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Yo indivi just download your game and give $100 for you,  hope will you motivation pumping like milking a cowgirl and you're welcome.

Wow, thank you for the support! I'll continue working for sure!


As someone who gotten covid before i really wish you the best of luck with recovering from covid.

Thank you, and sorry to hear you got it too

Yo, i cannot figure out a few things.

A. How to get the amazing dish for the fairy queen.

B. How to get rinny to teach me magic.

C. How to get Cassie to trust me.

Could someone please tell me how to accomplish these things?

Go to new ark city, purchase a machine that makes cheese, go to barn, cheese, give cheese to fairy queen, win.

B-ask around the succu tower in the there are a bunch of books, someone will say

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Much obliged my friend. But where is the cheese machine? Is it in the upper layer?

Nevermind. Found the wiki.

Oh xd


No, its in the mid, upper floor, to the up left part its a shop, go there, and see the thing they have, one will smell like cheese

Which shop? I'm searching for it but your directions are vague

C-new ark city, the slums, go to the shortcut trough new ark city and the slums, dont pay, sleep, start mision

remeber to be the bdsm friend from the school girl

What do you mean, start mision? Do I have to talk to fawn?

talk to fawn, become her friend, and start the mission with the cat girl by not paying the toll in the halley of the bad ark city that leds you to the new ark city, then go to sleep and things should start to happen.

Stat check mission.

Also don't forget to get Arlene, as an ally against the Don, by making the beggars riot.

I think in general he's wondering how to even get to Cassie's safehouse, and you do that by giving her some fish, I give her big fish because she really likes 'em.


Take care of yourself, Indivi!!

Thank you!

To transport your old game to the new version just export the new game files to the old folder and run the new game version.


A really fast way to level up is using the gym with productive, lactation, and a milk pump. Simply go as much as you can with let's go with crunches (res), you then drink a lot of your own milk. Because your milk gives back 100 life or whatever it is called. Then you move one square to then get rid of the tired debuff and pump yourself. Once all of that is done, repeat.

Welp thats something i didnt know, i just used profuctive, purchase 100 stamina small potions and drink like crazy, 24.000$ that i will not get back but i pretty much enjoed the secret, so it wass all worty in the end

same, also it's enjoyed, not enjoed

How do i install an update? microsoft btw


I just installed the new version. All of my progress passed over so I am in the good. I don't know if it will work for others though.

i eventually just decided to hope for the best and yeah it does progress over

Indivi, rest as much as you can, it will help a lot in recovery.

Thanks, I am

Dont prioritize answering this as i wish you get well soon, but i did run into a singular issue in that meant i wasnt able to enjoy todays new content, when i started my play through, i used cheats and set all my stats to the max so i could enjoy the game without the hassle of being beaten senseless, this how ever has apparently ruined this update that I've been waiting a long time for as I usually use the 'surrender' option to access the erotic scenes and interactions, however the change letting us still be captured by slavers in the slaver house even after beating the caravan does nothing for me as my stats are simply too high and there being no 'surrender' option, this is not so much a  complaint as its just more so a mention of something to keep in mind for the future, hopefully you can consider adding the option to surrender however please put that on your lower list of priorities,  I really hope you get better soon and that this message finds you well. PS I absolutely love the game.

get the slaver tattoo on your face and go to the slave house

Thanks for the well wishes. And there will be ways to get captured in the latest release even if you've beaten the caravan. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game!


Will megaboobs ever have a permanent option? I just got the bad ending with the mega hotdog and mega bazonkers and even with the maximum strength level i did not have an option to escape

Btw hope you get better, don't overwork yourself❤️

It's planned for the end of a certain route! And thanks, doing much better now

Wish you a healthy recovery.

Thank you

Anyone know how to get captured by the Slavers as of the current patch?

Go to the slaver by the back door, make one sleep, check his tatoo and then make that same tattoo in your face, then go to the slavers shop and le5 them check your new tattoo, or go around the dessert like an idiot and let them someday find you

How do you go to the dessert?

u get the location after talking to Cassie about where she came from, then go the torture rack after becoming Fawn's sub, ask Arlene to meet Don


Take care of yourself 🤝


Get better Divi

pregunta en la  prte de laa ssucubo me sale que no haay mas y que el juego completo esta en el paatrreeon es essto una beta

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Chavon habla bien

el juego esta siendo todavia programado pero vos estas DEMASIADO ATRAS ya que hasta donde se, todo lo que podes probar con la succubus esta completo, asi que actualiza tu lust doll plus a la ultima version que ya tiene un monton de contenido

Oh god, Bell is gone. HELP. HALP.


