LD+ r59.0b is now out on Patreon!

LD+ r59.0b is now out on Patreon!




-Added tying yourself for Fawn in doubles condo in New Ark City

-Added removing eyebrows in UNA stylist shop

-Added Rare Device chest in Meat Parasite Nest exit

-Added Turbans and Bandannas to shop in Sunshine

-Added next floor of Science Tower Lab reclamation

-Added options to fail at vine walk during Under Temple trial

-Fixed giving Linda's glasses back in Private Dungeon not actually removing them

-Added missing graphics for Linda's meat parasites while in ankle stocks

-Fixed Linda disappearing from ankle stocks when loading a save file with her in them

-Fixed graphics bug when being punished by Marin during first trial

-Fixed bug when tinkering with bad passes and ink pens

-Fixed bug where Linda would never let you out of the ankle stocks in Private dungeon

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Not to sound "tacaño" but when does it come out free?


Very soon, on the seventh!


TOMORROW!? Hell yeah, thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

Man, I've been following this game for a bit and I've always just been kinda lurking, just wondering when you'll allow us to infiltrate the goldmine? I love everything you produce! The art and everything is great; thanks for the hard work!

Also to edit: There's a warp pad outside the slaver's hideout but it only lets you go to the edge of sunshine and the desert but not the hideout itself, is that considered a bug or is the slaver's hideout not yet implemented? 

Glad to hear! And gold mine is actually coming very soon in r60!

And yes, I'll fix that warp point!

Can you add a option for main character to have masculine body, so we can make something like a male bandit from abandoned town?

It's unlikely unfortunately, as it would require a ton of work to add all the necessary graphic variations for poses and clothes

has permanent giant boob/ penis size been added yet


Not yet!

Uno mas y llegaras al 60...