Lust Doll Plus r42.1 released to public!

LD+ r42.1 is now out!


-Fixed an issue with arm tattoos during certain poses

-Fixed Marin's clothes not setting properly during living clothes sleeping scene

-Fixed criteria for Alissa's scenes in private dungeon

-Fixed issue with making fish soup using random ingredients

-Optimized some code for showing options


-Added Alissa to private dungeon

-Changed to allow Alissa to stay futa after clearing route

-Added some tattoos to tattoo shop

-Adjusted belly tattoos to account for thicc

-Added a bit to Forest Park Inner

-Added tinkering with fish and bottles

-Added living clothes sleeping scene with Marin

-Fixed ropes not setting properly when subbing on bed in private dungeon

-Fixed parts of Fawn chastity event not resetting

-Fixed bug causing player to skip Alissa's date

-Changed to reduce a bit of lust over time

-Fixed graphic issues with Goth Lolita Shirt

-Fixed vine bindings not accounting for thicc

-Optimized code when showing thicc version of graphics

-Fixed skill check on wrong option during snake fight

-Fixed lower garment check during loss scene in underground arena

-Fixed pussy worn items displaced when upside down

-Fixed staying at 0 stamina after lecture if defeated by UNA guard

-Fixed not being able to cure hypersensitive nipples without having boobs

-Fixed graphics for heart boxers

-Fixed one of comments about Fawn being missing from the bartender on Island

-Fixed bug where ending Fawn's chastity belt event early doesn't restore access to items

-Optimized loading of graphics when in the safe house

-Fixed issue with different poses looking for clothes that should already be removed

-Fixed having meat parasites when also have mushroom growths


Lust Doll Plus r42.1 (Android).apk 223 MB
Oct 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r42.1 (Linux).zip 321 MB
Oct 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r42.1 (Mac).zip 414 MB
Oct 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r42.1 (Win).zip 493 MB
Oct 08, 2022

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I cant play it because I have a newer version of NW.js how would I fix it?

- Go to your app data folder in Windows (C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Local). If you can't find it, make sure you can see hidden folders. You can also type %LOCALAPPDATA%/ into the explorer bar to do the same.

- Delete the folder "nwjs".

- Go inside the folder 'User Data". Then go inside the folder "Default". Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal". Delete these two files.

- In the app data folder, Go to Kadokawa\RPGMV\User Data\Default. Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal". Delete these two files.


when can we expect pillory stocks?

I've actually started implementing it, not next release, but likely the one after!

ok Thanks I really love the game and I just updated to version 42 and was happy to see that you can bring alissa to the dungeon so keep up the good work!

You're welcome, and thank you for saying so! Version 43 will come out soon!

I can't wait!


不幸的是,可能不是。 游戏还在制作中,所以不可行。 您可以尝试使用 translator++ 进行机器翻译

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hey so I am having trouble making a good meal to give to the fairy can I have some help(the correct recipe XD) also when I have golden apples and I click it when making soup, it says I added small fish it does that for everything but devil and angel milk, is this issue just me?

It's a bug, I'll fix it!

ok thanks, also how I get the island thingy? and could you add a way to skip certain things, like saving rinny, getting every indivitual cow/bull, etc. I want to be able to see the new content but don't have the patience to do everything over again after doing new game+

Visit the gallery in UNA! And probably not, would be too much work. I'd recommend keeping an up-to-date save file


Wow, I've lost the notification! Thank goodness I like to check everything by myself and find out that there's a new public update!

I'll go check it out!


Sounds good, have fun!

how do i carry over progress from a previous version


If you're on android don't uninstall, just install the new version over it. Otherwise your save file transfers automatically!

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so i noticed that your avatar in the screenshot above has stitch tattoos on the thighs but that isn't in the update from what I can see. is that intentional, unintentional, or going to be added later? it would be wicked fun to add leg tattoos as well in addition to the other tattoos already in-game & to be honest, I was looking forward to it & thus kinda bummed when i went to go check the selection only to find no option for such an addition


There is a bug where leg tattoos don't show up if you have feet kink disabled. It'll be fixed for next release!


Nice update as always keep up

and when you make soup there some combination to make good soups?


Each ingredient has a different effect, which will be stated when you add it!


Thank you!

Sorry for this dumb question but when you say Alissa can stay futa after clearing route... is that a option or do I have to do something to enable that or if I missed it am I kinda screwed?


Nothing of the sort! Once you clear her route, anytime you turn her into a futa, you can leave her like that instead of being forced to turn her back!