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Hey random question but will we ever get special accesories or spells that are references to other games/anime/TV shows? I just think it would be funny to see some random references in the game.


Sometimes I do obscure/niche references in the dialogue, but I'll probably avoid outright featuring stuff from other series. Don't wanna risk getting a CAD letter or something haha

Speaking of, that fist of the north star reference was golden. 10/10 scene.

can not open in the Mac 

Night Star

4 years ago


Okay so I may have found the solution. I found this video that explained that the reason it would not work was because the file "Game" was missing the executable file it needed to launch the game. After running a certain command in my Terminal, I was finally able to launch the game, but now, nothing shows up. The game is apparently running, as I see it open on my desktop, but there is nothing to interact with. Here is the video I found. This video shows the problem I had before, but not the new problem.



4 years ago

Oh, no need to pick up rpg maker mv. Lust doll plus is made in rpg maker mv, so the solutions that apply to that program should theoretically work for LD+. Glad you could get it running, but oof at the new problem.

One other possibility is to just play the browser version, though you'll have to be very careful about not clearing your cache (which is where your save would be contained)


You can try the !zMAC USERS PLEASE READ.txt file for potential solutions to running on Mac. Otherwise, windows, or android would be the most reliable.

Depending on your Mac version, it might unfortunately just not be supported anymore:


Note that Apple removed support for RPG Maker MV (which Lust Doll+ runs on) with macOS Big Sur 11.0 and later. If you are using version 11+, you might need to play on browser, or use another device.


MZ is still supported so I guess you could find a rpg maker mz game and swap the content into it?

“It seems you can’t completely get rid of your genitals… what are you gonna do, piss out of your ass?”

Yes, it’s called a cloaca and is arguably the most efficient anatomy for discarding waste.

Sh*t it took me a while to understand what a Cloaca is.

The urinary system is the Cloaca, at least from my deep dive, it's perfect for humans as the urinary system, or the used to be cloaca is meant to be able to hold in pee until you deem in necessary to relieve yourself.

So technically? We do have it, it's just separated into a whole system.


lol, they're just being sassy. The bigger reason is because the game isn't designed to handle the player not having anything down there XD.

Makes sense. Compared to a lot of other stuff, there isn’t a whole lot of anal content.

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Man this game is great. Really remind me of Corruption of Champion. Congrats on 60 release btw

The original or the sequal?

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Both, i play both. Even the modded one

Who’s your favorite character in coc2?

Well i never think about it. So far my favorite is the first companion cat girl. although there still so much to find yet. Maybe will check the game again after finishing this lust doll new update.

Thank you! That was definitely an inspiration for this game!

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How do I get these damn mushrooms off me if I can't get up to the hospital in Upper New Ark 'cause i'm "Indecent" *gasp*. Am I boned?

Ask Nymosa.


The Big Village Momma.

In the hidden Village when you chase, and trap, the hunter using gaping plants.

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I played his little game of cat and mouse and cut him off but now he's just straight up gone. Edit: I found the secret path so that's solved.

Honestly I hate to say it, but I need a walkthrough or something with the amount of dead ends I've hit otherwise I'm just bumbling around. Maybe a bit more hints at the very least.

I don't like to "have my hand held" but geez am I always lost. 

Raise your Sense.

Hidden paths will be marked with a high enough sense.

Hola colega, una duda... ¿Puedo unirme a tu Discord...? Tengo 32 por si preguntas...

Puedes unirte, pero entiende que todo lo que aparece allí debe estar en inglés.

Oooow, mejor no, no se casi nada de inglés. Te deseo suerte colega...


A very interesting game, I think even without adult content, it is still a good game. By the way, what was the author's initial idea or mentality when making this game?


Thank you! I've definitely had people say that they are invested more for the story than the XXX parts.

I guess, I was thinking I'd make a game for content that I wanted to see, but didn't exist yet.

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Thank you for your answer :)


Been playing this game on-and-off for the past couple of years. So far it has grown to become one of my favorite adult games out there. It's got a lot of content that I like, and I'm always discovering something new with every play-through.

Overall, this is very fun to play, and I'm always looking forward to future updates!


