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Genital pierces stay in their original position when your character is bent over. I would also like to ask about when we might see the update/addition of slavers in the desert.


Thanks, will fix! Desert is planned for release 50!

Hey, indivi...I finally got around to hacking my old Wii, and I noticed how well this could potentially work on the console. Do you think you could ever potentially port this game to the Wii?


I don't think Nintendo will accept my game XD


yeah you have a point indivi, nintendo is all about kid friendly stuff!

Tell to that to the young couple with Onix and Cloyster :)


the hell do you mean????

I mean as homebrew

Deleted 237 days ago

If no price came up, you never actually bought the card.

Try saving up a few thousand credits, sleeping, and talking to Fawn in her apartment again.

It was actually because encounters with female characters were disabled in sanctun.


Hello, will u add smth like Cassie or Bella could milk LD?

Seeing our Bell finally step up against Lust would be Nice.

Yeah that would be a Sight to See. 

Especially for Bell.


Potentially down the line!

is it possible to edit the save file to have mega breasts/cock during the entire savegame? or can it only happen during the event due to coding

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There's actually already a mod for that (along with other things) that you can find right here on itch.
It's called Lust Doll Essentials.

Take caution if you turn on No-Clip though. I've already found a place where using it will get you softlocked.

can you provide the link?

Searching for "Lust Doll Essentials" puts it right at the top of the results, but:


You can, but none of the game really accounts for you having such big ones, so it might be jarring

I think about this is not huge but it bothers me that no matter how much you train you don't get muscles

I thought about that too, that detail would be really interesting.

Body Modifications that Change total Shape will not be Possible.

I mean not total but at least a six pack or something

Hey as long as it doesn't change the Shape of the Clothes it's Possible

Like what Not Me said, if the Body Change messes with the Clothes which there's a lot of them then it will be Unlikely, Body Changes that Disallows clothes are fine in that Matter!

One Present Display is MegaParts, they are Planned as a Permanent addition.


Unfortunately too much clothes for it to be viable. Thicc hips is about the extent of what can be done

no like maybe six-pack that would not mess with anything 

Can your character (the player character) get the megacock and how to get cumflated?

You can't get megacock right now but cumflated lookes no different then being pregnant

megacock is at meat parasite cave depths when mystra is following you (when rescuing linda), lose to anything alive

cumflation is at infected tower, lose to scientists 

I have a problem, recently i bougth a new phone and i had two problems.

-First: i have a bug with the texture of the map

-Second: i cant unlock the island, everytime i scare the receptionist at the gallery the only and same guard who comes is the one at the left room of the exposition

Pls help me

You need to Find a Statue to "Fiddle" With.


Where can i find it?

Bottom Left it should be a Enclosed Box with a Entrance when attempting to Enter a Guard will stop you, but if you make the Receptionist Scream he runs off... 

So you are free to Mess with the Statue, if you need a Pic feel free to ask.

it would be nice if i had it, thanks!

There Only is Accessible after Scaring the receptionist make sure that you Don't pay. 


Unfortunately not much I can say about the map texture bug. You can try updating drivers and restarting, but generally there isn't much you can do about it as far as I know

I can't get into the Torture Rack, even after becoming a Faun sub.

On the Wiki it says that she says the price to make an access card, but nothing happens, when I go to talk to her nothing happens about the Torture Rack either.

Someone help me this is a part that I was very curious to play!!

OBS (My character is male)

Doubt about The Torture Rack

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Go to the torture rack itself then go to basement 

Deleted 237 days ago

oh dear the Temple is the Monkey Cave from Earthbound all over again

also, I found a collision quirk on the Temple entrance near the bottom of the screen


haha yeah XD.

And where did you find this?


should probably add better representation for people of any skincolor other then white -w -


There will be with time

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How do I upgrade the science lab tower? i didnt have the money when Linda first asked me now i dont know how to upgrade anymore?

Basement of the Lab Tower.


Having the money only unlocks alternate dialogue. You upgrade in the basement!

hey indivi, i have another question. is there a debug menu or debug area where you modify status effects and stuff like that about your character cuz if so, i'd like to know where

Deleted 238 days ago

no offense, but i was asking indivi, not you

Was just Assisting.

oh, i didn't know... i'm sorry for being rude, will you forgive me?


I'm afraid there isn't any

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If you are Adamant about Changing it you could try an Online Save Editor and do it yourself.

one problem with that: i don't know which value is the pregnant status effect..

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Hey indivi is it possible that we turn the lab where we come from into our own base and decorate it also adding breeding facilities incubators dormitories can you put it in mind pls


Probably unlikely. I've got other plans for it already

I would love to know a trick to incremate my stats quick? in the legit way, i try to play the game like that but its really boring doing like for example 100 lifts to only level up one time :/


Ah... Yes try AutoClicker. 

