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Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

This is a remaster of Lust Doll (downloadable here: https://indivi.itch.io/lustdoll) which I spent three years developing! If you've never played, do check it out! Note: You do NOT have to have played Lust Doll to enjoy Lust Doll Plus.

At the start, you can customize your character's body to your tastes/preferences. Compared to the original, there's now vastly more customizations to choose from, such as height, furry/human body, type of cock (horse/dog), kemonomimi ears and tail, wings, teeth, even the colour of the inside of your mouth (for some reason!) You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body can be changed over the course of the game. You'll also find plenty of interesting, fancy, and/or sexy clothing/toys to wear. One big thing that the original game lacked is the ability to specifically equip things to your genitalia. So, if for example, you want to go through the game with a giant, vibrating dildo up your butt, that'll definitely be a thing you can do.

You'll also be able to control much of the content you see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don't want to see a particular kink, then you can do that. Admittedly, the original game tilted heavily towards female partners and subbe content. This time around, I'll be making things more equal, so that those that enjoy male partners and domme content will have vastly more to experience.

Kinks that can be toggled:
Female Partners
Male Partners
M2F Transformations
Cock Transformations
Mega-sized Cock
Breast Transformations
Mega-sized Breasts
Tickle Torture
Futa Balls
Limb Detachment
Foot Fetish
Genital Piercings

More General Kinks:
Orgasm Denial
Sex Machines
BDSM/ Sex 'Games'/owning your own private dungeon
Public Humiliation/ Exposure
Breast Milking/ Nipple Play
Hypnotism/Mind Control
Orgasm Overload
Parasitic/Living Clothes
Anal/ Spanking
Loving Femdom/Dominant Girls

You have eight stats to manage:

Strength - How strong you are. Influences weapon damage and actions requiring lots of power.

Mystic - How in tune you are with supernatural/ metaphysical elements, and how good you are at resisting them.

Nimble - How good you are at doing intricate actions, such as dancing, picking locks, escaping binds.

Body - How much punishment your body can shake off, your ability to enter poisonous environments, how quickly you fold under torture.

Speech - How good you are at understanding others and convincing them towards your point of view.

Knowledge - How much intellect you have, which can allow you to interpret or figure out something that you've never seen before.

Senses - How good you are at seeing hidden things, such as secret passages, places that you can climb up, traps, hidden people.

Erotic - How sexy you are, and how good you are at dominating others sexually.

Each of these stats grow the more that you use them. They can also be affected by your current states. For example, if you're drunk, your senses and nimbleness might drop significantly, but your speech and erotic might get a nice boost.

I’m running a patreon, if you would like to support me!


Other places you can find my stuff:


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Are you going to finish the Gin storyline

Thanks for developing this. It's been quite the fun journey to play. >^.^<

May I add another request to your presumably long list?
With Mystara's tickle obsessed quest line expanding, would it be possible to add "Heels?" or "Boots?" to the living clothes set?

Perhaps something inspired by the Shankless "Mimic Heels" that someone posted to DeviantArt a while ago. (The same artist did a mechanical version as well)?

Thanks either way!

Day 5 of me waiting for the full version of the game so I can buy all the premium scenes for 35 USD

yo man imma be honest you should one day make a legit game without sex and stuff like you are really good and detailed with writing and could spin up a great story and could make it fun at the same time. im being legit your stuff could blow up

So, I have a few questions and a bug to report;

1. Where exactly do I find Bell when she runs away for the second and third time? I know It's at New Ark and Transylvania, but still can't find her.

2. Where do I find the cowgirl that sells stuff again? I presume that you have to buy everything from her before inviting to the farm.

3. How do I find Fawn in Upper ark? (I already became her subbe.)

Bug: For some reason I can't enter the back of the Devil's drink despite talking to the guy from the slums about it multiple times. (Playing in Android).

I might have more things to ask that i'm forgetting, but for now that's all I think. (The fan made wiki's help is too vague ._.)

