Lust Doll Plus r43.1 released to public!

LD+ r43.1 is now out!

Important note: there is a new plus sized shrine in inner sanctum which needs to be enabled to see Nymosa's xxx content!


-Added gallery party scenes for when wearing unremovable clothing

-Fixed consistencies with confrontation with Camilla

-Fixed bug causing random encounters to be disabled if you enter Camilla's room

-Fixed bug causing fish soup to automatically be tasty

-Fixed gimp suit graphical glitches with certain clothing

-Fixed inconsistency when playing flute with hypersensitive status but not wearing living clothes

-Fixed indecent status when wearing goth Lolita skirt without underwear

-Fixed sneak attacking Camilla removing most of her health

-Added random chance to escape binds more easily during fights

-Fixed Nymph's portrait automatically disappearing when talking to him after Camilla encounter

-Fixed bug where new game plus does not reset Forest Park Inner events


-Added confrontation with Camilla

-Added Plus Sized shrine to inner sanctum

-Can ask Nymosa about her magic

-Added alternate spider tattoos

-Fixed graphic issue with Cassie's eyes when have nice haircut

-Fixed Alissa's bikini being available in private dungeon before giving it to her

-Fixed Alissa saying you're pregnant before you get a belly

-Fixed not being able to get leg tattoos if you have feet kink disabled

-Fixed Alissa not being pregnant on Island

-Fixed graphics with upper body undies during certain poses

-Adjusted graphics for Crimson Rose dress

-Added short pause when transitioning between maps (fixes moving into stairs twice)

-Fixed stitch tattoo graphics for arms when overhead

-Fixed not being able to play flute while wearing giant mushroom on head

-Fixed issues with not being able to cure mushroom status

-Fixed giant mushroom going into inventory after curing

-Fixed bug with adding the wrong ingredients to fish soup

-Fixed graphic issues with mushroom growths in different poses


Lust Doll Plus r43.1 (Android).apk 225 MB
Nov 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r43.1 (Linux).zip 323 MB
Nov 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r43.1 (Mac).zip 416 MB
Nov 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r43.1 (Win).zip
Nov 07, 2022

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So i wanted to play this after playing the r29.2, but when i load my save game it says.

Loading Error

Failed to load: img/faces/p-zbrow1.png

Did i miss something between updates or i broke something?

From what indivi has said it sounds like your save files are from too many versions back assuming you are trying to update to version 43.1 that is 14 versions skipped from version 29.2, so the save file isn't compatible anymore. But if you're on desktop you can navigate to the folder with the missing file, and put a dummy file in there to trick the game into thinking everything's fine. Then just save your game and it should work.

how do you activate the island?? or nymosa?? is it all patreon locked?

(1 edit) (+1)

* Island

To get to the island you have to go to the gallery in Upper New Ark pay for the pass scare the receptionist, so the guard leaves his position go to the island painting then go to the room on the left go in the middle where the statue is and break it after your shift is over go into the room with the island painting then sit on the bench.

* Nymosa

To get to Nymosa go to the fairy queen in the forest ask her about the plant and give her cheese (to get the refinery go to the Upper New Ark mall) and she will send some of her followers to show you how to get by the plant, then follow the tribal hunter until you find the village, talk to Nymosa 


Happy to help

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hey, I found another problem the cloths from Peacock's Feather both men's and women's don't fit correctly if pregnant and/or thic  but only when buying but they do fit correctly afterwards 

I don't think that's a bug, as the display doesn't show accurate breast size either.

Ok Thats good to know

Yeah, it's intended. The idea is that you're holding it up in front of you in front of a mirror, not actually putting it on yet

ok that make sense 


Im stumpted in what condition does the Plus sized content happen.

ive not yet seen anything yet that triggers it. So im wondering if anyone know?

There is a bad end involving Nymosa and Camilla you can get

Dang. Guess i have to do a new+ to see that ending. already saved past that part.

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hey if, you wear the chastity belt with alissa in the dungeon It does not say you are wearing the chastity belt

Hmm, will look into it

Can we really only fuck Nymosa during the talk down(I assume the ??? part)?

You'd think we'd be able to fuck her after dealing with plant mama.

She doesn't know the player well enough yet. In time!


(2 edits)


let's goooooo

and what about that magic voodoo thing? can we do something about it?

Face Camilla, you negotiate, Nymosa preps magic, villagers stay away...

Compromise, attack, context, grab petals, flee.

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already did that i want to know If there more to do 

(1 edit)

I think there's a very limited amount of target character. If it's true voodoo, then we should receive a doll to inventory. 

Our dear succubus and Pixie can't help with magic, so I think no one else can. 

So I think we should try some hostile characters like (I'm bad at remembering names) maid in manor or that parasite boss.

But I don't know anything about the way of collecting hair or *body fluids* 

There's too many variants, except this mechanic is not finished and we're looking for nothing yet

Excellent! Time to be see this village mama ingame for myself!