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I'd love to see this on android (*´ω`*)


If it gets remade, it'll definitely be android compatible!

plz restart this program, i'm so intrigue by what'll happen next


Hopefully will one day!

I think you should uncancel this game sometime in the future since from the pictures it looks like a great game. If you ever do decide to uncancel it could you make it for android as well?


If I do, it'll definitely be android friendly!

Okay so the game crashed on the Brothel Work Scene. 

It will crash if you go to work without talking to triss first.

Can This Game Running In Linux 32 Bit

Should be okay, but make sure to read the !zLINUX USERS PLEASE READ.txt that comes with the linux version!

i'm planning to play this game and i wanted to know if player can be male

They can!

question is this game finished wasn't sure if this game was finished or not tbh just wanting to know 

It's a work in progress! It's the type of game that I can keep adding content to, so I'll likely continue working on it for a while!

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huh kind of thought the game was dead since the last update thing was like 2018 TwT or at least last I checked or rather the latest version is in 2018 but the more info section says something for it updated in 2022

Unfortunately, it's going to be on hiatus for a while, since I'm busy working on lust doll+

is the reason for the supposed 2022 update in the rainy day's more info section is cause of another one of your game's being updated aka Lust doll plus? 

Honestly, no idea!

wait how to go next after character desing?

Press Z, or at the bottom of the menu!


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So, u planning to make this into android? I tried emulating this in joiplay and it ended......badly

It's made in an older engine, which is incompatible with android, unfortunately

im hoping that once you finish lust dolls plus you will make a rainy skies plus as well , i absolutely love your work 


Hopefully I can! It's definitely one of my favourite settings!

ive never been much into text based games but I'm absolutely hooked on your work and imagination , that being said i would most definitely help support heavy rain or heavy rain plus , xD 

Thank you! I'm glad to hear! And I assume you mean rainy skies? XD

rainy skies.  lust dolls ldp. lust brave they have all captured my interest in many ways . ive gotten several friend to try them and they agree

Awesome, thanks for sharing my games with them!


Is it possible to make this for Android

It's made in an older engine, which is incompatible with android, unfortunately

i know the game is cancelled but is it the end once you get the spaceship?


Yes, that's as far as I got


I've read your replies about this game not going to continue development due to LD+ but I cant wait for a remake, this one has soo much potential that could tie in to other games you've made. Keep up the good work and can I get an idea of when Lust Doll Plus will be finished so I know when to expect a new game?


Thanks, I do hope to come back to this someday! Unfortunately, really not sure, there's still tons left to make for LD+!

Understood, thanks for replying!! 8-)

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Within the current version, is it possible to change into nothing as the player character and freely walk around as such without having the character exclaim that it's too bold of them to walk around like that? Any reply would be appreciated. ^.^

I don't think there is, unfortunately! It was planned for certain situations, but never got around to implementing it

Ahhh, okay. That's a shame. :( I really liked how in Lust Doll(+) you could just go around everywhere completely naked and get a few reactive dialogues from certain people. Perhaps when your vision is complete for Lust Doll+ and you take any necessary vacation time that you need afterwards, we'll see an update for this great game...just like all your games! ^.^


Haha, hopefully! I do hope to come back to this one day, as it's actually my favourite~.

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how can i prompted to use Safe-Word in Fawn ARC ? And can you add back the part that we can learn magic from Pixie ?

It'll happen as part of her story! Maybe with Pixie! Her part is being changed a little

Why does the character walk so slow

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Could be faster maybe! Unfortunately, this game is on hiatus while I work on Lust Doll+!

Can you make a mobile version of this game so far I liked the game.

Can't be ported to android, unfortunately. You can try joiplay to emulate it, some people have had success with that

I played this quite some time ago and absolutely loved it. I can't wait for either more content, or for you to make a remake.

Thank you! I'm planning a remake, but it'll be a long time till it happens I think!


is there any plan to add the mouse controls from Lust Doll Plus? i really liked the way that was controlling, but keyboard only is pretty off putting for me, as i lack coordination


This game was done in an older engine which doesn't support mouse! It's also on hiatus. If I remake it, it'll definitely have mouse support!


i appreciate the quick response, thank oyu and keep up the good work


I actually made an account just to say that you my dude are a super talented creator and I love this and LD+ I hope that someday soon you can come back and touch on this one again cause I love them both. ^3^ Lots of love.


Thank you! Rainy skies is actually my favourite, so I do definitely hope to come back to this at some point too!


No graphics in Wine. Please create a standalone Linux port.


Sorry, is not compatible!


