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Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

This is a remaster of Lust Doll (downloadable here: https://indivi.itch.io/lustdoll) which I spent three years developing! If you've never played, do check it out! Note: You do NOT have to have played Lust Doll to enjoy Lust Doll Plus.

At the start, you can customize your character's body to your tastes/preferences. Compared to the original, there's now vastly more customizations to choose from, such as height, furry/human body, type of cock (horse/dog), kemonomimi ears and tail, wings, teeth, even the colour of the inside of your mouth (for some reason!) You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body can be changed over the course of the game. You'll also find plenty of interesting, fancy, and/or sexy clothing/toys to wear. One big thing that the original game lacked is the ability to specifically equip things to your genitalia. So, if for example, you want to go through the game with a giant, vibrating dildo up your butt, that'll definitely be a thing you can do.

You'll also be able to control much of the content you see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don't want to see a particular kink, then you can do that. Admittedly, the original game tilted heavily towards female partners and subbe content. This time around, I'll be making things more equal, so that those that enjoy male partners and domme content will have vastly more to experience.

Kinks that can be toggled:
Female Partners
Male Partners
M2F Transformations
Cock Transformations
Mega-sized Cock
Breast Transformations
Mega-sized Breasts
Tickle Torture
Futa Balls
Limb Detachment
Foot Fetish
Genital Piercings

More General Kinks:
Orgasm Denial
Sex Machines
BDSM/ Sex 'Games'/owning your own private dungeon
Public Humiliation/ Exposure
Breast Milking/ Nipple Play
Hypnotism/Mind Control
Orgasm Overload
Parasitic/Living Clothes
Anal/ Spanking
Loving Femdom/Dominant Girls

(Since the game is still quite fresh, most of these kinks aren't in the game yet. That'll definitely change with time!)

You have eight stats to manage:

Strength - How strong you are. Influences weapon damage and actions requiring lots of power.

Mystic - How in tune you are with supernatural/ metaphysical elements, and how good you are at resisting them.

Nimble - How good you are at doing intricate actions, such as dancing, picking locks, escaping binds.

Body - How much punishment your body can shake off, your ability to enter poisonous environments, how quickly you fold under torture.

Speech - How good you are at understanding others and convincing them towards your point of view.

Knowledge - How much intellect you have, which can allow you to interpret or figure out something that you've never seen before.

Senses - How good you are at seeing hidden things, such as secret passages, places that you can climb up, traps, hidden people.

Erotic - How sexy you are, and how good you are at dominating others sexually.

Each of these stats grow the more that you use them. They can also be affected by your current states. For example, if you're drunk, your senses and nimbleness might drop significantly, but your speech and erotic might get a nice boost.

I also want to highlight some specific differences from the older version. As mentioned, there'll be more male NPC's and domme chances (though it'll still likely skew more towards female NPC's just cause that's easier to write for me.)

I'll also be putting more emphasis on a pregnancy system, and being able to be impregnated/impregnated others, which'll go well with having more male NPC's.

Also planning on a slavery system, and being able to capture/imprison enemies for... 'fun times'.

Finally, I'm also putting in support for furry content. The player and certain NPC's and enemies can have furry versions of themselves. For those who aren't into that, you can disable it, and it'll never show up for you in game.

I’m running a patreon, if you would like to support me!

Other places you can find my stuff:


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Lust Doll Plus r3.2 (Win).zip 134 MB
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Lust Doll Plus r3.2 (Linux).zip 177 MB
Lust Doll Plus r3.2 (Android).apk 76 MB

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hmm,on my observations,Lust Doll usually updates every 2 weeks,well from the moment I post this,I'll guess we'll have to wait good 1 more week,btw Indivi,keep it up

Updates every month! I generally put out a backer release on the 18-20th, and follow with public releases the following month around the 7th!


Hoho,this is a good sign

Are the character quests going to be the same, like with Cassie?

There'll be some revisions, but overall arcs should be the same.

I was wondering if will there be more male partners in further updates? 
(I'm sorry if you have answered this before..)

Yes, there will be for sure!

Thank you! <3

hey indivi do you rember some of the things you could add by us commenters and have you added them yet like the dragon species OwO

It's all on a list!

