Lust Doll Plus r50.1 released to public!

LD+ r50.1 is now out! Happy 50 months of straight consecutive releases!


-Fixed performance issues when using maps while walking in desert

-Fixed auto cocksleeve scene not playing with Cassie

-Fixed positioning of auto dildo when you have balls

-Fixed wrong text when bedding someone in desert brothel

-Changed Veil Bottoms to not block feet undies

-Moved Veil Bottoms from lower slot to loweru slot

-Fixed complementing Rinny on her bathing suit when she isn't wearing one

-Fixed Fawn not untying shibari after doing an outing

-Fixed fingering Kitty not resetting their arousal

-Fixed wrong dialogue when asking Fawn about her card

-Reduced requirements for stat check when entering Meat Parasite Nest for the first time

-Fixed Linda's special domme scene not being able to be activated on Island

-Fixed weird event behaviour when leaving Torture Rack club after inquiring about a certain someone

-Fixed being able to get into random encounters while in Harpy Roost

-Fixed Harpy Roost not being named

-Fixed Harpy Roost cutting ropes repeating immediately after getting caught


-Added Desert

-Fixed dialogue when milking Cassie in pillory stocks while she's blindfolded

-Fixed defeated by Cassie leading to bandit girl scenes

-Fixed Bell's mouth while being milked as a furry

-Fixed Bell's blush while being milked

-Fixed blank messages being added to history log

-Fixed Nymph's initial furry shrine not working


Lust Doll Plus r50.1 (Android).apk 240 MB
May 28, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r50.1 (Linux).zip 338 MB
May 28, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r50.1 (Mac).zip 430 MB
May 28, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r50.1 (Win).zip 295 MB
May 28, 2023

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one thing when i extract and open the game its just black nothing there and i cant do anything

What OS are you playing on?

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ill check

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its the win one

Try re-downloading and extracting!

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already did and the problem is that i was downloading that version. i downloaded a different version and it worked


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What do I need to do after capturing Alissa? I already did the shower and bed with Cassie, but what is the other thing? 

Make her change clothes a lot! She can't be pregnant for this.

How many update left?

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I don't think even the developer has an answer to that question. It depends on how much work they are able to get done between updates, which then depends on what goes on in their life. Sometimes you want to get things done but life just doesn't allow things to work out like that & ultimately we just can't get as much done as we planned or hoped. I can, however, at least provide a list of areas where content has yet to be added. but again, that can't be used to calculate anything because the developer could very well include multiple pieces of content into singular updates.

Essentially what Skull said! Honestly don't know, but there's still tons of new things planned!

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while running the beach battle, I noticed that in one of his sprites, Gin's dick is clipping through his swimsuit (the conversation where it occurred was after double-teaming him with Fawn) I can try to include a screenshot if necessary.

Thanks, I'll take a look!


   What quests are exactly added? I noticed there is a slave house, and when you enter it, if you talk to the slavers, then they will have an auction, and if you don't have money to buy, do they ever hold the auction again at all? If not that's a bummer, cause the prices are highly unrealistic. Where do you get that type of money in the game, at least without cheating? 

   Also, is there a way to access King Sauel's house? What about the locked trap door, near the slave house?

   This new addition is so confusing, and the game wiki doesn't say anything about it, except how to get to the desert town.


I don't think you can access King Sauel's house currently. I think that ties in with part of the quest that has yet to be added; same with the trap door. The developer adds content in bits and pieces, usually taking a few updates before the entire quest is able to be completed (which in all fairness is more than understandable). So it stands to reason some areas won't be accessible until a later point in time. As for the money grinding, not sure what to tell you, there; I stopped farming money legitimately long ago.

(3 edits) (-1)

   Well, the area under the trap door seemed to be accessible, it's the basement to the slave house, and there is another entrance, somewhere east of the desert town city, if you leave it through the north and go around it, on the right side, and there is a guy in there that can be knocked out for a map to the slavers ' s hideout. The hideout has a dev lock now, so not very interesting, but that other entrance in the basement, that wasn't marked on the map, nor was it any clue for it, I found it randomly, by reading some comments and looking at some screen shots, and I had to "poke" the wall, just like with the entrance of the Succubus tower, the first time, though I have no idea what clues should I have looked for to guess how to get there, or perhaps my sen stat is low, I don't know.



Buying the slave will change certain events in the future, but it's definitely not expected for the player to have that kind of money at that point!

King Sauel's house isn't ready yet!