Could you please port it to Linux, then?


It's not compatible!

its really good my guy


haha, thanks!

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Does anyone have a mac version like lust doll plus does. It's advertised but I have tried with wine and I keep getting the same errors. Like if someone got it to work with wine bottler for mac, please send it my way :3

It's made with an older game engine, without porting capabilities, so I'm afraid wine is the only option as far as I know

hey bro, you always surprise me with your games.


I'm very passionate about it!

Is there any emulator for this game on android?

Try joiplay!

I have a question is this game gonna be made for android some time in the near future

I'm afraid it's on hiatus while I work on lust doll+!

1. So yeah. I'm a big fan of games that let me(a guy) create my own harem(of girls). Im assuming I can, yeah? Sorry, I'm a small minded degenerate who's picky about I like. That said, I'm a fan of wide options for kinks and training my haremettes.

2. I love H RPGs and this one stuck out. Kinda feels like Strive for Power(an awesome text based TPG/slave management sim btw) meets Fallout, which piques my interest quite a bit.

3. Is this v0.1.2 the most current version out, and far along the dev cycoe would you say this title 8s in? Just curious mostly.

I'll check this out either way cuz it 'seems' like it'd be up my alley.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Collecting a 'harem' would've been the plan! (The idea being that you gather a bunch of crew on board your ship and be able to mess with them while also going out on missions)

Unfortunately, this game is actually on hiatus, as I'm completely focused on Lust Doll+ right now!


Well that's a shame.

haha indeed, sorry about that. Rainy Skies is actually one of my favourites, and I'd love to go back to this someday, but LD+ just gets way more support from people


it is what it is, I guess.

Screws over folks like me tho.

Oh well.

don't worry! LD+ is an equally amazing game!! indivi is such a talented creator

Will the game be updated with a full mac version now that the Wine Emulator doesn't work with the newest MacOS?

I'm afraid it's not possible, as it was made in a previous version of RPG maker that doesn't port to Mac

I understand. Thank you for getting back to me on it.

Deleted post

Unfortunately, it's made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android! You can try using joiplay to emulate it though, some people have had success doing that

Deleted post

haha too bad, but glad to hear it works for other games XD

Deleted post

Yep~, hope you're enjoying them!

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hey i think i found a way even if im 2 years late turn off the option (use ruby 1.8) it fixes it for me

Will this ever be on GameJolt?

It's here!:

I have an issue, might be more of a RPGMaker one still would like some help. when opened it loads for a bit in the minimum windows size and then closes automatically. Any ideas, not all RPGMaker games do this btw

Not sure, but I would try googling the issue and see if anyone else has a solution! If other RPG maker games are doing it too, it's likely a result of something on your computer. Try updating all your drivers, restarting, make sure nothing's running in the background, etc.

I'll try that, I immediately blamed antivirus's but ill look at my drivers thank you :)


What is the difference between this and and Mable Version?


Different main character, different systems!


Hi... I was wondering when will you update this game?


It's on hiatus at the moment, as I'm focused on building lust doll+ right now!


This game has a lot of potential, i really do hope it can live up to some expectation. I would love to see it be remastered and fully update with the kinks, characters, more story, more s e x and just everything else, Lust Doll +, a really good game, i just hope we can see this one up their too.



Thanks! I hope so too. Even if it's not as popular as LD+, this game still holds a special place in my heart


Can you add rainy skies to android please

Can't, it's not compatible!


o darn okay well I'm fine with lust doll plus 

Try some emulators before you give up on it some are more well purposed then others

nice game, hope it will get big as lust doll or even more

Thanks! Maybe one day

bug report, the right arrow key is not registering properly, in the menu it doesn't input at all and on the maps it's always active: forcing your character to move right and not letting them go left

One of your computer's devices (such as joystick, or even certain gaming keyboards) is causing this behaviour. Disable your devices, then reactivate one by one until you find the problem one, and leave that one disabled.

Reference: Certain Human Interface Devices can mess up directional input, for instance locking it as permanently up and to left. In my case, it was “HID-Compliant Consumer Control Device”.

-It started working after unplugging and replugging in my keyboard after a reset. (Turns out it was a small gaming keyboard)

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well there's my problem, apparently the USB controller I had plugged in was facedown in a way that its analog stick was stuck inputting right

Glad you found the problem!

any potential for furry content like LD+?


It's likely if I get the chance to come back to this!

If you could put it for android would you have to remake the game

Yes, it would need to be remade to be put on android!

o okay I just wanted to know I cant play this game because I dont have a computer I'm to poor to get one for now

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