LD+ r39.0b is now out on patreon!

LD+ r39.0b is now out on patreon!



-Finished Fawn's chastity event

-Added next part of Alissa's route

-Added Rinny scene when need to fap with her around

-Added long gloves to A Lady's Secret shop in the city

-Added forearm guard and ornamental katana to Transylvania shop

-Fixed squeezing Mistyra only doing one damage

-Fixed productivity status not working properly

-Fixed gloves not working properly

-Fixed shading for black thigh highs

-Fixed Cassie's mouth attacks draining her stamina instead of players on Island

-Fixed insertion on Island not taking arousal into account

-Fixed issue with freeing Rinny on ankle stocks causing whoever's on the bed to be removed instead in private dungeon

-Fixed cock worn items appearing above certain lower garments

-Fixed full body latex suit not fully covering thicc thighs

-Fixed chastity belt when bent over

-Fixed missing thicc versions of chastity belt in certain poses

-Fixed being exposed when doing shibari with Fawn

-Fixed Rinny regaining balls in Island when it's turned off

-Fixed getting extra chastity key from Fawn

-Fixed player and NPC clothes not restoring after Island battle

-Fixed issue with sleeping removing unremovable clothes

-Fixed options menu on android not being able to scroll

-Fixed slight inconsistency with Island battle options

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Question, thoughts on threesome?

also, I notice that when your pregnant, the stomach tattoo stays the same way when not pregnant.

You should check out Alissa's route if you're into threesomes~.

Hmmm, I'll look into it!

i will once its available to everyone!

I just wanna ask, when will you add the reclamation of the science tower?

Not sure, but it's being worked on!

Deleted 1 year ago

The bushy tail works for that!


I love the comedy in this. Tbh I play more for the story and comedy than the NSFW bits lol.


tbh really happy to hear that~. I'll keep it up!

wow when this update come to public will be a boom! love new scenes and quests i can't wait to get my hands on this one

It'll be fun! Lots of Alissa love in this one

Added Rinny scene when need to fap with her around, huh. The always-horny succubus is gonna ravish Lust the second she sees Lust is horny, isn't she?

You're just have to play it and find out~

Once it's released to public, I will :)