LD+ r42.0b is now out on Patreon!

LD+ r42.0b is out on Patreon!



-Added Alissa to private dungeon

-Changed to allow Alissa to stay futa after clearing route

-Added some tattoos to tattoo shop

-Adjusted belly tattoos to account for thicc

-Added a bit to Forest Park Inner

-Added tinkering with fish and bottles

-Added living clothes sleeping scene with Marin

-Fixed ropes not setting properly when subbing on bed in private dungeon

-Fixed parts of Fawn chastity event not resetting

-Fixed bug causing player to skip Alissa's date

-Changed to reduce a bit of lust over time

-Fixed graphic issues with Goth Lolita Shirt

-Fixed vine bindings not accounting for thicc

-Optimized code when showing thicc version of graphics

-Fixed skill check on wrong option during snake fight

-Fixed lower garment check during loss scene in underground arena

-Fixed pussy worn items displaced when upside down

-Fixed staying at 0 stamina after lecture if defeated by UNA guard

-Fixed not being able to cure hypersensitive nipples without having boobs

-Fixed graphics for heart boxers

-Fixed one of comments about Fawn being missing from the bartender on Island

-Fixed bug where ending Fawn's chastity belt event early doesn't restore access to items

-Optimized loading of graphics when in the safe house

-Fixed issue with different poses looking for clothes that should already be removed

-Fixed having meat parasites when also have mushroom growths

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How do I continue Alissa's route? I've already lectured her about giving Cassie her private time. Now what?

Wander around the abandoned town for a while, (or spam the seek button) and eventually you will encounter a certain someone.


When are we getting more of Cassie's route? her route was the best one from the original LD in my opinion, and I've been dying of anticipation to play it again in LD+

Cassie best girl

Glad to hear you like Cassie~. Shouldn't be too long after the current area is done!


Oh a New tinkering recipe, now that something that i not have  expected

little curious thing... less likely since PC can just grow one on demand, but could make functionality for female PC and cassie both getting pregnant from futa alissa in some arranged thing, with the relationship dynamic there.