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Um, I have an idea! Maybe because Cless tells us about the party, we could have a chance to run into him there? It would give the player another chance to have sex with him!

(Also is it a bug that despite having taken the fertility pill, when Gin cums inside during his 'test' it doesn't cause pregnancy?)


Could potentially happen!

And haha, undecided XD

Why are you use Mega to upload your last game build?


Just some extra links haha, guess it's unnecessary

Maybe some people can't dload through itch?

How do I get the Maid cclothes ?

You have to progress through the Mansion quest line. And throughout the mansion you can collect the whole outfit for free

After the quest you can buy the Maid and Butler outfits 

How do I get to that Quest

Walk around with Rinny in transylvania, near a blocked off area is a guy talk to him while having Rinny, she will ask for Assistance when she goes to the Manor.


Welp i got slime pregnant and i cant deliver the baby in the nursery i need help pls


Just go to sleep anywhere. Super simple.

Part of me wishes we could choose when to give birth to them, like other babies. Maybe I'm just weird, though. lol

best money making method?

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Depends on where your stats are currently sitting.

If you're a fresh-faced scrub with no stats higher than a 3, there's only 2 jobs you can do anyway: Roxy's Diner and the Gentlemen's Club.
Roxy's Diner pays quite poorly and trains speech (an almost useless stat), and can only be done 4 times per day. The Gentlemen's Club can be done as much as you have the stamina for it, but at a cost of 10 per session, you should only do it once or twice to get you some starting cash, so you can then enter New Ark.

Once you got your strength to at least 5, you can head to The Rock and talk to the man behind the bar to work as a bouncer. Pay is pretty decent and will also train strength further.

If you get your physical stats to a respectable balance (strength, nimble, and resistance averaging 10 or more), you can head back to the slums and give food to the hungry hobo every day in exchange for tips. Eventually he tells you the password to the underground arena in the slum's bar. Winning fights here is quick and easy money, but with the risk that Lin Lin might show up to fight you, and she is a formidable opponent. You don't lose anything for being defeated, but you can only attempt the fights 10 times a day.

For the long-term, by far the best at purely making money is strip teases in the Gentlemen's Club, but it's not fully worth it until you have respectably high stats in Res and Ero.
Res because that's where your max stamina comes from, and Ero because that's what affects the max money you can make.
With 16 or higher in both, and something to help you spam through the dialogue, you can easily make several thousand per minute.
As an added bonus, the location is very close to Lin Lin's massage parlor, who can get you all your stamina back for just 15 credits.

thanks for the help, i did do the gentlemens club to Lin Lin's strat before didnt know if it was the best or not lol

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why does he take your pass when you come in, does everyone in una do this as well? do they just have an infinite amount except for you? or do they have an infinite use pass that you just don't have access to


Yes. Fawn eventually tells you there's at least 2 types of passes. The one-time use passes the player is faking, and the incredibly difficult to obtain "permanent resident" passes like her family has.

From a lore perspective, I imagine there's also work visa type passes too, that will let you in repeatedly, but only for a job, and don't grant residency.


Do you have any hairstyles similar to this one?  If so, I must not have paid attention to the 3 places where you can change your hair


It's a nice hairstyle! I'll see about adding it

in a way, in my head it makes sense, even without the lower undies that is occupied by the shibary rope, and only with this shirt you can enter UNA without having the status of indecent, because in a way you are covering your private parts with the rope, I think that's it. 🧐

One Could use Spats to Overcome the effect "Indecent" unless of course  you don't  count this. 


Haha good catch, I'll fix this!


60 hours into the game and story finished, I became a testing maniac.  testing all combinations of effects and outfits.


Congrats, well done!

Where do you go to find update realese date

One week into each month. 7th or 8th.

Patrons get a temporarily exclusive update on the 21st (and have extended bad ends unlocked).

I can't get Lin Lin to teach me the Deep Breath technique.

You have to encounter her in the underground arena, and win using only physical attacks. No lewds or forcing her to masturbate, or it won't count.

Yeah, I only use Attack option, no spells or otherwise, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the Deep Breath technique. Did I screw up by completing the Don storyline, or am I just bugged?

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Then there should be no reason for you to not have it.
It's not a combat skill, by the way, but a passive improvement to the Guard command. It will still show up under the skills menu outside combat, though.

Hi, just wondering how you start the cassie arc? I've already been through the Rinny/Pixie quest and i know it has something to do with Gin, but is it like a random encounter that could happen any day or..?

Any help would be appreciated, even just pointing me generally in the right direction will do


The Guard to the Slums Entrance, Push him aside or trick him, come back to the Slums after a day or so. 


oooh i always agreed to, ahem, go to the basement. Didn't realise that the other options actually furthered the plot lmao. Thank you!!!

