LD r5.1 out!

-Fixed Rinny being in Succubus Tower after event in graveyard
-Fixed maid molest scene req's
-Fixed enemy gauges not appearing properly
-Fixed restoring MP past gauge max
-Fixed leaving Forest Grove not resetting area name
-Fixed classroom scene wrong keyword
-Added equipping clothes from item menu

-Fixed bug where Succubus classroom scene changes your spawn point
-Fixed Bandit Girls loss scenes not being identified after first time watched
-Fixed genital items not being removed during scenes
-Fixed so that Gimp Hood type clothes hides furry face properly
-Fixed being bound allowing you to still use skills and items
-Fixed so clothes don't hide chest tattoo
-Added victory creampie against Wildcat
-Redrew Rinny's mouth and feet
-Opened Graveyard
-Added secret area in Forest Park
-Fixed Succubus Tower spawn point not resetting encounters
-Fixed 2nd option in Succubus Tower classroom scene not clearing after selecting once
-Fixed game crashing if choose 'not interested' while Rinny's portrait's acting weird.
-Fixed belly tattoo not updating when remove preggers
-Added stamina cost for running from battle
-Opened Manor
-Fixed Giant Plant being defeatable with Drain Kiss
-Fixed Succubus Trainee and Incubus scene req's
-Fixed Succubus strip garments softlock
-Adjusted Ripped Jeans
-Replaced Bondage Belt Top graphics. Added Strap Top to Succubus Tower
-Edited Gimp Suit for boobpress clothes
-Made adjustments to health bar code


Lust Doll Plus r5.1 (Win).zip 145 MB
Sep 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r5.1 (Mac).zip 280 MB
Sep 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r5.1 (Linux).zip 188 MB
Sep 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r5.1 (Android).apk 87 MB
Sep 08, 2019

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How do I access the graveyard? Not yet implemented yet on public release?

With Rinny in your party, talk to the person right before the gate!

Roger that, will try it.