Lust Doll Plus r39.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's r39.1!



-Fixed being able to repeat Fawn's chastity event

-Fixed bugs with Fawn's chastity event


-Finished Fawn's chastity event

-Added next part of Alissa's route

-Added Rinny scene when need to fap with her around

-Added long gloves to A Lady's Secret shop in the city

-Added forearm guard and ornamental katana to Transylvania shop

-Fixed squeezing Mistyra only doing one damage

-Fixed productivity status not working properly

-Fixed gloves not working properly

-Fixed shading for black thigh highs

-Fixed Cassie's mouth attacks draining her stamina instead of players on Island

-Fixed insertion on Island not taking arousal into account

-Fixed issue with freeing Rinny on ankle stocks causing whoever's on the bed to be removed instead in private dungeon

-Fixed cock worn items appearing above certain lower garments

-Fixed full body latex suit not fully covering thicc thighs

-Fixed chastity belt when bent over

-Fixed missing thicc versions of chastity belt in certain poses

-Fixed being exposed when doing shibari with Fawn

-Fixed Rinny regaining balls in Island when it's turned off

-Fixed getting extra chastity key from Fawn

-Fixed player and NPC clothes not restoring after Island battle

-Fixed issue with sleeping removing unremovable clothes

-Fixed options menu on android not being able to scroll

-Fixed slight inconsistency with Island battle options


Lust Doll Plus r39.1 (Android).apk 243 MB
Jul 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r39.1 (Linux).zip 342 MB
Jul 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r39.1 (Mac).zip 435 MB
Jul 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r39.1 (Win).zip 300 MB
Jul 08, 2022

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The last version I have installed is r31.1 and I've tried updating it to this but whenever I'd try to play I get Failed to load: img/faces/p-zbrow1.png It's also happened with p-zbrow3.png and p-zbrow4.png

Your save files are from too many versions back and isn't compatible anymore. If you're on desktop though, you can navigate to the folder with the missing file, and put a dummy file in there to trick the game into thinking everything's fine. Then just save your game and it should work.

It worked, thanks

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Is there a way to make up a passage ticket to upper ark? Or it's not implemented yet? 

Nm, found it, how then i can save our kitty friend? either i'm blind or cant find an proper thing.

For Cassie, speak to Arlene, then visit the hobo area and get their help, before returning to Arlene! You'll need to sleep periodically to move events forward.

found quite a little bug, it's seem like i can take the key in the Fawn's chastity event multiple times 

Thanks, I'll fix it!

rightttttttttttttttttttt on time! thanks indivi!


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I've got bug right now. After the Chasity belt quest I went to sleep in condo and had another scenes of releasing from this belt. Now I have two keys. 

Also I had 4 arms, but I've forget to make screenshot

Oh man, it's happening EVERY time


you can jerkoff 4 ppl now😀 

Will remove all of them next release!

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how do i trigger the next part for alissa?


The same problem, dude...

I've checked all possible place already


you need to hang around in and out of the succubus tower, eventually rinny won't be in the base of the tower, then you head up to the dungeon and an event should trigger. might have to do it multiple times, but then cassie will mention alissa isn't coming home, and you start an intervention

could you please be a bit more precise?
tried running in and out of the tower and the area around it, up and down, use [seek] to trigger battles etc but rinny doesnt move ;/


I was mostly sleeping inside the tower, and I don't know what specifically triggers it - it's a random event so you just have to pass time in the right way for it but I d on't know what's the right way. keep trying. Oh, also make sure you already have started the hypnosis training for alissa (poster outside the inn), maybe experience it once yourself for good measure

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I think cassie is now bugged in the beach battle. no matter what I do she always manages to take me down no matter what move I do, regardless of if I wait for her to charge or make a move while she is watching, no matter whether I choose feint, grapple, or counter, she ALWAYS manages to take me down which was not always what happened prior to this update (intel from the refreshments lady said she was weak to feints but they have NOT worked even once since I updated to version 39).

It seems almost unnatural how agile & exceptional at countering she is. I know she's a cat girl, but this doesn't seem right. O.o
you may want to have a look at that when you have the chance, indivi.
even if only to just double-check & make sure it ISN'T bugged. O.o

It's bugged haha. I'll fix it!