Lust Doll Plus r59.0 released to public!

LD+ r59.0 is out!


-Added tying yourself for Fawn in doubles condo in New Ark City

-Added removing eyebrows in UNA stylist shop

-Added Rare Device chest in Meat Parasite Nest exit

-Added Turbans and Bandannas to shop in Sunshine

-Added next floor of Science Tower Lab reclamation

-Added options to fail at vine walk during Under Temple trial

-Fixed giving Linda's glasses back in Private Dungeon not actually removing them

-Added missing graphics for Linda's meat parasites while in ankle stocks

-Fixed Linda disappearing from ankle stocks when loading a save file with her in them

-Fixed graphics bug when being punished by Marin during first trial

-Fixed bug when tinkering with bad passes and ink pens

-Fixed bug where Linda would never let you out of the ankle stocks in Private dungeon


Lust Doll Plus r59.0 (Android).apk 248 MB
44 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r59.0 (Linux).zip 346 MB
44 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r59.0 (Mac).zip 439 MB
44 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r59.0 (Win).zip 304 MB
44 days ago

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Where do l get lipstick kit?

Might be in upper new Ark?


I really love this game, its one of my favorite games on so far!! Even if its a bit hard for me to advance in the game a little bit, and i learned that i won't see Gin again if i complete is quest, i hope that into the nexts updates we see Gin again!! Its my favorite character of all!! Keep going with this project please, im a big fan!!! 😭❤️ (I don't talk english so sorry if its hard to understand me HAHAHA ❤️)

all good bro. you got English down pretty good considering how stupid it is

English is def pretty stupid haha

Thank you, happy to hear! Gin's return won't be soon, but I do have plans to bring him back eventually!


can you add a hoodie with an open chest? pls

that'd be pretty pog, i second this request <3

I can add it to the list!


the fact that this man as a 1 man team has a better update schedule and better quality updates than Forza Horizon 5... and it's all for a game meant to get people horny as well? god damn, idk what drugs this man is taking but all i smell is PEAK from him

Haha thanks! Gonna keep doing what I can!


Only reading the changelog I can smell peak content

Haha, there's some fun stuff in there~