Update on my health

Hey everyone, I'm feeling better now. As mentioned, I contracted Covid, and was dreadfully sick for about a week and a half. The worst part was when it got into my throat, making it extremely painful to swallow (some people have likened the pain to sticking daggers into your throat.) I couldn't eat anything and barely drank any water for about 2 days.

I'm thankfully mostly recovered now, aside from a persistent cough. Hopefully won't have any long term effects. It goes without saying, but please take whatever measures you can to avoid getting Covid.

For now, I'm gonna focus on getting the next patreon release out on the 20th. I don't have a whole lot done, but it'll have to do for now. After I get it out, I'll start catching up on replying to comments and messages, and hopefully get things back to normal starting next month.

Thanks for being patient!

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I know this post is old, but I hope you're still feeling good and aren't suffering from lingering effects! Please take care of yourself, I love your game but your health always should come first :)

glad to hear you are doing better. make sure to look out for any lingering effects that can come from covid, and stay safe

glad to know my fav small dev is feeling better gald to have new updates soon^^ <3

Haha, thanks! Glad to hear I'm your fav.

I'm glad to know that you are better, I know how bad it can be, and how dangerous it is. Please take care of yourself.


happy to hear your feeling better <3


Just take care of yourself :D
Don't worry about the rest until then
Health / wellbeing > Game


rest well!! if you want to miss a month n just wait till you can catch up with the regular schedule, im sure people will understand ^^


Health first, game later, people understand, get well


Recover well no rush.


When is next update just wondering

On the seventh!


Hope your ok 


That makes me happy! Please don't push yourself


You should be very cautious, Covid is a serious matter

I should know, Lost my mom because of it.. 

Nevermind that, Get better, Take another rest if you need to, No need to rush out any updates, The last thing we want is for you to get seriously ill or worse..

Tldr: Take a rest, Don't focus on updates till you are 100% Good to go

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm doing much better now thankfully, just have a persistent cough left.

Wanna know the worst part?

The fatality rate  is about 6% I see COVID as more of just something like the flu 3% i am very very sorry for your loss man..

Here's my proof https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2803749#:~:text=The%20death%20rate%20at%2030,%25%2D3.13%25)%20(Figure).


Thats if looking at it as a average, but that isn't a good method. The strains are just so different. Many of the strains have very low killing power, which pulls the number way down on the strains that do have some very real killing power. Ive gotten it three times, the first time was brutal and did force me to get help as it absolute had killing power do to thick mucus and chokings airways, second time was a joke, at its peek I had a mild fever and pretty much no other symptoms, the third was miserable as it had the chills, but lacked anything that made me feel like my life was in danger. 

Each strain is just to different to compare each of them to, and lowering your guard do to a low average fatality rate could be dangerous if you get one of the bad strains. The thing to keep in mind is does this strain impact my breathing, and if it does get help and check what strain it is. 

You're not wrong


Take care and be extremely careful AFTER that dreadful thing's over. Got this twice, rather easy, fortunately, but in a couple of months after "complete recovery" got my typo rates skyrocketed. Mostly missed keys or pressed 'em in wrong order. Took me another two months to just get them under control and about two more to reduce to acceptable level. It's over a year since last case and I still make more typos than I had when just started to learning blind-typing.

So, be VERY careful and ask around how to prevent such consequences in first place (I believe it's something about brain's blood supply and/or veins).

That sounds really scary. I think I'm okay, just a bit of a cough left

BBS. Just be careful! :-)


I hope you heal completely, for honestly less selfish reasons than the loss of an artistic lewd view. This stupidity has taken enough from the world. I wish you well and hopefully it passes you over rather than starve ya for two days again.

i'm glad you're doing much better! i don't know about the others but i can wait on the content love you very much and always indivi!


Keep focusing on your health! Hope you greet better soon!


Your health comes first, we all understand the dangers of COVID! Take as much time as you need to recover, I don't think people will mind if you take a little break to get over COVID!

㫑你健康!(^ V ^)


take it easy, get all the rest you need until you're fully recovered <3

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