(1 edit)

So I might just be a fool here but I can't seem to progress any further than getting into new ark. I can't even get to upper new ark. I feel like it has to do with the fact that my character has no skills and I can't seem to aquire them. 

That's it for now! I'll have more areas ready soon.

when ever indivi updates LDP and i forget to back up my saves and have to start again:

Ah shit, here we go again. Worst place in the world. Rollin Heights Balla country. I ain't represented Grove Street in five years, but the Ballas won't give a shit.

Haha, well the good news is from r3 onwards, saves will automatically transfer!

Just started funding you on Paetreon and downloaded the game from there. I played the origonal to the end, can't wait to see the changes you have planned here. Just to make sure my memory aint messed up, but wasn't the sewers into the undercity originally like, filled with monsters?

Thank you so much! The sewers were bigger yes, but there was only one enemy and a few items, so it was kinda inconsequential. I might expand it in LDP if more uses for it come up.

reading this i cant help but laugh thinking our doll will become a crime lord and uses the sewers to smuggle things through the city in order to take it over. and that thought alone makes me happy.

Not a bad idea~ XD


Just wondering how I would transfer saves between versions? As I have played a lot of the game on version 1, and can't get the game to recognise LD saves, even when in the special appdata folder.
Btw I donated $7 aud, this is good work.

Unfortunately, saves from r1 can't be transferred due to changes in the core coding. Saves from r2 and onwards can be transferred. And thank you!


For pregnancies, is it like the old lust doll where you will give birth by walking around, or will you have to go to the nursery to manually give birth? Also is there any difference to the baby depending on who the father is? 


You have to go to the nursery now. No diff for now!

(1 edit)

Thanks! Also, are there any new ark city npcs except Sammy implemented?

Not yet! They'll come.

I can't seem to get pregnant more than 2 times, once by wildcat and once by highwayman... Is that a feature or a bug, or just luck?

Think it's just luck. I'll have pregnancy pills available later that'll up the chances

is there a way to access other place?

Not yet. Next update!

Then the piercing content is not yet completed ?

Not yet!


Ok thx for the info !

suggestion! you should be able to make your avatar a succubus... i mean if you do something with character customization or mabye a blood transfusion you can have your character be a succubus and to use ur magic abilitys you would have to raise your mystic stat!


Succubus tf is one of the most requested ideas! It'll def be a thing!

yay but will we be able to use more of their magic abilities such as magic induced lactation or growing a dick through magic i just think that we should be able to for instance for all we know we were a succubus before waking up in the lab (wait are we machine or actual human if we are genuinly human were we made or were we born then taken in as a subject?) either way can we use their magic only if we are a succubus?

I'll have to decide when we get there, but for sure there'll be some nice perks to succubus tf'ing!

Will there every be cheats or some sort of thing programmed into the game such as Fenoxos TiTs in which you can type something in while anywhere in the game and it says cheat activated?

Hmm nah, the chara creator lets you get all the creds and stats you want anyways. If I do wacky "bighead" cheats, it'll likely be discoverable in-game.


Will version 3.1 be open to non patrons or are you going to keep it exclusive ?


r3.2 is coming out to public in 2-3 days!


okay thank and i just want to say i love your games a thank you for make them.

You're welcome!


Hey just wanted to thank you for this excellent game, the original one you made was one of my favorites (along with TiTS and Nimin) when I heard you were making a remastered version with hyper cocks and furries I almost tore at the seams with excitement. Lately, I've had a few questions on my mind which bugged me enough to, for the first time ever, contact an x-rated game developer. first, are you planning on adding accessories like cock cages, chastity belts, and anal plugs? Second, are you considering including mpreg? (such as letting the slimes in the ruined lab "impregnate" the PC anally) and last, but not least, how far away is megacocks? Sorry for the word wall here, I'm just ecstatic for your project! 

P.S.: Thank you for gracing our meager mortal lives with your art!

Haha, thanks! And yes, there is plans for cock cages, chastity belts, and anal plugs and related. Mpreg, hmm... I doubt it tbh, sorry! Megacocks is brand new content, so depends on me finding somewhere to put it. We'll see!

so um did the update happen yet it been a month 

:D hope you have a nice day

you too!

