LD+ r56.0b is now out on Patreon!

LD+ r56.0b is now out!



-Completed Under Temple

-Added feather scene with Rinny subbing in Ankle Stocks

-Added time since last save when quitting

-Revised Harpy colours

-Revised Nymosa's lying down graphics

-Revised Alissa's facial expressions while she's in ankle stocks

-Fixed references to feet when player has hooves

-Fixed potential soft lock when backing out of tunnel in Under Temple

-Reduced how much stats are changed for certain statuses

-Fixed Fawn butt pose having pillory stocks during chastity event

-Fixed Fawn's door staying open if you follow her

-Fixed stopping when going to Marin's room, or Manor basement while using mouse/touch controls

-Fixed messages not being added to log sometimes

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wonder when r56.0 will be released to the public lolol

It's out!

Y sigues haciendo crecer este gran mundo. Mucha suerte amigo...

Máximo apoyo y respeto como sirmpre colega... ¡Eres todo un prodigio!

¡Gracias! ¡Sigo trabajando duro!


hey old fan here , wondering if the parasite route is complete yet , that was my fav part of the original so eagerly waiting for that XD no rush if its not i just cant seem to detect mention of it in any of the change logs but i seen a thumbnail with the meat suit on so got confused


From playing the game myself there is some on it but its not fully finished yet

Hey, not yet no. Right now, it's mainly waiting for the science tower reclamation to be finished!

haha ok , no rush , i was just confused for a sec cuss the thumnail on my notifications for whatever reason showed the meat parasite queen suit