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*Playable in Windows, and on Linux/Mac using Wine emulator (https://www.winehq.org/)
*Also note, this game's still pretty brand spanking new, so while most of the core systems are in place, a lot of the content is still being developed! For a decent idea of what kind of game it'll be like, check out my other game, Lust Doll, also on here! Link

Latest versions on my tumblr/patreon!
Game Blog: http://indivigames.tumblr.com/
Patreon: http://patreon.com/indivi
Discord: https://discord.gg/nKQGYKk

Note: A long while back, I released another game also called Rainy Skies (which unfortunately is now cancelled.) This game is a re-imagining of that one's story, in a framework that more closely resembles Lust Doll, another game of mine.

Rainy Skies is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. You start off as a nobody junker, living a bleak, unfulfilling life in the Junkyards, until certain events causes you to leave it all behind and venture out into the world to make a name for yourself. Your goal is to obtain friends, power and resources, and eventually make your way up to the next stratum far above you, where everything is said to be that much better. Though who knows what it'll take to get there...

Features (some planned/still in the workings):
-Customizable body for the player character, and partially for party members. Be able to play with your choice of having large breasts or being flat-chested (or anything in between.) Choose whether to have a cock, pussy, or both. Change your hairstyles, skin and eye colour as you see fit. Be able to make your party members all futas, or all have massive boobies (or none!)

-Customizable clothes for the player character, and also any party members. Dress as neat or as sluttily as you want (at least once you have the confidence!) Party members will protest if you try to dress them in indecent clothing, or make them walk around exposed, but they might change their minds with enough training...

-Disable certain kink content that's unsettling to some. These kinks in particular can be disabled: Futanari, Foot Kink, Trap Sex, Detached Body Parts, Sexual Body Parts Transformations, Pregnancy. Note: the game will be mostly focused around female partners/ monsters.

-Obtain your own private dungeon, which you'll be able to stock with all sorts of weird bondage equipment and machines. Use them yourself, or put others into them, such as your party members, or any captives/victims you want to interrogate or just play with.

-A massive open world for you to explore. Fly different spaceships out to the furthest reaches of the world. Meet different girls, follow their storylines and bring them to your side (Then bring them home to do naughty things with them~.)

Planned/potential kinks list:
BDSM/ Sex 'Games'
Corruption/ Training
Living/ Parasite Clothing
Public Humiliation/ Exposure
Orgasm Denial and Orgasm Overload
Feet Tickling/ Foot Play
Upperbody Tickling
Breast Milking/ Nipple Play
Hypnotism/Mind Control
Anal/ Spanking
Futanari/ Dickgirls
Male To Female Transformation
Drastic Breast Growth (Milking/Nipple Play)
Trap Sex

Also, if you like how this sounds, please also check out my previous game: Lust Doll, which plays very similarly (and is the predecessor to this game!)

Lust Doll: https://indivi.itch.io/lustdoll

If you’d like to support the development of my games, please check out my Patreon!

Game Blog: http://indivigames.tumblr.com/
Patreon: http://patreon.com/indivi
Discord: https://discord.gg/nKQGYKk


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Hey am a fan and i wana ask will you ever make an Android version pls?

Unfortunately, it's made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android! You can try using joiplay to emulate it though, some people have had success doing that

it didn't work for me but I tried it on other games that doesn't support Android and it worked!!!

So thank you.

haha too bad, but glad to hear it works for other games XD

but at least I can play games like elf jail or lust doll plus 

Yep~, hope you're enjoying them!

Will this ever be on GameJolt?

It's here!: https://gamejolt.com/games/rainyskies/372947


I have an issue, might be more of a RPGMaker one still would like some help. when opened it loads for a bit in the minimum windows size and then closes automatically. Any ideas, not all RPGMaker games do this btw

Not sure, but I would try googling the issue and see if anyone else has a solution! If other RPG maker games are doing it too, it's likely a result of something on your computer. Try updating all your drivers, restarting, make sure nothing's running in the background, etc.

I'll try that, I immediately blamed antivirus's but ill look at my drivers thank you :)


What is the difference between this and and Mable Version?


Different main character, different systems!


Hi... I was wondering when will you update this game?


It's on hiatus at the moment, as I'm focused on building lust doll+ right now!


This game has a lot of potential, i really do hope it can live up to some expectation. I would love to see it be remastered and fully update with the kinks, characters, more story, more s e x and just everything else, Lust Doll +, a really good game, i just hope we can see this one up their too.



