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i wandered around the wiki and saw that there's a possible public vibe scene with fawn regarding the diner, but cannot for the life of me understand how to get it to show up or work. i've worked at the diner plenty of times, bought both uniforms, hung out with fawn continuously, did multiple sessions, but it still doesn't show up as an option? am i missing something?

(specifically not the rope one as what i'm talking about is listed as a session choice)


You need to Speak to her about Shibari Play, you can get Rope afterwards with Fawn.

Is the wiki wrong about the other one existing then?

Do you Mean the Scene where Fawn Climaxes in the Diner?

Oh my god it makes much more sense now. The wiki listed it so vaguely I thought it was with us as a sub.

hi im back again and i need help with gin idk what to do and im kinda stuck

Anywhere in the forest, encounter a cat boy (Senses check) and do lewd things to him until he gives up.
Then you can talk to him at the entrance to the forest once per day.

For Advanced Train with him till you get a New Choice.

Hi just a curious question? Has anyone been able to use the sex dungeon at all? If so, how do I bring people in there? I have the pillory stocks, ankle stocks, and the sex toys from the lab. But How do I actually invite people to it?

You need to be Quite Close with someone you wish to Invite, just talk to them and Invite to Dungeon. 

The 𝓱𝓸𝓵𝓭 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓼

You need to complete NPC routes. You can tell what you've done so because you'll be able to ask them on a date

how do i gain cassie's trust

By saving her from a bad situation you accidentally put her in yourself. Oops.

Start by visiting the toll thug between New Ark underground and the slums, and giving him a hard time.

does that mean i half to restart

Nah. The quest sequences are nearly impossible to break.

If you happen to find a way, totally report that as a bug. heh

Don't forget to Mention Arlene, the Sadistic Cop. 

You need her to be on Your side.

how do i get on arlene on my side

when will you add in the desert and the experimentation from the first game? just a question...

Desert is planned for release 50! What experimentation are you talking about?

Oh, thanks for the information!! And the one where you get random characteristics but at the price of heath.

ahh hmmm I'll see!

Thank you!

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Question: could you make the tattoo guy repair Bad Counterfeit like 1-99 = 500-49.5k to Quality Counterfeit

It would be helpful to make multiple Bad Counterfeit into Quality Counterfeit without go back to tattoo shop again

Don't use your last good pass and you can fix the bad ones yourself. Combine one with an ink pen at any table. It's a whole lot cheaper, but carries a risk of failure, unless you have a Nimble stat that's 27+

oh thanks for the info

q spoiler to come in the next update?

So I hoped on the bandwagon a wile ago like v35.1 and I wanted to know if I could use the saves I have if I get the newest ver.

[I'm an android user btw]

It will be time consuming and you'll need root access, so you can copy files over from the old version, otherwise it won't load at all.
Even then, the save will be quite bugged, so you'll need to start over with a New Game Plus anyway.
A whole lot of hassle just to keep your items and skills, which aren't that difficult to get back.

Would be much faster to simply make the character again and set your stats manually to what they were before.

its been a bit sence I made that character how do I set the stat bars? Thx for the help btw

When Playing a New+ or a Normal New Game there is a Status Edit at the very start, you will lose progress but you don't need to bother with your Old save.

thanks for the help both of you

As mentioned, it's likely going to be too outdated to use. If you can load it though, starting a new game plus should set everything up right

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Is there anything more to the worm than just feeding it apples? I mean obviously  you can lewd it, but does giving it apples actually do anything? I also wanted to know if there is/will be more to do with kitty

I'm sure they'll be more to kitty in the future updates, and for the giant worm, I believe that's about it, feed it an apple, lewd it, or fight it. If this information is wrong, please correct me and enjoy your travels TheGildedRoyalty.

Giving the worm an apple just gives you a few turns where it eats and ignores you.

