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Hello! I was wondering, can you transfer saved data from an older version to the new one? (in my case it's from version 44.1 to version 45.1) Thanks! 

(if you're on windows, don't know bout anythin else) your save data is not located in the game folder, but instead in C:\Users\whatever your user id is \AppData\Local\User Data\Default\Lust Doll Plus


Ah, ok! Thank you so much!

- If you're playing on Windows, Mac, or Linux, there's no need to do anything. Save files will transfer automatically!

- If you're playing on android, don't uninstall the game. Just install the new version over top of the existing one. Uninstalling the game will delete your save files.

- If you're playing on browser, don't play in incognito, and don't clear your cache. Or else your save files will be erased when you close it! As well, some browsers have security settings that prevent the game from saving. Chrome for example doesn't work for some, but Firefox does.

so I've got the itchy status effect, I can't figure out how to get rid of it, can someone help me please?


Village, Nymosa. 

The Village Mama.

Oh I can't find her, went to the temple and cant figure out where they went, got access up the stairs but the path is blocked by people, I assume it's some sort of trading quest thing but I can't get the items to progress I think, not sure.


go into upper new ark then go into the hospital

Oh! thanks!


New Ark Basement Floor the Mall, Buy the required Items there. 

Most Items they want is Found at The Mall, just remember the Clues the Kitsunes, and CatGirls, give.

ok thank you for that, I was completely lost there. ^^;

Can I Know How To Defeat Gaint Plant

Fairy Queen has the Weakness you need to ask about it First.

Done She Says I Must Get Something Item For She


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Dude How Can I Make Cheese 

Milk Farm after buying the Refinery from the Upper New Ark Mall, after buying Refine Milk, and get Cheese.

Stuck and confused. Please help!

Hi everyone! Hi Dev! I hope you're having a great day/night!

Anyway, could someone help me understand something here? 

I just checked my logbook and all that's showing uncompleted is Ruined Town: Hang out with Cassie and Alyssa " (May have misspelled the name) and I don't know what to do? I know Alisa interferes with you and Cassie at times but I'm not sure if it's part of it or not? 

I've got the Android version by the way.

Thank you in advance! 😊

P S: I saw on one if the patch notes you could bring other characters into the dungeon now. Who are they and how do I get them there?

I have the same problem, I just need this mission to continue...

Take a Shower with Cassie. 

Have Sex with Cassie. 

Change Cassie's clothes Rapidly. 


I did all that but only with Cassie in the safe house, not with Alyssa captured...

Do it Again with Alyssa in the Safe house.

i did all this before i captured alyssa, and now that i captured her, those options are not unlocked now...


I'm not sure what you Missed.

Alissa, should annoy you three times when you spend time with Cassie, and then Alissa, will be kept as a house Pet... Kinda.

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You can capture people?

You need to get Alissa to interrupt you and Cassie 3 times! The one most people miss is having to annoy Cassie (make her change clothes a lot. She can't be pregnant for this.)

For the other characters, look for the seer in the slums. She will give you hints on which NPCs you still have left to meet!


If you were to add raising children it would be kind of useful to teach them skills and you can have them as a companion to help in case you get too aroused. Or another update idea is to add more interactions with Sammy and after you go on a date with her you can invite her to the milk farm, Sorry i just have a lot of ideas.

Let's not do this, my Brother from Christ listen to what you just Typed. 

"Help us in case we got to Aroused"

That's Unlikely.

They probably meant like the child helps you out of combat or just outright fights for you.

i meant help us in a fight if we got too aroused

Unfortunately likely won't happen. It's too unreasonable to ignore them during story events, but too much work to account for them otherwise. Sammy will have more stuff to do for sure!


Do you have any plans to add prostitution to the game? Like, sex for money? There's already being an erotic dancer, so i feel prostitution would be right up that alley.

Slavery is Coming, if you think that's roughly the same that is.

As mentioned, there is a big slavery event planned in the upcoming desert!

I recommended the game to a friend and he asked the following question "it doesn't have a multiplayer mode" I know it wouldn't make sense and no reason for that, but it could have interactions between players, help to collect resources, etc, once again, I know that the this is not the focus but it would be a differential, to be able to create a server and call a friend to play with you, the suggestion is in the air.

Unlikely, it's not Built for that.

pfft, would be a pretty different sort of game for that I'd think!