(1 edit)


I hope I can help you

1- she can be in three places, New Arc City, Transylvania and in the abandoned city park just before where you release Rinny's tail.

2- there are three locations where you can find her In the devil's drink, the stripper club and the entrance to the slums.

3- Look at the university 

I hope I have been helpful


There is a cowgirl and a hidden bull that you can find in the park of the abandoned city once you do the renovations to the farm.

To find the cowgirl you need a fishing rod and fish in the lake of the park, because according to the words of the cowgirl she is a sea cowgirl.

 And the bull is a prisoner of the fairies, to free it you need a golden apple.

Hi! I was just wondering how you get Cassie to trust you enough to renovate her basement? Thanks :}

You need to free her from Don (the dude from the New Ark's Slums.)

Search for the wiki if you don't know how to do it, there is a guide there (although it's unnecessarily long.)

Ahhh alright I see, thank you :)) 


Okay, um How do you get to upper new ark city, because fawn left and well i want to go or can you not yet i already asked the front desk person at the torture rack and she just says one of the hobos might know but i'm stuck..... 

Help please


Talk to the hobo who gives you information in exchange for food, once he tells you about the passes, you go to the market and buy from the guy who sells garbage who will now sell passes,Then with a pass you go and have a massage with Lin Lin she will see your pass and will take you to the tattoo artist who will improve your pass and voila you can go to UNAC.

Hey Indivi, I'd like to report a bug in the game. So I've already moved in with Fawn in the condo. And decided to do the event where you get arrested by Arlene because of public masturbation. And I did just that and after the event, I decided to sleep in the Condo.  And the next day when I wanted to sleep in the Condo again, I would be arrested before I was able to reach the bedroom. This keeps happening over and over again and it's very annoying. The only way that I found that doesn't trigger this is by reverting back to my last save file and avoiding the public masturbation arrest event.

Thanks, it'll be fixed next release. Meanwhile, you can bypass the trigger by disabling female partners, and then re-enabling them once you're through

Thx. I'm looking forward for the next release

Umm... so the expansion to the "self transformation" is that the breast growth spell or...?

What are you referring to?

(1 edit)

With the shop of horrors in transylvania Is it not finished, or is there something i'm missing?

It's not finished yet, what's there is a tease until Indivi fleshes it out more! No idea when that'll be though, there's a ton of things that still need to be done and everyone wanting X done next! 


⁽ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵃᵈᵈ ᵇᵒᵃᵗˢ⁾


Boats are forbidden!


I haven't played this game sense like last year I'm waiting for it to be finished,  but are you gonna add more story and combat because that's like the best part of the game


Yes, more stories and combat! But not more boats!

are the game over gameplay going to be available to all??

possibly, if indivi decides to release a steam version when the game is done


Yeah, I'm in the process of setting up on steam, and the version you can get there will definitely have the extra scenes

(1 edit)

any ETA for the steam version, if possible?

Not sure, as there's work I need to do on the trailer, amongst other things. Hopefully won't be too long?

whats the difference between this and lust doll?

(1 edit)

lust doll and lust doll + are the same game but lust doll is abandoned but now its lust doll who have more content

Not quite true, Lust Doll+ runs on a newer version of what Lust Doll used. Lust doll+ has had more content than the old one for a while now.


More content, more kinks, new characters, new engine, bigger, better, badder!

Hi Indvi, I'd like to report a bug. I'm stuck at succubus tower and cannot move with my character. I can only go to menu and change clothes and if I use something from inventory (like an apple) the game just freezes. I'm playing on windows and I'm sure it's broken save bcs if I begin a new game, everything is just fine.


Oof, not sure what's happened. I'll look into it

Thx. Also I tried turning off keyboard and gamepad in the game settings and nothing has changed. My character is still stuck. It happened on r23.1 version and on r24.1 it's just the same problem.

Hey indiv, is it safe to update your ggame with the new version? I always uninstall the game then install its new version because the game devs from other games say it because the game will be broken when you do that.

