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dose anyone know if there's gonna be a grow pussy spell added to the game?


There's a grow cock and grow brests spell in the game so I wana know if there's gona be a grow pussy spell since the only way to grow one is at succubus tower or in the lab and that's a one time thing

It's been asked a few times. I'll see about it

thank you :)

How to play the sponsored version of the game and where to sponsor it.



Can someone verify that golden apples do in fact still drop? I've collected about 70 regular without getting a single hit, which is just silly.

Also, just to make sure, is there paid-exclusive content? Feels like a silly question when I've been playing on and off since at least 23.1, but I genuinely don't think I've ever asked


There is golden apples, but they are very rare, and also the only paid thing in this game I think is patron version where it gets updates early.

So my luck is just abysmal. Nice. 
What about the game-over continuations?

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I think one of the game overs in the base [the base where you find the infected] do have game over continuation, but there two option, you either skip option 1 by picking option 2, or pick option 1 which is locked behind patreon version only.

if i may ask: are there any infos if these patreon-locked options became available for public? e.g. when the game is fully finished?

I don't think patreon locked options going become public anytime soon unless Invidi says something about it.

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got mine on my first pick, i didnt know i was so lucky


They have a pretty low drop rate, a 10% drop chance.

There is backer only content available through the Patreon.

It unlocks the bad end continuations that show up occasionally. I think there's around 6 or so bad ends of this type at the moment? They're mainly 'what if' type situations, so strictly optional as far as understanding the story goes!

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How do you get plus sized



There isn't an option for this for players at this time. You do meet an NPC that'll have this, in the deeper part of Forest Park.


Oh... Not later.

does anyone know how to disappear/kill "Giant plant"?

Maybe someone knows what the fortune teller wants in exchange for information about "Giant plant" ?

There's a secret entrance right above the plant (Just mash your head into the nearby walls and corners until you find it) and you can place some fairy dust, then just speak to the woman and give her an offering. (I just do angel milk but any would do)


You can use Wiki to help you, but its easy once you do it, Scrumptious Banana gave you direction for first half of it, but second half is little complicated, you need play a game which will teleport you to void, just say no or yes, then gift the fairy queen something rare like your cheese or cheese [which can be found after you refined milk in refinery, to buy refinery you need to get to upper new ark], and then fairy tells you how to remove the Giant plant in your way temporarily [you have to do like a quest to remove the giant plant permanently.]


wish the game had more male characters. it seems there is only one, which makes the whole picking a preference thing basically mean you don't get to do anything if you take female characters out of the equation.
considering furry can be turned on or off, maybe (if you don't want to make male-specific characters) the named characters' sexes/genders could be given a toggle?


The Professor, The Hunter, The Kitty.


Deep Forest

The Rock


I'm pretty sure only 1 of those is a "main character" with multiple interactions ^^; 
while there are like 7-8 fully fleshed out important female NPCs ontop of the many others that are tertiary like the two other males


You forgot Gin and the new male character

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that’s literally the one i’m referring to. which he gets perma-removed from the game very easily by just progressing in his story a little ;v;

i can think of several female characters that doesn’t happen to

it's not permanent. Give indivi some time to reintroduce him, they never said he wasn't coming back


It's being worked on! Gender toggles likely won't happen, as it creates much more varied situations that need accounting for, since it means breasts/genitalia change too.


Indivi, I don't know your progress on the mega cock/boobs content so this might be redundant. But if you plan on giving players the option to have permanent mega cock/boobs, maybe you can make it so that only specific clothing can be worn, like maybe bras or panties can't be worn when you have mega cock/boobs.

Just a suggestion.

That's exactly what's happening.

Modifying hundreds of clothing won't be easy work.


It is planned to let the player get permanent mega boobs/cock! And yes, most likely certain clothing won't be able to be worn with them

Someone mentioned that there's a scene where fawn finds out about you seeing other people and gets upset about it but I don't see it on the wiki? Does anyone know how to trigger it?

No... I don't think that's what they meant.

You can ask Arlene, for a "Hard" time that's when she gets mad.


That's most likely referring to part of her plot's progression, so just play her route normally!

For some reason my character's eyebrows disappeared.


This is now an option you can have, but if it's undesired, you can fix it in one of the shops in upper new Ark!

Can someone tell me how to continue alissa route. I already got disturbed while playing with cassy and bathing with her is there anything else i have to do?

The bed, and there is the change clothes on Cassie until you get make her option 

How do I get Cassie to trust me?