Ever thought about making the option to have mega cock and boobs a permanent option I know it would take a lot of work with all the clothes right?

Eventually it will be Added.

Yes, it's planned for much later!

Deleted 64 days ago

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed Cassie, she's very popular! We'll be getting back to Miki and Sana eventually as well!

Deleted 64 days ago
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ok I did what they said, it worked, I rescued Cassie and the story dialogue appeared, soon after this message appears and the game automatically returns to the menu not releasing to continue with the upgrades in the safe house, the save returns to before rescuing- there.  not complete yet?

Deleted 64 days ago

ok, done, unlocked, now the fun starts in the basement of the safe house haha

Refurbish it VIA Hardware Store in New Ark.

I already did that, I bought everything I had to renew now I'm on the island, fighting the main characters, I've already managed to win the style of the succubus and the catgirl from the safe house, Cassie, I got to a point where I know who she is but I don't I remember the name lol

You can Buy an Addition to the Dungeon at the Torture Rack.

Deleted 64 days ago

Wait when did this game come out and when is the next update coming 


A decent few years ago, if you count the classic version. heh

Public release updates come out every 7th or 8th of each month.

Almost 4 years ago!

Woah. For a game that came out four years ago this game is easily better than any other game I've played for sure

indivi, what do you think about 40 hours of gameplay with the story and Quests done and all the areas discovered, the secret ones too, I just didn't finish the mission to rescue Cassie because I didn't sign the patreon yet.  Quests are in the pictures.  hehe

You don't need to sign in to patrion. However you do need to go down to don and talk to him after Cassie is taken. Afterwards you can talk to Fawn and talk about don. sleep and do this again. Then i believe that should get you started. Hope this helps you with your game Matheus779br.

I've done all that, it's already released to start the mission, but when I arrive to negotiate or fight with the don, this option appears in the photo.  I just need to sign the patreon to release the rest of the activities.


this is a bad end, meaning you didn't successfully rescue cassie.

He Most likely forgot to get Help From Arlene.

Well done! And yes, don't need to be a backer to finish Cassie's route as well!

I have a thought. Since there's this pregnancy system in game, I really hope that the delivery of the baby is triggered by steps. This way the danger of being pregnant and the "better find somewhere to settle down for the birth" can standout. This also means that the birth would need to be outside the Nursery if this is going to happen but I really would love to see this kind of mechanics. Already enjoying your works now anyways!

Oh and the player might get a status effect that greatly weakens them after giving birth or something like that.


The main issue I have with this is that the player will be carrying around a baby while adventuring and getting caught up in bad stuff. Feels unreasonable to ignore, but definitely too much work to account for in every situation otherwise.

Ya that would really be a problem. I have seen games that dealt with this by sending the baby home immediately after being born. So it appears directly in the player's house or something.  LOL. Thanks for your reply!

now begins the training of "Sen"


haha, good luck!


auto-clicker really works XD


not yet (⁠ب⁠_⁠ب⁠)


lol you're not the only one who wants to!

how'd you get there? (i'm stuck at the desert lmao ;-;)

this location is in Forest park, try to leave the desert base, I know how boring this base is, but if you can't, See the Wiki for that game.

i got there now what do i do

look for a temple in the forest, the problem is that I don't remember how to get there normally, read on the Wiki it will be easier than me to remember and explain, sorry I can't help more, but the Wiki is really complete with all the details .

I had sent the link in my last feedback. if you need more help just talk.

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i got there, now i'm getting rid of this stupid mushsroom by going to the hospital


I have a very specific idea about the ornamental katana, you could have the option to choose the "way you want to equip" on the waist, then you could have training to acquire skills, like quick draw, or equip them in an attack position, it could be a differential for this type of RPG, I know that this is not the focus but it would be very interesting, here's the suggestion.  thanks for listening!


haha, yeah as mentioned, it's not really that sort of game. Could potentially have held items giving you certain skills maybe

Trying to rescue Cassie from Don, but talking to Fawn at the condo doesn't seem to bring up anything about the quest. I already advanced Fawn's quest to the point that we did the first BDSM session. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or is it bugged?

Not Sure, I think Indivi, made it so that you can Save Cassie, without Fawn?

You can try and Hire Arlene, or you are trying to Talk to Fawn, in the Torture Rack, go to the Condo Fawn, for Cassie Save Plan. 

