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I just noticed I can't seem to run from any battles. I saw in the changelog for r45 that there was a bug fix for "being unable to run after Camilla fight". I skipped from r44 to r47, is this likely the cause? Is there a way to fix this? (I'm fine with editing the save if I have to)

Yeah, might be a bug from porting saves from older versions. You should be able to fix it by doing an underground arena fight


how do i progress gins route and add him to the island? ive been on a loop of training him then going to sleep. ive done all the possible choices and gotten the maid dress, aswell as the two choices when you find him washing his clothes. ive trained him roughly 140 times since ive gotten all the results and nothin' is happening

After much experimentation... it seems that you must see all three versions of the interaction between Gin and Cassie at the lake. The third can only be seen the day after a maid session.


I tried asking fawn to tie me with shibari when i had marker on my face and I got this error message. It only shows up after picking one of the 2 other shibari options that involve leaving after she gives you the dialogue saying she cant take you seriously.


Thanks, will investigate

I'm trying to do Bells route but I can't seem to find out how to get her out of the room she is stuck in and were she claims to see someone in the corner.


Talke to the kitsune across from the door.

thanks :D

I have been trying to figure out how to rescue Cassie for the past week or so now, and could REALLY use some hints or something right now.


Get lin lins help thats how i rescued her

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How exactly do I get her to help me tho?

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you have to learn the mens schedules from fawn then i went to lin lin paid 300 credits you can also get the mens schedule from lin lin you also get the schedule from sammy this makes you deal with less men while rescuing cassie you can ask lin lin to steal the guards key or to attack them.And if you go to the homeless area you can ask them to help you as protest then you find the hobo that went missing in the gentlemens club from there you can get the homeless into new ark and then u can get adrlenes helps! then u should be able to get cassie out safe and u dont have to leave the city 

Speak to Arlene, then visit the hobo area and get their help, before returning to Arlene! You'll need to sleep periodically to move events forward.

Deleted 84 days ago

He's talking about someone else.



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Read. He says "that cute chick in front of me this morning".


Hello is i visit the 24h fit gym in the game but i cant see any progress theres no growth in muscles but only strenght. Can u also Add bodyproportion as customization. Will be nice

It would be nice, and I love abs myself... but Indivi has said multiple times that it might be too much work right now. If the frame of the character's body changes, then so does every single piece of clothing in the game.


indivi, its the 7th of the next month right now, why is the public release of 47.1 not out right now???


Patience... please...


It's out!

is the update coming tomorrow 

It's out!

Cassie Vanished! I've literally looked everywhere and I can't find her. I've beaten the entire game up until the latest public version and she's nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where she went?

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She will sometimes leave the abandoned town completely if you've ever taken her to the milk farm.
She sometimes helps with work over there because she feels bad about getting milk for free.

Also if you tie her up in the dungeon and leave without freeing her, she will stay down there until you let her go, which would also prevent her from doing things in the forest or safe house.

You could Leave Cassie Tied? 

Huh... That's new info.

Hi I got infected and went to the science building but after the removal it changed my character from male to female is there a way to change them back to male or is it permanent?

Sex change only happens if you agree to be a science experiment. Parasite removal is it's own separate thing.

But yes, you can change back. Pretty much nothing in this game is permanent unless you want it to be. Visit the succubus workshop in Transylvania for genitalia related needs. Check the Little Shop O' Horrors for other body modifications.

Later on Rinny can give you a Spell that allows you to Add and Remove any Genitalia, that's the final thing she Teaches as of now.

hey how can I gain Cassie's trust?. even though I'm new to it


That's the Longest Quest in the Game, it's Fighting the Don, just Search for its Wiki as it would take too Long and I might make Mistypes that could Confuse the Process.

Here Link

wings (and/or shells) 

i kinda wanna make a turtle character but it just looks awkward without a backpiece. i dunno just a thought i had.  i do understand if it could be difficult with all the different poses the character might have at times. it could also possibly work as a clothing slot for things like backpacks and stuff.

like extra space to carry more items, 99 is a good limit but could be a little more XD

ay, i need a nice even 100 or else its not enough!

in all seriousness though i meant as more of a cosmetic thing


Wings is planned! Shell less likely I think

it was still worth a shot

what app/software is used to create the game, maybe I have to create a game for my college and I wanted to at least have my own ideas for the map, interface and characters, if you can talk about that, of course.