You have to do rescue Cassie ending, you can use wiki to help you through, but you just have to choose option grunt work when you say you don't want to pay the 200 credits, and after you say you will work, Don [tip just push or trick the guard that you have to pay 5 credits to get in the Slums], this is like 1/3 parts you have to do, Wiki explains way more and is easier to read.

Where can I find Bell? Where can I find someone who will fulfill my dream wish?


Go to Rinny and don't say you are not interested, keep saying no, until you scroll down to find ???, do ???, then you get new interaction for npcs.

For Bell, you have to go to milk farm and go where she usually is, interact, and then go to Forest, its not that hard to find her, she can be at New Ark City or Transylvania.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get "megaboobs" or "megacock" without losing progress or if it's possible to enlarge your penis and breasts more than is possible in Transylvania ?

More mega content will be added soon, but I don't think there is much content of it right now, only possible way is the bad end in the base [that what I found currently, but the succubus teacher also have mega content]

Good to know, thanks for the info

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will gin ever come back from his self-discovery journey? :( or like an extension of his route where he comes back?

also, will there be more male characters added and will we ever get to marry the characters instead of just making them pregnant? (rings and dresses/suits galore)


Indivi confirmed these things:

Gin will be coming back

Male partners will be added (but the things added into the game are ultimately dictated by their patrons)

Idk about the marriage part, but commiting yourself to a certain partner will be added eventually 

ah alright thanks! :D


He'll be back someday! Mostly just waiting on certain areas to get done first.

Yes, there's plans for more male NPCs and marriage!

Been having the "cannot read property 'resolution' of undefined" error for a while now. If I open the game enough time there's a chance it won't happen and I get to play, but other than that it's quite a common error for me. Is there a way to fix this? (The error happens on my MacBook)

Try r62 when it comes out. r61 introduced a different method of loading images which seems to be causing problems on certain devices. r62 reverts to the original method.

How to explore the slave traders' hideout?

You need to blend in with them so you dont get jumped. Have you lifted up the mask of one of the slave traders? Oh and btw, there is a tatoo shop at Ark city. 

know what to do

Is there a way to transfer my save data from my phone to my pc?

You would need root access to your phone to do it unfortunately.

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can you add canvas mode render version???

the game use webgl mode

and by that the text in game disappear randomly

I'm admittedly not to familiar with the rendering mode, but looking at the game code, the game actually defaults to rendering using canvas, and only switches to webgl if canvas doesn't work. What kind of OS are you playing on?

windows 7

Hmm okay. But yeah, if it's using webgl, then it's presumably because the game would have errors running on canvas.

any solution?

Not that I know of unfortunately. If you figure something out, let me know!

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If you allow me, I wanted to leave some ideas if you wanted to add them to the game that I think would be cool:

- Cumflation Stages: add stages of how many liters are inside the body, I believe 5 stages would be interesting.

- Family/incest: would it be possible to add a family system? Sometimes it's annoying for my character to get pregnant and the baby just leaves. I could add a mafia-like system where I would have to raise my family and found my city.

- Animation: Would it be possible to put an animation of the interaction? or at least more images of what's going on.

- Dirty with cum: It could allow the player to get dirty with cum during the game, and this could cause reactions from other NPCs, some positively and others negatively.

-More action options: add more options, for example, I like my character to be futa so when I was close to another character I wanted to have the option of being able to cum on the person, or if I was dirty with slime or cum, give one hug and leave the person dirty too.

If none of them are possible, I'll understand, the game is already very good, if possible I want to be able to make a game with the same mechanics that you use in the game.

(1 edit)

[Family system not going be added], animations might be hard since there is many stuff to animate, other stuff is possible, but require more time to put these things in, I believe Indivi said something about animations earlier, but I forgot what it said.


-Could potentially see about Cumflation Stages. Probably won't have so many stages though haha.

-Incest/family can't happen unfortunately. Stuff like that will get me in trouble with Patreon.

-Animations won't happen. If I were to do animations, it would be an a new game entirely. More images could potentially happen.

-I can see about being cum covered

-Options like that are generally tied to scenes being written. It could happen

Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck if you plan to make a game too. It's hard, but definitely rewarding!

I understand, so if it's not a problem, I would like to change a few things a little:

- Cumflation stages: I know there wouldn't be that many, but this was more of an idea because I'm an exaggerated person lol

-Incest/Family: I understand that the pantreon would complicate you, it's a shame but understandable, but wouldn't it be possible to include just a family system instead? Where the descendants don't just leave, for example, on the farm they produce Angel Milk and Devil Milk, maybe employ their children, and create a sort of mafia, you know?

