Lust Doll Plus r41.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's r41.1!

Speak to the fairy queen for access to the new area!



-Redrew boxers

-Fixed not being able to remove clothing from equipped slots

-Fixed leaves staying on NPC portrait after leaving Forest Park inner

-Fixed clothes not stripping when surrender to pitcher plant

-Adjusted Fawn's bikini bra on player when have large breasts

-Added function to see current set sleepwear

-Fixed being able to remove unremovable clothes using onesies

-Fixed soft lock if can't pay Rinny for hypnosis therapy

-Fixed new character furry shrines not displaying the correct messages

-Changed to prevent duplicates in message history log

-Spread out load for loading Fawn's graphics

-Fixed issues with unremovable clothing during certain poses


-Opened Forest Park Inner

-Added Slotted Glasses to New Ark City shop, and Swirley Glasses to UNA shop

-Redrew Fawn's feet in ankle stocks

-Fixed Cassie giving multiple different items when foraging

-Fixed Fawn appearing twice in condo

-Fixed meat parasites going into inventory after Pixie capture

-Fixed furry Fawn's ears not showing while in ankle stocks

-Fixed being able to escape through the nest during Mistyra extended bad end

-Adjusted Drain Kiss to drain minimum one stamina

-Fixed Mistyra repeatedly removing and putting parasites on you during fight

-Fixed not accounting for unremovables when getting tattoos

-Fixed Alissa being treated as nude on Island when wearing her swimsuit

-Fixed bug on Island when 3 people enter the same room at once

-Fixed Alissa always starting battles on Island barefoot

-Fixed auto winning on Island by pressing action

-Fixed not being ganged up on when one point away from victory on Island

-Reduced requirement for sleepiness to occur

-Fixed wrong chastity belt graphic when being milked without a cock

-Fixed being able to do Fawn chastity event, when missing chastity key or belt

-Fixed clothing graphic errors when doing cuffed play during stripping


Lust Doll Plus r41.1 (Android).apk 221 MB
Sep 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r41.1 (Linux).zip
Sep 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r41.1 (Mac).zip 412 MB
Sep 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r41.1 (Win).zip 277 MB
Sep 07, 2022

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This was a great little tease to what's to come thanks Indivi can't wait to see what comes next and always thanks

42.1 is now out! Getting closer to completion~

Ive tried talking to the fairy queen but she only offers to play that game which makes your legs thicc. How do i fix this?

Play her game, then talk to her again!

I'm having fun with the new events and features! I haven't finished all of them yet so I am excited to see what happens next. But I have to ask, is Fawn supposed to show her feet (with stockings) when Lust doll's been obedient when Feet kink is off? 

Happy to hear it! More coming for sure! And yes, it's more for the dominating pose in that case than the feet (hence the stockings) XD

Always good fun to see a new update. I definitely appreciate Fawn's new feet, so much more realistic. I hope we get to see more of Camilla soon!

This one is kinda little update, but with a great potential. I think it's something like desert base location but in forest. 

I really wonder what Plant Mama could give us: pleasure or torture?..


Thanks, but do keep in mind that these are regular monthly releases. When it comes to game dev'ing, one month is really not a lot of time to make content, especially when I also need to do debugging, answering comments and questions, etc.

If you want to sit down and play for a long time in one go, it's better to wait a couple versions (although paradoxically, you should still download every few releases and update your save, to ensure you can keep using it)

And ...we'll find out, won't we?

Thanks for replying)

I wasn't talking that I'm disappointed because of size of this update. I just spell my thoughts: this update is small but with a great potential.

I had experience and with game making and I know how hard is it. I also know that such unique design of a game's world is a very good way to make game making faster. When I was working I always used VERY low profile sprites to make progress faster and see the game itself.

You're damn good if you'rae using this design to make your work easier, and made it damn stylish!

You're really cool!

Sorry for long text, I know it's hard to read it all.

No worries! Just explaining, because I think most people are used to large updates every 3-4 months, not smaller ones every month

how do go throgh Forest Park Inner

Can't finish it yet, still working on it!

can u try to make a discord server

Right here!:


Thanks for your work, Indivi!

Let's enjoy new update! Can't wait to see new content!

I can't wait to play this one today

how do i get to the new area

Talk to the fairy Queen

(2 edits)

Is ring around the rosy the only thing you get to do with the hunter? or is there patreon exclusive stuff i will never see because im poor?

never you mind, found it

The only stuff that is Patreon exclusive is extended bad ends. Everything else is public

don't know what food the fairy queen wants, then again also haven't figured out getting to what island, not mentioned anywhere



If it's to get past the Gaping Plant, Cheese.... Literal Cheese. 

How? Finish the Milk Farm renovations first to get a Cheese refinery. 

Island is at the Upper Ark Gallery, you need to scare the Receptionist, and then Ruin a expensive statue, afterwards act as a placeholder. The Massive painting should be Open to Lust, by then.

How do i get into the forest park inner?

It even says on the top of changelog talk to fairy queen