I tried talking to Arlene at the police station but "nevermind" was my only conversation option. I haven't tried talking to Fawn at the torture rack, only at the condo. Maybe I'll try advancing her story and see if that resets anything.


Make sure you've seen Cassie at the Don's. Then you can talk to Fawn in the condo


hey, indivi. i want you to add a little something to the game:

there should be comments from all the characters that have a CG saying something like: "wait, do i know you?" or "have we met before?" in a confused tone. BUT ONLY IF YOU DO "New Save+"


lol it's a cute idea XD

got the idea from the game "Don't escape 4 days in a wasteland" recently renamed to "Don't escape 4 days to survive"

the game is by scriptwelder

when you play for the first time, all characters you meet, its the first time meeting them, on new game+ there are quotes like the ones i mentioned as an idea for this game of yours

ahh, I've played it, it's very good! It's cute, yeah, but I also don't want to make people think that they need to do NG+ to not miss out on content

so i just did finis the temple quest and almost every quest is there any secret ones or hard one to find? Anyway I’m really looking forward to the next update 😊

Try being Drunk, and Hungover, and then bother some. 

Or a Match with Sammy, and Lin-Lin, or a Secret Scene with Mstrya.

I did all those already 😅


Well done, glad to hear~!

question: how and where do i get the creampie?

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That's not an Item Ma'am.

And Any Male Enemy, Enemy Ver of Gin, can do it, same to Incubus, Succubus too, if you count that, but for Bloated, Lose to a Infected Scientist.

Question; What was your general thought process in the design for Kitty? I notice that all of their clothes can be found in the New Ark City mall.


Hmm, nothing particularly unique compared to the others. Haha, good eye! I'll likely eventually make it possible to get any NPC's clothes.


a couple more questions:

#1: how do i complete the quest given by don to retrieve cassie?

#2: how do i unlock more magic spells (excluding the genital TF spells)

#3: are there any ways to get another ornamental katana

#4: are there real katanas in the game besides the ornamental katanas?

Ornamental Katanas can be Unlocked After the Manor Quest has been finished.

Here other link.

Cock Growth, Learned after seeing Rinny do it, not sure if you need to finish Manor Quest However. 

Boob Growth, Learned after trying to give Bell, boobs, she automatically teaches it.

You Retrieve Cassie, by talking to Her in her Safehouse, step to her and ask about the Don, a day later she has been Kidnapped.


I wonder if Acting Shy would do anything to how the Characters react to you?

Update: Nope.

What do you mean?

Reject every move they Make, except the required ones.

i have a couple questions:

#1: how do i renovate the safehouse basement?


#3: how do i enter the UNA residential building

#4: how to become T H I C C (hefty chonk if you will XD)

Thicc First. 

Beat up some fairies, BEAT UP not Lewd, make sure you have a Bottle, Collect the Dust, to the Deeper Parts you will find a Glade with a Statue, spray that with Fairy Dust, Gift her Milk, and then Play her little Game, Win and ask for Thiccness. 

UNA residential is Closed for now, You go in through a Cutscene with Fawn. 

Hang Out with Fawn till she leaves her Room, and you alone, be a Rat and look around her room, get a Card, go to the Torture Rack, I'd recommend NOT to Give them the Card, wait outside... 

Return to your Condo, Sleep, Hang Out with Fawn, Confront her about It, Say Sorry you Rat!!!

She will ask you to Follow her, Do what you want here, return to her Condo after sleeping, talk to her About it, ask her about it, Ask to Join, based on your Choice it is Either Free, or you could be a Pimp about it, Sleep for a Day, Return to the Torture Rack, Talk with Fawn, in the Basement, go to Sleep, Return to the Torture Rack, get your First Session.

 Renovations is Possible after Beating the Don, Via New Ark, Hardware R Us, top left main floor, 10k Bits costly but Worth it, Beating the Don in the Past required Fawn, to finish, but Updates say you can do it without her so you can go Ahead, it is Skill Check Intensive so look for Lin-Lin, at a Massage Parlor, Sammy, at a Bathhouse.

Lin-Lin, needs you to beat her at a Fight, or get a Happy Ending. 

