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i have a problem: the images don't load, and when i open menu say storecl is not defined. I use ubuntu 18.04


I'm told this might work for linux systems: Run 'chmod +x ./nw' and then './nw' instead of './Game'.

Thank you, it worked.

Awesome, thanks for confirming!


is there going to be a discord for your games?


Got a discord here!:

By the way can we got feet play on more charcter? Such as Cassie or Lin Lin, that would be nice.

More feet play can def happen! XD

Bug discovered; when you use lust tonic on the Planet block in the forest, it will has lust effect on it, and when its been defect by lust effect, it will reveal the catboy behind it and approach as a catboy defeat. 

Thanks, will be fixed!

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you!


okay with just a release 1.0 change you got the forest NA slums and even got the pass and most of the shops from the original congratz man you do work fast (can i get a basic schedule for updates like mabye you release your progress once every month or so?)


Thank you! I basically release a new version once a month.


HECK YEAH I NOW HAVE A BASIC IDEA OF WHEN TO CHECK BACK BTW i wanted to ask now that i think about it some of the areas that were in the main city are in NA slums im wondering if this is permanent or if it just get it in so the programing can be copied and pasted to make life easier for instance i think i noticed the massage shop in NA slums that shop honestly makes no sense being down there i mean sure the happy ending special is there but that is normal i was just curious.


also btw is it the same ways as in real life that if our main character gets preggos does the belly get bigger just wanted to know

:3 luv you indivi

Yes, belly will enlarge~. And aw shucks XD


hey indivi i had a idea can you maybe add a sissy route like you know so like the cat girl can dominate you or be submissive<--- idk if i spelled that right but anyway like so characters like the cat girl we have to say thing or idk something where npcs like her can dominate us or be submissive or be the main chara master and ect you get the idea. 



Sissy route could def be a thing~. XD and thank you!

Deleted 299 days ago

I am guessing that plant can not be killed yet. But if you can outpace its regeneration, it is a great way to train your strength because you can just keep hitting it until you decide to stop.

Deleted 299 days ago

the strength exp  from attacking and running from plant still count, just need to get into any other fight for it to update


Plant can't be killed yet, sorry!

Can it be killed now?


Not yet!


dang okay TwT

what about now? Lmao

Lol, it can't be killed, but it can be dealt with!

I'll take what I can get

Hey just wanna know if you can get past the plant blocking the path i used lust tonic on it and when it got fully done it turned into a wildcat then i did the scene for the wildcat but the plant was still there. thanks for the help


Not yet. That's def a bug, which I'll fix!


i see in plus you want to be more ambitious. good that's what all remakes should do. with the additions to the slums and moving the massage place to the slums was a ok choice. cant wait to see what you do with tattoos and also one last thing. if you give us more magic spells give us THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK. I'ma gonna have to give this a 11/10 needs more JoJo references ゴゴゴゴ    

Everything needs more JoJo references XD

Sweet~. And yes, more jojo refs XD

I got stuck after I got to cassies safehouse (android 1.2)


That's the end for r1.2. Wait for r2.2, coming in a few days!

can't wait honestly


I played the first Lust doll and absolutely loved it! I was originally thrown off by the art but it definitely grew on me, not only is the game erotic and sexy but it's genuinely fun. I was surprised at how many things there were that I could do and how many "kinks" you catered to. Going back to the erotic and sexy stuff, I as a female find it basically impossible to find a game that includes lewd stuff that even somewhat caters to women but I was pleasantly surprised by this game! One thing I would like (hopefully this makes since) is an overview of where the game  is now, like what "world" you can make it to. At some points in the 1st game I found myself wondering if the game was over and if there were things left to do, I would like to be able to know how far I can go so if I get stuck I know that it's not just because the game is over. I would also like to know all the....... I'm not sure what to call them, I guess the "sexual experiences" are because I want to be able to experience them all! I'm sure there could just be some type of list that says like these things will happen in these "worlds" and this is how you can activate them. I know in the first game when you toggle the kinks you can see which ones will be included but I didn't know if I was just missing them during the game or they hadn't shown up yet. 


Wow, thank you! I'm very happy to hear how much you enjoyed it~. And yeah, a lot of lewd stuff seems to neglect making things fun for the ladies as well, so I do try to avoid that in my writing.

