassie had anything to them lol, all I knew is they stood around in the safe house

Also, is it normal for the game to occasionally glitch and maybe crash?

When does this happen?

Its all the time with random screen artifacting and occasional crashing

is there any way to get cassie back from the slave hideout? i dident done the quest for cassie and alisa so i want to get her back form the slave hideout


Some info might be dated but it should hold.

Just be sure to get Arlene, as an ally.

How do I get to upper new ark 

Feed the Hobo underneath the Don's home.

Till you hear about counterfeit tickets, go to the Slum Junk Vendor, buy a few.

Get a massage from Lin-Lin.

I seem to have a problem with bell seemingly nowhere to be found. I checked the farm, the city prison, and the exact places in forest and Transylvania. Restarting the game doesn't seem to fix it. Did anyone else run into this problem?

If you have the newest version maybe its just a bug, sometime it will be repaired, but i recomend you to search the lust doll wiki, they have there every place where bell can end up so you can search, and if yoj dont want her to still go around you can get a bell i believe in the research place with the cientific, with it you can make bell stay, its in new ark city, not the deluxe new ark city


The silly bit of that sidequest is, Bell won't spawn in any of the locations if you don't first step on the square where she normally stands.
Your character needs to comment that Bell seems to be missing and they should go look for her.

yup, that fixed it. Thanks!

what do i do with the plant in the forest?

Look for a hidden grove near it.

Use Pixie Dust.

Play with the ????? Queen.

Ask about the gaping plant.

She will ask for a gift.

Find a way to procure Cheese.

Where i can found the tribesman in the bath house??

Rightmost is Nymosa.

Leftmost is Nymph.

If I can recall correctly that is.

This needs quite the hefty sum of Credits, leftmost there is a locked door, talk to the Foxgirl beside it she will ask of an item, most of the items you want are in the New Ark Mall, and upon ascending the same thing is repeated until you can get through to Nymph.


I wish there was an option to top Gin 😭 and maybe other male characters too? 🥺🥺🥺


Man.... just play a gay game then, or a futa game if you go for the futa


Lust Doll is a gay friendly game. I think their request is pretty valid.


wath? I mean that theres pretty much no gay porn here, the only one that there is its the femboy and that pretty much not concireded gay(to a certain point) so i dont think things will just go make a 180 turn and start with gay porn, also this game is realy a remaster of lust doll, so i think most of things will stay nearby that one.

That why i recomend you to play a game thats direclty gay, that will be much faster than waiting a month or 5 for gay porn, i recomend you to maybe play the T.I.T.S. game, its mostly in the monster girls and sometimes in the furry side but you can chose between gay or straight porn pretty much anytime theres so thats a plus


You can make yourself a male and fuck males. It's not that deep


And there IS a scene where you CAN top, its when pregers i think

His entire route is basically topping him XD, unless you want something more specific? And there'll be more male characters with time!

No, namely with Alissa.


Well Play with Cassie.

Bathtime with Cassie.

Clothes change - Repeat till a new option comes.

Frisky Funtime in bed with Cassie.

With Alissa, present to progress the quest.

(1 edit)

Alissa technically has two quests. Freeloader, Hypnoaddiction but there is an extra scene after she becomes a playmate.

After freeloader, she becomes a playmate. But to progress to dating her, you must finish her 'recovery' event. To progress to hypnoaddiction you must encounter her once in the Succubus Tower dungeon while being bullied by Rinny. Then pass about four or five days and talking to Cassie will trigger the event.

Is there a way to use saves from a prior version to the next? 

Im downloading the update and dont want to lose the almost 10 hours of progress

(1 edit)

It wouldn't exactly prevent the progress loss, but you could start a new game and put in the character stats and money.

I'm pretty sure there is a way to use the old saves but I'm not sure myself

As long as you last played on version 37 or later, you're fine (probably).

If not, the Discord has an archive of older versions you can use to gradually update your save.

If you're on android, don't uninstall the old version, or it'll delete your saves as well. Any other platform, saves will automatically transfer over!

How do i get rid of the meat Parasites in the bunker

Go to science lab tower in new ark

Don't forget to speak with the Receptionist.

How can I acces to spanking scenes?

(3 edits)

Bandit Girl in abandoned town. - Defeat her first.

After Defeat Edith. - Rinny, must be with you.

Fawn, as your master. - Get a Condo in New Ark to begin her Quest.

Rinny. - In Private Dungeon play with her Butt.