I really want to update it because I don't wanna start from scratch again.

Depends on what device you're playing on!:

- If you're playing on Windows, Mac, or Linux, there's no need to do anything. Save files will transfer automatically!

- If you're playing on android, don't uninstall the game. Just install the new version over top of the existing one. Uninstalling the game will delete your save files.

- If you're playing on browser, don't play in incognito, and don't clear your cache. Or else your save files will be erased when you close it! As well, some browsers have security settings that prevent the game from saving. Chrome for example doesn't work for some, but Firefox does.

how do I trigger fawns leaving quest line and get cassie to the milk farm

Need to finish Cassie's route for both!

The fall of Don or the asking her about slavery I am playing on linux and it says the ask about being capture quest is not finished yet or does that mean I need to do something else first?

Nope, you're done with her route for now! Next, talk to Arlene, ask a certain question, then talk to Fawn. For milk farm, need to have renovated it, plus have found 6+ cowgirls

oh okay thank

Ok. How do you remove the parasite infection without beating Mistrya? I can't beat her, and I'm stuck in this loop of just game over-ing to the parasites over and over and over. 

The Science Lab building in New Ark can remove them for you. :) 

(1 edit)

okay so the bitch part of it is to escape the base then go to the new ark labs you will need to talk with a scientist ( think her name is molly but nor sure) to have then removed but like I said it is kinda a pain if you have low nimble it is best to run from fights if you can otherwise you will have to start over

This MAY be on my end, but I was checking out the deserted base and when I went down a flight of stairs, it kept going up and down the stairs in a loop, until I moved it once to stop it. Anyone else notice this glitch?

Some part of me wants to see a Mistyra and Arlene scene just to see who's more out there! I know that such a scene is highly unlikely but think it'd be fun to see those two each trying to prove who's more psycho! 

I have futa stuff disabled, but a couple of times something happened that caused a fully-female LD to grow a cock. Is that classified as a trap then? Once was Lin Lin for revenge after I beat her in ero attacks, and once was losing to Mistyra and she did something to cause a cock to grow before putting a meat parasite on it. Just curious what happened, and how you differ futa from trap. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see about finishing Fawn's route so I can get a cheese thing for the Milk Farm and throw cheese slices at random people!

First I've heard of it! One of your keys might've just gotten stuck I think. Events generally don't trigger unless you actually move onto them using the game's controls.

Would certainly be interesting to see Mistyra and Arlene meet. Most likely they'd just double-team the player though XD.

Growing a cock is controlled by cock transformations I think. I can investigate it later, but if I recall, futa settings don't affect the player because I've separated gender from body configuration, so you can be considered male with a female body, and vice versa. Futa settings do affect NPCs though.

Be sure to practice responsible cheese throwing!

Suspect there was a key that got a bit stuck (that's happened before) and caused the glitch.

Think I had cock transformations still active, so that might've been it. Was just surprised to see a female LD with a cock, reset it to before that happened, and said "just won't try that one again!" I like that you have so many kinks and fetishes that you can add or subtract to fit what the player is comfortable with :) 

haha, yeah there's a lot of kinks, so some of them do end up overlapping or interacting in unexpected ways. Usually though, it's pretty good about not showing you stuff you have turned off!

Hey Indivi, are we gonna, or do we have, more than just the shibari domme scene for Fawn? I think she's an adorable cinnamon roll of a character, but I wanna pay her back in kind what she did to us for her route...

Also, if you haven't already considered it, I would love the availability for a harem ending

Working on getting Fawn to private dungeon!

Harem end, haha we'll see! Need to get to the normal endings first I think!


Trap is a derogatory term based on the idea that transgender women try to trick people into having sex with them. Would you be willing to remove that word from the presets?

(And before anyone comes at me saying "it just means a crossdressing guy," please remember what transphobes see trans women as.)

