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LD+ is fun, honestly, but I see there's an original, I think when I'm done with everything in this game, I'mma check what's on the original


it would be nice if furry bodies without boobs could have an option for nipples, they look nice on the human bodies but they are removed for some reason in the furry ones.

I think it's just that it's so fluffy that nipples aren't visible, but I agree

Does the game have or will it have a Spanish language?

How do we get to the hidden door

It's not developed yet

will there be giantess or giant scenes


Where are the female x female scenes? Scissoring I mean. Are there just not any?

It is possible to avoid the entire storyline by paying the mall toll using money earned at devil's drink and gentleman's club

haha thank you for the tip I will try it out

Wait there's a story line to that? I usually pay it so idk

Yes, a storyline for Cassie. The cat you meet as the first npc you encounter in the abandoned town.

Damn, Time to play it from the beginning, Cassie best girl lol

I had a bug that make me unable to do anything. And I can't reload a save because it saved at the same time. It is when I trigger the police to come in the condo but Fawn drawn on my face so I am in the street of new Ark with draw on my face and I can’t move anymore.

how do you get the chastity belt off?

There should be a key.


thanks I realized that a bit after I posted that and now I feel dump

how long does it take for the renovations on the milk farm to finish? been trying to speed it up by sleeping a lot but every time i check it always says that they aren't done. is it supposed to take super long or did i lock myself out of getting the safe house basement renovation?

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Question: Is Bell in the milk farm, or is she currently missing?

When is planned addition of mega boobs and cocks into the normal gameplay (non patreon exclusive)?
Or its already added and i just didnt stumble upon it?


Too bad Nymph cant impregnate my character. But... a hole is a hole.


Make a futa lol


Futa is the worst thing to happen to humanity since the black plague


Lol ok


I'm serious they make the most gorgeous hot woman out there and then give her a penis and call her futa then claim it's not gay to be attracted to futa because they look like women they live in damn denial

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You can have your opinion but trying to make people believe what you do is just childish.

Also, you do realize 'futa' exist in real life right? Look up intersex


nah, I'm happy for him to be a dude. If he can charm both men and women then I'm happy. Also banging Kitty regularly is good enough for me.

the first game screenshot (on this page of course) has peaked my interest, how do you get to do that?

You go into the abandoned town park, and let the character stalking you initiate a battle. You have to overcome him sexually


Quick question is they're anyway rn to keep any of the hyper transformation?



Hello, can you add Chinese translation?

After the game finish

Since the game is still in development, it's not feasible yet to apply translations. When it's completed, hopefully will happen!

Where should you go to help Bell? where is the bathhouse?

You need to first find the fairy queen in the abandoned town park

Then give her cheese so she can show you how to get deeper into the park

Nymph disappears if you leave him in the dungeon, then reappears naked at the village

I'll look into it!


I  Wonder! WIll you all add extra bits for Customization in character Creation? like Bigger Existing bits, like cocks ect. And maybe udders?

There are plans, but they are more likely to be something you get while playing the game, rather than during character creation! Udders/multi breasts, I'll see. Most likely that'll be more of a specific event thing rather than something you get to bring to other places, due to how much work it would otherwise involve


Awww, Was hopin it could! I adore udders with a passion and would love to just have a sloshy milk jug wherever! But whatever makes your job easier!


Also would be a great addition of intentional failure, if you have too high of the stat

Usually I implement intentional failure options. Is there somewhere that I didn't?

No, like the failure with your stat checks 

If they even different from the give up option

Add dev log into the game main menu, would be cool to see it in game

Hmm, I'll see. I know the android version doesn't include the changelog, so it's harder to figure out what's changed.

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I'm having trouble progressing with Linda and Mistyra. The lab is covered in meat and linda is gone. Every time I try to interact with mistyra nothing new happens. Does anyone know what im doing wrong? 

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Depends on what quest part you are at, did you fight the Infected Abomination?

If Linda is gone, Mistyra should bring you to a certain place deep within the deserted base.

is there a wiki or walkthrough for the places I'm stuck at?


so far this game is pretty good but my only question is; is it currently possible to give belle larger boobs and also milk her? 


Not yet, but should happen eventually!

How do I get the invite to the dig site I'm at a loss here

After finishing the gold mine, if you have a certain kink enabled, you'll find someone hanging around the desert city's south gate

ah, thank you! I didn't notice them there

Deleted 6 days ago

Is it open on task manager? If so, end the task and try delete it again, if not, I don't know what to do since I am not very smart in tech.

Deleted 6 days ago

You are welcome

Will the author add voice or other interesting updates to game characters in the future? (such as the growth of certain parts of the body or recording the number of sex activities that players have done)

Voice is unlikely due to the sheer volume of the game's text. Growth of certain parts is likely. Recording stats is unlikely as that should be done at the start and it'd be a colossal task to do it now.