Nothing particularly special with the worm yet. And yes, more planned for Kitty for sure!

how do I get further in the forest 

To get further in the forest, you have  to talk to the fairy queen about the giant plant blocking the way( encounter it first and escape, go to fairy queen and talk). She will tell you about the situation with the giant plants and send a fairy out to show you how to get through them. (Bonus: if you do the action of naturalizing the giant plants multiple times and talk to the fairy who helped, you get some new dialog). I hope this helps you and your journey Linglogg, and please ask if you have any other questions.

i have the farm rentivated but the cheese maker is not there where can i get it

You can get it by going to the mall at the Upper Ark City, however it is rather pricey, about 10000 credits I believe. If you don't know how to get there, talk to the hobo and give them something to eat. Once you do, they give you a random piece of info you can use. Do this until you get info about a pass to the UAC. However, they are cheaply made and so it has a higher chance of you not getting in. If you want a better chance, buy a random bad quality one and get a massage from Lin. She should show you what to do. Hope this helps Jack sparrow0875.

hey indivi, i have a few questions regarding gameplay mechanics:

1. how do i get the pregnant status effect?

2. how do i get access to back of the torture rack? im just really stuck on that point where you talk to fawn in her apartment about becoming her sub, cuz it won't give me the option to ask that.

next are some requests for the game i want to hopefully see next update:

1. excalibur, does 150 damage. but to pull it from the stone you need strength 102 which only happens if you have a positive status buff, to make it balanced.

2. magic teleportation tool that allows you to teleport to the following locations: abandoned town, new ark city, deserted base, milk farm, and transylvania. but only usable if you have Mys. level 99 to make it balanced.

i can answer the first for you. to get pregnant you'll have to use an infertility pill on yourself and then have fun with anyone who has a penis or can grow one. within a few days, it should take effect. (Rinny is the goto for me btw)

love you indivi notice me

lol noticed XD


Do you have enough Bits? 

And you might have forgotten to turn on a required Shrine for BDSM.

Torture Rack membership takes 4 things.
- Talk to Fawn enough times that she leaves you in her apartment.
- Snoop around the place and find her card (taking it is optional), or leave and instead see her enter the Rack.
- Have 1,200 credits.
- Make sure female partners shrine is turned on.

haha if I added Excalibur, it would likely only be named after it

There is issues with being able to teleport where you want, because the game requires you to walk through the entrances of most places for things to be set correctly

where do i find my save file?


LukeGrim21 days ago

(if you're on windows, don't know bout anythin else) your save data is not located in the game folder, but instead in C:\Users\whatever your user id is \AppData\Local\User Data\Default\Lust Doll Plus

how to get job at the rock if all it ask if you .Care for a drink?

ask the person in The Rock

Go Behind the Counter to Talk to him, not in front of the Counter.

Deleted 1 year ago


For now.

how do i do the fulfill your dream wish but in need all steps on how to do it

Get the Dream. 

Go to Rinny the Succubus in the Succubus Tower. 

Tell her No till you get her list of What You Want to do. 

Or Tell her no till you Stumble on the (????) Choice.

how do i get the dream


how do i do the tower lab parasite infestation im confused as hell. and i need to know where and how to get cheese and i need to know where the thing that makes cheese so i can get cheese

Upper New Ark Mall, only after you have Renovated the Milk Farm, it will not Renovate without Bell in the Farm.


Go talk to Mistyra!

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Can you add Console commands if there are none already?


That's more complicated than you might expect!

How do I get a job at the rock.

Go Behind the Bar and talk to the Bartender.

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How to train Gin because i'll can't complete the quest

Also gin just keep stare my feet


Mostly just keep doing activities with him until a new option shows up!

And... He's interested XD

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Thanks it show (Progress Training)

And done my quest

Okay I give up how do I train Gin more? 

All I'm getting is Feet, Butt, and Hold Hands.


You need to get the Dream first.


Rinny, Say No to her till you get the (????) Choice aka the Biggest Sin.


You need to train him about five times before the option to progress appears!

I Just missed it I kept pressing Train I forgot to look.


pls, more guys to fuck, two is too small of a number

Have you met the Professor?

