Lust Doll Plus r61.0 released to public!

LD+ r60.0 is out!



-Added scenes for maid Kitty

-Added Nymph to Island

-Added pose for Fawn when in Torture Rack

-Added several tattoos

-Added Arousal Lock Ruby to Horrors shop

-Added striped socks to underground mall

-Added possibly meeting Linda, Arlene, and Kitty when working at restaurant

-Adjusted Island refreshments clerk to only give hints for selected competitors

-Revised loading method for pictures

-Added graphic optimization script

-Added workaround fix for being unable to save after certain events

-Added to Gold Mine event to fix potential soft lock

-NPCs in Island battles are now always identified

-Fixed Cassie disappearing and not returning to safe house after Gold Mine

-Fixed graphic issues with lower worn garments while pregnant with chastity belt

-Fixed certain worn items staying on when tying self for Fawn

-Fixed desert guard fight not working properly in gold mine

-Fixed graphical glitch with credits when buying animal onesies

-Fixed some inconsistencies with blindfolds in private dungeon

-Fixed cumming from being Unnaturally Sensitive leaving player at 0 stamina

-Fixed graphical issues with wearing unremovable clothes while bent over

-Fixed Log button being clickable when not visible

-Fixed knowing Rinny's name before you learn it

-Fixed bug related to how messages are stored in log


Lust Doll Plus r61.0 (Android).apk 253 MB
18 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r61.0 (Linux).zip 350 MB
18 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r61.0 (Mac).zip 443 MB
18 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r61.0 (Win).zip 308 MB
18 days ago

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when I first discovered this game ngl I thought "oh just another lazy p@rn game" but after playing i now its a really well made game that doesn't just focus on sex and sex but instead has good characters and story the only thing i would complain about is how it get confusing on where to go next but that's might  just me. all in all great game will definitely  wait for more updates nice work     😊 👌  

Felicidades, otra actualizacion. Pronto llegaras al 70... ¡Mucha suerte...!

¡Está viniendo!

Is there by any chance possibility that you would add break in on second floor of ruined lab through staircase broken electric door using a crowbar or adding sledgehammer


There'll be a proper way in eventually!


how do you fix cassie after you did the gold mine misson because  she wont spawn after i update?


That's a bug, it'll be fixed for next release!

the kitty stepping on you scene is completely broken, the pictures dont load in and cause an error that requires a restart from your last save

Deleted 15 days ago

Thanks, will fix for next release!


Does the Cassie fix work for anyone who already had Cassie missing, or does this fix only work for if you haven't gone to the gold mine?

Currently, she'll go missing no matter what after the mine. I'll fix it for next release!

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I rolled back to a save right before the mine and did it, and she's still around, so at least the fix worked there. Only lost a little progress elsewhere but the fix works at least that much.

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Monthly updates are insane. I don't know how Indivi does it but good for them for being consistent


Thank you for saying so. It can definitely be taxing haha.


It would be nice if there was an event or a dungeon with Alynn.

Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi


There is something big planned for him!

How exactly do i get the shop of horrors to sell me the arousal lock ruby? I cant seem to buy it in the store

Nevermind game was just not updated for some reason

Glad you figured it out XD