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Im on mac and it said the file cant be opened, so I tried the "chmod a+x" thing on the nwjs file in the MacOS folder. When I opened it, the nwjs just crashed.

is there anything else I can try?

I'm unfortunately not sure. Anything known about getting the game to work on Mac OS is detailed in the !zMAC USERS PLEASE READ.txt file, so if it's not in there, there's not much else I can offer


I just thought of idea of what if a water gun was added to the game and I think when a little too deep with this but if anyone reads this feel free to added on to it.
Water: Zero damage but make people wet and lowers there defend a little.
Bug Vemon: Zero damage but slowly poison enemies' overtime with each shoot.
Cum: Deals big lust damage but does zero damage when use against Meat Parasites and Succubus which just heals them.
Temple Bath Water: Strong against Meat Parasites and Ghosts, Cause be use in some puzzles around the world, but you need to pay the Kitsune every time you need to refill.
Meat Parasite Juice: Slowly drain health and increases lust but you have to fight Meat Parasites for it.
Fairy Dust Water: Deals damage equal to the character Mys stat, can sometime make the enemies distracted.
Breast Milk: Deals lust damage and can be used for you private events with some characters.
Soup?: All do zero damage.

This is actually really interesting, and how effective the weapon is can be determined from senses, because you need to be able to see what your shooting. It'd add an interesting third way of attacking, and with different ways to use it. It might be a little difficult to code, but sounds interesting.


I just mostly though about it because I want more weapons and some funny gag weapons.

I do agree, it'd be interesting and fun to use, but as someone who's going into game development, it would be a lot of systems to implement. Plus since most attacks are melee range, does that mean you'd do damage, and they hit you back? It's a lot of things to implement, but I do agree it sounds fun, and could be an interesting weapon to use.


Hmm, could be interesting. I'll see. And soup should do delicious damage imo XD.

I don't though of that lol

I've encountered an issue.

Spoilers for late game stuff

I need to talk to Cassie about alissas addiction, however Cassie is currently in the desert, and I can't talk about it there. So i am sorta softlocked, unable to progress cassies quest.

Indivi said u wouldn't be able to access her quests when he added that quest line

You'll unfortunately need to wait for me to progress her route before she can return to the safe house

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In a future update will you be able to be with your child/children and take them home 


Yes marriage and settling down is planned.

yippee also thanks kind Stranger 

how do i get past into the upper layers of new ark?


Well first you need some food, second go by the Don's home, facing it behind you is the Beggar Slum, upon entering left of the screen are two people, one will ask for food, give a few until they mention a snippet about Fake Passes/Tickets, to the Slums market, is a junk vendor, should have new items for sale then.

After all that go get a nice massage to recuperate from all that Labor, from Lin-Lin, no doubt.

Also if your nimble is high enough, you can make a better pass without spending 500 per pass, you need a pen first of all to tinker with the pass.

I'm pretty sure you need to already have at least one high quality pass on hand to use as reference before you can use a pen to fix low quality passes.

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I'm encountering the same error I was a while ago.

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js.

I found the old comment, followed the steps, removed the nwjs folder, and web-journal and other, and I still get a black screen when trying to enter. What am I doing wrong?

Like is there a way to update it?

Edit: I have other indie games that also use NW.js, and give the same error, but still work no issues.

Just being real with you - it should be a total non-issue. I get the error all the time and it's never affected gameplay for me. I just close the box and ignore it. 

I get stuck on a black screen.

It might be for a different reason. IDK. I'm just saying that such an error doesn't affect my own gameplay.


I'm afraid I don't know. Maybe try re-downloading?

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One thing I've noticed, and I'm not sure if this is related, but whenever I play LD+, the icon it shows is from whatever the last game that used the NW software is. I'm not sure if it thinks it's opening up that game, and doesn't know LD+ exists, or if you haven't developed an icon to overwrite it or not.

Edit: Re-downloading it worked, I think?


Only the mobile version has a unique icon at the moment. I probably won't do one for other platforms until a 'full version' release.

And glad to hear!

Heya! (late game spoilers ahead)  i haven't been paying much atention to the updates lately as i lost my save, i was wondering if it was possible to go through the entire desert questline/story without having sex with the slavers? last time i played it was barely implemented and you were able to fight them intead of having sex with them thankfully and i was wondering if i would be able to keep it that way, maybe even bring down the slave market?  anyways much love and i hope you are doing well Indivi!