I use RPG maker MV! Good luck!

thanks for the answer, and about the statics appearing on the screen, and the character image, is it some plug-in or are they from the RPG maker itself, and the map, there is a way to customize it your way, like your game, the base map in separate colors, I like that style, but the editor only has paths of grass, stone, etc, is there a way to create these custom paths?

That's stuff that I coded and designed myself, so I don't think you'll find a plug-in for it anywhere. The tile maps is also something I made myself. It's not hard to make, but you'll probably need experience with art programs

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Q1: Are we gonna get Auto-Dildo/Auto-Cocksleeve scenes with Kitty? Or, just. Any new content with Kitty? I fuckin' love 'em and I really want more stuff revolving around them

Q2; Not a question, but like. please let us use the cock growth spell on Cassie, she's the only character out of the ones you can take to the dungeon who can't have that spell used on her and it makes me unreasonably distraught

Q3; should I even format me having several questions like this because it feels like it'd be more convenient to be able to answer each question separately but i feel like it could get old after a while

Q4; Can I commission the addition of a sidequest line idea I've been formulating? And if I can, what would be the cost?

Can't answer most but Cassie has a Cock Growth Scene already.

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I never have the option to use the cock growth spell in Cassie's dungeon scenes, am I just missing something?

Have you Learned the Skill? 

It works Perfectly fine for me.

I have next to everything in the game, is it a patreon-exclusive?

No it's  not, Have you seen her use the Spell on herself?

You are confusing Cassie for Rinny, I think.

1. Will have more stuff to do with Kitty for sure!

2. I'll see about this for Cassie!

3. Sure XD

4. I don't really accept commissions for side quests, but you can suggest an idea and I'll see!

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general outline of the sidequest i have in mind;

in a 2.5% chance when entering the wastelands, you encounter an enemy in a western getup. 

you're handed a forced loss to this person (you can't really tell gender based on first appearances; also the eyes in their portrait are hidden by their hat), and you get fake-out bad ending where you get shot in the gut and begin reminiscing on your (rather short) life.

you then wake up in a bed with the person who nearly just KILLED you sitting on a stool, to which they quote skyrim ("Hey, you. You're finally awake.") before telling you how they took you to their town's hospital and how you're currently healing. The person's name is Exiye, a notably androgynous boy with a very keen eye for things (in-battle, homeboy has a Lvl 99 in senses)

You wake up with 0 stamina, and the beds in this town don't give you any stamina back. After exploring the town, you realize you have no idea where you are, so you'll have to wait on the train in order to get out of this town; and said town only gets a train out/in every week, so you're stuck waiting for a few days. Hijinks ensue, including (but not limited to if you think of something). Doing just one of these things opens up the last one on this list.

-Wooing Exiye
-Wooing Padra (town bartender, she's notably scarred. physically or emotionally is up to you)

-Meet the town whore, Khrie (has one scene for every option in the sanctum. they will make fun of you no matter which one you pick, which will be either light-hearted or destructive if you have the added humiliation fetish option in the sanctum toggled)

-Figuring out the local church is worshipping... You?
-Obtaining a voodoo doll

And, last, but definitely not least;

-Finding out that this town in the middle of nowhere is actually literal goddamn purgatory. 

you take the train shortly after you discover this, and wake up in either Cassie's Safehouse with Cassie, The bedrooms of Succubus Tower with Rinny, or UNA's Hospital with Fawn, depending on which girl you've made the most progress with. You also get appearances from the minor characters if you have them unlocked! (Gin, Alissa, Nymosa and Nymph in the safehouse, Bell and Pixie in the succubus tower, and Cless, Kitty, Arlene and Sammy in the UNA hospital.)

You can visit this town again after this sidequest, but only occasionally; the Purgatory Train has a 25% chance of appearing between days, and if you miss it, you gotta wait on it again.

That's very involved! It's a neat idea, but I'll be honest, it's pretty unlikely to happen, sorry.