(1 edit) (+1)

yes, that's why I said 2, the only two male characters are Gin and Cless

No there is Another, a Femboy with Violent Taste! 

Work at "The Rock" For a while, you know find a Date look up some people.


I'm not really into femboys, unless he's able to fuck me. instead of me having to fuck him.



Working on it!



how the hell do I make cheese

in the mall in una second or third way up there is the refinery you can buy then being sent to the milk farm there you make the cheese taking a few rests

which mall and what is una and tell me the name if the mall and is the mall in new ark city

i got to more things to say: how do i do the lab tower parasite infestation. and how do i gain cassie's  trust. and how do i do the find someone to fulfill your dream wish.

Dream Wish is Rinny

How do people get mana?


Make her teach you the First Skill, Drain Kiss, after that you gain Mana.

Well i'll tried ask her to teach me magic but doesn't work

You first need to talk to some succubi in the library of the tower. They'll tell you about the greatest risk of magic. Afterwards you should be able to get her to teach you.

Okay thanks for the info.

The First Succubi to your Left in the Library.


is the foot fetish content there because it's your fetish, or because you're catering to people who have that fetish

also how tf do you pronounce gin's name

He Tries to Cater to different People...



I think it Gin. not Gin

Haha, why do you ask?

And just like the drink!

hey, im having trouble starting the conversion with the fairy queen that allows me deeper into the forest past the plant thing. Any thoughts?


Play her game. Bring cheese.

hey indivi, have you added decorational scars as tattoos yet?

Not yet, you'll probably have to wait a while, since there's a lot of other suggestions before it

when will you add them then? next update?

Is there a guide anywhere cuz I'm completely lost ?

There is a Wiki yes.

Where is the wiki, though?

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Just search Google for Lust Doll+ Wiki (Topic of Choice)

after you finish saving Rinny at the park where is she located at. She gave me directions to get to Transylvania but I can’t get into the graveyard. What do you do cause I can’t find Rinny anywhere.

when you enter Transylvania go to the left most part and walk along the wall reveling the tower with rinny inside after talking with the guard


i think it would be nice if you could dress up like the female bandits 



Could see about it!

This is a very great game indivi! The story is fun to follow and create and even without all the sexies it can be very enjoyable, keep up the great work and I can't wait for todays update!

Thanks, glad to hear! The new update is out now, so enjoy!

Deleted 1 year ago

Who is Gin

Tiger Boy, or Cat Boy, in the Forest near the Abandoned Town. 

Beat him. Lewdly...

Oh okay, so im assuming he is exclusive to male partners?

He is a Male Partner yes.

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During lindas rescue i need to squeeze through gap but i cant do that since i have parasites on me....and there is no option to remove meat parasites in science lab tower ever since linda was kidnapped...and talking to receptionist doesn't change anything

This will be fixed in r47!


possible mobile in future game updates, to add a gallery mode?

since there is a stand for applications or apps in Upper New Ark.


The game isn't made to accommodate a gallery mode unfortunately!


about the meat core, what they intend to do with it, it could have the option to "steal the power" of the parasite, like the beautiful one, then it could have the option to attack with the tentacles, awaken the parasites to have special interactions with the characters and hide completely, to be able to enter an uper New Ark even with the "power", the photo I got on the internet, if this is really already in the game, how to get it?

Old LD not LD+

I think...

How did you do that?!

hold on you can get the parasite power for your self?, if so what quest and how do I access it? cause that power seems interesting


Still exclusive to Lust Doll Classic. A very different game in terms of both the mechanics and the engine it was made in.
More than half of that game has transitioned over to Plus already, so...



No way to get this yet, but it's planned!

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so a couple of questions.

1 how do I get to the temple in the forest park?

2 what is plus size (see it says something about the belly Being larger) and how do I see a scene with it in.

3 where can I use the auto toys the dildo and sleeve?

also need a little help with Alissa and Cassie stuff because I can't remember where I left off with it.