No, not really. You have to work at the brothel and have sex with a slaver, then copy his tattoo exactly. Then you can enter their hideout

oooh gotcha, thanks for the tip! that's actually pretty clever, more clever than most puzzles in videogames nowadays lol


This is one way, but there's other ways to get through that don't require having sex with them!


You can definitely get through without having sex with them!

I don't really know what to do right now.

First, I can't get the flesh parasites off of me (from the military base). Second, I have no clue how to save Cassie from the Don (I have no prior saves without either of these two problems).

I can figure the second one out, but are the flesh parasites permanent or is there a way to get them off?

iirc i think you have t go to the scietist's tower in New Ark, for cassie it's kind of complicated and involves a lot of other characters but hte end result is really worth it. there's a wiki that helped me figure it out you can just look for in on google. hope this helped!

for cassie my best suggestion is to go and buy a apartment and sleep in it then talk to your neighbour, keep her close she is way more important than you realize.


Hope to join the Chinese translation


Translations aren't really feasible right now unfortunately, since the game is still being developed.



I noticed that most of the dates with characters end with some line saying "lets do this again sometime" and I have to ask, are there any plans to add more dates to the characters, or like a way to just repeat a generic date event?


Hmm, potentially. Although, I'd probably more likely concentrate on finishing their second routes, so that you can marry and settle down with them.


That makes sense, thank you for responding

is there a way to get infected permanently?

Which infection.

Mushroom: Yes.

Meat Parasite: Later on, this will also Add hyper body parts.

so meat parasite infection isnt added yet? also i had no clue there was a mushroom infection, where can i get that?

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Deep in the forest.

You need a fully refurbished Milk-Farm to enter.

If you are there just grab mushroom and keep it for no particular reason whatsoever.

oh ok, thanks

I kind of wish the infections can give the player some benefices like making them stronger or giving them special skills.


this game is so freaking good. i played it like a year ago and came back to it recently and forgot how fun it was. crying


Glad to hear, and welcome back!

What should I do to advance Alisse's quest?
The logbook says: Hang out with Cassie and Alissa


Be intimate with Cassie on the bed, in the shower, and make her change her clothes by having her change outfits repeatedly. Wait a day or two and talk to Cassie

How to bring Nymph into a date he keeps saying he's not ready

Good Soup.

Sleep in the Tribe and wait for him to go leave, find him and help him with the Boar.

For some reason I can't get the latest version to run for me some reason

What happens when you try?

When I try to load the game, it just opens up the Microsoft store like I am missing an app to run the game. It's weird because I got the last to version to run without it. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong?

I use windows and I had this problem with another game and it turned out I didn't fully extract the file and it got cancelled. Try to extract the files again or redownload completely then extract. Hope this helps


I'm aware that this game is trying to balance male and female content based on the description. However, I noticed that most of the comments seem to be mentioning female characters. Can someone be fully honest about their thoughts on the game's balance with male and female characters? I just want to know before I download since I only want guys.


Well, you can have some man on man intimacy on some characters. Its not by a lot but some encounters does that, unless the cock growth spell sorta helps tho if that's your kind of thing. 


Heavily imbalanced. Merely playing as a woman has turned me into one!


The content update is based on what patrons vote for. I prefer m x m and I do want more content for that, but this is the way it has to be for indivi to support their game financially and put out consistent updates.


As mentioned, there will likely always be majority females, although I'm definitely working on more male characters (the last few updates have actually focused mainly on one of the male partners)


Anyone knows if there is or if there will be pee content in the game? I am enjoying the various kinks, so i wanted to know.

It's unlikely unfortunately.

it's ok, I'm loving the game. Thanks for replying!!


I had a silly idea, when you get dommed by Fawn you should add a silly little easter egg if you choose your safeword to be "flora" because of the Fauna and Flora stuff right

I don't know, that might be a bit of a stretch XD


tbh i hope that there's more lewd clothing added in a future update.. (i am a freak yes)

Lewd clothing is great! There will certainly be more

Hello! I wanted to express my sincere positive feelings which I gained while playing this game, it's absolutely good and I enjoyed playing it a lot! I also wanted to report one bug which might be dismissable since I only encountered it once and to ask one question.