Sammy, you shower a few times till she gains interest to Invite you to a One-on-One shower + Good Ending. 

how do i ask fawn that i want to join? send some more details and some pictures so i know what to do

Buy a Condo Unit

Sleep in the Unit Second Floor Leftside room

Meet Fawn Side Gig Domme

Knock on her Door Right of your Room

(1 edit)

Till she leaves you Alone at her room, this is the Fifth time you hang out with her

Infront of Me or Top of my Character location is the Card. 

Take the Card

Go to the Slums, Look at the Pic for the Entrance, right underneath my Character. 

Torture Rack Enter

Ask about Fawn and Show the Card don't Sell it! 

Wait Around and Return to Fawn after sleeping

Be a Brave Rat, or a Coward Rat! 

Dommy Mommy.

Return to the Condo after sleeping. 

Ask about being her Subbe. 


Hang out, Sleep in your Condo, Hang out, she should leave you alone in her Room.

Cost 1.2k Bits based on your Choice you Either get Pity, or Respect, either way won't affect the Route.

does a certain shrine need to be on?

Abandoned Town Forest, Pink small area middle of it a Shrine, just beside the Gaping Plant.

Here link.

Turn on all Shrines.

how do i get rid of the hungover effect??!

One of your best options is to simply walk it off. Over timethe hangover will go away. Otherwise, you can try to sleep at the Transylvania Tower while Rinny is following you. She will try and help you out without completing her route all the way, I think.

Sleeping at the Shared Condo with Fawn, sleeping at the Safehouse with Cassie, and Rinny. 

Drunk also has a Interaction with Bell.


I think shibari arc unlock new skill to player — shibari. And you can use it on your enemies and you subs in dungeon.

Please can you add this skill in your game?


Nice suggestion... hope indivi notices this.

lol not sure I want to draw that many shibari ties for all the different potential targets XD.

Can I help you do this job?

I don't generally accept outside help, but thanks for the offer!

because you indivi?

Maybe XD

Can you add Rinny hook gag into dungeon scenes?

It's possible! I'll see

because you already have it for her?

Not yet XD

Hey everyone! 

I'm gonna cut to the chase cause I don't have much time.

I'm in the graveyard tunnels and keep getting lost. Please help with directions to the manor? 

Thanks in advance 😊

Follow the Pink Indicators. 

One is a Trap and will attempt to fool you so watch out.

Main thing to note is that the exits don't lead where you expect them to. Try doubling back!

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I need some help with the windows version, as while it'll initially save after about two to three times of closing the game and the laptop. It completely wipes all the saves. So far I've lost close to 6 hours of progress from three different saved games.

 Is there a way to prevent this from happening or am I SOL till the next update? 

I've tried moving it to a different folder and putting a exclusion on it and it's still ends up being wiped. 

Playing it on a browser will do this every time if you're doing so in incognito mode. Or if you tell the browser to clear cookies when it closes.

The actual download version for Windows should not be doing this at all, though.
My only guess is that your AppData folder has read/write permission issues.


You can check the readme file to see where the games are being saved to. It's saved in applocale for reference. Something on your computer might be clearing stuff out without you knowing, so check what's running on it. The save files themselves shouldn't delete unless you do it yourself

(1 edit)

Thanks for the assistance on this, I have looked through the ReadMe file but I haven't been able to find any App data on my windows computer for the game ( even after enabling viewing of hidden files and folders ) so either my computer really doesn't like this game and files, or I'm a blind fool and it is staring me in the face.

Either way I'm going to keep trying to get it to keep a save for more than a few days, been a real fun game though so can't wait to see how it continues to improve.


There definitely should be a reason for it. Good luck!


i have a suggestion, in the desert where Cassie come from if I understand right we could meet her parents and make like a date with them and Cassie to be are official bf or something 


I have... concerns... 

Cassie came from the desert as a slave. This we have been told by both the Don and Cassie herself. If her parents were also living in this same desert town, they are most likely dead.
And if they're not...
If they are still alive and in the desert town, that heavily implies they did nothing as their daughter was turned into a slave. Or worse, were the reason she became a slave in the first place.

That's the kind of parents you should only want to meet if you intend to kick their asses, not ask for their blessing to court their children.


or maybe they where slaves to and couldn’t do anything to help Cassie maybe in a quest we would free them and/or their “race”

Based off how the Don speaks, it is a Closed off Trade, so the likelihood of us meeting them is already Low, and lastly, it seems not much is known about Slavery in Context, it's never mentioned much, or at all for that Matter, so it is Rejected ,but not Expunged, so we might need a Extra step to find them. 