Thanks! I hope so too. Even if it's not as popular as LD+, this game still holds a special place in my heart


Can you add rainy skies to android please

Can't, it's not compatible!


o darn okay well I'm fine with lust doll plus 

Try some emulators before you give up on it some are more well purposed then others

nice game, hope it will get big as lust doll or even more

Thanks! Maybe one day

bug report, the right arrow key is not registering properly, in the menu it doesn't input at all and on the maps it's always active: forcing your character to move right and not letting them go left

One of your computer's devices (such as joystick, or even certain gaming keyboards) is causing this behaviour. Disable your devices, then reactivate one by one until you find the problem one, and leave that one disabled.

Reference: Certain Human Interface Devices can mess up directional input, for instance locking it as permanently up and to left. In my case, it was “HID-Compliant Consumer Control Device”.

-It started working after unplugging and replugging in my keyboard after a reset. (Turns out it was a small gaming keyboard)

(1 edit)

well there's my problem, apparently the USB controller I had plugged in was facedown in a way that its analog stick was stuck inputting right

Glad you found the problem!

any potential for furry content like LD+?

It's likely if I get the chance to come back to this!

If you could put it for android would you have to remake the game

Yes, it would need to be remade to be put on android!

o okay I just wanted to know I cant play this game because I dont have a computer I'm to poor to get one for now

I was androids version

It's not compatible, unfortunately

how do I get this to work on mac?

https://www.winehq.org/ would be your best bet!

can you finish this

Wish I could even begin it. One day...

the thing is the software this was made with is outdated i remember when you made lust doll with it


Yes, it would need to be remade in the new engine!

agreed mate

agreed mate

Can you make it for android please

Can't! Was made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android!

Will this be available on android

Unfortunately, nope. It was made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android.

After my first fight (with some leeches), the game instantly crashes with an error message. Looks like it can't find the value for experience points or something.

It's a shame too, because this game grabbed me. I really appreciated being able to just go and get a job at a brothel right away.

oof, sorry to hear. RS is on hiatus right now, and will likely get completely revamped later on. Glad you enjoyed it though.

how do i get out of character customization

there should be a button, but if not I think cancel out with 'x' works too

(1 edit)

i was stuck there also, thanks

"Esc" works

hey great job with your games, definitely  in my top ten free porn games for mac, i was just wondering if this was an abandoned project. I hope it isn't  because it looks and plays really well

I also wanted to know what you thought of mad max if you've seen any of the films

Glad you liked it! Yeah, it's basically discontinued at this point, unfortunately. I do have some tentative plans to remake this later on, but it'll be a very long time before that happens. Right now I'm focusing on LD+. Https://indivi.itch.io/ldplus

I've seen mad Max fury road, and it's great! Very unique world~.

Will this game be on android someday? Because i play most of my h games on android

The original games unfortunately aren't compatible with android. I'm definitely considering remaking this one someday, but it'll definitely be a while before that happens!

Idk why but when I got it, it crashed

Any error messages?

nope. it just kicked me out with no reason or feedback

What OS are you playing on? Maybe not enough memory?

(1 edit)

im on windows pc and i know that i still have memory to download at least 50 other Rainy Skies

XD that's hard drive space, which is different! Maybe try making sure no other programs are running before starting the game up?

can this game make into Android? i want to play it as well😥

It's not compatible with android, unfortunately!

Hey so does the game stop currently after the vipers? Or is there something I'm missing

It unfortunately ends more or less there. It wasn't in development for very long before being put on hiatus I'm afraid.

Hey indivi i'd like to thank you for making my summer and new year better by playing all of you're games and i hope you pick this game again because it has so much potential. I wanted to ask which game are you working on because mostly all the games have been abandoned. Ps: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP ABANDONING GAMES BECAUSE WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS THE ONLY PREMIUM/FREE PORNS GAMES ON THE INTERNET. Excuse my caps but i'm a bit mad of how much potential is being wasted. Anyways goodluck and i hope you blow up <3

No problem, glad you're enjoying them! I'm focused on Lust Doll Plus now, and will be for a long time!

And yeah, wish I had way more time to do all my projects! Unfortunately, gotta work with what I've got! DX


I am not able to open it on mac

It's only for windows, but you can use Wine to run it! https://www.winehq.org/


Android compatibility be damned! This game has SO much potential, and I would love to see you pick it back up. It doesn’t have to be remade from the VX Ace format — the MV has some down sides that are apparent in Lust Doll Plus, particularly with the menus and the map tile sizes forcing rooms to be smaller. You could SO make this a full amazing game just developing what you already have here, especially after having played through the Mabel version and seeing where you were going with it.


