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Hi, I can't find Bell (NPC), after she ran away the 2nd time. I've searched the 3 known spots for her, no luck. The renovation of the milk farm is still going and I think I need her to finish it. Any ideas?

Step on her usual block.

It needs you to trigger it so that she would spawn somewhere among those three areas.

Cheers Mate, that helped.



Everything from the character creation to the Story, the characters, and different Kinds of items, and the sauce is so Good, I LOVE IT, I freaking Love this game dude.


Glad you're enjoying it! I'll keep working!


okay so just hear me out on this:
adding facial hair as an option for (male) characters, possibly as an added use for the "shave-n-grow" kits.(?) 
Still, it's just an idea.


I can see about it!

I know there are already several types of ears, but I wanted something more "exotic", like that, something more mystical if possible in the future.


Like a halo?

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exactly that, as it is a fixed object, it is not necessary to move during certain poses, just keep the head in the same position and height.

and if it's also possible, to match the halo, to add these "wings" (this is more of a representation of wings but that's it in a way), I'm looking forward to the next update, I've seen the evolution of this project, don't give up on it .  👍

Hmm, I can see about it down the line.


New update hole room completely broken, crashes the game if you put your dick through, you also enter on the same side as nymosa, softlocking you.

Check Patreon. There should be a fix out.

Thanks, as mentioned should be fixed now! Nymosa's part of that room actually isn't ready yet

I just finished the dungeon, it was very good but I'd like to know if it would be possible to actually show the dick in Nymosa's mouth on her portrait during the scene.

Probably not, unfortunately. Would be weird for only her to get this, but would be way too much to go back and do this for everything in the game

if you put on the living bra and panties, how would you get them off?


Menu --> Inventory --> Flute --> Play

does somebody got a hint on how to get to the temple?

In the Abandoned town there is a forest which was once a Park.

There is a hidden grove where fairies scuttle towards when they feel danger.

Take their dust in a bottle and search for the hidden statue.

Prepare an Item that's fitting as a gift, Milk is favored.

When adventuring about you can come across Slavers, follow them to find the Milk Farm, beat them in any manner you desire and take the farm for yourself, Refurbish the abandoned room within the barn and buy the Refinery from New-Ark, insert milk within the Refinery to get Cheese.

To get the choice to ask about the forest gaping plant from the Queen within the hidden grove first play with her, afterwards you can ask about the gaping plant.

She will ask for a greater gift than before, give cheese.

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Waaaaa I need the last Update but Am don't  have money 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 💀


You can wait for the Seventh.

please make some way to move save files or export them somehow to move to pc, or load from file

Not sure what you're asking for, but you can check the readme for save file locations

yknow the game trials in tainted space by fenoxo? They have this method of saving to and loading from a file that isnt restricted by android being a bunch a shitheads

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's any way to do that with the engine I'm using, sorry.

dang, can you make it so u can edit stats during a save, I beat the whole story once, then got to the 100k part with the slave auction and decided to just do new game plus 

Nah, I'd rather people not jump straight to cheats to overcome the obstacles in the game, hence why you need to start a new game plus to change everything

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To transfer saves between PCs:

1) Open the save location on the old machine. Copy the saves onto an external device. Take note of what file number they are under. Save 1 is the auto-save and can be ignored.

2) Launch the game on the new machine. Make a character and save the game in all the same save file numbers from the old machine. The character name, stats, items etc. from these saves do not matter, since you won't be keeping them anyway.

3) Open the save location on the new machine. Select and delete every save in there (Save 1 can be ignored again). Open your external device and copy the old saves over.

Assuming everything was done in order, next time you launch the game from the new machine, your old saves will be playable.

I am not on pc, and my issue is with ACCESSING the save file location

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Do you wanna root your phone?


Then you can't reach them.

That or I'm mixing this game with another game.

How do i do anything with transylvania??? None of the places I've looked have explained what to do after i find it

Ask Rinny to join you and then go to the locked gate of the manor. Talk to the only npc there and then you can advance with the story

okay but how do I find Rinny?

She's in the succubus tower. If you go into transylvania and turn left you'll see a box with an exclamation point. Go onto that box and then you'll be granted access to succubus tower

Bottom left section of town.

The entrance still exists, even if your Senses stat is too low to see it. Just mash your face into the left wall until you step on it lol

Have playd and loveing the game so far but have not found anything Plus-size stuff just to chek is there BBW content or anything close too?

Yes there is currently.

That would be in the Deep Forest, after you find the Queen + Refinery, you need them to enter the deeper forest where you will meet the character.

thx m8 im assumeing the Char will be a bbw but on a side note is there a way to make the player a BBW? or is it the same Char in question who helps you do that?

Unfortunately it's not an Idea favored by the creator as of now.


welp time to wait and see then still thx for the help m8


It's more that it's not feasible, due to how many clothes and positions there are in the game.

