Lust Doll+ r47.0b now out on Patreon!

Lust Doll+ r47.0b now out on Patreon!




-Completed Gin's route

-Added Gin to Island

-Added to Bell's route

-Added Cassie Pillory Stocks domme scene to private dungeon

-Added Rinny Pillory Stocks to private dungeon

-Added a fridge and heater to appliances store in UNA

-Added scene for using lust tonic on Rinny while she's got auto-cocksleeve on

-Added shop to change mouth/teeth in UNA

-Changed Island to only require 3 points to win

-Increased effectiveness of ero attacks on Island

-Fixed certain NPC attacks not working on Island

-Fixed not being able to remove meat parasites if Linda isn't around

-Fixed issue with buying fridge in Science Lab Tower

-Fixed certain garments showing behind items worn on genitals

-Fixed issues with leaving Linda in private dungeon

-Fixed Alissa auto dildo/cock sleeve scenes not triggering

-Fixed scenes when using lust tonic on Rinny while she's got auto-dildo on

-Fixed bug where Fawn's card gets removed before you can give it back to her

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Added to Bell's route? Awesome, can't wait to see that! Gin too, but I've been waiting on Bell since finding out Pixie (who is likely very powerful) can't cure Bell's curse! Happy happy joy joy!

Haha it's just a little bit! Mainly it's setting up for the final part of her route

Wait will we be able to raise kids with other characters

Eventually, as part of NPC good endings!

hell yeah bell content!


Oh! And will you add the options to interact with Nymph?

Eventually! Need to finish the Temple first

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When will this update be available to the public? ( I'm a mobile user without Patreon)

Seventh of the next month!

March 7th? Yay

Wait, where is it?

It'll be out soon.

oh! How do you know?

this have a lot of new interactions it's seem! and the end of gin's route too with mean that the next one will be other characters!

That's right~


I can't wait to see more bell content!!

Been a while, hasn't it?