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Warning, long "review "ahead, all of this is opinion, and does not detract from the fact that this project is clearly made with a lot of love.

After playing a bit more, I have to say your character writing and world-building are phenomenal, which makes me sad to admit that despite that, the game just isn't for me.

While I can tell you do a lot to cater to everyone's desires, the result is that if you have very specific wants (In my case, a cute futanari/trap who isn't a total doormat) you end up wandering for hours and often left wanting.

The game just isn't great at hinting what to do next, at multiple points I progressed by trial and error, doing things like purchasing a random item that seemed unrelated to anything or running into walls that had nothing to differentiate themselves from other walls.

Even so, you eventually end up at the point where every NPC is just looping their dialogue, quests are stuck at the [not available yet]  stage and you can't tell if that is because it's not yet implemented (Because sometimes the game outright tells you that, others it doesn't) or you haven't completed another quest line far enough... Or maybe you missed another easily overlooked item in a store you haven't bought.

Then you end up where I am, reluctantly doing things you know you aren't into and make you uncomfortable because nothing else seems to work. After all, despite disabling it, the the 'main story' made me go through a long dismemberment section which (despite offering to skip it,) it insisted was important. It also made me purposefully get infected by a flesh parasite to progress another quest line (despite having also disabled parasites). This leads to a feeling that doing extreme content that you're not into is not optional.

Then, if you didn't max out all stats in the beginning because you wanted some progression, you end up grinding for hours in case the lock is an arbitrary stat requirement (Which the game informs you of with varying consistency)

In the end, the lack of guidance and feeling you have to do things you don't like in hopes you might find the small pockets of content you do want make for a frustrating experience in an otherwise really solid game.

You crafted something amazing and special. It's a lack of direction and sections that made me feel awkward combined with sparse content that did excite me that made me realize it's just not my cup of tea. 'Trial and error' just isn't as fun when it feels like it forces me to engage with things I dislike.

Still, I will throw a couple of dollars your way to show my appreciation for your hard work, Please keep it up! Maybe one day when it's finished and I'm less of a wuss I will pick it up again!


Thanks for the review and consideration! And yeah, it can be admittedly difficult to find specific content. I try to be relatively realistic with where certain content can be experienced, but that does mean some kinks don't get a lot of action until I work on areas where they are present.

I don't know if there's a lot I can do to address your critique, but I'll try to learn from it. And thanks for giving it a go!

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Don't worry, I totally understand! As I said you really have something amazing going on! I know the intricacies that come with gamedev, especially such a grand project. I also note that you do try to take some anti-frustration methods (The shortcut teleporters for example, Thank heavens for those!)

The scenes you do have are nice, even if not catered to my sexual preferences they are well written and enjoyable to read just for that sake. For the character interactions and the plot. (Yeah, I'm watching this porn for the plot, who'd guess?)

That being said... After having mentioned how you clearly try your best to care for your players... We have to have a serious talk about the trading-hall-from-hell, the part where you have two rooms with nothing but NPCs wanting you to fetch things from all over the world... W-why?... For what reason? Who is this for? 

As a game developer and writer you sometimes have to ask yourself "Does this make the game better? Is this fun? Does it add important lore? Does it further character growth? Does it progress the story?" The answer to all of these seems to not just be 'no' but it seems to actively do the opposite for most of them. It...baffles me... don't get me wrong! Part of me thinks the concept is hilarious! But actually having to play through it... not as much.

I kept finding myself coming back to the game because it intrigued me, that was my stopping point... It just felt so pointlessly tedious for the sake of being pointless and tedious. In the end I looked it up on the wiki and decided that, even with that, it was a chore... After having figured everything else up till then out, it wasn't a long-lasting uncomfortable fetish scene that broke me, it was the "trading hall from hell"

So I end with the question, is there a reason it has to be like that? I felt the love and care you put into every facet of the game, how you hook the player and take them on a wild ride... So... why?


Thanks! Glad the QoL stuff is appreciated~. And to be honest, many people have told me they play this mainly for the plot haha XD.

Yeah, I don't think anyone's said that they really enjoyed the trading hall section of the Temple. It's meant to be something you come back to later on if you don't have what's needed to progress, but I understand that it's frustrating to handle. Here's some reasons for it:

1. I try to change the gameplay up and keep things fresh for the player, which leads to some experimental ideas. Some work out, others don't.

