Lust Doll Plus r56.1 released to public!

LD+ r56.1 is out!


-Fixed Nymph's lying down furry form wrong graphics

-Fixed Nymosa staying slimy after Under Temple

-Fixed being stuck in kneeling position during Under Temple


-Completed Under Temple

-Added feather scene with Rinny subbing in Ankle Stocks

-Added time since last save when quitting

-Revised Harpy colours

-Revised Nymosa's lying down graphics

-Revised Alissa's facial expressions while she's in ankle stocks

-Fixed references to feet when player has hooves

-Fixed potential soft lock when backing out of tunnel in Under Temple

-Reduced how much stats are changed for certain statuses

-Fixed Fawn butt pose having pillory stocks during chastity event

-Fixed Fawn's door staying open if you follow her

-Fixed stopping when going to Marin's room, or Manor basement while using mouse/touch controls

-Fixed messages not being added to log sometimes


Lust Doll Plus r56.1 (Android).apk 246 MB
Dec 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r56.1 (Linux).zip 310 MB
Dec 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r56.1 (Mac).zip 437 MB
Dec 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r56.1 (Win).zip 301 MB
Dec 07, 2023

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I'm having trouble proccing the event where Cassie encounters Gin while wearing the maid costume. Every time I try it just plays the normal non-costume event. Any idea what is going on?

You also need to have seen Gin in the maid outfit there, without Cassie being present!

I have seen that scene several times as well

Guao... ¿De donde sacas tanta energia? Poco más y llegas a la versión 60 antes de acabar el año... ¡Eres increíble!


hell yeah some of my suggestions made it in (or at least are in the works)


I do use community ideas!