Will there ever be a mobile version of lust doll? The original one, because I wanna know the story and character differences in the original, but I don't have a computer

There unfortunately won't be, as the engine used to develop it doesn't natively port. I've heard that people have had success playing it using Joiplay though.

and coincidentally, it doesn't work for my phone 🥲 I was about to suggest you remake it; but obviously that'd be way too much work that a fandom person just asked for lol, anyways good luck on your developing, I love all your mobile games out so far, oh and if you're willing to answer another question. Would you ever continue the story of elf jail?

Thanks! Lust Doll Plus is technically the remake XD. Elf jail, I'd probably want to rebuild it and change it drastically to be honest

nooooooooo I liked the way it was, if you do change if could you make a separate game? Like list doll plus, also yes you got some great talent man good job and if I wasn't as strapped for money I'd give you maybe a dollar, lol I can barely afford enough groceries as is 

How do you find the entrance to the secret village? I can't find it at all.

Give the fairy cheese. 

I wont say more

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Well past that buddy, I followed the hunter around and explored the explorable area and finally went to the wiki for aid and it simply says that a "secret path" should be available. It isn't.

Edit: Literally the one square I didn't go to lol.


Haven't downloaded any update in a while, only been waiting for possible new version that might include adding permanent mega boobs or a bigger preg belly hahah

It'll still be a little while! I know a lot of people are waiting on it


this is a great game but the game updates so often that i dont get to progress much before having to reset everything. dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing lol

Don't delete your save files 

be more creative designing your favorite mc if new parts get added?


You don't have to delete your save files to play the updates

If you're on mobile, don't uninstall, just install the new version over it. Other platforms, save files should transfer automatically!


When will Belle finally get more scenes? Her in futa mode and the other cowgirls? Her and player? pregnancy?

Or Alissa and Cassie (dungeon) sex?


Bell has a pretty big route planned! Just waiting on certain things.

Hmm, could see about Alissa X Cassie


It doesn't open for me.

Any error messages? What OS are you playing on?

Windows, and no. Absolutely nothing. Just a black screen.

Try re-downloading, and making sure to extract the contents fully, checking the security settings on your computer. Otherwise, really not sure.


Get some prosthetic limbs as cosmetic is kinda neat tho

Right? It would be cool to see the real thing like it was with Edith, but all the different interactions would take a lot of time obviously.


Probably unlikely to do permanent limb detachment I think.

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Would be cool to see more limb detach, even if only as a cosmetic or so.

More limb detachment is planned! Mainly waiting on me getting back to Transylvania's ladies

I doubt Rinny would be interested in that, so...Edith, Marin, or Pixie interested in this? Pixie is unlikely but she's very detached (pun not intended) and I could totally see Marin and Edith doing it (again, in Edith's case!

Well, it's certainly mainly Edith's schtick XD. Rinny's fine with it, even if she had some bad experiences


just a quick question. when the option to keep Alissa in futa mode was added i loved it. is the option to do it with other characters going to be added in the future?


I'm waiting for fawn.

Haha, I don't think the others would want to put up with it, but we'll see.


I like this game a lot! Possibly one of my all time favourites. 

Thanks, happy to hear!


regarding the possibility of adding more clothing colours if ur going to add more colors to existing clothes wouldn't it be more convenient to add like a "clothing master" which allows to choose the color of clothes when equipped? like equipping Red t-shirt and if i own the clothing master i get another window where i choose if i want to use standard red or dark red plus maybe even the idea of adding variations to some clothes(like rolled up sleeves or not)

I'm considering the possibility. It's still technically untested, so I want to make sure it works properly before committing to building something like that

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Psychopath Arlene didn't outright threaten me when I was waiting tables? I was expecting her to blast me for something (the temperature was too hot, something!) but all she does is give me a she mellowing out? Maybe wailing on the Dom makes her more amicable to poor Lust? When I saw "Arlene came to visit you at work" I was expecting "you spent the night in jail because, yanno, Arlene" but nooooooo and she even tipped nice too!

Anyway, I found catching Mistyra when I had parasites on my chest and crotch to be funny, glad I had enough RES to resist to the end! That's likely been there  for awhile but I usually can't catch her...unless she WANTS to have fun (I was half expecting I caught her to have a bad end because of the parasites, honestly!)

Keep up the good work!

She's only psychotic to those she perceives as criminals XD. As long as you behave, she'll play nice.

And grats on getting that scene! It's definitely been in the game a while, but getting enough RES can be challenging.

Thanks, I will!

what are the differences between the 'lust doll' vs 'lust doll plus'

Ld plus is revamped. Better art, gameplay, and UI.

There's also a lot more gameplay and characters in LD plus. Lust Doll is a good solid game, but LD plus adds a lot of characters, revamps how some things are done, and give you a lot more customization. I was initially hesitant about trying LD plus but I love the changes and how Indivi keeps adding more fun to the mix. 

I'm unsure about one thing. During the gameplay I became pregnant, but even after many days the baby was not born. The only way to have him born is to deliver him to the nursery?


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