Speaking of the bug, one my new playthrough at version r56.1 I encountered a problem where, after saying "yes" to Rinny's offer to fly over, the game became unrensponsive and nothing happened afterwards. I had to load the safe on previous version of the game to fly over and it worked for me. I guess I did something prior it to trigger such bug, because when I did a quick speedrun to this scene with new game the bug wasnt there, so I guess it was kind of random bug which may occur with a slim chance? 

And as for the question, I really wanted to know, will there be a continuation to Newt's story after buying her? Like, maybe keeping her somewhere and doing things with her, since she has a real design like important, interactive characters? When I discovered that you need to pay 100k to proceed I farmed quite a lot at various workplaces and it was kinda sad that there is nothing after as of this moment. (Still I'm glad that this so called king didint get her to his pleasure and I hope at least she's safe)

Sorry for such a long comment. Thank you so much for developing this awesome game for all those years! Keep up the good work! 

The focus is spread to different Characters at a time.

Might be a while till we get an update on Newt.

Thanks for saying so! I'm happy you're enjoying it. The bug you mention may just be a memory issue. Unfortunately not too much I can do about it, but thanks for reporting it!

There will absolutely be a continuation to Newt later on! Lots of people have told me they're excited to see what she's all about haha.

No problem, and you're welcome! Will keep doing what I can!

I can't seem to gain more trust with Nymph. I watched him hunt the boar and helped him carry it back, now it just says I shouldn't bother him while he's hunting when I interact with him outside of the village. Did I choose wrong?

Do it again or give him some very good fish soup... It will be worth it, he is packing something yuge in that sheath.


Will there be any more content involving Nymosa I hope type her name right 


Yes, she's got post route stuff planned, including a date!


Could you add the function… (If it’s very complicated, obviously not), custom music? I mean, you even leave a .txt that tells us that, if we leave an mp3 file or whatever works in RPGMaker, in a specific folder, it will play in the background, but it doesn’t have to be one for each area, but one general for the entire game, and if we want we can deactivate it, if we want to change it we must close the game, change it and reopen it, like a kind of beta

Probably not, unfortunately. Something like that you can just run in the background I think.

good point

Did I soft lock my Fawn route cuz I stayed silent? Is there a way around it? 


If Fawn isn't at the bdsm club or in her apartment then she is in upper new ark (give the hobo at the slum-sleeping place some times food until he will reveal how to get there with fake passes), hope this helps!

Don't forget after getting a pass to have a nice relaxing massage.

If you mean finding out she was into BDSM.

It's fine just visit her at her Room again to talk to her about it.

I think I failed the speech test when I wanted her to rough me up until Arlene gave me the idea. Did all the bdsm tasks and wondered where is the "harder" option,

Come back to her in her room to Discuss Harsher Play.

Then after that return to the Rack.

Derp, got it, TY!

I don't know if this is an oversight or what, but my female character was walking around New Ark Slums naked from the waist up, and no one seemed to care. "Hey, there's this hot babe showing off her great rack and lactating....just another day in the slums!" Is the indecent tag used just for named NPCs like Fawn? Fawn will react if you aren't dressed properly, but pretty much everyone in the slums didn't bat an eye when my character was indecent. 

That's probably the norm around there, it is a porn game

Nobody cares in the slums or LNA, being topless only matters in UNA


Yeah, only named NPCs will react. Anywhere that's not UNA, it might be a little weird, but it isn't socially unacceptable to be nude/exposed.

As well, I try to make non-named NPC dialogue at least entertaining, and there's only so many ways I can write 'Hey, nice rack!' if they all were to have dialogue for the player looking indecent.


"Hey, nice rack!"

"Nice tits!"

"Check out the bazongas on that one!"


"If I may be so bold, I'd like to say I find your mammary glands to be aesthetically pleasing"

"Boobs! Neat!"

Yeah, you're right, it's harder than it seems ^.^'


Boobs! neat! is my favorite one personall


Yep, pretty much this XD


Damn. I knew I shouldn't have touched the slavers quest yet, now I won't be able to throw cheese slices at Cassie for a long while


Be sure to follow the Map given to you.

That or be lost for a solid hour.


I'll try to get her quest done as soon as I can!

Where can I for me the Lipstick Kit or Lolita Cat Head for the Kitsune and Nekos?

