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How do I increase my mystic sta?  I've been walking around for hrs trying to find a way to increase it also how do I get the pass to the top of the city?.

Look for succubus tower in Transylvania for mystic training! No way to get to top of city yet

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Hey indivi does anyone what you can do at the science tower in new ark or is that in development? By the way great game!

Still in development! And thanks!

Hey indivi . Recently my computer died and ive been trying to play this on my phone . The game runs however i cannot see any avatars or characters making it rather unplayable . This problem a bug or possible hardware issue?

Yeah, it might be a hardware issue. LD+ doesn't run well on older gen phones, so you might need to upgrade to play mobile. Also, sorry to hear about your computer!

well my phone got droped in the sink so i had to upgrade anyway . Works good now haha


Any plans to add more bondage kinks, like mummification? and maybe some latex stuff?


Oh yeah, for sure!

Colors update? Please? 

I love your game <3

Thank you! What do you mean by colors update?

Increase the number of colors a little more, and it would be nice to be able to change that "secondary color" (which occupies the center of the body in general, such as the belly and genitals).

And more dialogues with the neko pleeease :(


Ah okay, I'll see about it! And Cassie will get more content eventually!


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can you maby add straight jackets maby you can by thim in the Torture rack


Straitjackets will likely get in!

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will i hope i will be able to by it and were it runing arand the game

You know, this is just me being weird, but I was curious. Are you ever going to consider adding more options to feet creations? Such as allowing for hooves, wings, and fins for feet? You've got the ears, and the aquatic tail, so why not add in the option for hooved feet for the cow outfit, or for allowing steer horns at the creation?


It's actually on the to do list. So eventually!

Started exploring after a break and found the secret spot in the forest! But I couldn't find anything there. Is there a enemy or item I'm missing?


There might be! Check the area for hints on what's needed!

can't seem to find I require specific stats? I'm just running away from my catboy fans left and right XD


Just use fairy dust in the secret area XP


Thanks :3

hey indivi, would you maybe work in a sfw version for lust doll and rainy skies cause I might post a let's play of them on youtube if you do. but just so you're aware, I don't think the sfw should take away the option for being futa or hermaphrodite.t would just make the lower garments bulge slightly... also pls add the plus version save compatibility for lust doll or add a way to cheat your saves in...

Sorry, it would be a huge time commitment to try and censor everything for youtube! You can go into the options and disable PC and NPC portraits though, so that only text is displayed. If you do one, let me know!

Lust doll and lust doll plus are programmed in different languages, so it's incompatible.

i had some ideas and i think it would be cool in the game, like when we get pregnant, we could have the baby and an option to jump some years, and use his as an follower, idk it's just an idea but it would be very cool, also what do you plan for the next updates?

Hmm, will consider! For next update: dating Rinny, Rinny preggers, open up condo, milk farm

oh, looks cool! I shared this game with my friend and both of us had a question, we will be able to get deeper relation with the catgirl and the cowgirl?

I'm happy to hear about a Rinny update being planned. Rinny needs some loving

How Do you install the linux version when i run it it doesnt show my character

Run 'chmod +x ./nw' and then './nw' instead of './Game'.

can you delete old saves 


Yes, save file locations:

Windows: C:/users/(username)/AppData/Local/UserData/Default/Lust Doll Plus

Mac: /Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Default/Lust Doll Plus

Linux: /Users/(username)/.config/KADOKAWA/RPGMV/Default/Lust Doll Plus
(May need to sudo nautilus if you don't have access to .config)


thanks so mush i asdly made live 7 saves i dont whant

I really wish I could find what the latest LD+ update entails bc I'm not sure if I've done everything in the current version already


Check the readme file. There's a changelog! I'm also working on building a quest log into the game.

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I remember when I first played Lust doll it was nice. Though I didn't get to far it wasn't because I didn't enjoy it(I did enjoy it) it was simply cause I ended up forgetting but now that I've come across this and and read up on the things that you added into it compared to the 1st one I can't wait to get into this once again new fresh start and actually make sure to give it a timely playthrough.

Awesome! Welcome back to it~

Thank you:)

What is the Dream?


The dream happens based on how long you've been playing the game for. Don't worry about forcing it, because it'll for sure happen eventually.