2. I only really have one month to both figure out what to build for the next release, and build it. In game development time, that's really not a lot to work with.

3. I don't generally go back and change or revise things once they are done. Usually, I just learned what I can and apply it in the future.

That's an understandable philosophy. And one I can respect and used to ascribe to myself. I also understand the pressure of having to put out content fast, please don't burn yourself out! If you need to take a break your players will understand.

One small thing I could suggest that may help ease confusion is to replace the "Not yet available" messages with "Not yet implemented" as 'available' is quite ambiguous and doesn't tell the player if they are missing something or if it's just not there, where "implemented" is more clear on that end.

For the the trading hall though, that one is harder, right now it is an avoidable example of a "wall" which serves no purpose other than to frustrate players.

What made me turn around and get fix these in my games was watching a video by the youtuber Josh Strife Hayes called "The Quit Moment". While it mostly deals with MMOs, I felt it applies in any game in a broader sense!

Of course, whether you want to go about changing it or not is up to you. An option if you don't want to outright remove it is to just make it feel less overwhelming.

For example by telling the player something like. "This looks like it will be a pain, but you should be able to make a path if you can just convince a few people to move out of the way." when they interact with their first obstacle NPC.

That way the player won't feel like they -have- to satisfy everyone there right away!


Thanks for understanding! Definitely doing what I can to pace myself and not burn out, but it can be tough for sure. I can see about changing the not available message to be more clear. As for the trading section, I'll try implementing a skip for people that get past the initial parts of it, so that they don't have to do the last half.

"The Quit Moment" is pretty interesting! Definitely makes a lot of sense for sure. I'll try to keep watch for avoiding stuff like that.

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In case anyone needs it, here is the dessert map. 

Might update in the future (yes, it's made in Paint)



Do u have the coordinates?

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0,0 is the square on top of the city oasis, so the center of the city, if that helps

Hmmm, do I need to lose to a harpy to go to their nest?

While you can go there, you can't interact with it. It's in the map because when you lose to a harpy and escape you spawn there, so you can use this to get out of the dessert safely


Really nifty game so far! Just wondering, so far all the futanari content (And the lone femboy) have been super submissive and rather limited. (Also it seems that none of them have the ability to impregnate the player)

It's pretty good but I can't help but think, am missing anything or is that pretty much it? No hope for a more switchy/dominant futa character encounter or a rare futanari (variant) enemy that can pin me down and put their baby inside me? (Or even just to make kitty give me his kittens?)

Regardless, It's really amazing, might not be 'it' for me, but loving the characters and world-building!


Futa, can impregnate.

Beat a Female Succubus, and use cock growth.


Ohh, I don't have that spell yet!
Guess that confirms there's no futa characters that 'top' or plans for them then?
Still something good!


Thanks! And yeah, still haven't gotten around to making a fully futa NPC yet, much less a domme one. It'll happen eventually!


This would be really lovely! I'm sure it would make a lot of people happy! Especially if for a change, you have a girl who actually takes pleasure in the risk of putting a baby inside you rather than you having to pretty much force her through tying her up like you have the others, Eehehe!


One of the NPCs has something like this tentatively planned~

Something that'd be nifty would be being able to milk Cassie with the portable milker when she is pregnant and has seen you being milked at the ranch before in the pillory stocks or somethin. It'd be a cool way to get Cassie's milk.


Hmm, I'll see about it!


where are the save files located? i wanna delete them but they arnt in the files

You need to root the phone for that.



Windows: C:\users\(username)\AppData\Local\UserData\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Mac: \Users\(username)\Library\Application Support\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Linux: \Users\(username)\.config\KADOKAWA\RPGMV\Default\Lust Doll Plus

(May need to sudo nautilus if you don't have access to .config)

Android: \data\data\indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus

(Requires root access. For android vers 11+, may also need an adb shell)

Quick question for everyone? Out of all of the characters so far if we have them all fight each other who will win and why?


(Spoilers) In terms of combat I feel like it would come down to Lyn-Lyn vs Linda.

Lyn-Lyn is an excellent and very experienced fighter, with her fighting in the ring daily and able to hit “weak points” all across the body to stun her enemies.

Linda has her parasite abilities, greatly enhancing her strength and endurance, as well as giving her a whole array of new abilities to take down her opponents.