I buy the cat hat in the ark mall (bottom left store) and I think there are some items you can get so you dont need to go back to buy stuff again.

They trade you an item another person needs.

So if you can't find the item in New-Ark you may already have it just sitting in your Inventory.

the infected abomination is an absolute nightmare, how high should my stats be to actually stand a chance at beating it?


i think i was 14 strength armed with 2 katars and rng still screwed me over and lost.

20 you will rarely ever lose.


thank you! i managed to beat it with roughly lv 15 stats, two katars and fawn making me a nice breakfast though.


Will there be any options to give the furry characters paw pads (cuteness enhancing paw beans)?

How Paw pad do you mean?

You can kinda replicate the general shape in game.

(2 edits)

Basically the anthro/furry characters lack paw beans. For example, the paw beans vastly increases the cuteness of the character.

With that in mind, imagine if a character like Gin had cute feet paw beans.

Hmm, I'll see. It'll be a bit of work to do that for everyone's furry forms.

Damn it Nymph! I wanna see whats in that horn! Looks like i have to wait this one out.

Haha, won't be too long now!

When Cassie route continuation? Cuz I've completed last quest with her and can't move on because next quest isn't out yet

The others are being fleshed out as well.

It's being worked on! That's all I can say

Just genuinely curious but will you also make a Remake of your other game Rainy Skies once finished with Lust Dolls+?

I'd like to, but probably won't without some sort of plan I think!

i know its a long shot but is it possible to eventually add the fusion/merging/absorption kinks?

I might do it for a one-shot event maybe. Not sure it would be a regular thing in the game

Hello, how can I change the gender in an already created game, not how I identify myself, but physically, I went to the scientific tower, gave the parasite and took part in the experiment for 500 credits, and now, since the tower is infected, I can’t change the gender back (Google translatort)


The town you start in has a forest. The key is in Cassie's house.
Save the succubus there. She will tell you the way to Transylvania.

(I tried to keep it simple for Google Translate.)

Thank you

You can talk to Rinny after certain events to learn the cock growth and breast growth skills as well

If you already have breasts Rinny won't tell you how to change the size sometimes :/

how do you progress in transylvania? i can get there, and walk around a bit, but the way to the graveyard is locked, and all the doors and npc's are either locked or not useful to get forward.

I did everything there is to do now, can't wait for another update, Took me about 11.5 hours in total.

Congrats! More coming soon!

I need a little tip on how to take Alissa and Cassie out to play.thanks

(1 edit) (+1)

That's a very long (in real time) quest with many places to trip up.

You'll have to tell what you already did.

Or look it up on the wiki.

Either way, expect to sleep. A lot. Like a looooooooot.


Hypno Addiction

Catch her.

Inform Cassie.

Seems short but in reality it took me 2 hours.

Thank you for your reply. I will take a look at the wiki. My current progress, Emm..., is there probably no progress at all? Cassie's answer has been stuck in Alissa's somewhat meddling stage. Currently, I only need to do this one branch, and I have completed everything else, such as prophecies and logs

Oh, by the way, there's another small question. What is Cheesy Weird Fish for? I haven't figured out what it does yet.thanks


It's a gag item. And you're stuck with it forever. lol

Not a bad joke, but in the case of the protagonist's unlimited backpack, a pet Cheesy Weird Fish that occupies space may not be a bad thing. I hope to have some interaction in the future, just like Weird Fish eating worms

By the way, thank you for your suggestion. I finally figured out which step I missed. I didn't keep Cassie changing clothes(◡ ω ◡)


Can we get more player character customization options in future updates? Like the player can become a slime girl and/or boy, become a flesh parasite user, maybe a werewolf or vampire like options. 

There's certain transformations in the works indeed!

I can't wait to see

(1 edit)

Encountering a load error consistently on the new build
Is one of the player appearances causing issues with the save file?

Yes. Version r37.1 deprecated several character images as the standing artwork got updated.

On the Discord, you can find an archive of old game versions. If you download 37.1, load your character, and save, you should then be able to load it in the latest game version.

Man it would be nice to be able to buy a leotard/swimsuit to put under clothes, think of the possibilities.


I can see about it!


You think you can do elf, santa, and reindeer outfits? Sexy and normal versions

Hmm, potentially...



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