She can appear in the forest area near where you go and help Rinny.

The right city of Transylvania

or New Arc City Police Station

Can give her a cowbell collar purchased from the underground mall to stop her from running away.

Thanks man


The cowbell is to alarm the other Cowgirls, that Bell, is once again forgetting that chasing a butterfly for 6 hours usually doesn't end well.


Can you add more legging based clothing for the hooves to match other outfits like shadow dress, succubus outfit and favourite type of fancy dress snow white. Since every lust doll has hooves for feet can't wear shoes.

Could potentially add more leggings

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Indivi one fact about pregnancy is when pregnant bellies reach the size of the watermelon at 9 months now thats big. Do you think you can update pregnancy kink like that, every girl and (female and futa) lust dolls pregnant belly looked better when bigger at every angle. Seeing bell cursed like this getting me angry and i mean bull angry like this 🐃😡😤. If I was(futa) cowgirl I can get really mad. That's my idea for you and emotional support for Bell, what do you think and keep on bust'in indivi. 

I could see about a bigger belly


For Anyone Here: I've been following Indivi for a long while, any reason I don't see their posts and updates on my feed? Couldn't find any reason :/

This was actually asked a while back (most likely several times if I looked far enough back), even Indivi doesn't know why the LDPlus posts just don't show up on the feed

But Indivi does mostly follow scheduled uploads, so public releases are usually within the period of the 6th-8th of every month

Ahh okay that's helpful. Big preesh

Unsure if you were aware, but it's possible to easily cheat by modifying items.json (/www/data) and just setting item prices to -1,000,000 or such to get free money. Probably should fix this.

I mean "cheating" is already built into the game. When you make a new character you have the option to modify your starting stats, which includes money. You can start with up to 99,999,999 credits.

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You see, there's an option on character creation, called cheats, it's where you can do literally that by giving yourself max money, which is pretty equal to doing that

How to update old save data to a new version.

If on pc, search video, gotta change certain file or traslade your save to the new version

in phone download new version, install and play normally

What is the fastest way to level up? I am already level 104 in resilience and I want to get much higher but it takes too long.

(7 edits) (+1)

Get buffs from specific areas. States are separate from your stats. I will update this if I find new information or if Imake a mistake.

Sated : eat at Roxie's Diner, Fawn's breakfast, or at the Temple (+10 speech, +10 resilience, +10 insight)

Energetic: get a lap dance at Lucky Night, get a massage at Upper New Ark, or watch the show at The Gentleman's Club (+20 strength,+10 nimble)

Invigorated: watch the show at Lucky Night or get a massage at Upper New Ark (20 resilience, +10 strength)

Relaxed: get a lap dance at Lucky Night or get a massage at Happy Massage (+10 speech, +20 insight)

Tipsy: have a drink at The Rock or Devil's Drink (+20 speech, +10 insight)

Indecent: be half clothed or naked (+10 eroge, -10 resilience)

Nude: be completely naked (+10 sensibility, +10 mystique, -20 resilience)

Aroused: doesn't effect stats

Highly Aroused: (-20 all stats execpt eroge, +20 eroge)

Desperately aroused: (-50 all stats except eroge, +50 eroge)

I feel like I've tried everything, but how do you get rid of the mushrooms? It's annoying me that I can't put on clothes.

You'll probably need 3 sweet residues to give to Nymosa.

sweet residues? also i cant talk to her, shes a companion. damnnnn gotta use an earlier save dont I?

(1 edit)

Not really but the quest chain to get her back involves lots of trading items see her and choose the best route for you

Also, you should get sweet residues from defeating Pitcher plants ( Appear at the inner depth of the forest park) and then collect them with a bottle which the option should appear right after defeating them.