Glad to hear! Thanks for sticking with it. Always working on adding new things for players to discover!


I'm gonna save Cassie


Well go get im.

Hey uh in my game bell disappeared after  body workshop 

After the body workshop you can ask Pixie, to study Bell, after that it's the Bathhouse deep in the forest.

That or she wandered off someway, somehow, and you need to trigger her box in Milk-Farm to spawn her and find her.

Deleted 43 days ago

Not a bug.

She is just.... Kinda into it.

Yeah I figured that out after playing some more.


what happened to gins path 


He's out there somewhere! Mainly waiting on certain content to be finished before I can put in his route's conclusion!

hey does anyone know how to get rid of old saves?

Go into options, and it'll be at the bottom!

How do we get slaves

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Kinda vague but basically.


And yes?

Is being willing still counted as a slave?


Just wanted to say that I really like your game, and I've been here since update 40 or so lol


Thank you! Nice, that's over a year and a half ago!


I've been here since  30-40 or so:D


Will there be H-animations in a future update?


Hope so.

I might be a little slow, but what are H-animations?


Always has been.

Animation for the sex


Unfortunately no, as that would completely change the kind of game this is!


Sorry I'm late for the 6-th release. I just wanted to say congrats on this milestone and I'm always happy with your work, i mainly learned about LD+ on new grounds. Then i was always a fan of it, keep up the great work


Thank you! I'll continue to work hard!

When Bella will be able to milk the mc? Are u even planning to do that?

A question I wanna know the answer of.

Might be possible with some coaxing! I'll likely focus on her route first though!

Ok, so I've seemed to have found the source of the Cassie disappearing glitch, anytime she goes out to get apples, she just wont come back, she isn't at the tree, and if I sleep, she'll show up for a sevond to give me them, but she'll disappear right after.

Apparently Rinny can also just vanish. Usually when she isn’t there, she’s at the entrance to New Arc. But I can’t seem to find her either. Whatever happened between the Patron release and the public release seems to be new. I’ve looked at both chats, and this one seems to be the only one with that issue. So it’s honestly really odd.

That's odd, I've seen Rinny at New Ark several times, but she hasn't disappeared, maybe the issue will only affect a certain character during a playthrough?

Well as long as Fawn doesn’t vanish, I’m fine. To me, she is the true love interest in all of this. Not to mention I kinda gave her a fertility pill and slept with her. No idea how this bug would affect pregnant characters, so I’m hoping she stays put. And it isn’t as if Cassie and Rinny COMPLETELY disappeared. I just need to go to the island if I wanna see them. Sadly can’t sleep with them there. But their bikinis are cute, so yeah.


Check around! She might be elsewhere...


Yep, it's a bug that can happen after gold mine. I'll fix it for next release!


I'm waiting for the ability to change the language to be added.


Sorry dude he already explained why different languages is an Idea that's at the very bottom of his list.


It's unfortunately not feasible, as translations would need to be reapplied with every new change to the game.


I really enjoyed the new update and the new addition to Cassie's storyline. Though as a random suggestion after finding out I could do this to Alissa, I think it would be nice if you could make alot more of the female cast permantly have dicks until you remove them.

Glad to hear! And haha, the others probably won't stand for it. Except maybe Bell XD


I would literally pay to play this game if the artstyle was not so goofy, in years all aspects of lust doll have been perfected EXCEPT the goofy artstyle. More sprites came in, more details also did, but whoever did the artstyle had way less development in time compared to the games story, world building, mechanics and such.


Personal preference here, I like the art style! Better than anything I could ever do.


Thank you, happy to hear!

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I personally think the NPCs have better art than the PC... also it can't be changed much because it's easier to put items on a fixed model than redo the character a bunch of times


It's definitely easier to make them look better, since they have less interchangeable parts!

(1 edit) (+2)

I'm actually a solo developer, so it's all done by me! Sorry to hear my art doesn't do it for you, but I'm happy the other parts are good! It's pretty unlikely to change at this point, as the art style needs to be consistent throughout the game.

Edit: you can also turn off the art in the options, so maybe that might work better for you?