Thanks, I'm really happy to hear it! I do hope to come back to this one day. We'll see!

please make it for android or chromebook

Can't. It's not compatible!

can you make it so if you press on a tile your character will go there and click on menu settings or control settings 

If I remake this game, I will!

what do you do after you bring mable to the brothel? im so confuse

To continue the Mable story, go back home (where the game started) and rest/"Take a break". Doing so will skip to the next day. Go back to Scarlet Delight to continue from there.

(Version 1.2b)

I'm having a weird control-bug. Starting the game for the first time in the menus, I could only use down and right arrow keys to move (Enter/Space to select). No mouse or up/left arrow keys.

Then once the menus finish and placed in the world I (the highlight player box) instantly is moved diagonally up left as if I'm spamming those buttons. I'm unable to move in-game.

I don't use any macro programs or anything that would be doing this. I can't think of anything that could be causing it. I tried deleting the game and re-downloading it and it still doesn't work

Thanks for reading.


Try this:

One of your computer's devices (such as joystick, or even certain gaming keyboards) is causing this behaviour. Disable your devices, then reactivate one by one until you find the problem one, and leave that one disabled.

Reference: Certain Human Interface Devices can mess up directional input, for instance locking it as permanently up and to left. In my case, it was “HID-Compliant Consumer Control Device”.

-It started working after unplugging and replugging in my keyboard after a reset. (Turns out it was a small gaming keyboard)


Thanks so much for the help. It worked. It was a Razor gamepad that was causing it.


Hey I was wondering if you could use a different word than traps for feminine people with penises. Its kind of a unkind word, and it really takes away the enjoyment.

Rainy skies isn't being updated for the time being, while I work on Lust Doll +. I'll consider it if I come back to this

you should come back to it, it's good. I think of this as "The Lust Doll with a Plot"

Haha, tbh maybe it's too much like Lust Doll. It needs to be its own thing.


a trap is a male who dresses up as a girl.  its not offensive. 

It is offensive, as it is often used as a slur towards trans people

There's lots of people that embrace the term/idea as a kink, so that's why it's there. If it helps, I don't intend to write traps in a negative light.

To further clarify, that kink in this game specifically refers to a male that the player expects to be female, then finds out is not. I fully expect anyone offended by such content to just disable the kink, in which case it will not appear in the game at all for you.

Is there any chance of making this for Android?

Unfortunately, it's not compatible.

(1 edit)

Hmm, will this game being to get an update soon? It felt as like a year has gone by for this game (literal). I'm a big fan as I have played Lust Doll Plus as well as your games have a lot of potential to be waited for. So when I came to Rainy Skies, it felt almost the same as Lust Doll Plus and as I know that your working very hard on that when is this one getting update so we can move forward in this too ;)


Not anytime soon, unfortunately. I do want to make something of this game some day, but for now my effort is focused on LD+!

Este juego podría salir para Android? Aunque seguro que es difícil pasar un juego a otro formato

Es imposible. ¡Lo siento!


I just wanna say love your work and i hope you keep making your awesome games for everyone to play thank you.


Thank you, I will!

i wish i could play on my browser 


It's not port friendly unfortunately

well darn that sucks


I love the concept . Just wish i was ppl walking instead of squares but stil good


Thanks! And I getcha on that.


actualy upon reaching the end of the game that u finished i tryed lust dolls...its been days and im still hooked lol never thought such a game would be so adicting . so that being said i look foward to the rest of rainy skies!

...also in regards to lust dolls im curious as to why the dria tree girl path is not finished yet 


Haha, awesome~. But yeah, rainy skies on hiatus while I do Lust doll plus (which is also why dria tree girl path is not finished yet. she'll be in LD+)

(2 edits)

Game crashes in Ver 1.2b using windows 10 system

After enter the Junkyard Brothel at the first time, I touched the door on the bottom left, after first dialogue appears, the game waits a little and crashed. After that, ending a battle crashed the game as well. It was available once when I rendomlly checked it to be sure.

Script ' Gme_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method 'expr' for nil:NilClass


Got it, thanks!

so, I loveeee Lust doll plus, and i wanted to play this one, but it just wont work!! I use Mac by the way

this happens when i launch it

Thanks! Unfortunately, only LDP and Elf Jail have Mac-compatibility. Any other games of mine, you'll need to use an emulator to run in Mac. Most people have had success using Wine HQ (https://www.winehq.org/) for that purpose!

thank you >w<

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