Edit: Apologies for the misinformation I must've forgotten she stays at the temple as I haven't played in a while and just assumed so

no ive already done that. I can't talk to her because I can't complete the quest 

(1 edit)

If Nymosa has already gone to the temple, you can get free of the mushrooms from one of the other villagers who takes on Nymosa's role for her while she's away. Sort of middle top in the village IIRC.

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Indivi, i posted a comment about the ancient spring location to fix bell from the curse and I'm getting no proper answers, a kitsune said about the ancient spring powerful enough to cure curses instantly and no one knows where after taking bell to try baths. Can you help plz you're the one who knows(the best i know). 🙏


It's in a future update, it should be in the desert however until you can find the desert kings or whatever's temple/pyramid you won't get access to the spring.

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I knew it would be the desert, that is 1 clue to start with the springs location and another clue too, the pyramid is the place we can find the ancient spring at the heart of it, probably better watch out for traps and other dangers inside protecting it. Desert King means Pharaoh right, all of you know what I mean. We'll probably find the monster responsible who'd cursed bell and the others who suffered.

Man for wath i know the temple in the forest is that one

Right? Isn't it the bath?

when is the update going to be public for non-patreon?

In my calculations I thinks  indivi posts the updates for non patreons 15 -17 days after the update for patreons

7th of every month. So, roughly 16 hours from now, assuming everything goes smoothly.

Its right now

i cant find bell, ive looked in the three places shes suppost to be but she is not there


Step on her usual tile at milk farm.

Or step on where she usually is in milk farm.

I kept forgetting this part in the past


found her accidentially walked past without seein it

How the hell do you build trust with cassie, i've been foolin around for 3 hours now .

I did the cow farm, succubus manor, etc, even the deserted base. CASSIE..


>beat up to toll guy in slums

>Go back to safehaus and sleep there

>Go back to slums and get to the don

>Tell don you will work

>Pick the manual labour option (I forgot what the name)

>Go sleep in cassie's haus

>Cassie gets kidnapped by the don

>Save her

>Need Fawn, as master


how do you get fawn as master

Hang out till she leaves you alone at her Condo.

Go about being totally reasonable around her Condo.

Find Card after "not" snooping about.

Just don't sell it of course.

oml, I found out how to do everything RIGHT AFTER I posted this comment

Hahaha funnies in the jinkies

i vaguely remember being able to have Cassie and Bell milk me while at the milk farm. how do i get that scene to happen? or did i gaslight myself into thinking it happened?

Deleted 197 days ago

No it can happen.

Have Cassie, at the milk farm collecting milk Bell, must also be present

Milk yourself

Should be there the new option.

ok thx

Deleted 201 days ago
(4 edits)

okay something's wrong cause i have cassie and bell present and i've milked myself, but it still won't show me the option

edit: might be due to being a futa? i will check

edit 2:  removed cock and balls but still not able to trigger the scene

edit 3: maybe i need to do alissa's whole questline?

milk only chest

it still won't let m

how do u update to next ver with saves?


Don't delete the game just download the newer version and install over the older version.

If in pc use video help, you gotta change your save and translocate it to the newer version(i think, dunno)

Will the extended bad ends like the plant one ever be public


no, it's a way to fund their game

An attempt at a kindly worded complaint;

I Enjoy Lust Doll Plus and the original Lust Doll, however I don't remember Fawn being so key in so many missions. (Which may just be me being forgetful). In my opinion, I dislike Fawn and her questline, and while I understand that others may like Fawn, a decent portion of the games content is locked behind her. Would it be possible to make a workaround so I don't have interact with Fawn, or if there is a workaround already planned, would you be so kind as to let me know?

Sincerely, A HalfSaneFox who loves this game.


(my opinion) - I have 72 hours of gameplay, and I've done all the missions available so far, that is, I've interacted with all the characters, if I say I liked them all I'll be lying, but it was interesting to go through all these stories and narratives, as much as I didn't really read all the dialogues because I don't know much English, I know enough to understand a dialogue, but laziness was greater, and I only found a "screen Translate" only after finishing the whole story 🤣, so , just do the necessary part of Fawn's part and forget about her, but, only she has a secret outfit that you will want to get... and I'm not saying this just to make you do her story, believe me.


Ok the outfit thing is fair, i just wish i could skip the dialogue without having to worry about clicking a choice be accident then so i can burn the questline without having to pay enough attention to notice options popping up. But yeah, you're right.