Hmm, an ingame completion log would be rather tough I think, just cause I do tend to go back and add things to finished areas, which would throw things off. For original Lust Doll, you can try the wiki ( to see if there's anything you've missed. For Lust Doll Plus, I do have a full scenes guide that I'm keeping updated, but it's only available to backers I'm afraid (Sorry!) Usually though, I'll block off areas that can't be completed yet, and looking at the change log that comes with the readme file will often tell you what's been added to each version. Plus you can always ask here XD.


this is fun. the minimalist over world is a nice and stylistic. have to give it a solid 11/10 need more call of duty

Haha, thanks!


well ive officialy finished every game you have made as far as i could . me being a fan of the post apocolyptic and dystopia scene i am desperatly looking foward on the completet rainy skies and lust dolls plus. .got no complaints bout any of your games other than wanting more. good work


Sweet, glad to hear! And same on being a fan of the post apocolyptic and dystopia scene. Can be rough to find good games in those genres

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indead my fav so far is lust dolls so the new ld + im eager to see it finished. My fav part being in parasite mode. Just an idea but u should make it so u can change on the spot at a cost and maybe make a path of corruption.. Man could u imagine if u could make a lust doll game in 3d lol maybe one day .add some background sounds and music

Awesome, I'll see about it. And yeah, 3D LD would be pretty neat to see~.


About 3 months ago I found Lust Doll, the original of course. I played it (what I assume) is most of the way through and loved it. The humor you added in was great, and genuinely startled laughs out of me (Saying no to Ms. Succubus over and over, and removing and placing back Ms. Scientist's glasses especially.) I had just remembered this game today, and found that there is an updated version being made! I played through what you have so far and can already say that the quality of the game has only improved. I am very happy to see you adding  more kinks in as well. I just wish you to know that I appreciate your work, and can't wait for the rest to come!


Thanks, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed those bits XD. Hopefully I can make more in lust doll plus.


Heya! This isn't so much a question about the game so much as me just being technologically incompitant. When the game is updated, how exactly do I download the update to work with my existing file? Sorry for being an Idiot pfft


In the old game folder, there should be a folder called 'save'. Copy that into the new game folder (in the same place.) I'll put together more detailed instructions soon.


Though also, the next update will unfortunately break old save files, but new ones made from that version on should transfer

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Hey indivi in the original when you beat the cpu is there an ending so i can get it so i can see the finished product before the remake (its nice to make comparisons (dont worry most will be good i can tell)) also how does the milker machine work i cant seem to use it on my player character :(.  a few ideas are that if you have a certain item you can activate the lust drive (after learning your a lust doll) and i think that there should be a little more reason for your ability to understand whats going on like maybe if you explore the lab you will gain knowlage of the out side world and know that there are other towns it would help with the story!


Thanks, well, part of the remake is to tell the story better, so expect lots of changes!

Deleted 1 year ago

Megacock/tits aren't available at the start anyways. Needs to be unlocked in-game. Dragon race would be cool :>. Thanks!


your welcome  and i have more ideas i am just kinda embaress if they look stupid to you but i can tell you them when i can sorry :< 

i forgot what else to say but i remember to say this tho 

you should continue working lust brave i luv it 

thanks for responding to me  :3

No worries. And glad to hear you enjoyed lust brave!


thx but plz keep working on lust brave i complete it where you have to work on the next area for me to even do anything XD

Haha, just not enough time!


I really enjoyed the original game. But after getting too strong I wanted to go back to being lvl 1 without restarting the game because encounters were getting too easy.

I saw you added an option to nerf and buff yourself before you start the game. Can we get ourselves nerfed throughout the game or can you add some item that will make everything harder or something like that. So when I get too powerful I can balance myself. Then the game would longer and that would be much more fun? :D


Hmm, I'll see what I can do. Maybe something like a succubus level draining mechanic? XD

Or perhaps an option to allow enemies to scale in power as the player character gets stronger?

A lot of players like to be overpowered, so that likely won't sit well with them.

That is why I used the word "option", as in, something the player can choose. With the ability to turn the option on or off, like the kinks. But i do not know how much effort it would take to implement something like that.

I played the original on my pc before it broke, im glad to be able to play it again on my phone soon, best luck man

Sorry about your pc, but glad to hear phone works!

no problem at all, just glad to see a good game get more content 

Are there any potential requests for races for this? Frankly I have a few I'd like, but I don't wanna be "that guy" and shove opinions down your throat.


Feel free to suggest ideas! I have a few that are definitely planned (succubus and catgirl for example)

Ah, well then if you're willing to listen. Personally, half-dragon has been a favorite of mine. Avian things, even just an angel would be nice. I don't know if you'd include things like wings, or if that'd change something gameplay wise (the gate in Transylvania without Rinny comes to mind), but it is a nice aesthetic. For me at least.

Ooh, she's cute! Yeah, half-dragons could def be a thing. Wings are def planned.

Any other ways besides patreon to get the latest build? I do not mind paying for it, in fact, I am happy to support this game. I just do not use patreon because of reasons.


Thanks, not currently, but I'll see about setting up alternative ways to get the latest build.

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Fair enough, I would certainly appreciate that. Have you considered Subscribestar? I have heard it is a good alternative to patreon, though I have yet looked into it myself. But from what I understand it functions on the same premise.
But either way, I love your work. Keep being awesome.


