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hello, everyone. first of all, i really love the game that you made and I really want to make some game myself (though I planned it not to be lewd or something). right now, I'm still looking for a game-making engine that I want.

may I ask what kind of game-making engine you're using? and if you have any experience on game making with other game-making tools for example 

if you have any experience on game making with other game-making tools could you recommend what gaming tool I should use?

right now I'm a beginner and using twine to make my first game and the game feels a bit boring (to me) and I want to make the character to be more alive (like an RPG game or like this type of game). 

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Whats new in the Update?

Set up a new game and i dont know where to look.

NVM found it!

where is the new stuff?

How do I get rid of the meat parasites?

Play the flute in your inventory

Thought for the meat parasites you have to go to the science lab in New Ark to get them removed. Living underwear (which is different, you get that from Marin) you get rid of with the flute. :) 

yea. the flute is for the living clothes. you need to go to New Ark. Scient tower and go up a floor to get it removed.

go to the top right of New ark where the scientist tower is. go in than up a floor and you should see a box that was remove meat parasites

For a while now I have been unable to end an enemy encounter via physical means and the same goes for the enemy's to me anyone know why this is happening?

probly cause your lust is maxed. if your lust is maxed ex. 100/100 you can only surrdered. most of the time just lose to a slime monster in the starting area or drink angel milk. you be played with and your lust will go back to normal

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In the quest of saving Linda from the Meat Parasite Nest, in the later story you get her to activate the meat core for you then her having the meat parasite 'power'. Is there stat req for you to activate those meat cores instead of Linda in-order for you to get the meat parasite 'power' or is it still not in-game and you'll get that chance later in the story?

Mistrya's route isn't in this version of the game yet. Sorry.

Have played and completed the game already on Newgrounds, now I will finish it here again

haha, sounds good!

So I have 2 things that I need to be quided on

First is the quest "Hang out with Cassie and Alissa" how do you complete it?

Second how do I find the desert? Is the desert even in game yet? If yes, is there a req stat to like see or encounter a way?

First the desert isn't in the game yet 2nd haven't completed cassie  and Alissa's scene's yet but here's there info

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How do I stop my hands from trembling to play the flute in order to calm down the living tights? And how do I stop myself from lactating/having hyper sensitive nipples?

For the flute you can ask the maid girl to play the flute if you can't play it or you can play it yourself you just need low lust (buy angel milk) for lactating buy a milk pump and use it on you select "pump till dry" and lactating will stop it will come back when pregnant tho (you can buy milk pump to the same place you give birth or buy fertility pill)


As For the Hyper Sensitive nipple you need to get it Treated to the Professor at Upper Ark.

Can anyone confirm if you can access the core and become a parasite yet


I can't remove any status effects as a male character currently. 

 Just Grow Boobs.....

Okay i can explain!

You can grow Boobs as a Guy.....

That i cant explain.

Haha yeah, I realise that, but I remember being able to get a checkup before, without needing to grow breasts. So I don't know what's causing this!

Thanks, I'll fix that!


Just had an idea for some more character creation body part ideas and some other minor related ideas:

Bird themed body parts.

No mechanical advantage (Example: Cannot be used for flight)

Like other non human options there could be some incidental scenes added later (has a tail ? NPC's might grab it, Has a particularly flexible tail ? Masturbation / sex options as examples).

Anyway, back to the original suggestion:

I figure the developer wants to maintain the more or less human shape for mechanical simplicity so so again, the following are purely visual options.

1 to 3 feathered 'hairstyles' - have a look at the shape of bird head feathers for inspiration.

Something streamlined and angular, a feather pony fail and a feather 'crown' might be interesting.

1 to 3 feathered wings upper back 'accessory' - the tail if present occupies the lower back slot, wings use the upper back slot (might need to add a separate slot for this and could have other non bird themed wing options like a demon / bat / succubus wings as examples)

A small / chibi wing set, an average sized one and one that looks big enough for actual flight (like angel wings ?) might be interesting.

1 to 3 feathered 'tails' - have a look at bird tail feathers for inspiration.

Maybe a wedge up, wedge down and peacock style of tail could be interesting.

1 to 3 beak 'mouth' styles - have a look at bird tail feathers for inspiration but I suspect this will be the hardest part to get looking right.

Maybe a small pointed one, a hooked predator one and a duck might be interesting.

Feathered body style - A feather pattern that covers the skin of the PC, close to the body to make weaning clothing and other normal body interactions possible.

Some neat ideas! I'll jot them down for later


Cant believe i ended up playing this for hours straight my first time, great job on it, just fantastic work

haha, glad to hear you're enjoying it! And thanks!

im having an error problem, everytime i load up the game (on my phone) it just says this? im shit at this stuff so please give some advice

How old is the save file? Are you able to start a new game?

wasn't too old! i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it worked!

Awesome, glad to hear it!

Can anyone tell me how to get to the island?

Buy a gallery pass and scare the hostess, then go back to the exhibit just after the Island painting. Mess around inside and you should be able to access the Island no matter which option you choose.