- Animations: really, animations would completely change the experience, but would it be possible to just add images then? for example, the character was penetrating another character, then showing the character with a deformation on his belly if his dick is big enough to cause the deformation.

I thought about two more things here if it would be possible to add

- larger penis and breast size

- penetration of stomach deformation type fairies, they are small and can explode if they are penetrated by something very large, but there could be a magic that adds elasticity to the characters and this allows them to overcome the limits.


Family, I'll have to check with Patreon I think.

I'll generally try to add more images, but usually I don't show when characters interact, with rare exceptions like when Rinny is carrying Lust.

Larger sizes are planned. For the fairies, it's unlikely to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of stuff that seems like it would be really painful, even if you use magic to ease the pain.

It's understandable, if it's not something you feel comfortable developing in the game then you shouldn't do it, it could ruin the game experience, anyway you did a great job in this game.


Thank you for understanding!

Yo i got a request can you please add striped long socks

Its going be added soon


Longer than the striped socks currently in the game?



I'll see about it!

how do i find Cassie to do the picnic? i can't find her anywhere

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Either she's bugged out, or you need to check the milk farm or the forest

(1 edit)

i've slept multiple times and checked both places (multiple times as well) (though i haven't brought Cassie to the milk farm yet)

It's a know n bug, should be fixed in next version

I forgot to ask what stage are youin the game? And where are you sleeping? If you sleep in the abandoned town, she has a tendency to not come home.

i have beaten the gold mine and Allisa has done the hypnoaddiction

so it's a glitch

Should be fixed in the latest release. Sleep/leave the abandoned town, and she should return to the safe house!

I can't find Bell anymore. I already loked in the three spots where she should be but sche wasn't there.

Can anybody help with that or had the same issue?

Step on the spot she disappeared and she'll spawn in

I have an issue,  where my save file was corrupted and simply gives me the error message "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined". It is only my newest save that has been corrupted in this way, so I would only lose ~3 hours of progress, though, I would rather not lose any progress if a possible fix exists? The save is from 25/09/23.

Hmm, weird that only your latest save file has this error. You can try loading it in some previous versions of LD+, since it might be an initialization issue. If it works, make a save to update it, then try a later version.

I got it to work, thanks for the help. It seems to have been a problem of my installed game files, which only affected the newest save file for some reason. Completely deleting and reinstalling the game in the newest version worked (Which I tried after a new install of an older version also worked.).

Glad to hear!

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When I am doing one of the scenes with Kitty and choose the option to have him put his feet on me, I get an error saying that the image could not be found. The error specifically reads "Failed to load: img/pictures/KittyFeetF-b1.png". There is an option to retry but it doesn't work. I able to click the key that progresses dialogue but it gives a similar error each time, the only difference being the destination the image is supposed to be in. It doesn't let me progress past this and end the scene. Does this basically lock me out of progressing his story? How can I fix this?

Its going be fixed in next update

I was planning on duplicating one of the image files and renaming that duplicate to the unloadable file name. Do you think that would just mess things up when the update rolls around?

You got ask Invidi for that, but if I have to guess, its probably not be saved over in next update when you download the game again.

It'll be fixed, yes! And don't worry, that scene won't be a requirement for his route XD

how to get to gold mine

You have to do go in desert, find the slaver's hideout, and you do correct things [use wiki for help] and you be able to get to gold mine and do the mission


anyone know if the pc can become plus size


It's not in the game


Unfortunately unlikely to happen, as it requires duplicating all the torsos in the game.

I honestly can't figure out how to get a ticket to "New Upper Ark" I tried everything, and as I wrote before, even "lust doll Wiki" didn't help me Maybe someone I will send screenshots/short video step by step on how to obtain a ticket, because I just can't get into "Upper New Ark" at all 

(1 edit) (+1)

Go to slums, go to homeless people, you go to person who ask for food, give him food, sleep and give him food, repeat until he says something about new ark, and go to junk seller and get bad pass, and go to massage, and go ask Lin Lin and pay her, then got to TAT2 for good pass, and you can recreate good pass with ink pen [only if you have good pass in your inventory]

Thank you, without your help I wouldn't have gotten into "Upper New Ark" 

got error cannot read property 'name' of undefined after redefining a milk

(1 edit)

Did you try to tinker with items? Do you know which items you used?

Alternately, try r62 when it comes out. r61 introduced a different method of loading images which seems to be causing problems on certain devices. r62 reverts to the original method.