Thanks for the clarification, it should be really hard to handle it all alone so I highly respect that. I love the game regardless the art so don't be sorry. Well for my small critique I did a tad bit harsh comparison since there is a lot of games out there with the opposite situation, especially all the nfsw visual novel 'games' factory-produced which basically abuse good drawing artists for a low-effort story game. It just becomes a nuisance to me, and ofc not to anybody else including you, that a game like lust doll I love for many reasons fall short on only thing I find in many other mediocre games. And I'm more sorry to say that your artstyle does look goofy to me.

I had a great time liberating the gold mine, but just a few things I'd like to ask about/for.

If I fail the Speech check with the slaves, how else can I get them to take up arms? I'm also curious whether or not I can take out the Iron Maiden without going through a skill check/fighting her. 

After the quest, though, the mines feel so... eerie, scary even, without any NPCs or enemies to interact with. It's still a nice source of cash from the Gold Ore spawns, but it'd be even greater if we could somehow start up our own mining operation there, or fight some enemies. Still, awesome update.


Glad you enjoyed it! There isn't currently a way to convince them otherwise, but maybe I can see about an alternate way of doing it.

What other ways do you want to use to take out the Maiden?

Indeed, the mines definitely do feel empty afterwards. I'm considering some potential events there for later on, but for the time being it'll stay empty

An event idea regarding that. But maybe you could bring Linda to the broken Iron Maiden and have her fix it up for you. And then it could be added as a new addition to your dungeon. Considering I’m pretty sure losing to it leads to a bad end, which are usually pretty kinky. Though Cassie would probably have some colorful things to say to the player for bringing it into the base at first. Especially when you consider she might have been subjected to it herself at some point in her past. Which could lead to a little bit of convincing that it isn’t so bad when in the right hands ie the player and the inviteable NPCs. Also maybe something extra to the dungeon itself is that you can have NPCs dom other NPCs. I mean, you CAN have more than one character in the dungeon at a time.

how to get past the giant plant.

There’s an NPC that gives you that information. Until you get it, the plant stays where it is.

Look for the Queen of the Fairies.

That's her the person you want to talk to.


ok i no that cos i haf talk to her but all she said whas we would like... a delicacy unattainable be ordianary means! a wonderful, delectable item that would mystify all who would taste it.


It's cheese




yes literal cheese

Remember to get fairy dust!


Happy solar eclipse!


Thanks, happy eclipse!


The gold mine gave me my first bad end.


It happens XD

Anyone know how to get rid of tentacle pregnancy? To this day I have no idea where to go to pop those suckers out. Maybe it’s just a time related thing? Like with the slime you just sleep once kind of thing? But even then it’s kinda weird. Slept like 6 times while carrying them around. Could also be bugged or something.

Go back to a save where you didnt have them, and try to avoid getting it again?


I FIGURED IT OUT! Finally. Okay so you just gotta sit on a toilet.


Good job.


Alynn is one cute cat... I miss Gin.

(1 edit) (+1)

We'll bring him home eventually! And glad you like Alynn!

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i'm not to sure why, but after I took Alissa to the first hypnotherapy session, Cassie has been gone, and I can't even find her at the Lake, Apple Tree, Milk Farm or Slaver Base, and I'm so confused. Please help.

Edit: I just got up to the point where you catch Alissa in the Dungeon in Transylvania for the first time, and then after that, Alissa quite literally just fell off the face of the earth. 

Okay so with this game you never really know. But when you say “literally” did she noclip through the floor or something? Or does she kinda just piss off somewhere that we probably don’t have access to yet?

There is a bug where after gold mine, Cassie won't return to the safe house. It'll be fixed for next release! I think Alissa should be fixed as well with her return?

Whos alissa


The bandit dog in the abandoned town


thank you

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Hey dev, I'm not a native speaker and I do not intend in teaching nobody about english grammar but shouldn't it say "I think me being there"?


Also thanks for the amazing job you're doing, absolute respect for what you do


I think it can go either way tbh. My being used as opposed to me isn’t all that uncommon.


Well then, nvm


Thanks! As mentioned, my being there can also be used!