You..... - Play Subbe for Rinny, in the private dungeon on the Pillory Stocks.

Alissa. - After she succumbs to pethood towards Cassie.

How do i play with rinny her butt im in the dungeon but i cant play private

Use the Pillory Stocks.

With either You, or Her.

Guys, can you answer what should be done with it?

(1 edit)

With the Baby?

Sure go to New Ark, there should be a nursery, from the entrance go right.

No, namely with Alissa.


if yoj want to spank her you gotta complete the hipnosis mision, try sexing the cat every way and then speak wkth her and cat

What o have to breeng to the fairy queen??

(1 edit)


Upper New Ark mall has the refinery for the Milk Farm. 

You need the refurbished Milk Farm, plus the Refinery, from Upper New Ark mall.

Use any milk on it.

how can defaet the plantgirl?

(1 edit)

Nymosa, needed and one decent stat.

Chase the Tribesman, and trap him into a corner with a gaping plant.

The entrance to the village is hidden so be mindful.

When you get to that Village you can help with Plant Mama problem.

and how do I find the hunter

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Well he should be in the Deeper Forest behind the Gaping Plant, this requires the Fairy Queens audience first to reach.

i know this part, but the question is how can pass?

(1 edit)

Use Pixie Dust deep inside the forest in the hidden grove statue.

Gift a proper gift to not get kicked out.

Play with the Pixies + Bonus Thiccness.

Then ask the Queen of the gaping plant.

She will ask for a gift.

Then you need to have had the Milk farm refurnished.

Plus a way into Upper New Ark. ~Quality Passes~

Plus a hefty sum of Credits.

Plus a refinery from Upper New Ark Mall.

After all that when you have obtained the refinery you can then use it to make cheese.

That's what she wants. ~Cheese~

After all that she will tell you how to tame the plant.


I really like this game. If I had one thing I'd change, it'd be to add more named male partners (so, not counting random encounters like the incubi).


Thanks, and more male named NPC's are definitely planned!

I hope I am not asking too much but can you please add a scene with Gin and another male character? I think it will be cute.

Eventually it can happen. First need to finish his route, and have more male NPCs

So I'm guessing there's not much at this point for someone who is only interested in M/M?  

I do remember being disappointed in that from a few years back when I played.  Plus the male characters that were there looked extremely effeminate.   


There's some, but fyi most of my sexable male characters are generally gonna be effeminate/pretty boy types. Majority of characters will likely always be female, but I'm working on getting more male characters in!

words cannot describe the emotion i had when this showed up, being in a familiar place thinking you've seen everything only for something to come without warning, like a game for a console that has since been long discontinued without any developer support suddenly telling you that an internet connection is needed to play

Be Drunk.


Also cute design.

Haha, she's just playing around XD. Nothing to worry about!

Yo indivi, did you looked at 1 of my comments about me getting the first dose of vaccine against covid19 and what made me felt from it's side effects?

Yeah I see everything, but might not always respond if I don't think it's necessary!

encountered a bug in the character creator: by going to body and selecting the "belly color" so "same" makes the your penis the same color as your body, if this isn't a bug, it would be great to have this as a separate thing and not have it linked to belly color, as it would be great to have different colored penises in contrast to the body colorwhile having the belly be the same color as the rest of the body, btw hope you're doing well with the Covid situation and by no means push yourself too hard just for the sake of the game!

(3 edits)

i think its intentional. Look at the male furries and see how their cocks have the same color as their body or for Gin's, his balls are white. 

It's probably to look alienish or more animalistic 

yeah, but his shaft isn't bright orange, it's naturally red/pinkish, like a normal tiger penis, here it's like if a colored filter was put over the whole belly and crotch area, including the shaft.

Idk man some characters have their own styling. Like Cless here with a gray and white dick

It's essentially designed that way, yeah. I could see about separating the colours, but it probably won't be for a while if it happens


any idea of adding a coat, it would be another style along with the "mobster" hats

You mean a Trenchcoat?

That's right, sometimes the translator fails miserably 😐


Could see about it. Pretty sure trenchcoats are on my list

I've been playing the game for a while, but today I booted it up and all my saves were gone! Upon further inspection, the actaul files are in the right place, but the file global.rpgsave seems to be responcible for not seeing them. How do I fix this?

1. Copy your save files to another location

2. Open up the game and make save files in all the slots your original save files are supposed to be in.

3. Copy your actual save files into the save file folder, overwriting the save files you made in step 2.

Then it should work.

Thank you!


