LD+ r43.0b is now out on Patreon!



-Added confrontation with Camilla

-Added Plus Sized shrine to inner sanctum

-Can ask Nymosa about her magic

-Added alternate spider tattoos

-Fixed graphic issue with Cassie's eyes when have nice haircut

-Fixed Alissa's bikini being available in private dungeon before giving it to her

-Fixed Alissa saying you're pregnant before you get a belly

-Fixed not being able to get leg tattoos if you have feet kink disabled

-Fixed Alissa not being pregnant on Island

-Fixed graphics with upper body undies during certain poses

-Adjusted graphics for Crimson Rose dress

-Added short pause when transitioning between maps (fixes moving into stairs twice)

-Fixed stitch tattoo graphics for arms when overhead

-Fixed not being able to play flute while wearing giant mushroom on head

-Fixed issues with not being able to cure mushroom status

-Fixed giant mushroom going into inventory after curing

-Fixed bug with adding the wrong ingredients to fish soup

-Fixed graphic issues with mushroom growths in different poses

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Not gonna lie It is a little scary what plus size do...

(1 edit) (+1)

Makes you eat 40 burgers a day for 2 years


haha, no need to fear!

PLUS SIZE! FUCK YEAH! Could we get as big as plant mama there?

That's the village mama.

village mama do be thick tho

... True.

Unfortunately, it's not for the player yet. I might do an event later where you can become plus sized though




I hope you mean the Fetish not the Actual, being fat part. 

Don't support being Fat People, seriously change comes at Endurance, and Time.

i am indeed talking about being overweight! mostly because I am overweight

in my defense i am trying to work off the 30 pounds of weight I shouldn't have, but being able to represent me being a chunky little turd at the moment would be neat

Oh god yes! I certainly hope so!