(4 edits)

funny, I had the hideout map from the start, and the bandit didn't appear there in the basement. had I not seen your image and message, I wouldn't have even known since I never looked around the city's perimeter.
is it because you're supposed to lose the fight against the bandits you encounter while roaming the desert aimlessly? Because I kicked their faces in. That's the only thing I can think of which would explain the discrepancy between our experiences. If so, then I might be locked out of the content now, because the caravan avoids me like the plague now, and I don't have an earlier save I can rewind to without losing considerable progress.
How do you even attend the auction/trigger it?

   If you lose the fight with the slavers caravan, it's game over, at least for the moment, since the hideout is not implemented yet. What happens if you lose is that they take you to the hideout, and then you get a message that this part was not implemented yet, and then you go to main menu. I assume that in further releases you will have a chance to escape ,if you get caught, but if you already beat them, you probably obtained the map from the caravan slavers themselves, so it doesn't appear in the basement of the slave house anymore. Just a guess.  Pretty sure there will be actually something to do at the hideout, in further releases, regardless.

   As for triggering the auction,  you have to walk inside the slave house, through the front door,  and talk to the guy at the entrance. Select the option "Ask to buy" , and then "Wait for the auction" .

   Ah, thank you, so I guess that's pretty much it for the current release, in terms of quests. Good to know I won't be locked out of anything.  I can, in the meantime, grind some credits at the strip club, every now and then, as I wait for the next release, and work a bit on improving my stats.

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katar and desert cloak not layered quite right
choosing man in headwraps, when you accept further advances says you accept the womans request
preggo with wraps shows the schween on top

that being said, wrap plus dick = indecent but it isnt if you only have a pussy?

(1 edit)

   I don't know what wrap you're talking about, but some shorter skirts, only without underwear, are indecent, and only if you have a penis (if you don't have a penis, or if you have one, but wear panties underneath, then they are not indecent), because the tip of the penis is visible past the brim, when it's limp, which in my opinion is pretty clever for an indie game, I wouldn't have expected such subtleties to count, but I'm glad they do.

   If you're talking about the veil bottoms, they count as lower undies though, and they also can't be worn with any article in the "lower" bracket, such as pants or skirt, and they are indecent regardless whether you have a penis or not, I just checked.

the <colour> Waist Wraps. i never mentioned veil bottoms :)

Do you mean the ones you can get on the island?


waist wraps

when you choose someone to bed in the brothel you first go to the changing room, the person thet tells you you have to bed someone is a woman, therefore you accept the woman's request to bed someone else, in this case the man in the hearwraps.

(2 edits)

uhm okay thanks? this doesnt have anything to do with my post tho does it? the thing that says you accepted the persons request says "You accept the womans request" regardless of who i choose.

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oh i lost the release day time to rush it up!

find a bug in the desert the character just vanish when passing by the desert 

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finded the slavers map i tried to follow but it has lead me anywhere, and now the slave house is permanent lock so i can't go there too so i think is everything that i can do for now


want a hint? theres a person in town that alludes to a certain thing the slavers use,
since you didnt find the slavers hideout, i assume you did what i did and started directly above sunshine. thats not the start point for that particular map direction.

oh my god you are a lifesaver just after you gave me that hint i found where to start thank you <3

what are the conditions for the slave house opening?

You can't normally get inside. You have to sneak in somehow!

well it opened once and then never again, i thought perhaps there was a set of cinditions that initiated repeats of the slave sales, bought the slave because i have no life

Only one slave auction will happen!

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I think it would be a good idea to add a devil/succubus tail to the next update

Im writing this because they are already devil horns and tails in the game but players can only have devil horns 

Also a kitsune mask but covering all the face of the player would be great if added


Succubus tf stuff is planned!

I'll see about the mask!

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In the wise words of The Who, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


(1 edit) (+1)

what black magic non Euclidian fuckery did you do with the desert? theres a clear loop. but oasis dont follow that loop....never mind, i see what youve done, but boy thats a HUGE area, and the tiling made it SUPER confusing as to what you did

remember to use the map the don gave you.



(1 edit) (+1)

I want to make a "Dora the Explorer" map-song joke but I can't come up with anything right now.

Haha, what looping? XD

the 2 x 7 map tile group offest by one to the left/right, i thought the desert was just a small area and you could go around in circles trying to go the same direction. it was only when i realised that certain oasis, and the cow cave were actually in specific spot did i released the 4 map tile sets were just repeating, and nothing else.

Haha good eye! It isn't exactly looping, but does reuse certain maps to give the illusion of hugeness!


I just opened it, cool right on time!

Yep XD

I always get a "ReferenceError s is not defined" in Linux. I tried the patch linked in the txt-file for Linux users, but that didn't change that at all. nw and nwjc just crash

And if I install and run the windows version, it cannot find the saves from the Linux version

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That's probably because the saves are either not compatible across Windows/Linux versions, or the files are not in the proper location for the game to read them. You may very well have to start from scratch, my friend. :<