Missing my boy Gin 😔😔💔


He'll be back someday!

Possible SPOILER if you haven't finished the whole story yet: 

even though he isn't in the park, he will be on the island and participate in the competitions...


ik but it's  a repeated event :( nothing new

but at least he's there for you to appreciate him and get his clothes XD

Btw how do you get pregnant from Rinny i haven't figured it out


First you need to see Rinny grow a penis at least once. There are many ways to do so, but by far the easiest is to just enter Transylvania from anywhere else, enter the tower, tell Rinny "no" 6 times when she asks if you want to have fun, and scroll to the bottom of the list that appears.

If you took a pill beforehand, you'll even get pregnant on the first time viewing the scene.

As far having fun so far with playing this game, I get issues with progressing because I can't figure where should I start finding out, the most prime example is finding bell twice, it's a pain of the rear until you found her in the forest park, the second I have to find is ongoing and it's frustrating to the point I'm going into a mental breakdown, don't ask my well being that's how I am when I'm clueless/lost, just overwhelm with. The science lab being takeover by the parasitic meat? What you want me to do game? Sprinkle some fairy dust on them to go away, need help please.


With Bell go to the fetish shop in New Ark and buy a cow bell, then gift it to Bell. With the science tower go to the Abandoned Base and trigger Mistrya's fight scene. If you win, there will be a third option to ask for help.

I don't know if not giving bell with a cowbell before then renovating the side of the farm ruined my progress from rescuing bell being lost and I have to start over it.


I also got confused so don't be stressed out :)

Yeah, admittedly some of the quests can be confusing. For Bell, she'll either be in Forest Park, city jail, or Transylvania. For the lab, as mentioned you need to see Mistyra.

(1 edit)

А в игре будет возможность менять язык, например на русский язык?Просто я русский и все такое.

К сожалению, перевод на данный момент не планируется, так как игра все еще находится в разработке.

My winrar says the file is corrupt, why is it? and how can I fix it?

Try re-downloading the game

I think the error is, another game I installed here had the same problem, then I re-installed LD+ and the other game in a different site and it worked

Deleted 158 days ago
(3 edits) (+1)

Character might be too horny

Look towards the right of your Screen, there is a blue bar, green bar, and pink bar, blue is stamina, green is mana, and pink is lust, if the pink bar is full you will automatically lose any fight you encounter.

that or it a bug.


You found a "boss-state" bug. I'm surprised there are any left, so if you could recall exactly what you did before you lost the ability to run, that would be super helpful!

Anyways, to fix it, just enter a fight that doesn't allow for running by default. Like an arena fight in the slum's bar, or on the island.

Deleted 158 days ago

I know it's kind of difficult but you could use other languages sometimes I don't know where to go in the story, I'm Brazilian and I speak Portuguese, but I even accept Spanish.

Unfortunately, translations aren't planned to be implemented while the game is still in development, as the translations won't carry over to new releases.

At least I still hope to be able to have translations when the game is finished

my computer shut down when trying to open the game and now i lost all my save files. is there a way to recover it?

Check your save file location, and see if the saves are still there. 

Windows: C:\users\(username)\AppData\Local\UserData\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Mac: \Users\(username)\Library\Application Support\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Linux: \Users\(username)\.config\KADOKAWA\RPGMV\Default\Lust Doll Plus

(May need to sudo nautilus if you don't have access to .config)

If so, do this to recover them:

1. Copy your save files to another location

2. Open up the game and make save files in all the slots your original save files are supposed to be in.

3. Copy your actual save files into the save file folder, overwriting the save files you made in step 2.

while I can get the old files, when starting a new game and replacing the saves with the old ones it just makes them disappear in the menu

idk why but after saving Cassie i can't play more in that save file

Police Station.

Do what she asks of you.

A Cop named Arlene, specifically she's what you need.

after this it completely end i can't progressing anymore

Under the Dons, home.

After speaking with Arlene.

Ask them for a Riot, one will say 2000 Credits.

Say no.

Then they will ask for 500.

You need to be very  thorough to win.

Ask Sam and Lin Lin for the men's schedules 

Ask Lin Lin to help you break in

Ask Arlene for help

Start the riot

Ask Arlene for help again after a day

Winning depends on stats as well. I've found the best option is to take down the front guards and attack the goons upfront.

I don't know about other enemies, but at least for the bandit girl, when you turn off npc portraits you no longer need to strip their clothes to use those specific context attacks, like grabbing their crotch.