How do we fond the island



It's in the gallery in upper new Ark!

What do we do theres just people blocking it


Find the receptionist and approach her from behind, then go to the spot that a guard was standing in front of. Next, touch it, don't pay for damaging it and a scene will play out with the character discovering the Island

is anyone already beat the game?, if yes, can give me the save file? i'm really confuse with the quests(specifically on Cassie's rescue on getting sammy help) and the wiki is not helping


The quests shouldn't be too confusing, but did you get Fawns help first, and get Police protection for Cassie?

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okay forget about that,i don't really read the story because the text in the game randomly disappeared, i don't know i think it because my driver doesn't  support rpg maker mv game,and i have other problem, bell is gone, i'm trying to find her on forest park, transylvania ,and new ark city and she not there and i haven't start milking the cow questsCassie's rescue misson is completed by the way

You should get driver that supports RPG maker mv game if you can, but its easy to find Rinny and Bell

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Take a crap-ton-o-showers till a new scene pops.

In the Bathhouse, just to Clarify.

I love this game so much, I've completed it four times. I hope new update will come soon to complete it fifth time. Thank's so much indivi for creating this game:) 

Wow, that's quite a lot! Glad you're enjoying it and more is definitely on the way!

Hello, I have a question, can you get big breasts permanently? And how?

Yes, you can change it at start of the game when you create character, just go to genital and change breast size or use breast growth [spell] which is unlocked by doing Bell's quests after doing Rinny's quests, and also body workshop works too.

Body Workshop is probably the cheapest option.

Easy to find, quick to do, and forward.

Growth takes a while to get.

(2 edits)

I just got this error message while trying to go to the Newark underground mall. I'm using a TCL Tab 8 LE with the resolution at 800×1280


Try r62 when it comes out. r61 introduced a different method of loading images which seems to be causing problems on certain devices. r62 reverts to the original method.

Thank you... I'll make sure to!

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Hi Indivi, I've got a question:
Is there a way to download a certain version of LD+? I mean, is there a way to download version 53.0, or 55.0, or 56.0, you get it.. I haven't played LD in a while and I don't wanna take the risk to update from version 50.0 to 61.0 at once

(1 edit)

have you tried using k*mono-su (the archiver site) to get 53.0? I saw that it's possible to just download specific builds of the game


There is an archive of past releases here, although I think it's Windows only:

I think it might be okay to go straight to 61 from 50? It's mostly the earlier releases where systems get changed around a lot. Would probably be better to be safe though





I got a loading error when kitty is going to "step" on me. First time getting this bug

Thanks, it'll be fixed next release!

thanks, was using the PC version btw

Question: Is there a way to transfer your save data from android to PC?

Save files are stored in root, so you'll need root access to get to it. If you're able to extract the save file, it should theoretically be able to be transferred to a PC.

So it's not as easy as looking for the directory it saved in, huh?

Ainda espero uma atualização no desing, a primeira versão do jogo parece ser muito melhor visualmente que eu achei que era mod

O design gráfico provavelmente não mudará muito neste momento!

Is anyone else's game bugged? The message from Mikhael is still grayed out and says not available.

have you updated the game?

Make sure the title screen says r61 in the bottom right!

Ah yep thanks, that was the issue. It wasn't updating for some reason so I had to re install it

Hey indivi, I wanted to ask do you make special scenes for commission like (if I want to pay you to make something that afterwards of its creation you can post online as well for free too (if you want)) can you do that?, I don't want separate scene but would like it if you can extend the story after becoming foot slave in desert, do let me know if you do that and tell me a proper place where we can chat in private if possible. Thanks for the games man, you are awesome 😎 

Oh I generally don't accept commissions, but can certainly see about extended foot slave content. Feel free to post ideas for this if you have something you want to see, but no promises on whether certain things will get in or not! And thanks, glad you're enjoying the game!

Feet worship gang bang, where you are tied and you can feel every tongue going all over your feet, not even leaving a spot, and then cocks, along with continuous edging, it could be consequence of doing something bad

im having trouble with cassie and alissa, alissa has interrupted in bed and the shower and now i cant do either, she doesn't appear around town either so im not sure what do do next

(3 edits)

you should try changing clothes on Cassie until you get make her option and click on it.

thank you


Will the game have access to other languages in the future? Example: Portuguese and Spanish

Not happening.

Dev already points out that the game has too much Dialogue and interactions.

Not currently, since the game is in active development, so any translations would need to be reimplemented with each update.

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