Ruined lab the room with the chair seems to have pressure plate tiles anyone know what they do?


Might be a NG+ bug. It'll be fixed in next release

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Please help it's spreading the trigger tiles spilled out of the chair room making me pause every step outside of the room in the ruined lab this only happened because I spent 15 minutes stubbornly trying to find something because of the audio cue.

Just cleared my data off the app and just used the start mods and never touching that room until it's fixed also the start mod is there a better way to change stats yet?

Fight the slime. That should fix it.

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Man did I just create an account for just to ask this Question?

Well anyways, I wanted to know what "the Dream" is supposed to be, because I am trying for a while know figuring out what it is.

PS: Indivi keep up with the great work, it is insane that you are able to bring out a new Version of Lust Doll Plus every month and I hope that you are able to stay motivated to finish this game. (Btw I am sorry if what I wrote is difficult to understand, I am no native english speaker)

From what I got in the Discord the dream is playtime related so don't bother trying to activate it and play the game you'll naturally trigger it as you play unless you avoid sleeping.


Haha, nice XD. The dream happens based on how long you've been playing the game for. Don't worry about forcing it, because it'll for sure happen eventually. And thanks! It's tough, but I'm definitely used to it by now.

How do I get Rinny to teach me the other two skills?  She keeps saying I'm not ready.

im struggling with this too. please help!

She'll only teach drain kiss for now!

i restarted the game four times now while looking at the wiki. i guess its not in yet. oof


Wiki is for original Lust Doll, not Lust Doll Plus!

is there anywhere to check patch notes.

you can read a file called !readme in the game folder

In the readme file, and I also post the log on newgrounds, so you can check there!

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May I please be informed on how I might transfer my old savefile over to the new version on android?


if rooted you can found it in the folder android and copy and paste in the SD,later delete the apk and instal the new,make a new game,save after it loads and mame a new save, go to the older saves and paste it in the new folder


i have the newest android update, if you do it should work for you. just dpwnlpad the lqtest released apk, open it and itll take you to a permission page to uodate your existing game. click okay and then once its updated your origin save files should still be there. atleast mine were. hope it works for you!


Sorry, I had the wrong settings on the android version, which meant the new version gets treated as a separate app and savefiles wouldn't transfer. Please use the newest version, as that's the one with the right settings (which'll allow savefiles to be transferred to future releases.)


It's just awesome, i'm following your progress on the game for a long time, and if someone is thinking on modding the game, i suggest one that would make a lot of people crazy, animations to the sex scenes, if without animation they are good, think about it with animations.


Thanks! Haha, that'd def be neat to see!


Man, your work is awesome, i'm loving it, i hope one day i can support you on patreon!


Thanks, glad to hear!

Any hints on how to find the secret area in Forest Park?


If you have enough senses stat, it'll reveal itself to you!

Hello, really enjoying the game so far! One question that has been bugging me since I play Android. Will getting the new update make me lose my progress from last version?


Thanks! Nope, saves are retained (unless I do something dumb.) Update away!

Can I use save files from the original game?

Nope, sorry!


im so exited for the new update. gotta go free rinny.uwu


ye uwu


*notices the use of furry emoticons* 0w0 what's this?

sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity xD



Hey man,  i really enjoyed the game so far and i belive it has a big future with tons of new features yet to add, i dont know if you're planning on adding more languages, you got a community that can help you out with the whole translation thing!, im native spanish and if you ever need someone to translate the whole game im down for it! 


Thanks! Means a lot to hear it! There's been a bit of talk before about translating the game into other languages, though it might be tough, since the game is so text heavy! I'll keep it in mind!

There's a webpage you can use, its called Crowdin, but i think starting a project there costs money, however people can translate files from there, im not sure if its reliable tho, since there is a lot of people not helping at all. 

Hmm, thanks I'll keep it in mind!

when the new version ?


New version on patreon, with public version out first week of next month!


Keep up your Fantastic work with the game! I'm gonna take a break for a bit for a blast of new stuff later on!


Thanks, and sounds good!


