LD+ r41.0b is now out on Patreon!

LD+ r41.0b is out on Patreon!



-Opened Forest Park Inner

-Added Slotted Glasses to New Ark City shop, and Swirley Glasses to UNA shop

-Redrew Fawn's feet in ankle stocks

-Fixed Cassie giving multiple different items when foraging

-Fixed Fawn appearing twice in condo

-Fixed meat parasites going into inventory after Pixie capture

-Fixed furry Fawn's ears not showing while in ankle stocks

-Fixed being able to escape through the nest during Mistyra extended bad end

-Adjusted Drain Kiss to drain minimum one stamina

-Fixed Mistyra repeatedly removing and putting parasites on you during fight

-Fixed not accounting for unremovables when getting tattoos

-Fixed Alissa being treated as nude on Island when wearing her swimsuit

-Fixed bug on Island when 3 people enter the same room at once

-Fixed Alissa always starting battles on Island barefoot

-Fixed auto winning on Island by pressing action

-Fixed not being ganged up on when one point away from victory on Island

-Reduced requirement for sleepiness to occur

-Fixed wrong chastity belt graphic when being milked without a cock

-Fixed being able to do Fawn chastity event, when missing chastity key or belt

-Fixed clothing graphic errors when doing cuffed play during stripping

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I love your games so much!!! I decided to play a single one of your games to see your progress, how experienced you becoming. 

You know, I'm technically a kid. Right now I'm 17 years old, but I has found your game when I was younger. I was looking for a free porn to make a fast fap but I has found a rough diamond, and with every single update this shining stone becoming a beautiful brilliant more and more.

Because I'm living in Ukraine, it's quite expensive to spend dollars and I'm really sorry I can't donate you, but I promise I'll donate you some money when I'll got enough money to say "This is not so expensive".

Indivi, please, keep working! Me and whole this community really want to see this story finished, and even more such a good games in further!!!

Thanks you very much!!!

Hi, I'm happy to hear it! And I'm going to assume you're joking and actually an adult. Because otherwise, it would be illegal for you to play, as is clearly stated in the game's opener, which requires you to confirm that you are an adult to play, and boots you from the game if you aren't one.

In any case, good luck in Ukraine. I know things are hard right now, so just focus on weathering the storm. And I will continue working on the game!

Thank you very much for your reply! I think it's very important for ccommunity because you're feels like not an invisible buyer, the creator see you and other peoples. You're really cool!

If you don't mind, I would like to suggest you me an easter egg that will teleport you "Back to the past, Samurai Jack". 

Big locations is not so good if you're playing on cellphone with emulator (after all you HAVE to play with 1K pixels) and I understand why are they became smaller in LD+ but they're somehow stylish, as well as an old enemies sprites.  I'd like to say that LD and LD+ is a different games somehow

Also I would like to see more common "home" actions and situation. I love Cassy, she's so cute, but after a storyline and a single one date almost all I can do with her is sex...

Thanks again, I'll keep waiting for further updates until you finish this game or I'll die course is very possible haha😁

You're welcome! I try to respond to everyone

Probably not gonna do trademark stuff!

We'll be going back to Cassie at some point, not to worry!

More updates will come for sure!

Is there a chance I can give Cassie bigger tits at some point? I know it's an odd request but Cassie seems like she'd be really happy if we did lmao (p.s love the game, thanks for making it ;3


Maybe! But who knows how she will respond, because it might not necessarily be what you think! And you're welcome, thanks for saying so!

ufff have forgot to take a peek at the update charge log and i regret so much this update look so good!

haha, there's some pretty fun stuff coming~

new enemy and/or npc? :o

You'll just have to find out!