You can also just buy a pass and after the door gets unlocked go into the front desk again and go attend the next party after that just enter the gallery and go to the big painting (you can use this to avoid lust)


wait, you can do that? thanks for the info

I'be recently started a new playthrough and noticed the "male pregnancy" option. This sounds interesting. Is it ok to ask which encounters affect this?

I think the infected scientist does it consume/eat a fertility pill then lose to an infected scientist in a fight

is the Attack requirement normal? version 37.2

no, that's not normal. i guess it's a bug.

Thanks, I'll fix it!

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windows download cannot read property '_x' of undefined

the problem prob came from the www file

How old is the save file? Are you able to start a new game?

Can someone help me, of what this means and where can I find it, please? I'm totally puzzled! ^_________^

You'll have to capture Alissa (aka the bandit girl) inside Cassie's home.

If I vaguely remember on how to do it is that you have to beat a bandit girl and an option should appear to capture her and bring her to Cassie's home.

Sorry, that's all I can recall.

Ok, I'll try that! Thanks for the info! (•‿•)

I would like some help. When I try to open the game, it immediately crashes. I already chmod the nwjs. I would like to know how to make it work.

Does it give any error messages?

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When open it not in the terminal, it just says it closed and when I try to open it in the terminal, it says:

[0509/] ReadExactly: expected 8, observed 0

[80720:45827:0509/] Failed to launch GPU process.

[80720:45827:0509/] Attempting to run unsupported native service: /Users/ME/Downloads/Lust Doll Plus r37.2 (Mac)/ Framework.framework/content_renderer.service

Edit: also, I found out that I can play it in browser (ed2: using newgrounds), so I can just do that.

Do any of the solutions in !zMAC USERS PLEASE READ.txt work for you?

I just gave up after trying the first 3 solutions and doing the simple chmod which is just chmod +x Contents/MacOS/nwjs not using the sudo stuff. Winebottler doesn't work well with my mac. I am currently playing on the newgrounds version, so no further assistance will be necessary. Thanks for the help.

Sounds good, hope you enjoy!

Indivi I have a question  where do I put save files on Android? I took my save file from my computer and wanted to put it on my phone so I don't have to start from the beginning. But I can't find the lust doll plus save folder in my android directory


Android: \data\data\indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus

(Requires root access)

I don't have root... I don't know how to do it and I don't even think my phone Can do it..   So I'm forced to start at the beginning all over again..?

Unfortunately, yes. Note that you can hold down the button to fast-forward through text, which might help

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So the flags for the fawn shibari scene and the ending for the current tentacle route was still reset in my game

Edit: Nevermind newgrounds didn't update it for a second I refreshed and it's fixed I'll have to redo the shibari scene but it'll be fine


whewf, was scared for a moment!

This is a rather interesting number to choose indivi...

haha oof, I'll fix that


I can't seem to find the Ankle Stocks, ive tried to see if they are at the toucher rack club but all I get is Poltery Shacks witch I can't buy? Im really confused as to where im sapost to find them

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If they aren't available, then you may have them already. Check your private dungeon.

You should also make sure you have feet active.

will we be able to take lessons from fawn to join her in her work?
also rinny is NEVER around to "greet" us at the succubus tower after alissa, is that meant to be a chance thing or am i just unlucky?

If Rinny is not at the tower she's either at the entrance of New Ark City or In your private dungeon  if shes not in those places your game may be bugged

nah thats old stuff, shes too busy playing with aliss

Probably unlikely to get a job at torture rack, as private dungeon already fulfils that niche.

Rinny being away from her post should be a random chance thing. I'll look at the numbers for it

How do i get in the park in the abandonaded town?

Make friends with Cassie!

The public version, so far, has been a lot of fun! Um, if you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to make the game? I'm interested in trying my own hand at something like this one day!

Thanks, glad to hear! I'm using RPG maker MV!

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Is there anyway to still download the Save updater for Android? I may be stranded at v22.0 due to my lack of updating previously.

Oof, unfortunately it's not available anymore (had some issues with it.) Try doing a NG+ to see if it fixes your game. Otherwise, may just have to start over

Hmmm, since we can leave girls at the dungeon, could we gather a bunch and have an orgy?

It's planned, but doing individual scenes first!


how do i go through cow girl questline?

I recommend completing Rinny's route first, as you first need to take Bell to the Succubus Tower body workshop, then bring her to Pixie.

Bell's route isn't fully complete yet, but that's how you get to the last part currently in the game.

ok, is rinny's route finished after mansion?



hey indivi what do you think about adding something about oviposition there already the slime on the game but i guess would be nice to see more around and about the other kinks too the ones we dont see much around not in the new areas but on the areas already on the game

also nice touch on the Island looks fantastic keep up the good work <3


It's planned! And thanks!

This is a really fun game.


To improve upon my lackluster review, you are a master of dialogue. You give a character one or two sentences and you feel as though you know them. You stand out as one of the best dialogue writers in this genre of games, and in many others. 

Thank you! I'm very happy to hear the characters stand out.


