Lust Doll Plus r47.1 released to public!

LD+ r47.1 is now out!

Note that certain clothing items have been moved to the desert town, which isn't accessible yet! If you want access to these clothes, make sure you pick them up before updating! Check the changelog below for details on which specific clothes have been moved.


-Moved Sleeveless shirts, Flip-flops, Fezs, Visors, all Sandals, Wide brim hats and Aviator sunglasses to desert town

-Moved Windbreakers and T-shirts to athletic wear shop

-Moved Ninja mask, Fox masks, Wide bowl hat, Forearm guard, Ornamental katana and Straw Cone Hat to Temple

-Fixed interactions with Gin on Island

-Fixed leaving Rinny in pillory stocks

-Fixed Rinny being able to lewd non-lewdable enemies

-Fixed Bell losing collar after stripping

-Fixed Marin not returning from basement

-Fixed graphical glitch when training Gin

-Fixed hypersensitive nipples interaction with living bra when playing flute


-Added to Gin's route

-Added Gin to Island

-Added to Bell's route

-Added Cassie Pillory Stocks domme scene to private dungeon

-Added Rinny Pillory Stocks to private dungeon

-Added a fridge and heater to appliances store in UNA

-Added scene for using lust tonic on Rinny while she's got auto-cocksleeve on

-Added shop to change mouth/teeth in UNA

-Changed Island to only require 3 points to win

-Increased effectiveness of ero attacks on Island

-Fixed certain NPC attacks not working on Island

-Fixed not being able to remove meat parasites if Linda isn't around

-Fixed issue with buying fridge in Science Lab Tower

-Fixed certain garments showing behind items worn on genitals

-Fixed issues with leaving Linda in private dungeon

-Fixed Alissa auto dildo/cock sleeve scenes not triggering

-Fixed scenes when using lust tonic on Rinny while she's got auto-dildo on

-Fixed bug where Fawn's card gets removed before you can give it back to her


Lust Doll Plus r47.1 (Android).apk 236 MB
Mar 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r47.1 (Linux).zip
Mar 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r47.1 (Mac).zip
Mar 07, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r47.1 (Win).zip 292 MB
Mar 07, 2023

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Having trouble loading my saved data. once i exit the game and both my auto save and manual saves are gone

What OS are you playing on?

does this game work on  iOS? 

black flannel shirt does not imo reflect big boob size.

I'll take a look later


side note to the creator: thank you for adding a heal tile to the Island. much appreciated.

You're welcome!


all finished milked the update and now waiting for the next one, i actually liked the path that gin took, was a really good update


Glad to hear! He'll be back someday~

added fridge and heater in appliances store, is that the one where the clerc snarkily corrects your understanding of the shortening of app? because i dont have those options...

You need to have renovated the milk farm!

(2 edits)

ofc all i complain about works AFTER i complain about it, thnx for your patience.

(1 edit)

So, do anyone knows how to progress Bell's route?

Heather haven't done anything at all and any other things can't make Bell at least say something new

Show post...

You need to to do forest park stuff with the chief

Who? Don't remember any chief...

(1 edit)

You mean Arlene?
All I've got is a map to desert town which is closed

Arlene is not the chief.

Have you found the inner forest past the plant?

Yes. I helped the tribes to confront 'Plant Mama' and completed it with compromise way

Great. Next, go to the tribal temple and be prepared for a lot of running around... Make sure you buy a few random (not that random) items first, including a bat, a lolita cat hat, a no pants shirt, the katana and several others. The wiki should have a list.

(1 edit)

So, how to progress Gin (I'm not sure yet)

First, you need to train him as much as possible until you'll see 3-4 points for training (feet's, ass, tits and hands if unlocked)

Then you need to walk around whole map and sleep on every bed you see. When you'll see Gin AND Cassie, just see the scene (I didn't told Cassie where's Gin).

Then walk around until Gin disappear again. Approach him and try to come closer. Done. When he'll run away to his usual place enjoy the result:

I have two questions.

1. Which map? All the places or just the abandoned town/forest park area?

2. Is it necessary to walk and sleep on every bed to trigger the scene or is it just to increase the chances/spend time since I'm pretty sure that event is random?

(1 edit) (+1)

from what i found you can reload the area by leaving and entering the abandoned town, it takes quite a few tries to even get gin to go to the lake, and even more to get cassie to to go there as well. you can just cycle it. but doing so doesnt progress anything....although once there they dont leave, but cassie also goes looking for apples, so you need to keep going there incase shes there so you can re-roll for her to be at the lake...

(1 edit)

So, I need to leave the town for it to reload? Damn, all I did was go to the safe house, sleep, go downstairs and see if Cassie left, and repeat. No wonder nothing's happening. Alright, I'll try this method and see if it works.

ive been cycling between the interactions between cassy and gin but nothing is progressing, im wondering if its broken because ive already progressed

Yeah, I finally got the scene. Nothing happened afterwards.

I was walking around WHOLE map: New Ark, Desert base, milk farm... Just walking with hope to trigger character Cassie to go outside and Gin to go to lake. I said about sleeping with hope that it matter AT LEAST something as well. 

I have no idea how EXACTLY scripts working, but I HOPE I'm triggering event's correctly

Ah, and DO NOT sleep in Cassies hideout no matter what.  Just in case

(1 edit)

I have a much more efficient method. First, train Gin. If you're already in the 2 roleplay options and you're aiming for the third scene, make him wear a maid costume. Afterwards, leave the town and sleep.

If you get back and he's gone, don't go into the lake yet. Check the safehouse first if Cassie is there. If she's there, leave the town and enter again. Gin will still be in the lake so you just need to check the safehouse every time you enter. If Cassie is finally gone, you can check the lake and there's a huge chance they're both there. 

You can also check the apple trees for Cassie first to make sure but I find that a bother and just prefer to save before checking the lake and reloading if she's not there.

Hey? Why isn't Gin show up on island. I have him at the 2 roleplay


You're doing good work out there


NOOOO! Will Gin be back? He left!

(2 edits) (+1)

pretty sure I've reached the end of interactions with gin but he still isn't showing up in Island.
Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
(I just keep getting the 2 roleplay options)


I believe there's some tricky script about his route. Let's keep looking for it until someone will reply?


You need to either see all three interactions between Gin and Cassie, or just watch them interact thrice... not sure which and also don't really want to waste another 2 hours finding out.

Thank you! I'll check it out when I'll have some time!

i only know of the two interactions between gin and cassie, whats the third?

i didn't hear anything about 3 interactions, is there a tag you need enabled for it to occur?

(2 edits)

I don't think so, I have all tags enabled in sanctum and haven't triggered it yet. I also have watched them interact thrice, with me snitching on Gin in two of them.

Edit: I finally got it! In order to see the third scene with Gin and Cassie, Gin needs to be in a maid costume. 

You can trigger this by making him wear a maid costume during training. Afterwards, leave the town and sleep. If you get back and Gin is gone, don't go in the lake yet. Check the safehouse first to see if Cassie is there. If she's there, leave the town and enter again. Gin will still be in the lake so you just need to check the safehouse every time you enter. If Cassie is finally gone, go to the lake and there's a huge chance they're both there.

I've seen two interactions - one where Cassie chases Gin after he jacks off near the lake, and the maid costume scene - but can't find one more. How get?

talk with cassie it will apear a new option to tell about gin

(1 edit)

Sounds like you're missing the scene where Cassie doesn't chase after Gin. The next time you get the scene between Cassie and Gin (without the maid costume), tell Cassie you haven't seen him.

Okay. Seen all three scenes... but is anything supposed to happen after I do, or do I need to do something?