(2 edits) (+13)

Nope, sorry. There's lots of people that embrace the term/idea as a kink, so that's why it's there. If it helps, I don't intend to write traps in a negative light.

Edit: to further clarify, that kink in this game specifically refers to a male that the player expects to be female, then eventually finds out is not. I fully expect anyone offended by such content to just disable the kink, in which case it will not appear in the game at all for you.

Also understand this game doesn't intend to make bold statements on any such controversial issues. It's just a fantasy for fans of the idea to enjoy, while giving others the option to not see that stuff if they don't want to.


another person trying to be "correct" indivi can add what they want to their game

So I've run into a unique issue and I'm unsure if this has been encountered before. I did the Serial Pervert side thing after moving in with Fawn into the big condo and every time I try to go into the bed area I'm taken to the interrogation room.

Sorry, it's a bug. I'll have it fixed for next release

I'm getting the same issue. Guess we can't do anything with that event for a month.

Question. Can you continue playing after you get a bad end, for example with Mistrya? If I support the patreon(Will do soon~), does the game continue?

(1 edit)

AFAIK, yes, the game can continue when you get a bad end (it is locked behind donating to patreon, tho)

Yep, the version on Patreon has those scenes unlocked! Thanks so much for supporting!

Sorry to ask another question, indivi. If I support the patreon(10$), will the scenes be there permanently or do I have to resubscribe? Also, love your game~!

How it works is, I post a backer version of the game on Patreon for you to download that has all the scenes unlocked. You keep that version regardless of if you stay subscribed or not! But obviously, it won't have access to backer scenes that I make in the future, in which case you would be expected to support again if you want to see those scenes!

Regardless, thanks for supporting, and glad you're enjoying it!

I'm playing at the android platform that I have noticed this bothersome bug or issue after the belle in the succubus tower update: the screen keeps flickering where the map jumps around to a corner repeatedly when the game starts and it's hard to play. Not sure why it's doing that. 

Which version are you playing? There was a bug with it in previous versions, that should be fixed in the latest

R23.1 is where the graphical glitch started. Im not so sure why its causing that. Thought it would fix after this current patch but the problem still persists.

Unfortunately, it might just have something to do with your device. Try updating all your drivers, resetting, making sure nothing is running in the background when you play. Otherwise, there's not really all that much I can do about it, sorry.

Please help me!! my save files have all disappeared and idk what to do!

What OS are you playing on?

what does OS mean, im sorry if i sound stupid!

Are you on android? Windows? Mac?


Hey indivi, preggers more like poggers!

poggers is fun to say XD


Was surprised to see Rinny by the entrance to New Ark, giving me 3 Lust tonics and then saying "It's a secret to everyone!" Either these are super-powered lust tonics because I really can't imagine the succubi would care if Rinny had some, or Rinny has some nefarious plan in mind! Also wondering if you played the original Legend of Zelda because of that line... 


Nah, they're just normal ones. As for how she got them though, I wonder?

And, it's a classic XD


Rinny's showed up a few  times, with similar items. Clearly, she's raiding a sex shop (haven't seen cum extract before this!) and giving me things she thinks LD will need for one reason or another! :P I say raiding because she seems quite interested in getting rid of it!

Haha, who knows with her XD

who is Alissa and where can i find them

first build the dungon then hunt for a female bandit in the abandoned town defeat her and capture

where and how do i build the first the dungon

There's a hardware store in New Ark that'll renovate the basement for you, but it costs $10,000. They will renovate the Milk Farm too, once that's unlocked. $10,000 seems like a lot but between waiting tables at Roxie's Diner and doing stripshows at the Gentlemen's Club it shouldn't take all that long. :)  

it said it might be nice to get cassie's safehouse rennovated, but then again. . . she doesnt seem to want anyone knowing about it.

Have you rescued Cassie from the Don yet? If you haven't, you won't be able to get Alissa yet (since Cassie won't view you as "friend" until you rescue her) and she won't open up to things like "fun times in the basement" yet either. Remember that Cassie is initially pretty suspicious of you and even though she's allowed you into the safe house, she's still in "survival mode", so rescue Cassie from the Don! Cassie still won't be completely comfortable, but she will be more open to things.