Tho Linda outperforms Lyn-Lyn in strength, Lyn-Lyn still has a very decent chance to win thanks to her agility and Linda not knowing about protecting her own weak points.

Honorable mentions would be Edith (I think?) with her magic scythe and Camilla with her spores. But one is stationery.

Pixie would slaughter everyone, but even hypothetical scenarios cannot force that woman to fight unless she wanted to.


Thank for that you are trying to help but I allready visited wiki and I am there. It is amazing this amazing game has amazing comunity. Thanks again. 

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The newest version has a glitched Fawn. I've repeated the rope event multiple times, but it always reverts back to the "ask about rope" scene when I return to the shared apartment.

Edit: maybe my save hadn't worked out there is no issue after i checked again


Weird, but glad it works now.


you can add inflation and weight gain  

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Inflation already exists

and weight gain comes along with pregnancy 

but weight gain eat food 


It's unlikely, as it's not something I really understand



Is don the final boss?

No unless you're talking about Cassie's route, then yes, kinda.

Ye i forgot to talk to the policewoman so the game kept ending and i thought it was final boss

How can I get to upper new ark because I am stucked and I almost deleted this really good game because I dont know how to get further in story


talk to the hobos in the slums and one will tell you about a junk merchant that sells counterfeit passes. Use those for a low chance to get into Upper New Ark.

If you want a more expensive but fail proof way, go to the massage place and get a few happy endings from Lyn Lyn. Iirc eventually she’ll tell you about a guy that can turn those counterfeit passes into high quality ones for 500 bucks.

Once you have one you can also use an Ink Pen to repair passes yourself but there’s a good chance to ruin them completely. Iirc the INT stat increases the success chance.

I may have encountered a bug, Bell has wandered off as usual but I can't find her at anywhere, I searched the police station, the forest and the place with succubus but she's nowhere to be found


Make sure you've checked the square she was on in the milk farm! She won't appear anywhere else until you do!


So...i have aquestion...can you add vore?


There is Vore already.


where and it is safe?

Find the deserted base, but be warned... A game over will befall upon you if you get overpowered. 

Forest and deserted base


would you ever add more restraints in the private dungeon?


Potentially! There's a lot of people to be added first though

Anyone know what file I should download for a Laptop?


Thank you kindly.

I Love this game. hoping for more content and updates. Lastly, does anyone know how to cleanse the science tower in the city?


go to the lowest floor of the science tower and talk to the guy he will give you a option but it will cost you a fortune


Happy you're enjoying it! For the science Lab Tower, you'll also need to have done Linda's route up to a certain point

how can I earn the cat's  her trust


you mean Cassie? That’s part of a long quest line, I’ll quickly sum it up but it spoils most of the game.

First, make your way to New Ark City by leaving the abandoned town. Once in the slums, if you’re strong enough, you can anger one of the local crime lords henchmen. They will then take you to his lair where he offers you to retrieve his slave, Cassie.

Afterwards you go back to Cassie and talk to her. I don’t think you actually have an option to betray her, but either way when you next leave and return she’ll be gone. Going back to the crime lords lair you’ll find out his henchmen followed you and kidnapped her.

You then have to start a long quest of befriending various named characters across New Ark City, both in the slums and the central level, and together you’ll forge a plan to break her out. It’s possible to try at pretty much any point, but each additional character will either help you or give you information you need to make the breakout much easier.

Once you defeat the crime lord and get Cassie home safely you’ve gained her trust. It takes quite some time to do tho, so don’t focus on her too much and just enjoy the game. Saving her will come naturally as you progress through the game.



Damn the auto tickler is real btw will you add the chair from the ruined lab in lust doll classic?


Yep XD. And yes, it's planned!

les go

wdym auto tickler

its is bought in the science lab tower after remodeling the first 3 level

The game is fun, but it is too difficult to translate. I really hope to switch languages later.


Glad you're enjoying it! It'll unfortunately be a while for translations, since it's still in development


Thoughts on male pregnancy? Like with slime or eggs or something?


Anal pregnancy is actually intended for males! You can activate it with the pregnancy kink shrine


Dam. I haven't been able to find it in game and the wiki said you had to had to have a vag. (Unless I read it wrong of course.) Thanks for letting me know


Once Gin gets back, I know what my guy is gonna do!!


Deleted post

Well there kinda is Latex, and Wearable Rope, kinda.