(was gonna delete the original comment but think I might keep it incase it helps other people)

So its annoying the hell outta me but I can't get Linda to come to the ruined lab you start the game in. I've finished the Meat Parasite part of the quest and interacted with the Tubes unless they're separate ones on the higher floors i somehow missed

Not sure. There aren't any other requirements I don't think

hey indivi, just wondering something but,

do any of the npcs (the ones with portraits) have a reaction to if you change your player character's gender in the new ark city lab?

Not particularly!



i got a little question about the kink "plus sized", my guess of what it means is characters with a bit more weight and the only character i saw that fits is Nimosa or how the tribe woman's name was, so i tried meeting her with the kink off but shevwas still the same...did i missed smth or what does the kink apply on?

(3 edits)

Nymosa will always be thicc. The kink toggle just switches whether or not she has "special scenes".

Just affects whether you get scenes with her!


Will there be crop-tops or vests in the future?


Most likely!


This may have been addressed before, but... what is the probability of adding some music? It doesn't have to be anything fancy (some public domain music) but think it'd be nice to have music for different areas (Abandoned Town has one, NAC (and slums and UNA) has one, Transylvania has one, a music for boss fights, etc) It'd add something to an already awesome game! 


At this point, I'd rather have a proper soundtrack commissioned, but it's very low on the priority list right now. Was also considering ambient background sounds, but that's also low on priorities haha


Took me a "few" But I finally got the Gin scene, Boy wanted to grow up but he kept the Dress. 

Gonna be a weird way to grow but grow nonetheless.

Really cant figure it out, just keep seeing comments about "Gin maid dress interaction". What am i supposed to do?

After A Maid session with Gin, wait around till only Gin disappears, Only Gin, if Cassie is gone as well it won't work, Catch him Cleaning his Panties while wearing a maid Dress first, then you can Wait till Cassie goes Fishing with Gin at the lake at the same time. 

Then and only then will he go. 

How do I get him to wear a Dress? 

Spam train him, you'll get a new Option eventually. Make sure you have a full set of Maids Clothes, Headband Etc...


He'll be fine XD


How do you make the dull knife sharp?


I... I don't think you can.

do the items in the shops rotate because I can't find the ninja mask or katana


They were moved to the forest temple in the last update.


I wonder if an auto milker will be added?

it will constantly milk you every so often for your milk and cum (like vibrators) and as long as you have empty bottles you can store them. 

Maybe add a scene with the original milk pump? I really want to see what happens if we get our partners' milk and cum as item (maybe buffs?)

I dunno...

Also when does edith get a route? I want to know....


There's a certain route planned involving her, but won't be for a little while!


Actually planning to add milk pump for private dungeon!


This game is great!

If you can/ when you get the time to, could you add more to the tickle torture kink? Maybe like  brushes that you could buy, or use to clear of the ink from the pen, oils or lotions, and maybe an electric toothbrush.

Some random ideas that you don't at all have to add, but would be out of this world could be things like shoes that have brushes, and instead of taking Fawn through with the vibrator, have maybe the option for those, or more of these kind of encounters. I wanna be able to tickle Pixie if we could/ take her down to the dungeon (If we already have the choice to, I haven't gotten there so ignore it), and or have like special stocks we have to buy with special brushes and stuff. 

I know your adding a lot, the gameplay takes awhile, so you really dont have to. If you choose to though, take your time, its not a priority for me at least, just thought I would share some fun ideas. Thank you for your game.

TLDR: Different Tickling stuff to add, and my thank you's...

100% agree.

Pixie currently does not have a route. I believe Bell is next on the list for the dungeon.


Thanks! I'll see about those ideas! And we'll get pixie some day...


After telling Cassie about Gin, he runs off. He appears in Island, but outside of that, where else can I find him? He isn't reappearing in the Forest Park.


That's it for his route for now!

(2 edits)

Alright, I am going insane doing this and I have been sitting for 2 hours doing this...
...but how do I get Cassie's and Gin's Maid Costume interaction that is required to unlock Gin on Island.

I have tried every combination in my mind that was conceivable, I did the Maid Costume scene with Gin, left the town and slept, before returning to check if he isn't there, followed by checking if Cassie is in her usual spot.

I did that 3 times and more already, arriving at the lake and having seen both the scene where I snatched on Gin and where I didn't and I have always done Gin's Maid scene the day before, yet no matter what I do, I can't trigger the 3rd interaction.

Am I just stupid or am I doing something wrong?


You need to see Gin as a maid by himself at the lake first, then Cassie and Gin at the lake, before the maid version of Cassie and Gin at the lake shows.

(1 edit)

I can't get cassie and gin at the lake at the same time.

(3 edits) (+2)

Try to leave the abandoned town and enter again. If you go to the forest park and Gin is there, leave the town and enter again. If he is gone from his usual spot DON'T go to the lake. I noticed that no matter how many times I enter and leave the town, Gin stays gone if you don't go in the lake. Though I'm not entirely sure if that's the case or if I'm just lucky. 

Anyway, if Gin is gone, don't go in the lake, go to the safehouse to see if Cassie is gone too. If she is there, leave the town and enter again without meeting Gin. If she's gone, then you have a huge chance that they're both in the lake. If not, repeat.

