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Big question, does this game have mods or cheats like Lust Doll+ does?

every time I try to work at the brothel the game crashes can you fix it or is this game dead?

Are there any plans to incorporate starting off as a furry/different race or transformations into them?

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This game is actually on hiatus while I focus on lust doll+

Whats the difference between Rainy Skies and Rainy Skies(Mable Version)?

Lust Doll+ was really good so want to try one of these next but not sure which to go for

to be honest, I didn’t get far with either version, so it’s fine if you want to try both.


there we go


Eating Popcorn png images | PNGWing


damn, for whatever reason it does not actually post the image, despite having the preview showing the image itself


me waiting for the next comment of whether or not it will come to android despite them only needing to look once to see the answer:Image result for popcorn eating


Will this ever come out for Android?


Unfortunately this game was made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android.

awe man...hey, do you plan to make a new game in the future?

right now, I’m mainly focusing on lust doll plus!


Please do more android downloads for your games! Please! 🙏


Any plan for an Android version I've played lust doll plus ((love it)) and I'm about to start playing elf jail


It's made in an old engine, which doesn't support porting to android unfortunately. Glad to hear you're enjoying LD+!


I hope this gets worked on after lust doll gets completed or even sooner. Game is fun though.


Hopefully one day!


I'd totally play if the dev made a mobile version. I mean it can't be that hard, they've already made mobile versions of 2 of their other game what's one more, right?

The engine they used to make this doesnt support moble


Indivi, do you think about remaking it for mobile (in the new engine since you already have the base of the scenario, story and characters) like you did with Lust Doll, transforming it into Lust Doll Plus? It would be really amazing I would like it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Look at the other comments below, Indivi has already answered this.


I'd certainly like to, but it will probably end up very different, so that it's not just 'lust doll, but in space'.

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This is sad but okay;-; thank you for try 

does this game has pregnancy

There in Planned/potential kinks list: above the comment section.

Will the game work on the phone?


Unfortunately no. Made in an older engine that doesn't port


It is sad


Is there any content after you deal with the Red vipers and get the ship? I can't seem to find Gram City and the Spaceport is in dev


That's pretty much it I'm afraid. I didn't get overly far in development before focusing fully on LD+

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Anyone know a quick way to grind for money after the slime dungeon and mad scientist girl?


look for trash in the gunk yard.

Its a good grind and its kinda the only way.

Will there be more language option? (even robot translation)


Unfortunately, it's not being worked on as I'm focused on lust doll plus currently

which (Game.) in the zip file the one for linux


There isn't one unfortunately. It's only for windows

All RPGVXAce made works before Rainy Skies will not start. The symptom is that after starting the game, the window opens, but it remains dark and crashes before the title or other information appears. I have tried to find out the cause of the problem, but I can't. Can you help me? Or does anyone else have the same problem?


Unfortunately, I don't know. One of the reasons for switching to MV is because it's more reliable


Are you still working on this game


Unfortunately not right now. Focusing on lust doll+

Are you warking on this game now or only ld?


Only lust doll now!


Wonder if this'll be for mobile someday


Unfortunately, it's made in an engine that doesn't support it. If I come back to this later though, it'll definitely be mobile friendly

it crashed after I killed a slug. Sad times indeed


Yeah, it's a pretty dated engine now

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One day!

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u mentioned framework..

what technologies are u using?


Just RPG maker mv!

will this be available in Newgrounds like Lust Doll+ ?


It's made in an older engine which isn't compatible unfortunately

alright, one more question, is the wine emulator required to play it?

the game crashes whenever i beat an enemy.

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Shouldn't be required! What OS are you playing on

I'm using windows 10


I'd love to see this on android (*´ω`*)


If it gets remade, it'll definitely be android compatible!

plz restart this program, i'm so intrigue by what'll happen next


Hopefully will one day!

I think you should uncancel this game sometime in the future since from the pictures it looks like a great game. If you ever do decide to uncancel it could you make it for android as well?


If I do, it'll definitely be android friendly!

Okay so the game crashed on the Brothel Work Scene. 

It will crash if you go to work without talking to triss first.

Can This Game Running In Linux 32 Bit

Should be okay, but make sure to read the !zLINUX USERS PLEASE READ.txt that comes with the linux version!

i'm planning to play this game and i wanted to know if player can be male

They can!

question is this game finished wasn't sure if this game was finished or not tbh just wanting to know 

It's a work in progress! It's the type of game that I can keep adding content to, so I'll likely continue working on it for a while!

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huh kind of thought the game was dead since the last update thing was like 2018 TwT or at least last I checked or rather the latest version is in 2018 but the more info section says something for it updated in 2022

Unfortunately, it's going to be on hiatus for a while, since I'm busy working on lust doll+

is the reason for the supposed 2022 update in the rainy day's more info section is cause of another one of your game's being updated aka Lust doll plus? 

Honestly, no idea!

wait how to go next after character desing?

Press Z, or at the bottom of the menu!


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So, u planning to make this into android? I tried emulating this in joiplay and it ended......badly

It's made in an older engine, which is incompatible with android, unfortunately

im hoping that once you finish lust dolls plus you will make a rainy skies plus as well , i absolutely love your work 


Hopefully I can! It's definitely one of my favourite settings!

ive never been much into text based games but I'm absolutely hooked on your work and imagination , that being said i would most definitely help support heavy rain or heavy rain plus , xD 

Thank you! I'm glad to hear! And I assume you mean rainy skies? XD

rainy skies.  lust dolls ldp. lust brave they have all captured my interest in many ways . ive gotten several friend to try them and they agree

Awesome, thanks for sharing my games with them!


Is it possible to make this for Android

It's made in an older engine, which is incompatible with android, unfortunately

i know the game is cancelled but is it the end once you get the spaceship?


Yes, that's as far as I got

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