Deleted 66 days ago

Hey Indivi!

I was wondering about male pregnancy. Despite my searching I've yet to find it in game. I found an old comment of yours saying it could be found through the "meat parasite route" though I can't find this on the wiki which also don't have much info on male pregnancy.

I assume it has something to do with the hidden lab though I have only found the lab in lust doll and not lust doll plus due to my Senses being low and it being more annoying to level up than other stats.

Is this in the hidden lab and if so, what is the best way find it?


I Think you need to Admit Defeat to the Infected Scientists on the New Ark Lab.


It's only available in the abandoned military base, and only in the deepest levels, where you go to rescue Linda.

Lose to some tentacles. heh

Deleted 85 days ago

Official public release date is the 7th of the month.

Oh thanks i will delete thi

Hey Indivi, i'm willing to buy a perk at Patreon, but I need to know which ones have the special scenes, or as well the bad endings, Like the Don's or Camilla's or either a Bad Ending in general, does all the perks incluide them or just from Doll to above


Hey, thanks for the support! $5 tier will get you the backer downloads, which have the extra scenes unlocked!


Request; Can you add an imp tail to the tails catalogue? You know, like the ones the succubi/incubi have? I have two characters who are demons in their lore, but I'm stuck using one of the reptile tails as a placeholder for where a demon tail would be.

It's planned for a certain transformation later on!

I found your game a couple of days ago and have been loving it, but i was wondering if it's possible to transfer your save between the mobile and PC versions. I would like to be able to play both versions without having to play two different characters. It's fine if I'm not able to I'm just curious if it's possible.


It's pretty difficult to do unfortunately, and requires root access on your android device. I'd recommend to just play two different characters

I understand thank you

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How do I speak to the Don after asking Cassie about the desert town?

Answer to my question, crazy fish/human police? lady. Thanks!

Talk to Arlene.

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lipstck kit? where do I find this?

upper new ark city, but now I can't find the tribes people.

so... much.... trading..... how do you keep the ornamental blade?

Ornamental Blade is in the Transylvania Store Vania Goods, lipstick kit, is traded by one of the NPCs in the Spa, like the Mouse Suit.


Whats new in the update?

Pretty sure the 7th of every month for non-patrons

The top link in the devlog section should tell you what you want to know.



Would love to be able to play as a demon of some sort, and the character creator has the horns, but without the tail it's just not the same! Any plans to add a spaded tail to the character creator?

when creating the character I don't remember if you can do that, but throughout the game the option to change the body will be released, then you can modify it however you want, as in the photo, test other options and certainly something will interest you, there is numerous body modifications, but for now focus on the missions for you to unlock everything possible to do this.

Yes, that's planned for later!


Found first game 2 days ago and played that for hours! Super fun. Then today I realise there is an updated version? I love it! 

Also for such a lewd game I didn't expect it to have so many wholesome moments. Cassie is AMAZING! I love her so much!

If I had one complaint about the game, it's that there is no anal. I mean Rinny gave us the option to do it to her but when we ask her to grow a cock she can't do it to us or finish in us after having teased her.

I'm trying to play a feminine male character and with this game it's super easy. I just wish there was the option of anal. Especially with all the other kinks in the game (Including male pregnancy, though I've only seen the option and haven't found it in game, yet...)

In short, awesome game! Continue the amazing work! (Could use more anal)

Thank you, glad you're enjoying it so much! Keep an eye out for pillory stocks for more anal!

I was playing the game with my male character wearing ball vibrators and they went off and all it said was balls Just thought it was funny.


haha weird! I'll see if I can figure out what's up


I know the game is called Lust Doll, but will there ever be more wholesome activities like the secret wish? Such as getting headpats or laying in someones lap?


You asked the best question i hope indivi replies


I Also wish to Give Headpats.


Need this!


Everyone who want's this click the up arrow to upvote!!!


I can make this happen XD


Thank you very much!

Is Bell going to be the next character to added to the Private Dungeon? Also, will you be able to give her the fertility pill?


Not sure! But when that happens, you'll be able to give her fertility pill, yes!

