Lust Doll Plus r58.0 released to public!

LD+ r58.0 is out!


-Added Nymosa's post-route date

-Added Linda's Ankle Stocks scenes in Private Dungeon

-Added secret scene when not able to be sold as a slave in desert

-Fixed sleeping in certain sleepwear not restoring originally worn clothes

-Fixed no cleavage when wearing a maid dress with large breasts

-Fixed being able to give Cless bug venom before he asks for it

-Fixed several instances of wrong gender term being used during island fights

-Fixed equip preview staying on player when tinkering

-Optimized code for PC and NPC portraits


Lust Doll Plus r58.0 (Android).apk 247 MB
Feb 08, 2024
Lust Doll Plus r58.0 (Linux).zip 345 MB
Feb 08, 2024
Lust Doll Plus r58.0 (Mac).zip 438 MB
Feb 08, 2024
Lust Doll Plus r58.0 (Win).zip 303 MB
Feb 08, 2024

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Si, lo se. Por ello siempre hay ir hacia adelante y nunca hacia atras... no hay tiempo para retroceder...

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been waiting for any mention that cassie has returned to the story before updating. any idea how long that might be, assuming she hasn't already been re-added and i just missed it? last i heard, she was removed during the slaver events in the desert

It'll be soon! She has a big event planned, so it's taking time

i look forward to it!


A veces no notamos como el tiempo vuela...

¡Es realmente demasiado rápido!

Genial, casi llegas al 60...

Ha sido un largo viaje, pero también parece demasiado pronto jaja.