For Fishing it works Extremely well, for Weight Lifting not so much. You need to Rest Return for Weights.

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I mean thats only for that and if you want to use it you need more res how do i get it? Like the weights. The stamina is what makes it boring, its fair but i need those stats and is taking to long to get it only pressing a buttom then heal... :(

I don't Know I just Grinded to 24 Strength which took 3 Hours, this doesn't count the Breaks I took.

try Breast milk, you can gain lactating effect from milk farm and you can use breast pump to fill bottles, breast milk fills stamina.

hey, indivi. i have a question: how many more days until Version 46.0 is released to the public and not be a backer? also add decorative face scar tattoos


It'll be out on the seventh of next month! And I'll see!


intend to add "combat marks" such as scars depending on the attack received, or simply "customized scars" on body parts, such as the face, like in the photo?, it would be just a character customization detail.


I could see about it!

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Can you add a function to talk to the companions in the party because my character has stage 3 of the mushrooms and I would like to talk to the village chief Mama Nymosa in order to get rid of the mushrooms due to the fact that I have her in the temple area and cannot interact with her and the other companions please.

Next Update has Fix... Maybe.


Next update will have a fix for this!

How do i get the cat girl trust? 

I have no idea. 

Get to or down from mall with force then sleep a day the go from mall to slums when you talk to don chose not to pay then chose grunt work then go to cat girl talk about don then sleep a day then go back to don then to fawn.

who is fawn?

when you get a condo in New ark for 2000 k and sleep she will visit you


I had another idea how about tongue customisation about how long it it's small but neat

Like a snake's? Hmm, not sure. The events in the game right now don't account for tongue differences, so it might be disorientating

hi I’m very excited for the new version when it come out to public?

7th Every Month

I understand this would require extra work, but Dev, would you ever consider adding an extra option to NPCs' shrines to change gender as well? No pressure, of course.

That's a bit Much Story, Scenes, and Dialogues, are amidst to Change.

I don't see why changing the NPCs gender would change story or even dialogue significantly though, aside from changing pronouns and some terminology? The only NPC that I think it could significantly effect is Bell. That being said redrawing all the assets is still a lot of work, I just thought it was an interesting idea given there's already a toggle for only male/only female random encounters.

Gender pronouns, genitalia, and even sometimes clothes get mentioned in nearly every character scene. And that's not even considering context and intent within the dialogue. You would basically have to re-write absolutely everything in every sex scene. Between all courtable characters, that's hundreds of hours of work for a set of toggles.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but you need to understand just what you're asking...

I'm aware it would take a lot of work, and I'm not necessarily requesting it, I was just asking if that would ever be something the dev would even consider. I just meant changing the gender of NPCs wouldn't change the entire story.

Unfortunately as mentioned, it's not really viable. It would have to have been something that was planned from the start.

How to get to the beach area?

That's the Island Painting VIA Gallery.

You need to get into UNA for it! To start, get the hobo that accepts food to like you! When you sleep, he'll reset, giving you a new hint.

I have a doubt, not that it will make a difference during the gameplay but it would be an extra detail, they intend to add hunger and thirst, or emotions as there was in the first lust Doll, I didn't get to play it much but I saw this detail and found it interesting.

Probably not gonna add hunger or thirst at this point. It's something that needs to be accounted for from the beginning. Stat changes based on emotions I also thought was  superfluous, so it got removed for plus.

yo i need to get rid of a mushroom infection stage 3 but i cant talk to the person because she in the temple but then i cant go to upper new ark city because im naked (because of stage 3) to get the lipstick stuff

what do do lol ?

(1 edit)

Unfortunately that's a known oversight. If you don't have the Patreon version, there's nothing you can do until the public release comes out on the 7th or 8th of February.

The temple trading sequence isn't completely screwed, though. Everything one side wants can be found on the other side, so it's a net 0 change. All you need is enough items to get the whole ball rolling.
If I remember right, you need the cat lolita hat to get lipstick kit, which can be found in the New Ark underground mall.

Next release will have a fix for this!

is there a gallery mode?

I will check and i'll answer hold on

No Dev said No.

Unfortunately, the game isn't built to allow for something like that.

I havent played the game in awhile but how do I get rid of the shibari rope?

Ask Fawn to remove it.


i'm excited for the new update tbh


Gin Action Yes.

For real

It'll be fun!