You only need to be aware of her secret job to be able to progress everyone else's routes. You don't have to clear her route

Thank you for the reply. Truly? i thought in order to access New Ark you had to progress her story. Since you said this was not the case. i will try again. Once again thank you for the reply

Sincerely, A Fox who will try the game again.

Somenoe can tell me how beat the gian plant? I gonna get crazy

(1 edit)

You need decent stats, not for the plant but for the enemies you will face after the plant.

You must also have the Milk Farm, refurbished with the refinery set-up, and a dull knife, if you already have cheese go to a table and combine Knife + Cheese to make a slice (or you don't need a slice at all, but last time they didn't want a whole block of cheese)

Now you need a bottle, an empty bottle beat the fairies (Normally no Lewding for now) and collect the dust, near the giant plant there is a hidden entrance, facing away the giant plant go towards the left wall till you stumble on it, go to the middle tile/statue and spray it with fairy dust, first gift I recommend Milk, if you give a bad gift you will be kicked out, then play with the Queen, after all of this you can then ask about the Big Plant, gift them the Slice of Cheese, and the game should hold you from there.

If there could be a spell to make all characters furry or "human" simultaneously, well... would Rinny ever get an animal form? If so... why do I picture hers as a penguin

Press Back.

Press Sanctum.

Step on Furry.

Set Human, or Furry, this will set NPCs default forms to what you want.

Rinny doesn't have a furry form


I have a texture proplem

(1 edit) (-3)

No that is just how it is.

Gravity-defying clothing has happened before, but none were on purpose.

man got two backs lol

Weird, not sure why it's not removing your clothing


Is there anyway to increase lust dolls weight? and is there ever any plan to add weight gain stuff like forced feeding

(1 edit) (+2)

No there isn't.

No there is no plans for weight gain.

Reason being: too much clothes to edit to fit Lust.


you could make it just bad endings , but i'm not a game developer so i don't know

Up to Indivi.


Indivi i looked on wiki about the ancient spring, water from it can cure any curse permanently that can fix bell's ability to milk again. Didn't find anywhere could be found, my guess is somewhere in the dessert am I right or wrong. Dessert is my best guess on bell's route because is egypt and arabian feel and based, the curse and dessert is somehow connected to her story. One more thing before you reply about my guesses are correct or incorrect, who cursed bell like a heartless fiend. Man, monster or god I'll kick no punch it right in the teabags(you know what I mean).

I'm not sure about it but I'm guessing your talking about the Resort.

Finish the Plant Mama quest first.

1. It's for indivi to answer 2. What resort where?

(1 edit)

In the deep forest past the Gaping Plant, after the Pacification of plant mama you can visit a newly refurbished temple now resort where Bell, can visit.

The spring is over there.

This also means you have got to have the additions of the Milk farm plus the refinery so that you could make *Cheese* it's the ticket past the Gaping Plant, by ticket I meant giving it to the fairy Queen after playing with her.

Guys I meant their Spring Spa.

which spot in the temple that contains the ancient spring where, just where!?

There is no Ancient Spring in the game. Indvi hasn't added jt yet.

(1 edit)

Does anyone know where I can find bell? I have been looking for her for over an hour.  It is the first time she went missing. I don't know if it happens more.

Should be in the park in the abandoned town, you should see something you can interact in the cave where you first free the succubus

Step on her tile at the Barn, first.

Forest, New Ark Prison, Transylvania, she can spawn in three places after her first spawn.

I have the weird meat stuff from the deserted base on my character and it makes me unable to win any fight.  How do I remove it

in the laboratory

Please elaborate

The lab in the Science Tower.

Talk to the receptionist first.

When I get access to the cat girls safehouse how do I gain more of her trust 

The 5-Credits Gangster on your way to the New Ark Slums, don't pay him Trick Him, or Shove Him, then visit Cassie.

When returning to the Safehouse after visiting Cassie, a problem has occurred.


i know it would be weird but i hope in the future that they add abdl as a kink that can be toggled or at less add diapers to the game, but i highly doubt the creators of this game would add it.

It's just not something I can really write I'm afraid.

Writing it would be hard if not into it, but the outfit option shouldn't be to hard to do. 

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