Lust Doll+ r48.0b now out on Patreon!

Lust Doll+ r48.0b now out on Patreon!



-Added ******* and futa milking scenes with Bell

-Added Alissa ankle stocks in private dungeon

-Added milking scene with Cassie and Bell at milk farm

-Added milking on bed and pillory stocks with Cassie in private dungeon

-Added riding crop graphic for Fawn

-Added light and dark colour versions for each tail

-Adjusted graphics for milkers

-Adjusted pillory stocks graphics for Cassie

-Changed to allow collecting fairy dust from a lust victory against fairies

-Changed refinery machine to always be visible in the shop before being bought

-Fixed bug when asking Fawn for shibari while face is drawn on

-Fixed leaving Rinny in pillory stocks

-Fixed Gin looking like a Ken doll

-Fixed Bell's mouth expression positioning while being milked

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will we get the shadow pendant and more nurse outfit items and stuff for the hospital???? also would we be able to become a meat parasite demon again and learn more spells/ability's??? also i am enjoying the game it great also ooooo new stuff for bell and cassie oh my new graphic for fawn yes

That'll likely still be a ways out I think! Same with meat parasite transformation. And glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Wait, would the desert be unlocked? It says something about it

Not yet, not until release 50!

Wait, then how would bell be able to milk?

That's a good question!

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in the update it's says there is milking scene. And on the part I am at currently says there is water at a desert king's place or something like that the update here

I'm confused lol XD


And will Gin ever be back?

We'll see him again someday!


I miss him already! Will he be back soon?

When will this update be for the public

I won't leave him missing for too long! Lots of people want him back XD


I wonder how Cassie would react to a Lazer pointer.

That would be funny like the cheese scene lol

Maybe we'll find out!


oh my gawd there will be a new ******* i can't believe in my eyes....


Scandalous XD


What’s the censored word?

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

it's something so naughty it can't be put to words.


so naughty you won't believe the creator put it in there !

Something you can get from a certain dream!

Is it as scandalous as the hand holding?

It is just as scandalous!

Wait a min....