Thanks in advance.

1.) Deal with Camilla First. 

2.)  Me Basically Fat People. 

3.)  Soon. 

Alissa needs to annoy you and Cassie three times, Alissa is called a Deadbeat so she gets a Job, Alissa is addicted to Hypno and she needs a Drawback. 

(1 edit)

Where do I find Camilla, and how do I find out about her hypno? I know where it is to do it.

Village Mama, the Village Chief you can talk about dealing with Plant Mama.

yeah I just dealt with her. What about the hypno for Alissa? I know where to go.I should've worded it better 

Rinny has a new Business as of Now, talk to her About it. 

For #3, you use them in the private dungeon!

Thanks Indivi. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

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Question there is something mentioning about going back to Don the guy you fucked over to help the catgirl if you have her transformation enabled that is, how do you get into his hideout when you are no longer able to due to the last time you got into his business, that and whenever I ask to get in they tell me to get lost so, yeah, kinda stuck atm lol...I believe the quest I am talking is gonna let me buy the poor girl off of Don if I am right

If you have Rescued Cassie it's not Possible to Re-Enter the Base. 

If you wanna meet him Again call Arlene, quite the show.

so to ask him about letting me buy Cassie I have to go to the sadistic cop gal to ask him then?

Oh the Rescue Mission? 

Well Fawn starts that.

Or Not I think an Update removed the need for Fawn, but Arlene is needed yes.

No...there is an option to buy cassie now or I think the quest chain to buy her despite her being free and in her safe house either way I had started the quest to buy her but I have no way back into Don's place since I had already rescued her sooo yeah Do I have to redo the game or what?

Hi, Indivi I was wondering if it was possible to add more contents for Marin such as getting domme and if it was possible to interact with her using things like the chastity belt / flute or inviting her in the dungeon. 

This game is quite unique and refreshing compared to other games I used to play so thanks you for the experience. 


Marin definitely has some big stuff planned! We'll get back to her eventually, promise! And thanks, I'm happy to hear that!

When might we expect to have added sound affects because im on Android and its kinda bland along with the random loud menu sounds. 


There's tentative plans, but probably not happening soon. Focusing right now on content mainly!

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how do I get into upper new ark?

So First go feed the All Knowing Hobo under the Don's Home, then keep feeding till you see a Mention of Counterfeit Tickets, go buy some from the Junk Vendor, then get a Massage from Lin-Lin, she will Direct you what to do by then.

Thanks for the help

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so I've somewhat finished the game and i have questions and bug reports

1)how does cumflation work?

2)is there any mistrya routes?

3)what's "finding your purpose" or whatever?

edit: I forgot to ask what the island thing is, or what we can do with the succubi queen.

as for bugs

1)character speed sometimes lags alot along with dialogue changing (performance issues)

2)when loading different positions lust doll can stay for a good 7 seconds without limbs

also this one is minor but when viewing underwear while changing clothes the genitals stay visible

otherwise, I absolutely adore this game! looking for more!

1. Cumflation is a Kink.

2. Not right now. 

3. Holding Hands with Rinny to start it. 

1. Which Device? 

2. Yes it does have that Problem. 

So Basically Reject Everything Rinny suggest when you meet her in the Succubus Tower then you will get the (?????) choice you will want That.

(1 edit)

1) I know, I don't know how the kink works and the wiki page for it is empty

though from what I understand you can only do in on lust doll itself, not the other way around?

and I've already started the handholding route

also this is a laptop I'm using

(1 edit) (+1)

Cumflation requires that shrine to be turned on, along with male partners, and your character needs to have a vagina (penis optional).

With all three of these things, go to the upper floors of the science tower, encounter a corrupted scientist, and lose.

Note also that this is the only scene in the game where player pregnancy chance is 100% if you have that shrine turned on.  Even without a pill.

bummer that a male lust doll can't do it to other characters, though it would be an idea that I'd wanna see in another update


Thanks, I'll look into all that! And glad to hear you're enjoying it so much!

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