Eh, calling that self bondage is a real stretch imo. The Shibari is from Fawn and the clothing from the Succubus Tower and that mall place are really just clothes with no real functional bondage element.

the closest things I could think of would be the living clothes and chastity belt, then giving away the key and/or storing the flute somewhere.

Tho I’d love to do some SB, maybe have some unique encounters based on where you are such as the raiders in the abandoned town or the fairies in the forest.


I can see about it! Will add those ideas to the list

Anyone know how to go on a date with Nymosa? The doll hinted as a clue, I have this doll in my inventory which I dont remember how I got it but cant seem to interact with it.


Have you finished her route? That's all that's needed to go on a date with her!

blep I forgot to turn on the specific shrine... date done and all is well.

I keep seeing on the wiki that you can sleep with Cassie when she's pregnant to unlock pregnancy clothes but I can't figure out how to, I thought maybe you have to sleep with her before pregnancy but it wouldn't let me then either....

No, its during pregnancy

(1 edit)

She won't be comfortable having sex so lust doll takes her to get new clothes (pretty sure its link to the sex dungeon)


Is there a wiki or anything that keeps track of the content to do? Has been a long time I've not played the game and I'm not really motivated to go through 30+ patchnotes to see all the things to do x3




Oww, es una pena, esperare entonces...


Una duda amigo: ¿Crees estar cerca de completar la historia? Amaría una traducción del juego al Español...


¡Aún quedan muchas cosas planeadas para la historia! Desgraciadamente todavía pasará mucho tiempo.

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i have to say this game is great i completed it fully two times now and still find it fun to play though i was wondering if possible if i could buy the game with the backer-exclusive scenes on itch as my credit card for some reason doesn't work on Patreon but does on itch.

any help would be great thanks

edit: i dont mind paying like 20$ to 30$ AUD if possible though if you think thats to low or to high i dont mind paying either way.

i was just hopeing you could post a paid version of the  backer-exclusive scenes on itch.


Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Right now, there's tentative plans to release a paid version with the backer scenes (not just on itch, but steam as well,) but it's mostly on the back burner right now, while I focus on just building the game first. Just know that something is in the works!

that's okay though im happy that it is in the works and don't worry take all the time you need :)


Why is everyone a girl where's the my boy's at


do you have male partners enabled? There’s certainly less guys than gals, but there’s a few around.


There's 3 named male NPC's, 4 if you include trap characters. I'm working on getting more in!


You really are worth our donates! Keep going man


Thank you! Doing what I can

Hello there, well, do we have the parasite form yet? I don't really remember how to get it

Parasite. No.

Mushroom. Yes.


gin has vanished were did he go 


if you haven't gotten to the current stopping point for his route in the public build then he's probably at the lake

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Help, I got cocked! (Spoilers for slums bar)

After defeating Lyn Lyn using “non-violent” matters, I went to get a massage from her and she took revenge. Now I have a penis. How do I get rid of it, sleeping didn’t help.

Also out of context, this may be the funniest paragraph I have ever written! 10/10 game!

You’re gonna have to go to the Succubus tower and get it removed, unless you have the spell to do it yourself. And I think you have to do some things before you get the option to have it removed at the tower. In the meantime, enjoy your Complementary Plumbing Upgrade™.


Haha, glad you're enjoying the game! And yeah, succubus Tower, plus go to your inner sanctum to change your pronouns back!

I'm curious about will have the ocean updates come out?

And how do i train Gin to finish mission.

Maid Outfit.

Spam train him, and leave, sleep, return, if he isn't there he is cleaning his clothes... 

Wait do you mean the first part?

You spam train him.

That's it basically.

of course,I  train him about 15 to 20 time,but the mission still on white words.

(1 edit)

The Maid outfit training?

Or the regular?

Has he ran away?

There are Three stages describe where you are.

he has run away once,but he is come back now,and yes I gave him maid outfit,and train him both way.

Potentially after I'm done with the desert! I have a lot of crazy stuff planned for it haha

im stuck atm, how do I get to the temple sections I've been seeing in the newgrounds updates?

Do you mean the inner temple, basically the Trial areas, it's part of the quest for Nymph, and Nymosa, if you finish the first part of the Temple aka saving Nymph, and Nymosa, from totally dangerous situations called being pampered by trading with multiple Foxgirl, and Catgirls, THEN you can proceed under the temple to do the Trials you can choose one of them to participate with you.

i haven't even gotten that far

Have you met Nymph, and Nymosa, in their village?

