Lust Doll Plus r52.0b released on Patreon!

Lust Doll Plus r52.0b released on Patreon!


-Added multiple bad ends after being captured by slavers

-Changed to allow being captured in slaver house even if defeated slaver caravan

-Added Bedroom and Bunny Slippers to underground mall shop

-Added Desert Tiara, Laurel Crown, Gold Laurel Crown, Bands and Rippled Bands to Sunshine city shop

-Revised map system in Desert

-Revised graphics for giant worm and giant flower

-Renamed Desert Forehead Gem Band to Desert Diadem

-Fixed issues with wearing hoodies with certain hairstyles

-Fixed not being able to run after fighting Pixie

-Renamed male pregnancy to ass pregnancy

-Fixed productive status not working for battles

-Fixed to allow doing *** with Gin during third training arc

-Fixed Manor encounters not giving frilled gloves if don't have any

-Fixed graphics for Black kimono

-Fixed issues when being milked while wearing chastity belt

-Fixed Chastity belt graphics issues when pregnant

-Fixed slaver tattoo and desert map carrying over on NG+

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Hey Indivi! super long time player here, will there be any more work on cumflation content? (to elaborate, as in cumflation content where the player can do it to the girls if they have certain enhancements and such) and thanks for constantly updating this amazing game!

Suggestion: before the start, you can choose what progress you have in the game. Mainly for people like me who lost all the save data.

i think i should have extracted all the zips instead of only one

is the only way to get the continued endings is though patreon?


Pretty much, yeah. Eventually I'll set up a steam version, but that might not be for a little while

alight, first patreon ill ever

I want to know how to get an er*ction on this game ?

You get one when your arousal is at at least 50 or more. You can up this when you drink devil milk or lust potion ( I forgot the name) you can also choose certain options in fights. You also get a closer relationship with other characters and can do lewd things with them. However know it's only seen when lust is pantsless completely, but on some bottoms (mostly undies) A bulge can be seen


Look at the meter with the purple and pink

Deleted 347 days ago