Hello, i would like to ask something. Do you plan at adding back the Desert village? If yes, which version you're planning to add it?

Yes definitely! It's undergoing a lot of changes, so may be a while yet


Hey, question when are endings like the plant girl ending or the ending with the meat parasite girl gonna be done? cause it says you can continue after being turned into a toy by the said ladies I'm assuming either the continuation of the endings are not done/fully implemented or are done and fully implemented and just waiting to release that part to the public after some time? Are there any plans to add vore, cock vore, or any other type of vore into the game?

It's done, but it's also available to backers only on Patreon I'm afraid! Tentative plans for vore, yes.

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Personally speaking. I would LOVE to gobble up some enemies!~

Vore would definitely be one of those things that'd have a toggle.

Hmmm, I guess depending on the type of vore it could offend XD


aight. So, I'm probably dumb cuz i don't know how to get Fawn swallow that pill.

And yes i don't know the "Correct" path when i tie her up and walked her outside. Can someone give tips? Or just bluntly tell me how

I'm unsure as to whether you can get Fawn pregnant yet, but if you can, you won't need to convince her to be a subbe.

As for how to get her comfortable with subbing, it's just a matter of teasing her enough, but not too much.

But how? I tried every single way during the Shibari training when i walked her out.

I did it by only buzzing in the hardware store, but I'm certain that there are several other ways to do it.

Just have a successful date, then invite her to your sex dungeon.

Lust Doll Plus Wiki ( here

After tying her up with rope and going out on the town, just invite her to your sex dungeon(after getting THAT set up), and you can have her be subbe(you can even give her a dick if have the toggle and spell)!

1. buy a fertility pill at the nursery

2. give it her AS A GIFT!

3. FUCK(doesn't matter where or how, merely invite her to bed if you want, just cum in her pussy)

4. Profit(Fawn Belly)!

Would be nice if we could drink our own milk during combat.

Personally I wonder what would be the bonus to it during the event because if so then it would have some value to do so.

Event? Well, when you drink it outside of combat, it fully restores your stamina. So it'd be a fantastic healing item.

That'd be a bit op, though it does have the counter balence oof giving 50 arousal full health is a bit too much for such an easily obtained item in battle.

I'll consider it!

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I agree with the previous comment about water sports being a good idea for the future of the game. On that note would it be possible to potentially create a piss inflation kink specialty is a variation of the cuminflation. Just wondering but when can we see LD Plus are 37.0b for download on here or to play on another site.

PS I would like to apologize for getting so upset about the comments you made about my comments. I have a problem typing out what I want to say so I use talk to text on my tablet to put in what I want to say and it doesn't put punctuation. So I am sorry if I became hostile and it was inexcusable so again I say I am sorry. Also in case you haven't noticed I have deleted the comments that we're entirely based around my argument.


Glad to see! And yeah, the biggest reason I want you to use proper grammar is because you've definitely posted quite a bit of text before. It can take me up to an hour to reply to all comments, so making it readable for me helps a lot! Thanks for doing so!

I'm not too big on water sports, so it's unlikely unfortunately. The next release will be on the seventh, so soon!

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Completely understandable everyone has their own personal kinks and originally I really wasn't into the idea of water sports but it did eventually grow on me in a way still not a personal favorite but fun. And I do understand that the big long lines of text our problematic it's just so hard to type it out because almost as soon as it gets in my head and I have to put it on paper it disappears. Wanted to ask but would it be at all possible to alter the mpreg function to be compatible without having a male character grow a vagina if so please do if you don't mind. Because well I do understand the fact that it is my own personal head cannon if you will on how male pregnancy works I've seen plenty of stories and games do it similar ways to my head cannon and I guess that's why I'm that way about it.

PS glad to know it will be coming out soon because I honestly do enjoy the game and again I want to apologize for my negative remarks.

Male preggers doesn't require a pussy. It can happen on meat parasite route. And no worries!

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Also, god damn if you didn't write handholding to be the most lewd, sexual act you could do! XD

Especially the session with Fawn.

It's fucking brilliant!

Haha, glad you're enjoying it! It's definitely really fun to write XD.


GOD! FAWN! WIFE! So beautiful! So Sexy! So devious! Normally I prefer to domme, but I can subbe for her! And when she has a belly/cock! Mwa!

Glad to hear! Fawn is a lot of people's favs~

Can't wait for the hyper boobs and cock to be implemented(Assuming the cock and tit spells allow us to give ourselves such massive endowments). Currently, from the max possible size when creating our PC, only our boobs can get bigger, and even then, only one size.

The megaboob/cock is in the science girl story when you get caught by some certain tentacles in the first encounter

I havent found he megacock scene, is it in the science tower after its been invaded ?


its right after linda gets taken back to the army base and you explore deeper

It's coming! It's planned for end of route rewards

um where is the wiki

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Google it. Literally. Google "Lust doll plus wiki", and you'll find it.


Is the lossibility of raising our own Child planned anytime soon? 

It's planned for the end of an NPC's second route, and will still be a little while yet!

Patreon only?


Available to everyone!

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