r2.0 released on patreon!

Lust Doll r2.0 released on patreon!


-Added title/logo graphics
-When surrender, enemies will defeat faster
-Fixed bug where adding/removing credits during chara creation resets choice selection
-Fixed bug where gaining credits shows exp gain message
-If lose more credits than you've got, it'll show you losing the credits you have instead
-When obtaining clothes, now shows where they can be equipped to
-Fixed bug where attempting to wear causes 'visible' error
-Fixed bug where npc portrait remains after battle
-Improved portrait functionality
-Fixed bug where preggers belly disappears sometimes
-Revised portrait system
-Added red, black and white color sets for hair, eyes, mouth, and skin
-Redid white skin colors
-Fixed bug related to opening main menu before setting chara portrait
-Allow for only use of first name
-Fixed black screen not fading on new game
-Fixed preview of clothes not going away
-Added Forest Park
-Fixed sanctum overriding return point
-Switched so that skipping scenes does clear lust
-Added New Ark Slums
-Fixed Strength being mislabelled when boosting stats
-Added Attraction/Repulsion Sprays
-Changed combat item menu to only show usable items
-Added poses for masturbating. Made so that you put your clothes back on after masturbating.
-Fixed tickle torture shrine changing wrong settings

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