Lust Doll Plus r38.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's r38.1!

Just a heads-up, I was really busy moving last month, so wasn't able to get as much new content done. Next release should be back to normal!


-Fixed strap being underneath tummy when strapped down while pregnant

-Fixed bug where meat parasite clothing can appear in inventory

-Fixed issue with cock appearing over waist wraps when pregnant

-Changed productive bonus to always round upwards

-Fixed bug where leg tattoos won't show properly when sitting on a chair

-Fixed issue where nonremovable feet undies don't show in right place when bent over

-Fixed missing chastity belt graphic in certain poses

-Fixed being able to use lust tonic+ on non-lewdable enemies

-Fixed wrong description used for futa when changing term in sanctum

-Fixed gloves showing wrong number of fingers


-Added chastity belt to little horrors shop

-Added first half of chastity belt event with Fawn

-Added rope sandals to Transylvania shop

-Added lipstick kit to shop in UNA

-Can now change your safeword with Fawn

-Adjusted behaviour of crotchless lower wear

-Adjusted mobile version to allow for previewing of clothes/skills

-Fixed issue with tinkering multiple times in a row

-Fixed numbers overlapping when shopping

-Fixed doubled skill cost in private dungeon

-Fixed opponents on Island not having their lust and stamina values stored after battle

-Fixed Rinny growing balls on Island if kink setting is not enabled

-Island opponents no longer get a 'free' action after player grapples

-Fixed inconsistent NPC backgrounds in private dungeon

-Fixed meat crawlers staying on body if skip scene

-Fixed seeing the doctor requiring breasts

-Fixed pause sign appearing over page scroll arrows in message log

-Fixed hair flowers appearing on certain NPCs outside of Island

-Fixed being able to enter gallery exhibits after hours using party invite

-Fixed Fawn bikini bra hold when pregnant


Lust Doll Plus r38.1 (Android).apk 243 MB
Jun 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r38.1 (Linux).zip 341 MB
Jun 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r38.1 (Mac).zip 434 MB
Jun 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r38.1 (Win).zip 299 MB
Jun 08, 2022

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looking at these comments, and I say yes. hypnosis is very fun, especially for those who want to bend the world around them to their will~. I truly think hypnosis would be a very nice addition to the game

Indeed, hypnotism is great!

Deleted 1 year ago

Where, on discord? We generally only ban minors and people with compromised accounts

Maybe lust will learn hypnosis!

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes~, and that could be it

Deleted 1 year ago
(1 edit)

Okay, I looked into it. Here's the reason given: Underaged in an 18+ server. Come back in 2 years.

So yeah, sorry, but legally speaking, you shouldn't be playing this game. Unless you can show proof of ID indicating that you're actually an adult?

Uhhh I am a complete idiot and been stuck at some points, and the original wiki doesn't seem to help, can you make a wiki for your version InDev? Or is there already one? Thanks.

You can try here

Thank you

Hello! I have gotten further in some things, but... well i found something that is werid. in the wiki (the one you gave the link of, Thank you yet again and thank you for your continued work on this wonderful game) it says that after you can interact with a nonboarded up gallery piece, but I can't find it even after checking which guard moves out of post when the receptionist is scared. Am I not understanding it or is it a glitch? 

That is the correct room! There is something there to find!

took me a bit, but found it! Thanks!


justttt finish the new update and when i was playing a idea come to mind, i don't know if you like someone give you a idea or not but i think to let you know, maybe you can add a timer to the gamer so time can past and people see when it's night or day this will help so that the player don't need to always sleep to refresh events like work! and you can even add buff and debuffs in case they sleep well ou just don't sleep at all! i think that will just make the game just so much more lived! but again i do'n't know if you like someone giving you ideas and i don't know if is hard to make something like this because i am not a developer like you and i know that you have a lot in your hands like fixing bugs and add new things to the game like finishing the story, just to get mad at me i just wanna help. and the update was very cool too! love the new part of the event i hope to have more event like that

The game doesn't really work on a timer. Rather it checks when you do certain things and triggers events depending on that!

ooooh i understand! 


It just occurred to me that our character Lust Doll is not a virgin. Who took it? Or will we learn that in the future?


As a person who played the original game I just realized it never showed that there or I missed it I need to see lust origin

While I haven't gotten deep in the original game at all, I have noticed how the character (stockly named "Lust") seems to have terrible memories of some of the rooms of the Laboratory (starting area), meaning that the character didn't spend all their time in a test tube, but spent time outside of it and was harshly tested, such a test of "does growth pod humanoids have virginity to take?" doesn't sound such a crazed experiment, considering the fact they made a growth pode humanoid (aka, Lust).

oh yeah if you bring linda (i cant remember the name she the mouse in the science tower) to that location after the whole parasite event she can fix the machine for you 

Really? I tried that before and it said that I need to wait for more content.

Deleted 1 year ago

haha, it's just not explicitly stated

It's missing a file for the left frilled glove, which sucks because is the only one i need, the changing to 37.2, undressing then saving and loading in 38 doesn't work :/

nvm i just finished the quest in 37.2 and changed versions lol, just gonna try to not wear the gloves accidentally

Thanks, it'll be fixed next release


Oohh fun more fun stuff. And you take as much time as you need we all love the game

Thank you! Working hard!

This is great! I'll download it asap, I'm still waiting for more gin content lol, great work as always. Best game.

Sounds good~. More Gin will definitely come with time!

yayyyyyy new update! thank indivi, and even have parte of a quest!


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The textures are off

Thanks, I'll fix it!