Lust Doll Plus r45.0b released on Patreon!




-Added Temple in Forest Park Inner

-Added a bit to Cassie's route

-Added reclamation of Science Lab Tower second floor

-Added pregnancy for Linda

-Fixed boots over gimp suit when pregnant

-Fixed being unable to run after Camilla fight

-Fixed Mistyra being able to strip unremovable clothes

-Fixed losing to Linda in private dungeon not doing anything

-Fixed gimp suit erasing boobs

-Fixed bunch of Linda's postroute options being available ahead of time

-Adjusted Linda's bikini bottoms when worn on player

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How to go to Temple?

I cant wait to see the rest of cassies route




me too! this update look and fell spicy!!

There's quite a bit in this one!


can’t wait for the public release 

Look forward to it!