Can somebody help me please? How to catch hunter??? I know that i need to trap him, so i trapped him, but he ran away at the east. After that he disapperared forvever. I cant find him. I tried to go east but there is nothing here, only big plant, that you can poke and another plant that you can rub, but after you rub it you go back to the place where you started. And it would be also helpful if somebody tells me where can i find traps in this game? And the last one how to remove this mushroom on your head? Please, help! Because i am a little tired walking around

The hunter ran away to a village hidden where you last see him. Walk over one of the uppermost tiles and you'll find a hidden path. Someone there can get rid of the mushrooms.

 How do i carry on Bell's quest

You must have Pixie. 

Next you must have the Spa in the Inner Forest, then you can finish her updated route.

i think i somehow lost my chastity key and dont know where to find it..

You can give them to RNPCs or Romance Targets like Rinny, Cassie, Fawn, etc. Ask them about it.

Ive already tried that I think. I couldnt find any option for it. but I mightve missed something but Im also not sure what i couldve missed

Some people seem to be having issues with this, so I'll look into it


Found a rather odd bug to report. I left Rinny in the pillory, then came back into the dungeon to free her. She was nude when I stepped on the tile to leave, to which I thought "Ok, that's not normal, even for her". Then I saw that she was still my companion as I was roaming the abandoned town. I went to Transylvania, then immediately left to see if that would fix it... and she did stop following me... but she was still naked. She only put her clothes back on after I left, came back, and "had some fun".

Sorry if this is a bit long... tldr: Rinny is streaking.

Haha weird, I'll look into it!

Quick question: does Doll rank on patreon gives access to LD+ with scenes for bad ends? I mean full bad ends?

the Scenes for the Bad End.

So i get full version with everything from bad ends, ya? 

The Scenes afterwards.

Are they long? 

Yes, pickup the backer version on the patreon page, and it will have the bad ends unlocked!


looking forward to any new pixie content!!

(2 edits) (+2)

So much potential for them little fairies, be they their usual size, or change yours to theirs, or theirs to yours with magic.

Edit: Nevermind, I just found 'Pixie' now i get what you meant.

It'll be a little while, but we'll get to her! Really looking forward to making her route~

Uncaught Error: Header is Wrong. Plz Fix Dev.

Try re-downloading the game!


please add more masks and hopefully a plague doctor mask


This. A plague doctor mask would be so goddamn cool.


I'll see about it!

I just noticed I can't seem to run from any battles. I saw in the changelog for r45 that there was a bug fix for "being unable to run after Camilla fight". I skipped from r44 to r47, is this likely the cause? Is there a way to fix this? (I'm fine with editing the save if I have to)

Yeah, might be a bug from porting saves from older versions. You should be able to fix it by doing an underground arena fight


how do i progress gins route and add him to the island? ive been on a loop of training him then going to sleep. ive done all the possible choices and gotten the maid dress, aswell as the two choices when you find him washing his clothes. ive trained him roughly 140 times since ive gotten all the results and nothin' is happening

After much experimentation... it seems that you must see all three versions of the interaction between Gin and Cassie at the lake. The third can only be seen the day after a maid session.


I tried asking fawn to tie me with shibari when i had marker on my face and I got this error message. It only shows up after picking one of the 2 other shibari options that involve leaving after she gives you the dialogue saying she cant take you seriously.


Thanks, will investigate

I'm trying to do Bells route but I can't seem to find out how to get her out of the room she is stuck in and were she claims to see someone in the corner.


Talke to the kitsune across from the door.

thanks :D

I have been trying to figure out how to rescue Cassie for the past week or so now, and could REALLY use some hints or something right now.


Get lin lins help thats how i rescued her

(1 edit)


How exactly do I get her to help me tho?

(2 edits)

you have to learn the mens schedules from fawn then i went to lin lin paid 300 credits you can also get the mens schedule from lin lin you also get the schedule from sammy this makes you deal with less men while rescuing cassie you can ask lin lin to steal the guards key or to attack them.And if you go to the homeless area you can ask them to help you as protest then you find the hobo that went missing in the gentlemens club from there you can get the homeless into new ark and then u can get adrlenes helps! then u should be able to get cassie out safe and u dont have to leave the city 

Speak to Arlene, then visit the hobo area and get their help, before returning to Arlene! You'll need to sleep periodically to move events forward.

Deleted 1 year ago

He's talking about someone else.



(1 edit) (+1)

Read. He says "that cute chick in front of me this morning".


Hello is i visit the 24h fit gym in the game but i cant see any progress theres no growth in muscles but only strenght. Can u also Add bodyproportion as customization. Will be nice

It would be nice, and I love abs myself... but Indivi has said multiple times that it might be too much work right now. If the frame of the character's body changes, then so does every single piece of clothing in the game.


indivi, its the 7th of the next month right now, why is the public release of 47.1 not out right now???


Patience... please...


It's out!

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