Soon! 3-4 days~


When do you think you will be completely done with the game??? I want to play it when it has lots and LOTS to offer!

oooh, don't know! There's a lot to port over, and I'm making new content on top of that. Up to you how long you wanna wait to play!

Well darn! Oh well, though, I guess I'll wait a bit longer. Don't want to rush and everything :D

Good luck!


For some reason, when I enter the game it only shows a black screen, help? 

What OS are you playing on?


You'll need a higher spec device unfortunately. It won't run on older models.

Ah... Aww.... 

Oh i forgot something

When i play it for along time it freezes and i can't move or do anything hope you do anything can don't cause that mess and hope you do a auto save so the freeze don't make me play the game for a several times

I play it on Android 7.1.1

And asking about any thing i can do now except that i had ask about it before

Sorry to hear it. I'll see about autosave


(I'm gonna sound a bit ramble-y) So I've been playing Lust Doll since version 16.2, and I just want to say that this game's story and overall theme made it one of my favorite games in high school. This game was one of the things that sort-of broke me out of the closet, since I got to experience a sort of fictional intimacy with other girls. Sort of made me more open to my sexuality. Basically, I love this game and didn't know if I should post this big comment. Also, Indivi you're an awesome game designer, I hope you continue making hella fun games like this!

Wow, I'm actually really glad to hear it! Very happy I could help you out that way~. Be proud of who you are! And thank you, I will!

In which version will you get into the parasite questline?


Probably around r6.


Thanks for the reply, also it would be interesting if the parasites you get from loosing battles would actually grow and spread more over the body providing more armor but also more more debuffs like increasing lust gain so its a more double edge sword version of the end of the parasite story line armor. 

Hmm, maybe! I'll see how it goes

I don't know how or why but i have no idea what im gonna do right now 

except the fight vs the panda what should i do? I have no idea

That's it for now, more coming soon!

What can i do with the fury dust and the wild cat cum?

Nothing just yet!

Hey, Indivi! Out of curiosity, in future builds, will we be able to impregnate other characters, or is that just a protagonist thing?

Yes, NPC's are planned to get preggers too!

does it work for the old lust doll?


k thx


ohh dear. hes gonna cause mass overpopulation! lol

When will the update be available?

the game just updated for patreon backers yesterday, so next month everyone else will get it!

buctche don`t rush them


just released on patreon, with public release coming next month!

i have a idea unless it already in the game can you make it where we can get npcs pregnant like the cat lady i forgot her name or catish gal you get the idea right if not ask me to expain more better

NPC's may get preggers at some point!

hey indivi if the main character is pregnate do they give birth and if so would there be a story line where there child

The main character can get pregnant and give birth, but only babies with important NPC's will have story content.

hey indivi remember when i suggested the dragon race for the game and your main character maybe you should add manticore idk if i spelled it right anyway a manticore for you or the game lov ya keep up da great work

Thanks, we'll see!


hell yeah update hell yeaaaaaa i've been playing this game for awhile now!!!! v excited to replay and see how the update is!!!

also indivi i would die for you

Haha, thanks! And wow XD


just finished playing up to where you are!!! it looks so good so far, how the expressions change on characters, and omg im so excited for the male npcs!!! no rush cause i would wait forever for you, but when do you think the next update will be? <333333


Thanks! And yes, male npc's coming soon~. Next update is tomorrow for backers, and next month for public!

thanks bb <3  if i had money to spare it'd be going to you :)

Thought's appreciated~

also I'm replaying lust doll while I wait, and I was just wondering if the highwayman doesnt have sex with you in this one? Also my fav loss is when you lose to the highwayman for the first time, cause it shows losing your virginity. Will there be more scenes like that in lust doll +?

Nah, virginity scenes were all done by a guest writer. It's not really something I know how to write.


Thank you Indivi for making awesome story rpg games. Especially trying to meet up everyone demand is hard! Kudos for that.