In the deeper forest you will meet a hunter, chase him around and find a way to block his path so that you can find where he hides.

After is another quest concerning a certain Alruane, you possibly meet earlier on.

To get to the deeper forest you must know the Fairy Queen, within the abandoned forest, after playing with them ask of the gaping plant, this needs a fully refurbished Milk-Farm, without it you lack the necessary item to go forward, which is Cheese....

You should be able to ask the slave people to be a slave and put in a cage so you can still do it after youve passed the thing

It just doesn't really makes sense with the narrative unfortunately.

ah ok

How small do the breasts get?

They can be flat!

That's fantastic to hear!

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I love this game! especially the little details! (mild spoilrts)

You can go to the party and once you remove the mask theyll come tie you up and tease you. However, if you have  Chastity Belt youll get awhole new dialoge! And the best part, if you wear living clothing then theyll comment on that too, being amazedby it! gotta see if i can get it to work with Parasites too.

Is there anything you can do at these parties or is it just a scene yor usto enjoy with no more quests to it? also is there a way to move into Upper New Ark? or at least get a "Permanent" pass, Also is there an intended way of defeating the science tower infestation that isnt fighting?

edit: Just finished the Don Quest and had a fight with Fawn. Im in UNA but cant find her, ive looked everywhere. where is she?

This game is so huuuuge i love it!


Very happy you're enjoying it so much! Glad to see the little details are appreciated~. For now, the parties are just a place to have some fun, although that might change in the future. There's no way to move up there yet or get a permanent pass. That's waiting on a certain route to be done. For the tower infestation, you do essentially have to fight. I could consider some obscure way to cheese the place I suppose?

For Fawn, make sure you've checked the club and talked to everyone there!

(1 edit)

Alright, sweet! Can’t wait for what’s to come, thanks!

As for the infestation, maybe you could use repulsion spray on the abomination during the fight, doing great damage and stunning it for a bit.

Alternatively you could brew together a stronger version of it using repulsion spray and maybe a new item like Worm Extract from the worm in the forest or Bug Venom or some other rare-ish item you can collect.

That could work! I'll see. It shouldn't be something too obvious I think

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I have a idea scene for fawn. 

soo what if she like eating breakfast and the context like" You grab fawn's hands and put the thumbs the side of table, you put a water of glass on the top fawn's thumbs, as you eats fawn food she struggling to not make the glass of water drop" Then when she tries too remove the glass by biting it we put another glass of water on the top of her head, after we finished her food we tease her. 

Is this too weird? 


Hmm, not quite sure I'm picturing it correctly, but I do approve of being mischievous to Fawn XD


Like that if you wondering

Hey could someone reply to this comment when the game is completely finished so I can play the finished project plz?


Probably, not soon

That's ok. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes. Wether it takes 1 year, 2 years, or longer, I just want to be notified when the game is finished, and I get an email every time someone replies to my comment.


good way of getting it done faster would be to interact with it and give the dev money

A Lot remains.


It'll probably still be years before it's done I think!

holy shit, 5 years of development and probably being years until finished? 

There's still definitely lots left to work on!


I accidentally progessed too far and made the game unplayable (Can not bang the catgirl)

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


What you mean by that?

Why that stop you, you can leave the abandoned town by giving her Fish, going to her Safehouse, climbing to the second floor opening her chest and using that key for the forest where you can save a Succubus, from fairies to which she will tell you another place to visit, going to New-Ark/Transylvania you can also meet random encounters to new areas.


his progress was too far to Slave hideout and Catgirl (Cassie)  stuck here until you explore Gold Mine with Mikael, i got this problem too and still waiting for Mine progress but apparently Indivi still focused on Nymosa rute rather than continuing Samuel's Mine

have to restart and speedrun handholding


I'm working on getting her back!


I wish there are some hints in the menu cuz its kinda confusing I had to visit the fandom for some stuff other than that its a fun casual game


Just wander about, No there isn't much clues given it just kinda let's you find things on your own.

Though to be honest some Quest have really specific requirements I wish it gave a clue about.

My brain function on somewhat od an idiot side so I really can't get the hint if its very subtle or of the sort😅


use the wiki


yeah I did its obvious that I would


Thanks! And yeah, it's admittedly pretty obscure at times.

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