Lust Doll Plus r46.1 released to public!

LD+ r46.1 is now out!



-Fixed conditions with Gin's lakeside events

-Fixed nipple and genital worn items being displaced when bent over

-Fixed spiked anklets not being wearable with hooves

-Fixed some progression inconsistencies with Gin's route

-Fixed graphical errors with Gin's clothes

-Fixed graphical issues with player using auto-cocksleeve

-Fixed kimonos indicating deceased status


-Added to Gin's route

-Added using auto-dildo and auto-cocksleeve with Alissa, and auto-dildo with Linda in private dungeon

-Added auto-dildo/auto-cocksleeve scenes when subbing to Rinny or Linda in private dungeon

-Added way to heal itchiness in village when Nymosa isn't around.

-Added sleeping spot in village

-Added healing tile in Island

-Added fezs, styled hairpins to spunky sheep shop in underground mall

-Added spiked anklets and bracelets to hot trots shop in underground mall

-Added hoodies to Lawson's clothing and hot trots shop in underground mall

-Added frilly tops to clothing shop in UNA

-Fixed looping issue with buying things in Science Lab Tower basement

-Fixed being able to lose chastity key to Fawn

-Fixed certain flags not resetting during Fawn's route

-Fixed Fawn's shibari graphics when pregnant

-Fixed Linda smacking herself around in private dungeon

-Fixed graphic glitches with Cassie when blindfolded

-Fixed only being able to masturbate with one specific dildo

-Fixed Cassie being released when releasing Alissa in private dungeon

-Fixed shibari causing the scene to not make sense in gallery party

-Regain empty bottles when making cheese

-Fixed issue with how game checks what clothes you have currently


Lust Doll Plus r46.1 (Linux).zip 332 MB
Jan 29, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r46.1 (Mac).zip 425 MB
Jan 29, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r46.1 (Win).zip 290 MB
Jan 29, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r46.1 (Android).apk 234 MB
Feb 08, 2023

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Why when i saves cassie the game ends? (Sorry for my english)


Speak to Arlene, then visit the hobo area and get their help, before returning to Arlene! You'll need to sleep periodically to move events forward.

Man, I have no idea why I can't receive news about your updates in time... I hope Unfollow + Follow will help!

Gotta try this update right now!!!


Sounds good!


You could also use the launcher like I do.


Thank you for advice!

(2 edits) (+1)

Fezzes you say? If my understanding of English is correct, that is something I need.

Because I wear fezzes now. Fezzes are cool.


Good ol' Matt Smith XD

My favorite of the doctors. Good ol #11.


i will wait the next update, don't like gin too much on this one but the new clothes is cool

Sounds good!


fixed kimonos indicating WHAT

Just some etiquette concerning kimonos that I didn't know about

At least it wasn't the style indicating whore status. XD

haha yes XD

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When will the mega sizes be added?

It'll likely be at the end of certain routes, so will still be a while

Indivi adds this as a feature please don't leave it only at the end of certain routes no please

As in it'll be a reward for completing certain routes

Mega sizes? As in hyper boob? Or being as ROUND as Nymosa?

Hyper boobs, and related~


this dude puts in more effort making a hentai game, then huge game companies do with triple a games.


Thanks! I do my best


no equal to lust doll


Thanks! Glad it's unique~


I've read on wiki, that on current stage of Gin's training following options are avaliable

  • Target his cock with breasts (must have breasts)
  • Target his cock with butt
  • Target his nipples
  • Target his feet (feet shrine must be enabled)
  • Target his butt (must have a cock)
  • Target his cock with cock (must have a cock)

However, I have ony first 3 options.(all enabled)

I think that wiki is for the previous game, which is similar in many regards but not the same


As far as I know, there is no such character in the old game.


lol the wiki guys must be data mining to get those options. You're only supposed to see the first three since I'm still working on the others.

(1 edit)

Ok.., can't wait then. Btw, do you have suggestions/feedback section?

How do i find the tribe guy? I saw him once in the forrest but then i left. And now i cant find him anywhere. And now im stuck with stage 3 infection.

You need to search where he vanished. There is a hidden path somewhere.

how do i get caught peeking in alissa's route?

You don't get caught to progress!


You know I'm never gonna do it without the fez on

A solid plan XD