I have one problem with Android version, it doesnt get installed, even after "allowing unknown apk installation" in my settings of my phone (Galaxy Note 8)

How error page looks like:


Thanks! For your error... That could be for any number of reasons. Can you see if there's anything here that helps? https://www.google.com/search?q=%22app+not+installed%22&oq=%22app+not+installed%22&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i65l2j69i59l2j69i61.2527j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

(1 edit)

Hi, I wanted to say you it's my mistake! I had only 100MB available on my note 8, but no warning/error showed up about it. After deleting few games the installation went smooth! Lust Doll Plus looks surprisingly good on my Note 8. Only need to figure out where the save file is stored on Android.

Glad to hear it, and thanks for following up!

Can i ask how to have a happy end in this game'-'

Not yet, but it'll come eventually!

(1 edit)

Hey, I don't appear to be able to save on the Mac version. Do you know why this might be? All it does is give me the same click noise that it makes whenever an option is locked off, like when trying to use Load on an empty file.

I also randomly get this message: 


Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir


I've gone into the Game.app thing and checked out app.nw, but there isn't a "save" file at all.

Thanks, there's apparently problems with the file permissions for mac builds. I'm trying something with the next release which should hopefully fix this.

Got it. Thank you!

hey indivi i am pan sexual so can ya make it where idk you can makes the main character friends the you can sexual with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖) sorry i had to do the lennys anyway back on track like you know a girl can be on girl sences and idk and men on men sences as in we can see the guy or the girl having some sex with our character in there portrait area can we can see the chracter slapping the girl ass in the portait idk i hope you know whatt i mean but anyway love ya i am waiting for next update :3 - Gamer

There'll be changes in certain portraits, mainly for poses and some contact stuff. Most will be mainly text based though.


(hey i know its not about the game but i just was think so i wanted to know the awnser to my questions but you don`t have to answer it)

oi indivi do you consider your commenters as helpful friends 

and another question  do you have help making the games or you do it by ya self


Feedback is very good and helpful! And I work by myself~.

maaaaaayyybbbbe just maaaayyyybeee you can lets us you know help you as in release a version where people can submit there progress of making the game for you and then you can edit but keep some progress if you don`t know what  i am saying sorry 

i guess i am stupid at explalining and i am still waiting for that dragon species for the main character creation >:3 lo0oove you keep up da work 

(1 edit)

i have a problem: the images don't load, and when i open menu say storecl is not defined. I use ubuntu 18.04


I'm told this might work for linux systems: Run 'chmod +x ./nw' and then './nw' instead of './Game'.

Thank you, it worked.

Awesome, thanks for confirming!


is there going to be a discord for your games?


Got a discord here!: https://discord.gg/nKQGYKk

By the way can we got feet play on more charcter? Such as Cassie or Lin Lin, that would be nice.

More feet play can def happen! XD

Bug discovered; when you use lust tonic on the Planet block in the forest, it will has lust effect on it, and when its been defect by lust effect, it will reveal the catboy behind it and approach as a catboy defeat. 

Thanks, will be fixed!


I love your game! 

Thank you!


okay with just a release 1.0 change you got the forest NA slums and even got the pass and most of the shops from the original congratz man you do work fast (can i get a basic schedule for updates like mabye you release your progress once every month or so?)


Thank you! I basically release a new version once a month.


HECK YEAH I NOW HAVE A BASIC IDEA OF WHEN TO CHECK BACK BTW i wanted to ask now that i think about it some of the areas that were in the main city are in NA slums im wondering if this is permanent or if it just get it in so the programing can be copied and pasted to make life easier for instance i think i noticed the massage shop in NA slums that shop honestly makes no sense being down there i mean sure the happy ending special is there but that is normal i was just curious.


also btw is it the same ways as in real life that if our main character gets preggos does the belly get bigger just wanted to know

:3 luv you indivi

Yes, belly will enlarge~. And aw shucks XD


hey indivi i had a idea can you maybe add a sissy route like you know so like the cat girl can dominate you or be submissive<--- idk if i spelled that right but anyway like so characters like the cat girl we have to say thing or idk something where npcs like her can dominate us or be submissive or be the main chara master and ect you get the idea. 



Sissy route could def be a thing~. XD and thank you!

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