Pretty niche, but looking forward to the small stuff like the fishing spot in the science lab! :p


Oh yeah, that was a thing wasn’t it. I forgot about that.


I definitely haven't forgotten about it! Something crazy planned there haha...

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May having found a bug, or I'm just dumb, but Cassie seems to have randomly disappeared, I checked the forest park, both near the tree and the river and shes not there, I havent invited her to the milk farm but either way she isn't there, Ive slept several times but shes still gone, and while I'm pretty sure its unrelated, she seemed to disappear after the dream. I've done all her quests, including the new one in the mine, so she should be at the safehouse and only leave to fish and collect apples.

There is a bug currently where after gold mine, she won't return to the safe house. I'll fix it for next release!




I've noticed that someone didn't like this string of comments. You can blame my disorders and lack of sleep for what I personally have said. Sorry for whatever I said wrong.


Odds are it was just some edgy kid trying to bring down the like to dislike ratio. There will be comments on here that are genuinely helpful, and then there will be a dislike on it for seemingly no reason. I mean, it’s the internet. In a world where you can say and do anything on here anonymously, it’s kind of to be expected that trolls exist. My advice is to just ignore it as best you can. It just seems to be random, so I doubt they’re targeting you specifically.

Seems like someone downvoted all the comments made at a time when the update almost came, might be related to someone being angry not being the first to coment about it


that makes sense. Thanks.

Yes XD


Hey Indivi, is it almost ready to be released to the public?

It's out!


Is it possible to know the approximate release time?

Not really sure.


7th every month.

That might be true, looking the release dates.


I dont mean to be rude, but waiting is traumatizing.


I absolutely agree

Does anyone know how to go on a date with Alissa?


Find out how to finish hypnosis addiction quest?

(1 edit)

I unfortunately haven't found out what I need to do to finish the quest:(

Edit: nvm I ran into Allisa by accident at the Main entrance of the Transylvania.


I wish i had that luck.

Hey Indivi, I found a bug involving the private dungeon that I didn't see in the patch notes. After me and Fawn left, it normally puts my clothes back on. But when I did it today they didn't get put back on. Even sleeping didn't do it. So I had to manually put my clothing back on. Don't know if you're aware of this.

Idk why you expected to get your clothes on after sleeping but it happened to me too

It was worth a shot

Thanks. Having trouble replicating it, so if you're able to tell me what steps you take to get this, it'll help a lot!

I don't know why it happened. I just know that I took Fawn to the PD and when I left with her I didn't have my clothes.

Do you know which equipment you used? Did you leave her in one of them, and then let her out before leaving?

Is the church still being worked on?


Where is the church?

UNA (Upper Newark)



More likely, it's in the mountain of things Indivi's still got to figure out. I asked about it awhile back and it was "I haven't forgotten it, it's just stuff needs to happen first" It will be done, but my understanding is it's a late-game area and some things in-game need to be resolved before the church will be opened up. However, I'm just a fan of the game, Indivi will be able to say for sure!

Pretty much this! Just so much to do...

I absolutely do have plans for it! Just on the back burner right now while I focus on desert stuff

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You know what would be interesting to see? Variations of the living underwear. Like maybe a more discrete version that has fewer tentacles but is far more intense. Alternatively, portal tech added to underwear could be interesting. You could leave the other side of the portal in various locations. And depending on where you do, it could lead to different bits of dialogue. Maybe even going as far as someone just swiping the other side for themselves wherever you left it. Causing a sort of side quest that requires you to find whoever decided to keep it. I always find gimmick clothing in fiction to be incredibly interesting. Living latex being a personal favorite of mine.

Actually, how likely would it be IF portal tech was added you could use both ends of the portal on yourself. Like if you had both male and female genitals, you could just walk around inside yourself. Could also lead to the possibility of the self impreg kink.

Potentially could happen! Would probably need some sort of plot attached to their existences though.

I do have plans for some sort of portal technology as well. And haha, I'm sure some people would get a kick out of self impregnation XD


Will the r60.0b finally be released to public?





Im now having doubts

(2 edits)

It released 25 or 26 minutes ago!

I know. Sadly, due to a long term unknown storage problem, i am still trying to download it.

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