Can I still come back and trigger the plot of a slave trade once I find my hiding place? That's the plot about 'Newt

I'm not sure what you mean. You can ask in your native language, and I'll try using Google translate to figure it out

a question out of curiosity cuz i tend to make "canon" runs where in case of games with relative big character customization and gear/clothing options having the character use default, or dev, look/gear/name etc. and for that I'm interested which characters r canon or from dev pov furry

Hmm, characters in the game currently are made to work regardless of furry or not, so I haven't decided whether anyone's canonically furry. I am considering an exclusively furry character down the line who won't have a non-furry form if that answers your question?

hey i have a question, how do i update the game to a newer version or do i just have to redo my progress?


For Android: Do NOT Delete the old game or your saves will be gone forever! Unpack the update directly over it and tell it to overwrite files. Your saves are kept inside the game folder itself, but are not part of the install package. The game creates the save folder as soon as there is at least 1 save to put inside it.

For everything besides Android: Just download and play. Saves are stored separately.

thank you for helping me, i really didn't want to redo my progress

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Have been trying long enought with the dessert to don't advance, do I have to be capture and run or solve the maze? In that case I would like to ask for a bit of help with it

Nevermind I had a map on the inventory, now I just need to kbow how to twke part of the auction

Glad you figured it out!

I hope down the road Linda will be datable, think it'd be fun to go on a date with her. More so if you guilt-tripped her when you fought her, like Linda's unsure whether Lust is messing with her again, really wants a date, or what. And, given how you treat handholding, waiting to see if Mistyra and Linda are going to be able to hold hands with Lust down the line! 

And, having taken Linda's glasses off and on again repeatedly, I love the humor in it!

It's planned, definitely! And haha, we'll see what happens there with Mistyra and Linda XD


theres a neried tail and ears, but no cock for it. whould it be a possibility to add a slit/internal prehensile tapered cock like that of a dolphin or whales? it would complete the look! i beggeth thee! thanks for making this game! 

I'll see about it, although I can't promise that it would be treated different from other cocks in the game aside from appearances (would just be too much work for something relatively fewer people will see.) And you're welcome!

can you tell me where and how to find gold mines in the desert?

It's not in the story yet. If you talk to Mikhail the slave leader he will take you there but it's not implemented yet.


hey indivi, will Nymph have lewd scenes later on? hehe, also, cant wait for u to release the 55.0 update ><

Most definitely! He actually has some in r55~

Will there be a translation into Russian?

Unfortunately unlikely, as it's not feasible to implement a translation while the game is still in production

- indivi

Curiosity got the best of me and I tried the black underwear from Lil shop o horrors and I can't take them off now. Help...

You have a Flute in your Inventory.

Use it.

Thanks. I already started a new game tho...

When is the next update just wondering

7th of every month.

Also the 21st if you're a Patron.

hey do you plan on adding away on capturing the wild animals in the future 

Probably unlikely I think


I just love how you treat handholding as some thoroughly depraved thing!

Noticed a spelling mistake when you are talking to Arlene about the desert maps. She says she can wait to see the Don's expression, it should be she CAN'T wait to see the Don's expression, And, I've said it before, but Arlene is total psychopath! 


The most depraved of acts XD

And thanks, will fix! And, she might be~.

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I don't know if this is a bug or something but even after giving Gin the maid dress Cassie still catches Gin being nude. Do I also need to watch his masturbation scene with the maid dress at the river to make it work?

Edit: Apparently you have to!

Yes, it's required to see those scenes first!

Does anyone know how to trigger the hypnoaddiction quest? I've already seen the scene with Alissa and Rinny at the dungeon in succubus tower. I've been going in and out of Transylvania too. No luck thus far

Catching Alissa, at the Transylvania entrance took me a while.

Try going to Cassie, and make her mention that Alissa, has been always out lately.

How to make cheese pls Help 💀

To make your own cheese or a slice, you must unlock the dairy farm, remodel the basement and buy the machine in the new upper ark shopping center. Then, go to the basement once remodeled and bought the machine, put the milk that you want to turn into cheese (it works with your milk too). Wait a few days and then return to the machine to get the cheese. You can make slices with a dull knife.

I can't find the heater on the mall for my farm :(


The heater is it Upper New Ark, not New Ark. You'll need a quality counterfeit pass (600 all told, 100 for a bad pass then 500 to fix it) plus money for the heater (1000 if memory serves), there's also a refinery (2000 gold) and another fridge (1000 gold) for the farm. Refinery comes into play when you need to get to the temple past the threatening plant.

I enabled pregnancy with ass but I haven't seen any way to get pregnant even when someone ejaculates in the protagonists ass. How do you get your character pregnant?

There is a 10% chance of getting pregnant after any scene that includes a vaginal creampie (assuming Lust Doll has a vagina). A fertility pill raises it to 100% for any scene. Please note that one pill guarantees only one pregnancy and must be taken again to re-apply the effect after delivery.