Yeah, it seems pretty decent so far, though higher fees than patreon apparently. Would be a good fallback if patreon goes under.

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Will you be remaking the wiki for lust doll plus, and (if you do) are you going to add in a how to get a certain ending or what not because in the original when you beat the cpu you are taken back to new ark and then left to your own devices no hints as to if there is an ending. Also Good work with lust doll plus it look better visually and the maps and their assets see better now!

Oh just asking will you be remaking each Map section or area and perhaps make more areas for more story?

(edited in to save you the time of replying to two seprate comments)

Are you finishing elf jail or is it finished?


Probably not, unfortunately. It was only ever really me updating it, so now I just offer walk-throughs as a backer incentive. I'll still answer if people have any questions though, of course. Thank you though, glad to hear the visuals are looking good~.

I'll be both remaking and adding new areas and more story.

Elf jail is on hold so that I can focus on LD+.

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Yay more story to play also indivi it isnt hard to make a wiki page for a new game just add in bits and bobs as they are added in (not saying its realy that ez but if done that way when you add in a new feature that you are going to keep in just add it) i would love to suport you but i dont have any money that can realy go to donations and i think your work is amazing (make sure to finish this game pls i want to see its mega evo)

Btw is there an ending for if you beat the cpu and there for dont get the option of getting an "owner"

Thanks, appreciate it nonetheless :). I... think I did make something for if you don't end up with anyone after cpu fight?

Do you remember how to get it so i can finish the story also can you explain the situation with the milker machine it doesnt work on the player character and oney anyone but rinny its weird (im glad that your an active dev and respond even if it isnt really related kinda reminds people that your human and gives them a sense of attachment its great :D)

no diff. just beat the game as you normally would! Milker machine?

How do i get people in the private dungeon in the safehouse?

Lust doll plus doesn't have private dungeon yet! In the original, you can invite named NPC's.


Okay! :) Thanks

I'm loving this game so much, i dont even know why, its just great, please dont give up on this one, and will be there any other furry races or anything like that? Like elfs, succcubus or something like that. I would like to give you support on patreon but i dont got money even for myself qwp


I will! And yes, there'll be more furry specific stuff like races.

i know its pathetic but this game (well more like the first one but the lizard shit in this one is gr8) helps with my dysphoria cause i can just be whatever the fuck and nobody questions it. im a they, bitch. anyways i changed my hair colour in the creation menu and it messed up my tail colour so idk what happened there!! i cant wait to see the extra bits (again, i am pathetic wow)

Haha, glad to hear! And yeah, I'll fix hair color changing tail color too

Are you going to add the button to manually trigger a fight, like from the original Lust Doll?


I'm actually just gonna add an item that'll bump up encounter rates way up.

I know this may sound like a silly question, but will the cheat menu that gives you the ability to add points to stats and money be removed in the future or will it still be present?

It should stay!


Heya, its great to see this game getting the makeover it so rightly deserves :D

Out of curiosity, in the original there as a virginity "System" that changed one or two interactions. Is that being changed or expanded on at all? I spent the whole playthrough trying to preserve my virginity as long as possible pfft.

Thanks! Virginity, probably not. It's unfortunately not something I have much of any real affinity for. Also, nice XD


I've made a Patreon account specifically so that I can fund this game because I love these games so freaking much!


Awesome, thank you!

Is this made with RPG Maker MV?


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how long i have been playing this game.... [takes a sip of whiskey] 

"since lust Doll 0.08.2"

keep up the good work and when i have some spare cash i will make sure to toss it your way.


Haha, came a long way huh? Thanks!

any time i click wear in invintory this happens 

Thanks, that'll be fixed next update!

Deleted post

Thanks! There'll actually be items later that can change your lust levels, and one that'll cause enemy encounters to become much more frequent


Interesting. Feeling like a fresh game despite this being the remade. Whatever twists you tweak, make your patron proud (and you did)


Thanks, I will!

Since the game is an update of the origional one. Would you be using some of the old coding or starting from scratch?

Just wondering. :)

It's a different engine using a different programming language, so everything has to be coded from scratch again.

I like the expanded character creation, definitely appreciated, it is still amazing just like the original. But I seem to have run into a bug where I get a lock up when I try to go in to "Wear", it says "TypeError, Cannot set property 'visible' of undefined". It started as soon as I first left it putting panties and white T-shirt on my char, thought you should know.

Thanks, it'll be fixed in next version! (Right now it's because mobile buttons are disabled)

Wow, played your old version on pc. Now, it's on android? Woah and Plus? That just awesome! 


Yep! Thanks!


Loved the original and also love where this one is going.


Awesome! Glad to hear it!

dude. this is one heck of an update


Thanks! It's only getting bigger!

Can't wait!

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