Lust Doll Plus r52.0 released to public! Also some unfortunate news

Hey everyone, here’s the next release of LD+!

I've also unfortunately contracted COVID despite my best efforts, and it is as bad as everyone says. Because of that, I'll be delayed responding to comments and messages while I focus on recovering. I promise I’ll get to them once I’m feeling better!


-Added multiple bad ends after being captured by slavers

-Changed to allow being captured in slaver house even if defeated slaver caravan

-Added Bedroom and Bunny Slippers to underground mall shop

-Added Desert Tiara, Laurel Crown, Gold Laurel Crown, Bands and Rippled Bands to Sunshine city shop

-Revised map system in Desert

-Revised graphics for giant worm and giant flower

-Renamed Desert Forehead Gem Band to Desert Diadem

-Fixed issues with wearing hoodies with certain hairstyles

-Fixed not being able to run after fighting Pixie

-Renamed male pregnancy to ass pregnancy

-Fixed productive status not working for battles

-Fixed to allow doing *** with Gin during third training arc

-Fixed Manor encounters not giving frilled gloves if don't have any

-Fixed graphics for Black kimono

-Fixed issues when being milked while wearing chastity belt

-Fixed Chastity belt graphics issues when pregnant

-Fixed slaver tattoo and desert map carrying over on NG+


Lust Doll Plus r52.0 (Android).apk 243 MB
Aug 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r52.0 (Linux).zip 341 MB
Aug 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r52.0 (Mac).zip 434 MB
Aug 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r52.0 (Win).zip 299 MB
Aug 07, 2023

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Get well soon Indivi!

Also wow, it has been AGES since I last played Lust Doll Plus, Last time I played was I think in version 37.2 so does anyone have a list of things to do for the story? I will say I do not remember what I was last doing in 37.2 so just a list everything to do for the story would be great. I am at a total loss at what to do XD 

Thanks, I'm actually much better now! Pretty much fully recovered. Unfortunately don't really have a list, but if you download one of the desktop versions, it has a changelog that tells you everything that's been added since 37.2!

I have an idea, simply adding more lines of just things like checking in on people. Like asking them how they are doing or something.

I can see about it. Would make the world feel more alive.

Stats get crazy when you have everything at level 100 and have all of the effects like slimy and such. It is funny. I hope indivi has a good recovery too

Thanks, pretty much fully recovered now!

male preg doesn't work for me

repeatedly got creampied and skipped a few days but nothing happened

It's ass pregnancy now, which requires more than a cream pie


get well soon  also the same as always the update is great!


hope u fell better soon and try ur best when doing updates.


wish you the fastest recovery and take your time.


Dang! Sorry to hear that Indivi. Get well soon! hopefully nothing to extreme with the aftermath <3


take your time, your health in first place


Next time your health is at risk, please don't bother wrapping up a build to publish it...
While I do appreciate the effort you make to keep us informed, I'd be much more concerned about the severity of your condition than a delayed release.
Take care


idk why, but male pregnancy sounds pretty normal while ass pregnancy sounds weird asf


both are weird asf.

If I had to choose which is more disgusting, I'd be hard pressed, but I think I'd select ass pregnancy, because anything sexual connected to ass is s***.

If you want to see weird anal pregnancy, go check out Degrees of Lewdity. You can give birth to squids, bees, and spiders. 😳


what.. made you think i wanted to see more weird preggo stuff?

(1 edit)

I'm just saying it's not so weird compared to other interpretations of the kink.

can you make it so we can invite Bell to the dungeon. 

It'll happen when her route is cleared!


Despite your best efforts? I'll say. If you just contracted it for the first time now that's pretty impressive. I was pretty careful, but caught it ages ago. Haven't caught it a second time yet though.

Even if you're vaccinated multiple times it still sucks. I wish you all the best in recovering.

I'm pretty reclusive, so was hoping not to get it at all, but just shows that it can happen to anyone


Get lots of rest, we care 👍


Get Well 👍


You take as long as you need to recover, ok


Take care of yourself and get better so you come back twice as strong bro


get better soon!!


Colds try to be benign, for humans that means nice thick mucus that is easy to cough up, for bats that hang upside down thin watery mucus that drains easily is best, thin watery mucus in a human is hard to get out if you are upright or on your back, resting on your side and alternating sides is best and lets each lung drain.


Thanks, it definitely did help to sleep on my side.


Get some rest, also hope you get better soon!

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