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For those playing on android, I named the apk package ' indivi.indivigames.lustdoll', when previous versions used 'indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus', and that's why android treated it as a separate app (and more importantly, why your save files didn't transfer.)

I've changed the package name back to  'indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus'  and updated the android links.

Please pick up this version and play it instead of the originally released r5 versions (or else future savefiles won't transfer.) Sorry for the mess.


Lust Doll Plus r5.1 (Android).apk 87 MB
Sep 08, 2019

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is there any way to transfer pc save files to the android version? thanks

I'm not sure what to do with this... I had already downloaded the original 5.1 and created a new save file, so I have 2 apps labelled lust doll plus on my phone. When I download the reupload it says app not installed... The "original" lust doll plus (from 4.2) is still very laggy, while the original 5.1 is still the original I doing something wrong? Should I uninstall one of them? 

Don't uninstall the laggy one. It uses the proper package name, so this version will be updated in the future. Try redownloading the app, and/or clearing some space on your phone. It's unfortunately a really unhelpful error msg. Can also see if something here works:

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Indivi the on-screen buttons are really small on a phone, making the "seek", "menu" and "back" buttons really hard to press.

Could it be possible to make them a bit bigger like 50% more or so.

The hit boxes for them actually does extend significantly outside the actual buttons, but I can see about making them bigger.

i just noticed that if i hold  the button instead of just touching it, they work every time . Is this intended? 😅