If the impregnation occurs successfully, the player receives a notification about the Pregnant: Early Stage effect. The early stage has no inherent effects on its own, but after a while it progresses to Pregnant: Late Stage. The last stage directly affects stats, adds a visible belly to Lust Doll's portrait, and modifies some encounters.

The last stage of pregnancy never goes away on its own; The only way to give birth is to visit the nursery in New Ark City. Some characters can be impregnated by the player. Unlike the player, those characters must take a fertility pill to get pregnant, which can be gifted to them; it is impossible to imbue them until some story progression is achieved with them.

Your pregnancy varies in the time it takes to develop, with some taking longer than others. In the last stage, its appearance changes and additional scenes become available.

Currently, the following characters can be impregnated: Alissa, Cassie, Fawn, Linda, Rinny.

Ass preggers won't happen just from ejaculating in there! It's something that can happen in meat parasite route!

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ok, I have a question… as I put on the antlers, made this really cute Deer avatar.. and when I go to put the beret from early on onto her it completely removes the antlers… I’m curious if there’s a way to make the beret* when wearing it with the antlers to have the antlers poke through it in coding.. probably not but just a note. 

*my phone hates this word


It's not really feasible, unfortunately.

All's fine the game is still great. 


A workaround could be adding a beret that comes with the antlers, but then it wouldn't really be your character's own antlers.

How to enter the upper new ark??

To enter upper new ark, you need to go to the new ark slums. And enter the black market and talk to the person who sells junk, 4 types of passes must come out, if they don't come out, go where the homeless people are, you will have to talk to the person who asks you for food, and the homeless person has to tell you what to access. new upper ark you have to talk to the junk seller, if you don't get it the first time you will have to sleep and try again until you get the indicated message, going to where we were now if we talk to the junk seller he will sell us 4 types of passes, all serve for the next step, go to the happy massages. and talk to lin lin, before that you will have to buy a massage, go have lin lin give you the massage and at the end of the massage lin lin will say that he knows someone who can make a fake replica of a real pass to enter a new upper ark, he will take us to the tattoo artist, the tattoo artist will charge us 500 credits to make a replica of the pass. After having a replica that the tattoo artist gave you after having paid the 500 credits, you can go to your condo to make replicas for yourself with an ink pen, you can get the ink pen in the renovation store in the misc section. for 2 credits, NOTE, you must pass the Agile skill test, with a difficulty of 15+(3*Nim)%. If you fail, the pass would be irremediably ruined. So, be very careful when trying it. I recommend that you have a spare pass. After that you can enter the new upper ark.

Thaks it's very helpful

it is a pleasure to help you.

how do i activate the orbs in the deserted base when trying to save linda?

u can't. there are paths around them, it takes a bit of wandering


You TEASE, Invidi! Expand the temple, but didn't have time to finish the trial? I'm going to sic Rinny on you because sending a hot succubus after you will surely be motivating right? 

One thing I am curious on, is I purchased a pass to the Gallery, went west instead of South, then when returned east I tried to go south and it said I needed to pay for a pass (which I should of had). Was that an oversight, or it is intentional? 100 gold isn't too much of a concern, just curious.

Biggest question is there's spots that aren't finished (like the locked door in Succubus Manor) that just seem to take a back seat to expanding new content. I'm sure you'll get to it eventually, just wondering why you introduce something and then it just says "not ready yet, come back later". Are the spots late game areas? Given that you introduced a couple of areas in UNA and they are just "come back later" I'm wondering what the heck those areas are gonna be like! 


haha, I just ran out of time, sorry! I'm working on it!

And thanks, I can fix that.

Some of the spots are late game stuff, others are just stuff I haven't gotten to yet because I'm working on other things XP. I'll get to them eventually, promise!


Are you going to be able to own slaves in the future


Probably unlikely, I think.

How do I make Gin be my Maid 🤣


Spam train him till you get to the third phase.

Be sure to have a whole set of Maid Clothes.

Where should I get the maid cloth pls help 😭👽

in the cemetery mansion, you have to look around to get all the set piece

Let Rinny, follow you near a gate, speak to the NPC besides the gate.

That triggers the questline.

how do i get to know rinny 


Trigger manor quest by making her follow you in Transylvania and talk to the NPC closest to the graveyard

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I spent almost 2 hours fucking around with random stuff at the mall 👍


Haha awesome XD

Hey indivi what are the plans for this game update wise down the road

Not much, just keep on trucking!


Hey indivi, will later updates have better customization for characters? Would be cool to be able to have more than 1 accessory on the face or wrists or anywhere really

Multiple accessories, probably not as it'll require changing the underlying system for that sort of thing. But more customizations, it's likely!

Hello. I want to ask you, will there be Russian language in the game? I would really like this game to have a translation, because the game is very interesting, but without translation it’s difficult to play it.


6 days ago

No other languages at the moment

Unfortunately unlikely, as it's not feasible to implement a translation while the game is still in production

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