Ah thanks, good catch


What is the fastest way to make money?

Deleted 169 days ago

Not everyone is a fan of blatantly cheating, even if the game itself gives you the tools to do so.

Where's the immersion in a person waking up with literally nothing, not even clothes, conveniently finding a pocket dimension with millions of credits?


I've played the game through more than once and want to get everything this time around I'm here for the experience friend. Everyone has their own preferences and at time one wishes to walk such lines of tediousness though it is valid please consider that I asked for the fastest method as such it was given to me.


So if you replied in the feeling of defending one's preference using the same mindset of saying people has preference you just agreed to what she was saying by saying yes pretty much.

(2 edits)

Let me test a few.

Selling Stuff? Not worth it really.

Working a job best suited for your Stats is best.

Work at The Gentleman's Club in the slums, it's pretty op imo.

But it's also mindnumbingly repetitive. As someone with ADD that method melts my brain

The Gentlemens Club will eventually get to be the fastest money maker, but only once you have at least 16 in both Res and Ero.

Before then, it's better to be a bouncer at The Rock or do arena fights in the slum's bar.

90% of this was achieved in the Gentlemens Club, so focus on these two stats that were mentioned and you will get everything you want


Hope you're feeling better. Love your game, wholeheartedly, and hope you stay safe and well. Downloading the new update as I say this. Random question, can we have Fawn dom Cassie at some point, or have her teach Cassie? Seeing those two interact would be great.

Thank you, feeling much better now. I could eventually see about Fawn interacting with Cassie like that. Cassie might be too shy though haha

so if remember correctly i saw in the comments here that we're able to turn into succubus/incubus and maybe meat parasite somewhen...

1st. is it possible to make it like that,as example, we need drain kiss and electro shock to progress the succubus questline and in order to learn more succubus/wizard like magic we need to become a succubus/incubus ourselves...same with meat parasite that the mega boob and cock r required to even proceed the questline etc.?

2nd. is it possible to add a laboratory that experiments with technology and we can get high tech gear there?(or if the first question is possible that we get simple tech gear for a questline and later can decide to get better gear/become a cyborg)

Yes the parasite mistress is an Idea later on.

Laterererererer on.


1. I actually already have a plan for what will happen on that route! For the most part, I try not to have too many requirements for players to be able to progress routes.

2. There might be a lab eventually


I don't know why but I haven't been receiving notifications for updates.

Last time I played was version 36.1

I have a lot to catch up on I suppose.


A lot has changed! You can check the changelog to see what's been added

(2 edits)

Будет ли в будущем возможность близкого общения с Нимфой, как с Джином и Кити? И похоже ли добавление ещё персонажей или противников мужского пола? Также можно ли в будущем будет сделать НПС своим рабом например после победы над ним ?


Да, я сейчас над чем-то работаю с Нимфой. Также будет больше NPC-мужчин. Однако получить раба маловероятно.


Здравствуйте, будет ли когда перевод на русский или украинский язык?

(2 edits)

Not really.

Or a Maybe.

In a longer form of an Answer.

It's really not a point of interest to do so, it is costly but as for alternatives there has been aforementioned choices.


Наверное, нет, к сожалению. Я обновляю игру ежемесячно, а переводы не переносятся между выпусками, поэтому поддерживать их будет слишком сложно.

Um, do you think it would be possible to give us the option to customize our body. for example: make our selves muscular, skinny, or a mixture of both?

Still a Maybe.


It's unfortunately not feasible, due to how many different clothing options there are, which would need to be adjusted for each body size

Okay, I understand.  Thank you for answering.

muscular would be still possible cuz u would only need to add lines to the body right?

It doesn't look right with just line additions. The body shape needs to change pretty drastically.

What about facial hair?

hi guys i have a question:do u guys know how to remove itching effect permently....if i remove it in hospital after sleeping it comes back again and again plese help me.....

(1 edit)

if that's what I'm thinking, did you catch any mushrooms?  it's probably on the Wiki about how to cure this.


Purple Mushroom.




Go to Nymosa


im having an issue with one of the prompts. My character has hooves and when defeating an opponent it has the prompt that requires hooves but its greyed out. i recreated my character to check and it did the same a second time around. is this just me or is this a known issue.


I... I can't really recall a Hoof thing in the game.

It's the feet that works, the Hooves cut the feet content so... Try normal feet.


Oh, there aren't any hoove related scenes in the game. It's actually telling you that you can't access a feet related scene, because you have hooves.

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