LD+ r40.0b now out!

LD+ r40.0 now out on Patreon!



-Finished Alissa's route

-Added Alissa to Island

-Revised weapon damage system, showing lust damage separately

-Fixed weapon damage not working properly

-Changed Fawn's chastity event to be repeatable

-Fixed things not setting after Fawn's chastity event

-Changed Island battles to allow struggling when opponent is inside the player

-Fixed soft lock when playing with futa Rinny while crotch is blocked

-Fixed Alissa disappearing from safehouse after certain point

-Increased effectiveness of hitting weakness on Island

-Fixed Rinny being weird while in swimsuit

-Added weapon property to ornamental katana

-Fixed pony bindings when thicc

-Fixed Cassie always winning grapples on Island

-Increased payout from underground fights

-Normalized stripping payout

-Fixed bug causing Cassie to change into swimsuit unintentionally

-Fixed bug causing Rinny to be playing with Alissa while she's following you

-Reduced amount of stamina drained by tickling/spanking attacks on Island

-Fixed certain lower body clothing revealing cock when not wearing undies

-Fixed Fawn not being in certain club after chastity event

-Fixed asking for subbe collar when you have it on already

-Fixed not restoring clothes after Fawn shibari scene in club

-Fixed graphics for being bound spread eagle with ropes

-Fixed sleepiness and becoming pregnant while walking being unattainable

-Optimized part of Island code


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Jul 08, 2022

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pls add more boys 

i beg of thee lol

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haha, they'll come!

And then... they'll "come"~ hohoho

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Lets fucking goooooooo


Found something that might need to be fixed, was playing through the Alissa storyline and when i got to the part where she gets tied up in Hypnoaddiction i saw an option with the chasity belt but when went back after having completed Fawn's event to get it Alissa just disappeared from where she was

It'll be fixed next release!

Fixed Rinny being weird while in Island, and changed Island battles to allow struggling when opponent is inside the player.... so Rinny isn't going to be a horndog and will be "normal", and did Lust grow a bunch to allow opponents to be inside her? :P

I KNOW what you meant, just poking fun at wording choice. Looking forwards to seeing Alissa in the Island!

shhhh XD, and yes, look forward to her!

I wondering about something. can the player get a parasite form like linda did?

And how can see some of the parts if we dont have a patreon?

It's meant for backers only, I'm afraid


Not yet, but it's planned!

i see


hahaha, it can certainly be an interesting read~

I do want to ask. When will you add the tower reclamation? I'm just curious because it's probably been my favorite arc so far 

Shouldn't be too long, hopefully! Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

hmm, are there any other weapons that you have plans to add that would make sense to be in this game? Also curious but what bout Cassie's route when is that gonna be finished. and regarding pregnancy and taking care of the kid when is that gonna be added I know i remember seeing something bout you could eventually take care of the kid in the future but not now soo curious on that end

Probably will be more weapons down the road!

Cassie's route is finished, and her second route isn't yet started! Taking care of kid will be in NPC good endings, which is likely after their second route!

finishing alissa route AND adding she the island? oh boy when i get my hands on this update i will have all of she unique collectibles

Yep~ some fun costumes for her


ornamental katana not counting as a weapon was pretty funny
*using spanking paddle*: UNA guards - very mad
*using literal katanas*: UNA guards - yeah that's completely fine

Technically they should've had them from the beginning haha XD