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Bug report i did the fawn shibari rope scenes and after that the ropes are now stuck on character. send help

Did you ask her to Remove them?


thank you

hey, indivi. i have a quick request i want to see in build number r48.1:

inflation fetish as a toggle-able kink shrine in the sanctum.

and it would work with a bike pump that would be sold at sports flex.

the inflation fetish kink shrine would enable either: butt inflation, belly inflation, and breast inflation. or a strict mix of 2 of the 3.

(2 edits) (+1)

Probably unlikely, sorry! Already a lot of things planned and stuff to work on

I'm also not that big into inflation, so wouldn't be able to do much content with it.




ouch dreams crushed

no pressure, just, leave that idea for the future, I know how boring and boring it is to stay focused doing something you don't like, take it easy, working when you're not inspired doesn't work, get some rest 😁

Went past the previous mega sized breasts event before that update, hoping a future update can allow the character to permanently upgrade to mega sized.


Eventually will be able to!

How do you "get to know rinny" couse I've gotten the first bit of magic complete but know she just says maybe later

Walk around in town and talk to Random People by a Gate...

Oddly Specific? 

I don't think so.

has anyone found out what exactly was added to bells route?


Finish the Temple first, then talk to her!

Is the update for non Patreon going to be out today?

It's out!

Will you be adding to mystira/linda route couse i am still waiting to FISH IN THE GREEN, and it is an interesting story part


I haven't forgotten about it! There is something quite juicy in there XD

Does that mean we can fish in it?!


Not yet, but it'll come!

(4 edits)

Found a bug (r46.1)
If you scribble on Fawn's face and sleep, Fawn is supposed to draw on your face. I've tested it on r43.1.
But if you do the same thing in r46.1, Fawn's dialogue and actions work properly, but the markings Fawn puts on your face aren't rendered anymore.
Curiously, if you quit and reload the save while the markings are on your face, they do render once you get back into the save.
(I'm using the windows version.)
Edit: Mysteriously, it seems to be working now? I guess reloading the save while the marker was on did the trick?
Might wanna investigate this more.
Edit 2: You can give Fawn the fertility pill while you're in that state too. I feel like that should either lead to rejection because she can't take you seriously or it should lead to some special scene.

Thanks, weird! I'll look into it

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I got back into LD+ after 2 months and the bug does still persist on r48.1.
If you save and load immediately, it shows up without any problem.
It might just be related to me having an outdated intel iGPU, though
I don't mean to bother you too much when you're likely busy with other things, just wanted to inform you.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Bell`s route finally updated!!! Thank you very much! I`ve been waiting for this for years!!

haha it hasn't been that long, has it?

Since Bell`s update? I think pretty long. Maybe a year or something? I remember that u always said that rn you dont have time and Bell`s route would be expanded later. I am really glad that finally the time has come! Thank you very much for this update!


Oh, it's actually that most of Bell's stuff requires certain areas to be unlocked. That's why!

Trying to complete the "hang out with Cassie and Alissa" quest but I can't figure it out any help?

Change Cassie's Clothes repeatedly, Take a Bath with Cassie, Get Frisky with Cassie on the Bed, Alissa included.

(1 edit)

eh can someone tell how to do the hang out with Cassie and Alisa mission cuz I'm kinda stuck

You need to get Alissa to interrupt you and Cassie 3 times! The one most people miss is having to annoy Cassie (make her change clothes a lot. She can't be pregnant for this.)

And I find a strange  moment (bug?). Why Rinny kiss working on Whispers who cannot be lewded?


Good point! I'll fix that

Hi, I have a question. In future patch, what will be the Infected Scientist after we completely clean the lab? Interesting character and only one who does cumflation. It will be a pity to lose him. (Sorry for my bad English).


Hmm, not sure yet, I'll see! Still a long ways out from that fortunately

The Game is interesting...a Adult Game which appears rather story focused than Sex Scene focused due to being only images and text but i noticed that there r visuals on the character for the status lactating, slimy and parasite slimy but not for Arousal, slime pregnancy and cumflation, besides the belly, like water/cum/slime at the pussy and inner i wondered if u just never thought about adding it or no time/not interested in it?


Thanks! Stuff like that might get added later. Mostly just focused on content creation at the moment

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