How do you clean the science tower of meat?

(Weirdest sentence ever)

Never mind figured it out


Haha, won't be able to do too much with it just yet, but we'll go up there before long!

Hoping so, I loved the way it worked out in LD! 


Glitch where i couldn't order the house brew even though i got the info and Had the quest for it

Thanks, I'll fix it!

Lovely game!

Thank you!

Please tell me there's a way to get cassie to go back to the milk farm, when she said that she was to small I answered that it didn't matter. So anyway to get the scene again?

i don't know, however you might not be able to get her to try it if that's what you want, i said that they were cute and she still said she'd probably be to embarressed. might be a special item or event you need first.

The choice actually doesn't matter. We'll be attempting to milk her through other means~

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok, I really thought I fucked up big time so that's awesome to here😅

What is this thick body thing that I keep finding when I go back  through the dev logs

There's a special game that the Queen of the Faeries will let you play if you find her hideout in the Forest Park. If you win you get gifted with THICCC body, if you so desire it

Will there be more stuff for the private dungeon in the next update? Because I would really like to have more options for it

I'm working on it! Fawn's planned next for getting in

Hey, ran into a bit of a bug. I did the Arlene sidequest where she hauls you in to interrogate you for using the New Ark toilets in a less than appropriate way. I did this after I got the double condo with Fawn. But now, whenever I go back to the condo and try to go into the bedroom, it triggers the Arlene event all over again. To make matters worse, Fawn is currently sleeping in the bedroom, so I've lost all Fawn content. Sleeping in another location to pass the day didn't fix it.

Otherwise, just wanted to say the game is great and it's been a blast to play!

Thanks, I'll fix it! In the meantime, if you disable female content, you can get through (and reenable afterwards)

And glad to hear it!


Hi! I just replayed the original Lust Doll and got reminded of how freaking cool the original Don was - are you planning on including him as a different named character in LD+? And if you weren't, do you think you would ever reconsider? I love him very much, and hope he, the faceless incubus and the faceless cowgirl & bull can one day graduate to named cast like Gin,  Alyssa and Marin <3 

Also, can I just say Gin is the cutest and every interaction with him is a blessing thank you-


Yes, he's planned to make a reappearance! And not to worry, definitely gonna have more male NPCs before long!

And yes, Gin is just too tease-able XD

Excellent work indivi, Thanks for such a good game I hope you keep giving your best effort.


Thanks, happy to hear it! And I definitely will!

Quick question for ya! Maybe it's always been there and I just haven't noticed because I prefer having Rinny around, but when I went to sleep in the Succubus Tower alone, a pair of incubi decided to have a little fun. This doesn't seem to happen if Rinny is with LD (which is why I never saw it before), was this a new thing, or has it always been present and because I love Rinny as a companion I just never saw it before?

Also, did you rebalance Edith a little, or is it just because Resilience was at 10 and Strength at 12 that it was pretty easy? Strength at 10 (don't remember Resilience) was pretty tough...

Yes, since I can remember it has been a feature

Haha, yeah, Rinny protects you while she's with you XD. That's been in since the start!

And nope, haven't done anything to change the Edith fight!

You mean I've been devoid of special encounters just because I love Rinny-as-companion? The HORRORS!! (Still like her, just wish there'd be something in place where LD and Rinny have a little fun with the two incubi...)

Guessing that my resilience must have been rather low the first time I fought Edith then, at 10 she wasn't too tough. 

I do LOVE that you treat holding hands like it's some secret fetish, and most people aren't sure what to make of it! :) Sammy's is especially funny because it's at her work!

Haha, certain things change depending on whether she's with you or not! Hmm, sounds like it could be a fun scene, I'll see about it!

And yeah XD, it's a fun little secret thing~.

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