LD+ r38.0b is now out on Patreon!

Shorter release this time, as I've been dreadfully busy due to moving, but did get quite a few things done!



-Added chastity belt to little horrors shop

-Added first half of chastity belt event with Fawn

-Added rope sandals to Transylvania shop

-Added lipstick kit to shop in UNA

-Can now change your safeword with Fawn

-Adjusted behaviour of crotchless lower wear

-Adjusted mobile version to allow for previewing of clothes/skills

-Fixed issue with tinkering multiple times in a row

-Fixed numbers overlapping when shopping

-Fixed doubled skill cost in private dungeon

-Fixed opponents on Island not having their lust and stamina values stored after battle

-Fixed Rinny growing balls on Island if kink setting is not enabled

-Island opponents no longer get a 'free' action after player grapples

-Fixed inconsistent NPC backgrounds in private dungeon

-Fixed meat crawlers staying on body if skip scene

-Fixed seeing the doctor requiring breasts

-Fixed pause sign appearing over page scroll arrows in message log

-Fixed hair flowers appearing on certain NPCs outside of Island

-Fixed being able to enter gallery exhibits after hours using party invite

-Fixed Fawn bikini bra hold when pregnant

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I found a bug that doesn't let you spare the Don when you attempt to save Cassie

I tried to do something different during the event but nothing changes.

Thanks for the continuity of the update.

Weird, shouldn't be anything preventing you from selecting that option I think. And no problem!

I still don't know how to meet Kitty. Can someone explain pls!

Get a job at the rock club in the city!


I don't often check the patreon updates, since I'm not a patron (sorry), but looking at the list of Fixed things... I notice the absence of a couple other bugs I have noticed on the Island:
1. Cassie, when licking, drains her own stamina; from the comments by the bartender, and common sense, I am assuming it is supposed to be the player's.
2. If you have a cock, whether you can insert it is based on your opponent's lust rather than your own; I am assuming this is a bug because it is only at 50% lust that cocks become erect, and you need to get your opponent to 50% lust to insert it but your own stat is irrelevant. I assume this is because of Rinny potentially being a futanari; for that, it makes sense that she needs to be at 50% lust to insert it. Have not tested the effects/requirements of futa-on-futa, as that is not really my thing.
3. In the rare cases where you manage to join in a battle in progress and gang up on one to pick who wins and who loses (I have only managed this once so far, the other two times I tried, I was the one ganged up on), only one participant got the point for it.
4. What position "Take her down" and "Take her down (rear)" results in seems inconsistent and hard to predict, and is based on what position you were in before... I think? This one, I feel like I might just be missing something for.

As a very active participant in The Island, I think I can explain a few things...

1. Every action drains your own stamina, same goes for your opponent. The only action that drains your opponent's stamina is tickling her.

2. The entire goal of The Island is to max out your opponent's lust, raising your own is counterintuitive. I'm unsure about the futa thing, as that's not one of my personal kinks. 

3. Technically you're helping them, as you weren't there when they started to fight, so it makes some sense that only they would get a point.

4. I believe the difference between the two takedowns is the direction you're facing (torso/legs) rather than if she's lying face-down or up. For her to be face-up, take her down from neutral. For face-down, takedown from behind.

I hope this helps clear things up a little bit, but if I'm completely wrong and all of these things are bugs... I won't be surprised at all.

Have fun!

Thanks, I'll fix all of that! For take down, it depends on if you are in front or behind them!


getting update notifications for this game is always major hype! let's gooo

haha, glad to hear!

Haha, I don't know about that! But I'm glad it makes people happy~

No problem.

keep up the  good work mate


Finally some New update, of course i Still have to wait to come to the public but it's Nice to see some news, and a New event! Sweet

Always, every month!

but always feel like a year or so