Hey, I'm just curious if the main difference between LD and LD+ is more kinks or if you have more story added as well. If it's more kinks I will probably just stick with LD, but if there is added content or new characters I'll probably give LD+ a whirl too. I'm not huge on graphics so "increased graphics" by itself won't be enough to look at Lust Doll +.


Def more story and charas! It'll  continue past where original LD ends.

hey indivi, I'm stuck at the manor because i keep getting the bad end for edith. im at level 15 body and strength and there is no option for me to fight edith when spying on rinny, it simply takes me to the bad end when i attempt to rescue and "I'm not ready" to see what happens after. im really stuck on what to do please help!


Gotta wait for next release to continue!


It's been a long time. I'm happy to finally contribute to your ongoing projects. Lust Doll is my favourite rpg that has erotic elements, and Plus is looking even better; I even get to be a kitsune. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with the new system! Please take care, and remember to pace yourself as well.


Thank you! Glad to hear, and yes, I will~.

Will the game auto update with the next update when I’m playing on Android? If not, is there a way to get my saved data over without losing anything?


It doesn't update automatically. If you download the new apk and install it, the save files should automatically be retained.

Okay, thanks. And if it doesn’t (for example because of some bug or because my phone is old), can I just find the folders and change them around myself?

Should be okay? I don't know if anyone's tried, so can't say for sure.


You will always keep the saves when you install the new version (no matter the Android version you have) as long as you don't uninstall the previous version.

And you need root access to even see the folder where the saves are, so i wouldn't count on that.

I love this game but I like to know something. On Android, when you find the prisoners and need the key, can you not go any further in the game since (I assume) the key is in the room with Rinny?

Yes, that's where the current public version ends. Need to wait for next release!


Ok, kinda sad about that but take your time.

Is there a wiki for LDP? Becasue lust doll plus has tons of missing features that lust doll had an I think It would be helpful if lust doll plus had it's own wiki

There isn't, as far as I know. I'm doing a guide, but it's backer only, sorry!

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How did the Mansion scenario play out in the original lust doll if you had the dismemberment fetish blocked?

I'm really not a fan of dismemberment, even by non-gory magical means, but I was afraid that I would miss out on some story if I did block it. I mean, there was that whole sequence where Rinny carried you around in torso form. Was that whole sequence skipped if you block out dismemberment? It seems like it would be hard to adjust that whole sequence in comparison to a single sex scene. I'm curious how much is changed.


If you had dismemberment disabled, then a dialogue box would appear when you confronted 'the Master'.  It would warn you what was about to happen, and then offer to let you skip the sequence, with a brief description of what happened. If you decided to go ahead with it, then the game would proceed as if the option was enabled.

Yes, it basically skips the entire thing and goes straight to the end of it.

Is there an option to delete old save data? I can't seem to find one.

Alternately, where can I find the save data in Windows 10 to manually delete?

Here!: Windows: C:/users/(username)/AppData/Local/UserData/Default/Lust Doll Plus

Thank you. That subfolder was easy to miss.

How About The Android Version?

(Sori if bed eenglesh eets nout mai 1st language)

Unfortunately, not sure. I know you need to have root access to get to it though.

So I encountered a message in camilla's sequence that it's exclusive to patreon. Which tier do I need? The 5$?

Yes, $5 tier!

Just a question, in LD+ will there be Patreon-exclusive content? Or will all content appear in the later Public releases?

There's bad end extensions, that allow you to continue playing after reaching certain bad ends, to see what becomes of your character. This is backer exclusive, and will likely stay that way, sorry!

imma have to think about going patreon, thanks for keeping 99% of the game free tho!!

No prob! And thanks!

New question Will we be able to do more with pixie? Durring my rerun i remembered  that pixie is the most unintersting person to interact with heck dura's tree was more memorable and its an unmoving lady tree, so will there be more to do with Pixie in plus?

One other thing that isnt related to this question is will the shadow pendant and maybe the shadow gear have more do be done with them because the only people i found i could use the pendant on was Edith(shadow worm denial), Pixie(Doesn't work on her), and Linda(Scientific table that made 'adjustments' to you body while giving you a pleasurable feeling) everyone else didn't even have the option just curious.


Yes, more stuff to do with pixie planned! I'll probably be reworking the shadow pendant stuff though

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