There is a soft lock in the game if you have sensitive nipls and have living underwear and get it removed and wear it again you get stuck and can remove the underwear the only way is to start a new game plus

Have you tried talking to Delvie and/or Marin in Transylvania?

yes that after I talked to them and took it off then I accidentally wore them again

Can you send me a save file with this error? Having trouble replicating it

Can't get it to happen again

So who can get pregnant and how?

Nearly all the female characters can. Once they trust you enough to go on a date, you can then give them a fertility pill.
The pills can be bought at the Nursery for 1,000 each.


now yes, all missions complete, now just wait for the next updates and train the statistics, and with 48 hours of gameplay 😘

You don't want Thick Thighs?

I already know that, just go to forest park and talk to the fairy and "play with her" and then you get thick thighs, but thanks for remembering 👌

Nice, well done!

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I apologize for being stuck, also spoilers. 

I have finished all tasks except for finding Bell (again) and saving Cassie. Where do I go to find a safe place for Cassie? I have the schedules from Fawn and Sammy, I know about the police from Arlene, and the hobos have been payed, now what? Thank you in advance!

This has been solved, you just need to go new ark and talk to the hobos, they give you access to lin lin, and a distraction

The Hobo's will not Cause a Riot on the First Pay. 

Talk to them the Hobo you *paid* (Sorry needed to point it out) is using the Money for other things. 

Thank you very much!! I also talked to Lin Lin to get the keys after the distraction!

also,after the hobo has really paid(500c,not2000c),go find the police,she will deal with don&keep cassie save 

Thank you!! Im so happy she is safe, but i've finished the  all the tasks so im not sure what to do now

just enjoy the lovey-dovey show with cassie :)

guys,how could I beat plant mama?

pretty stuck in there

Persuade her if you can.

So, I noticed a plus-size toggle in the sanctum recently. Does this mean we'll be getting more fat characters later, possibly the option to experience some weight gain on previous romantic partners, possibly the PC themselves? Or is this just going to end up like the one really problematic toggle that just gets you one potential partner and is otherwise completely pointless?

Newly introduced kinks aren't going to have much content yet, that's just how it is.

When will the desert be finished approximately in lust dolls plus

There's a lot of work to do with it, so it'll be a couple versions out, but soon!

Okay, that's only logical for a game like this, I was asking about further down the line and apologize for being unclear and possibly coming across a bit rude.

Let me rephrase; is there a chance there will be plus-sized content focused around the PC and/or previous partners, possibly in the form of weight gain?

at the moment it only really allows for the PC to be "thick", you unlock the option by "winning" the fairy queen's game.

Thanks for understanding. Hmm potentially, but for NPCs, it would likely only happen after they have finished their story content. For player, maybe possible as an event, but unlikely to have it for the whole game, since otherwise it would require way too much work to account for

So uh do we ever figure out what was going on in the start of the game.  Because it's like meet a kitty , stop the mop, get an apartment, get a Domme.

Who TF am I? Why was I in an abandoned lab? Where's my fellow experiments? Why did I awake what seems years after the apocalypse instead of during? Am I a person? A clone?

To be Solved.

Eventually we will find out! Finishing Linda's route will actually start you on that path

weird, but for some reason, I ended up getting this when I updated and opened up the game, anyone knows what I could do to fix it, or if there is something I need to do, also does it mean that new features have been added to the latest update could be unavailable?

- Go to your app data folder in Windows (C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Local). If you can't find it, make sure you can see hidden folders. You can also type %LOCALAPPDATA%/ into the explorer bar to do the same.

- Delete the folder "nwjs".

- Go inside the folder 'User Data". Then go inside the folder "Default". Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal". Delete these two files.

- In the app data folder, Go to Kadokawa\RPGMV\User Data\Default. Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal". Delete these two files.


Why what?

Different from the strategy

It doesn't show up until the milk farm is done being refurbished.

How long does it take to build it

A While.

You can Sleep it off if you wish.

yea so I'm not that good with computers and I'm on mac and it wouldn't let me download it with the "Game can't be opened" error. None of the solutions it gave in the folder made sense to me but I tried and nothing I did worked. Any solution? Or instructions that make sense to a computer noob like me

Unfortunately, if I did, it would already be in the solutions text file included with the game. You can try googling the issue and seeing if anything helps?

So i may be stupid but what does it mean after labor "an option will be available to settle down with cassie later"? Is it a update or later in the game?

Settling Down with them. 

An Update that might be one of the Last if it ever comes.

It'll come! And likely won't be one of the last either

Oh ok tysm!

That's planned for later!

Where the hell is the graveyard key???

You bring rinny with you to help you get over the gate

I need to explore more, no idea who rinny is

Succubus in the Abandoned Town Forest.

Pay attention to where the random encounters go when you beat them, there is a secret entrance somewhere!

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