Lust Doll Plus r63.0b released on Patreon!

Lust Doll Plus r63.0b released on Patreon!


-Added Nymph bed scenes for Private Dungeon

-Adjusted Nymph lying down expressions

-Revised sorting for hair colors when using Hair Master

-Added many eye colours to Eye Master

-Added Open Flannel Shirts to UNA

-Added Striped and Rainbow Thighhighs to Underground Mall

-Revised method for loading properties of wearables

-Fixed Overalls when have large chest

-Fixed Overalls when have large tummy

-Added many colours for Overalls

-Fixed issues with Nymosa's Wrap and Slave Cloth

-Fixed issue where messages in history log appear out of order

-Fixed Linda not putting her glasses back on after private dungeon if you didn't take them

-Fixed Slave Collar being automatically put back on after being taken off

-Fixed clothes not resetting properly when leaving Private Dungeon

-Fixed NPCs wrongly taking credit for player pregnancy

-Added Nymph being able to impregnate player

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How do I bring Nymph on a date? I tried looking for a guide everywhere but the wiki doesn't say how to bring him on a date and I've finished the trial and everything, rn the only option is to offer him fish soup (which he rejects cuz he's had it before) and ask for a date (which he also rejects) I'm not sure how to trigger the events where I can build my bond with him /:

edit: nevermind I figured it out, it really is a random event haha, sometimes he'll just be out hunting :") 

Yep, glad you found it!

Just a question, if i get patron and subiscribe for Just a month when the subscription end Will i still be able to play the patron versione of the game :3?

I don't think the game would disappear, pretty sure they're normal downloads

Yes, you'll have that version to keep! Any future versions later on, you'll need to re-sub to download, but it'll stay on your computer even if you un-sub.