I probably won't reveal much about Cassie's parents unless it becomes plot relevant somehow. Right now though, I think it's unlikely, for the reasons tiny Dracula has mentioned

ok i juts had a idea in mind and hope to help with ideas with The game^^


A recommendation:

Add a dildo gag it's just as it sounds

haha it could happen XD

I hope it does

what am i supposed to do when i have reached the last stage for the mushrooms and nymph and nymosa are in the temple

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything with the mushroom stages, all you can do is accept it(I think). Also, the two you mentioned are separated and are located at the guarded doors on both left and right side of the temple. Try to get the item they're looking for. You can buy them or cause a chain. Hope this helps you P3P394cL4p (interesting name by the way)

Upper New Ark Hospital removes them, if itchy they give you Cream, either a Female Doctor, or Cless, gives them, I think been a while since I did that. 


Wait till I put out the next release that fixes this XD


BRO... its been so long, the games has a lot more than I was used too... everything is better after the events of the cat girl... EVERYTHING IS CLEAR... I have the game on the pc, cellphone USB and soon migth make it run in a nintedo switch... soon, I will play this game on all platforms...

This is how good the game and the story is.


Haha, thanks! I've definitely been working on it awhile! And can confirm someone's gotten it to run on switch before, so it's definitely possible!

(2 edits)

indivi, do you think you'll put more characters in the game? i have an idea for one : a draconopode snake  character, or maybe we add snake stuff to the character creator? what do you think?

There's Plans for a Naga. 

Only Temporarily.


There is plans for nagas, not sure about a NPC yet! Potentially snake customizations for player as well

Is there any way to keep the megacock/megaboob transformations so that you have a megacock outside of that one scene?

Not yet

hi I think I have a bug tho I’m

Doing the temple quest and I have go to see rinny and she’s juts gone I can’t see her anywhere she’s not at new ark or anything 

You need to trade with all the different nekos and kitsunes to clear the path forward!

idk what to give to them I’m stuck

They give you Hints, most of what you need is in the NewArk Mall, the 1st Bottom Floor, nearly everything  you need is there. 

thank you I was really stuck


"If you were to disappear right now, do you think you'd be able to pass without regrets?", " what if, that opportunity never arises? Because you waited and waited...". I got a mysterious voice after sleeping at safehouse and now I'm scare that I will skip some event permanently. What does this message means?


It is called the dream go to rinny and say no to everything and then click the ??? option

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you tell me what this "???" option do? I got her pregnant and I cant choose this option anymore unless I wait until she gives birth.

(1 edit) (+1)

If she is pregnant, when you meet her, it should say (Rinny greets you "Hey  ..., look how big my tummy's gotten! We've gotta do it while I'm like this"), Click (Non-pregnant sex acts)

scroll down until you see the option (Ask for '???')

I will not say what it is because it is a spoiler and takes the fun out of it.

Hope this helps!

Also, I'm sorry I think I may have confused you with the first post It has been a wile since I talked to rinny and I was going from memory, but I just talked to her to help with this post 

so I went to try and get another nurse outfit, but no matter how many times I went, and what options I picked, it just won't give me it anymore. same with the doctor's outfit, but not sure about the hospital gown. I think the hospital gown was still rewarded. I'm not even sure if I'm just simply misremembering how you obtained that item; I tried looking it up but couldn't get an answer that actually helped, so I assume it might b potentially bugged.


You get it after a certain event with the nurses. One of the kitsunes/nekos will also trade you a replacement one


How about more weapons such as blades or daggers, each weapons has different damage and effect, even a usable weapon that is a throwing knife (one time use)


Pretty cool knives! I'll see


Did the lab increase how many fridge units it has, or is that a bug? Used to be you could only get one, this time it let me purchase 3, even though I only had enough money for the first. It was "1000" "659 since that's all I had" and "free, because you bought two" (or something).

Ya, is a bug.



It's a bug, it'll be fixed!


Is there any way to make NPC wear nothing? and what character else can use dick growth skills to? Thanks!


Outside of special cases like cutscenes, no. Lust Doll themselves is the only one who's okay with being nude in public.

As for dicks, Alissa is the only person you can grow one on outside the private dungeon. Inside it, there's (so far) also Fawn and Rinny.


Not yet, but there's something in the works!

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